Beauty of The Moon (Saix x Reader) Background Info

Name: Siran Rune

Age: 21

Personality: kind, not easy to scare, caring, always smiles, smart, always stand up to people who think they are stronger than others

About Yourself: You own a herbal medicine shop in Twilight Town. It once was own by your mother and her mother before her. You use the herbs and flowers from the greenhouse a friend of yours owns. Everyone goes to your chop for medicine. Sometimes you bring injured people you find out on the streets to your shop heal them.


Beautiful Demon (Naruto x Reader) Part 5

It was night, and you couldn’t sleep. So you were just staring at the hospital’s ceiling. Sasuke’s words got you thinking about some things. Mostly about people wanting to leave the village and why others stay. The door to your room slowly opened. You looked over to see Naruto sneaking in. He looked over at you and blinked.

“Oh you’re still up,” he whispered.

Naruto turned and looked down both ways of the hallway. He slowly closed the door once he made sure no one was coming. He turned back to you and smiled. You smiled back. Naruto moved to the chair that was between your bed and the window.

“Shouldn’t you be asleep?” you asked.

“Shouldn’t you?” Naruto asked back, “you are the one that is injured.”

you turned to look back at the ceiling.

“I was thinking,” you answered.

“About what?” Naruto asked.

“A few things that Sasuke said today,” you answered.

Naruto was concerned now.

“What did he say?” he asked.

“He mentioned something about people not allowed to leave the village,” you answered, “if that is true then wouldn’t that make the village a cage to some people?”

“I…I don’t know,” answered Naruto, “maybe.”

You looked at Naruto.

“Isn’t it yo you?” you asked.

Naruto gave you a confused look.

“You have been called a monster most of your life,” you started, “you were even physically hurt. Didn’t or do you still wish to leave here?”

“Once long ago,” admitted Naruto, “but then I remembered that I would have nowhere to go. Plus there would be no you.”

You blushed.

“Do you want to leave?” he asked.

You smiled a little.

“Like you, I would have nowhere to go,” you answered, “and there will be no blonde hair knucklehead ninja.”

Naruto chuckled. He leaned over and kissed your forehead.

“You should get some sleep,” he said.

Your smile never left as you closed your eyes. You open them a few seconds later when you realized something.

“Wait visiting hours ended a few hours ago,” you stated.

Naruto put his finger to his lips.

“Shhh,” he said.

You shook your head and closed your eyes once more. Sleep came to you in a matter of seconds.


You woke up to arguing.

“Naruto you can’t sneak in here whenever you want,” you heard Sakura say, “we have visiting hours for a reason, you idiot.”

“I know,” you heard Naruto say, “I just wanted to make sure she was okay.”

“Which you could have done during visiting hours,” Sakura pointed out.

You rubbed your eyes.

“What’s going on?” you asked.

“Oh did we wake you?” asked Sakura, “sorry I came in here only to find Naruto here when he isn’t supposed to be.”

Sakura glared Naruto while Naruto smiled innocently. Sakura sighed.

“Since you are awake I’ll go ahead and check your side and hands,” she said.

You bit your lip.

“Wait what happened to her hands?” asked Naruto, “didn’t Sasuke just get her side?”

“It was a training accident,” answered Sakura, “which happened the day before yesterday.”

Naruto nodded in understanding. You gave Sakura a thankful look. She just smiled at you. Sakura took the bandages off of your hands and checked them.

“The wounds are healed enough to where I don’t have to be re-bandaged,” Sakura said.

She reached the end of your shirt only to stop and look at Naruto. Naruto just blinked.

“What?” he asked.

“I need you to leave the room,” answered Sakura.

“Huh why?” asked Naruto.

“Because I need to lift Ora’s shirt up,” answered Sakura getting annoyed.

At this point, you were looking at the floor trying not to facepalm.

“Oh go ahead,” said Naruto, “I probably have already seen it.”

Your face turned a deep red.

“NARUTO!” Sakura yelled.

She was going to punch him through the wall before you stopped her. You looked at Naruto. He swallowed when he saw that you had your Demirigan activated.

“Out or else,” you ordered Naruto in a warning tone.

Naruto ran as fast as he could. You sighed.

“Pervert,” you commented.

Sakura giggled as she lifted up your shirt. She took the bandages off and looked at the injury.

“It’s healing well,” Sakura stated, “you’ll be able to go home today, but I would watch what you do with that side. That includes hitting it. I’ll speak to Lady Tsunade about giving you medical leave.”

You nodded. Sakura started re-wrapping the wound.

“So are you and Naruto finally together?” she asked.

You blushed a little.

“Yeah,” you answered, “…what do you mean by finally Sakura?”

“Well you two are rarely separated,” Sakura started, “plus you two are childhood friends tend to go out with each other.”

Your blushed went a darker red as Sakura finished wrapping your wound.

“There,” Sakura said, “now remember to redress the wound once a day and make sure not hit it nor lay on it. If it reopens go straight to the hospital.”

“Got it,” you said.

Sakura smiled at you before leaving. You put your shirt back down and got off the bed. You heard Sakura talking to someone outside the door.

Probably Naruto, you thought.

Speaking of him, Naruto opened the door slightly and peeked in.

“Is it safe to come back in now?” he asked.

You looked back at him.

“Yeah,” you answered.

Naruto walked back into the room.

“Sakura said you could leave today,” he said.

“Yeah,” you said, “I have to watch what I do with my side though.”

“So will you be up for that date?” Naruto asked.

You smiled at him.

“Of course,” you said, “as long as you’re buying.”

Naruto pouted.

“Hey ether you pay or no date,” you stated,

Naruto sighed.

“Fine fine,” he said, “I’ll just have to get less.”

With that, he took your hand, and the two of you left the hospital to finally go on your date.

Beautiful Demon (Naruto x Reader) Part 4

The next day you were heading to the cells.

“Hey, Ora wait up!” You herd Naruto yell.

You stopped and bowed to him when he got to you. You hid your hands. You didn’t want Naruto to get worried.

“Sorry I didn’t come to our date last night,” you apologized.

“That’s alright,” Naruto said, “we can go on one a bit before you bring Sasuke his lunch…that’s at 12 right?”

You nodded. Naruto smiled.

“I’ll see you then,” he said waving at you.

You waved back and headed inside the prison. You took the tray and bowed to the Anbu. He let you in. As you got closer to Sasuke’s cell your hands started to shake. Sasuke looked up at you. You opened the hatch and slipped the tray in. Sasuke grabbed your hand before you could take it away.

“Did Naruto do this to you?” he asked.

You said nothing.

“So he did,” Sasuke said and then kissed your hand.

You looked away in disgust. You really truly hate Sasuke. There was no feelings of love for him, not even a like.

“You poor thing,” he said, “I bet he was with Sakura too when he done it. Wasn’t he?”

You swallowed. You started shaking more.

“Now now,” said Sasuke, “there’s no reason to be afraid. I can’t do anything with these sealed chains.

“They only block most of it…” you commented.

“Ha,” said Sasuke, “you’re smart. Shame Naruto doesn’t see that. He rather have the idiot pink hair wench.”

“He’s not with her…” you said.

“If you are so sure then why is he with her all the time?” Sasuke asked.

You said nothing. Your teeth started to chattered.

“You and I can leave this village together and forget about them,” Sasuke offered, “all you have to do is open this cell and brake these chains.”

You shook your head and pulled away.

“I would never betray the village that housed me when my own home burnt down,” you said.

“Ms. Jormungand is everything alright down there!?” you herd the Anbu yell from the door.

“Yes everything is fine!” You yelled back.

“Best start heading back before the guard comes here and sees us,” Sasuke said, “we’ll finish this little talk of ours later….see you at lunch little demon goddess.”

You swallowed and quickly left.

If only I had a few more minuets with her, thought Sasuke, then I could have gotten her close enough to finish her…

He looked at the food again and sighed.

“Bread, dry meat and water yet again,” he said before eating it.


You raced home. You avoided touching anyone. You didn’t went to be near them…all of them. You shut the door and lend against it. You cradled yourself and started shaking again.

What if he is telling the truth, you thought, what if Naruto rather be with Sakura…I could ran away with Sasuke….No! This village took me in when I had no home. I owe it to them. But….

Looked out the window to the sky to see a bird fly high and free.

What would it be like to be free? You asked your self, To not have to worry about someone. To not have to do mission after mission. To think and say what you want….what would that be like?

You fall asleep right there. The knock at the door awoke you. You looked up at the clock. It was 12. You had missed your second date with Naruto. You open the door to see an Anbu.

“It’s time to feed the Uchiha again,” he said before disappearing.

You swallowed and made your way there. Sakura noticed in the distance.

There she is, Sakura though.

Naruto had come to her asking if she had seen you only to get a no.

Maybe Sasuke is scaring her, Sakura thought, trying to convince her that Naruto is evil or something…I should follow and check.

Sakura followed without you knowing. You took the tray and bowed to the Anbu. Like before he opened the door. The door closed and a few minuets later Sakura came in. She bowed to the Anbu.

“I’m here to check on Ora,” she said, “I think Sasuke Uchiha is doing something to her mind.”

Anbu stood up on alert. He nodded and let Sakura through. Sakura headed forwards and gasped. Sasuke had you very close to the bars and in one hand had Chidori silently going. It was small like a dagger. Sakura ran.

“No!” she yelled causing the Anbu at the door to rush in.

Sakura pulled you away to only have Sasuke’s Chidori cut you badly on the side. You looked at Sasuke fearfully and then the Anbu came. He open the cell door as more Anbu rushed in. You activated your Demirigan and glared at Sasuke. Sasuke, in return, used Mangekyo Sharingan to reflate the effects back at you. You screamed when you saw the fire and those you love being cut down in front of you again.

“Cover his eyes!” You herd the faint voice of Sakura ordered.

Then your world turned black. You woke to see the roof of the hospital. You looked around and noticed Naruto beside your bed. He had his head in his hands. You reached up and touched his cheek. He looked at you. His eyes were red and puffy like he had been crying.

“You’re…you’re awake,” Naruto said.

You smiled.

“I’m sorry for worrying you,” you said.

Naruto shook his head and hugged you and then he did something unexpected. He kissed you on the lips. You were stunned.

“Naruto….” you said, “aren’t you with Sakura?”

Naruto blinked and then his eyes narrowed.

“Is that what Sasuke told you?” he asked.

You nodded.

“Everything he said was a lie,” Naruto said, “Sakura and I are just good friends. I…”

His face turned red.

“I like you…” he said.

You smiled and a few tears fall.

“I like you too…” you said.

Naruto stared at you and then he smiled. He hugged you tightly. You winced.

“Oh sorry,” Naruto apologized, “I forget about your side.”

You smiled at him.

“That’s okay,” you said, “now how about we go on a date when I get out. I promise I’ll be there this time.”

Naruto laughed.

“Yeah that sounds great!” he exclaimed.

You both laughed.

Beautiful Demon (Naruto x Reader) Part 3

You made it back to the village before the others did. You nodded to the guards and headed to the Hokage’s tower. You bowed before her.

“Sasuke has been retrieved my lady,” you said.

“Good,” Tsunade said, “when we get him into a cell, you’ll have to bring him his food ’till your punishment is done.”

“Yes lady Tsunade,” you said with a bow.

You were being punished for badmouthing the elders weeks ago. It was to last for a full three months. You headed home to wait for Sasuke to be put into a cell.

“Ora wait!” someone yelled.

You looked to see Naruto running toward you.

“What do you want?” you asked coldly.

You were still mad at him. He gave a hurt look.

“Oh geez I really did piss you off,” he stated, “How about we go out for roman tonight as a sorry gift.”

You stared into his lovely blues eyes. You sighed. You couldn’t stay mad him for too long.

“Alright,” you said.

“Yay!” Naruto yelled raising his fists in the air.

“But you’re paying,” you stayed crossing your arms.

Naruto slouched forward.

“How about we split it?” he asked.

“Nope,” you said, “you pay for it all or no date.”

Naruto sighed in defeat.

“Okay,” he said.

You smiled.

“I’ll see you at 7 sharp,” you said before leaving.

You went back home and waited. A few hours later an Anbu knocked on your door. He told you that Sasuke is in his cell and is awaiting his first meal of the day. You bowed and headed to his cell. You took the tray that was laid out on a table. You bowed to the Anbu at the door to the cells for to open it. You made your way to Sasuke’s cell. You and he looked at each other. You gave him a hateful glare and he was just emotionless. You got your knees and open the hatch underneath the cell. You slid the tray in.

“You know,” Sasuke started, “You grew up to be quiet a beauty.”

“Can it,” you said, “my heart doesn’t belong to you.”

“No it belongs to Naruto,” Sasuke said before looking into your eyes, “doesn’t it.”

You blushed and activated your Demirigan.

“I can reflect your own eyes power right back at you,” stated Sasuke, “so don’t try it.”

You humphed. Sasuke dragged the tray to him. You get to your feet.

“It must break your heart to know that he is with Sakura,” Sasuke said.

You stopped.

“Their just friends,” you stated.

“Are they?” Sasuke asked, “Have you seen how Sakura laughs at his jokes? Have you seen how she acts around him?”

You swallowed. You have seen it. Sakura was nice to him and she would always laugh at his jokes. You barely do.

“S-shut up!” you yelled.

“So you have,” Sasuke said.

You looked away.

“J-just eat your food,” you said before you left.

You could hear Sasuke laugh while you exit the building. 7 rolled around and you headed to the roman place. You stopped upon hearing Sakura laughing. You looked under the paper covers (I don’t know what you would call them) to see Sakura and Naruto together. Your eyes widen and you headed passed it. You were shaking a bit.

It’s not true…it’s not true…it can’t be true… you thought as you entered the practice field.

You made a few hand signs and hit the ground. Two big fire foxes came out. You usually summon them to keep you company when you’re not in a battle. Only you could touch them. After all their bodies were made of fire. Naruto could too for some reason. You started hitting the wooden post.


Naruto looked behind him and frowned.

“She might be a bit late,” Sakura assured him, “she does have a punishment to complete.”

Naruto nodded.

“You’re right,” he said, “she’ll come when she can.”

After a few hours and you not being there made Naruto worry even more. He looked behind him again.

“Did I really get her that mad?” he asked.

Sakura shook her head.

“She usually gets over it pretty quickly,” she said, “I wonder where she is.”

“If she had to feed Sasuke,” started Naruto, “he probably tired her out with all that talking…”

Sakura nodded.

“she probably told him a thing or two,” said Naruto with a smile and a laugh.

He stretched.

“Well I’m heading home,” he said, “see you tomorrow Sakura-chan.”

He paid for all 20 roman bowls and left. Sakura paid for her one and headed out. She heard a bark and a few people gasping as they tried to avoid something. She looked. It was one of your fire foxes. It barked at Sakura and turned around and walked a few feet, It looked at Sakura again and barked. (What does the fox say?)

“You want me to follow you?” She asked it.

The fox nodded and ran. Sakura chased after it and gasped when they came to the practice field. You were on your knees with your head on the wooden post you were hitting. Your hands were at your side, bleeding badly. Your eyes were wide. Sakura ran to you. She took one of your hands. There were big splinters in it.

“Why would you do something like this?” she asked.

You didn’t say anything, just kept looking forward. Your fire foxes whimpered. Sakura pulled you up and walked you to the hospital. She took the splinters out.

“You know if Sasuke said anything to cause you to do this, then don’t listen to him,” Sakura said to break the uneasy silence, “most of what he says isn’t true.”

You finally reacted with a nod. Sakura smiled a little.

“If you want I can come with you the next time you have to feed him,” she offered.

You shook your head.

“I-I can handle it…” you said.

“You sure?” Sakura asked with concern.

You nodded. Sakura wrapped up your hands. She walked you home to make sure you were truly okay. Your teeth chattered as you tried to fall asleep. You really weren’t looking forward to tomorrow.

Beautiful Demon (Naruto x Reader) Part 2

Years past. You learned of Sasuke’s clan being killed. He changed that day and not in a good way. He would ignore you most of the time. One day you got sick of it and told him, in his face, that you were glad his clan was gone, so now he would understand your pain more.

You and Naruto became best of friends through those years. You learned why people didn’t like him and you didn’t like it. So he has a demon locked away in his body so what. He was still human to you.

You also went through the exams and advance to the level of jonin. Sadly the Hokage you stayed with was killed. You felt like you lost your grandfather again. Naruto was there to comfort you. You got to learn about Sasuke leaving, which you thought it was for the best, but Naruto and Sakura thought otherwise.

You then had to say goodbye to Naruto as he left for two years to train, but you got to say hello when he came back. You never did get to go help him bring back Sasuke. You were a bit hurt about that. Two more years passed by with no Sasuke and the team left again to get him. You were now 18 and was in front of the Hokage’s door. You knocked on it.

“Come in,” you herd lady Tsunade say.

You open the door and bowed. Tsunade smiled at you. For some odd reason, she liked you.

“You asked for me my lady?” you asked.

“Yes I did,” she said, “I have a mission for you. I need you to catch up with Team Kakashi. They’ll need your Demirigan and your skills.”

You felt your heart beat quicken with excitement. You smiled and bowed.

“I’ll leave imminently,” you said.

Tsunade smiled again.

“Make sure all of you come back in one piece,” she said.

“I will,” you said before leaving.

You got your things ready and left the village. It took you some time but you were finally on their trail.

“Gees,” you said to your self, “When it comes to Sasuke, they sure know how to move.”

You then sense movement to your side. You dodged a kunai knife. You looked to see who throw that. There was no one, but you did hear fighting. You went to investigate. You saw Naruto and Sasuke fighting and Sakura trying to stop it. You rolled your eyes at her. She was a friend, but she can get on your nerves sometimes. Kakashi looked pretty hurt. He spotted you right off. He tapped Sakura on the arm and pointed up at you. She looked and smiled at you. You sighed when you looked back at the two fighting.

“You’re coming back whether you like it or not!” yelled Naruto.

“Make me!” Sasuke yelled.

“I will!” you yelled.

You had jumped off of the tree you were on and had a ball of wind in one hand. Sasuke turned around and had wide eyes. You hit him with the ball. The wind stunned him. You then hit him in the back of the head, knocking him out. You wiped your brow. Naruto blinked a few times and then looked at you. You smiled at him.

“Wow…” was all he could say at the time.

Sakura came over and hugged you after healing Kakashi.

“Ora thank you,” she said.

She knew of your dislike for Sasuke. You just smiled.

“Come on,” said Kakashi picking up Sasuke, “we need to head back.”

Halfway back to the village, Naruto slowed down to be at your side.

“You know I could have handled Sasuke,” he started, “You didn’t have to do that.”

You narrowed your eyes. He always did this when you save him from something.

“I’m sure,” you said sounding not at all convinced.

Naruto’s own eyes narrowed. Oh, here it comes.

“What’s with that tune?” he asked, “I could too. You didn’t have to get involved. I don’t need anyone’s help. Sasuke is more-”

Slap right across the face by you. Everyone stopped. Sakura and Kakashi watched you two.

“That’s enough!” you yelled, “You always think that you should do everything on your own! I got news for you! Even the Hokages need help!”

With a humph, you left to head back to Kohonah.

Kakashi shook his head. Sakura sighed.

“You know nothing about women do you?” she asked.

Naruto blinked with a hand over the cheek you slapped.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

Sakura shook her own head.

“Never mind,” she said.

With that, they tried to catch up with you.

Beautiful Demon (Naruto x Reader) Part 1

You walked and walked for days. Your village was attacked and you think you were the only survivor. You have blood dripping down your arms. Those ninjas hurt you badly, but you didn’t care. You didn’t even care were your feet was taking you. You just wanted to leave that place. There was a village gate up ahead, you could see the top of it. You continued to walk. You never truly stopped said walking. The two ninjas that were on guard saw you.

“Isn’t that a little girl?” one asked.

The other looked.

“It is,” that one answered, “and she’s hurt!”

The fist ran off to get a doctor while the other came to you. He went down on his knees and held your shoulders, stopping you.

“You okay?” he asked, “what happen?”

You looked at him with your soulless eyes.

“Help…all..dead…village…attacked…” was all you could say before you passed out.

When you awoke you were in a hospital bed with an old man talking to a nurse beside you. You looked

over at them. The nurse noticed you.

“Oh you’re up,” she said, “How are you feeling?”

The old man looked at you and smiled sweetly. He was wearing a strange hat and coat that was white and red.

“….pain….” you answered.

“Where at?” the nurse asked.

“My arms,” you answered.

The nurse took a look. You looked back the old man.

“Who are you?” you asked, “You remind me of my grandpa…”

The old man laughed.

“I’m probably as old as him,” he said, “I’m the Hokage. What’s your name?”

“Ora Jormungand,” you answered with a smile.

The Hokage smiled again.

“How old are you Ora?” he asked.

“Six,” you answered.

“So young,” commented the nurse.

The smile left the Hokage.

“Can you tell me what happen Ora?” he asked.

You frowned and looked up at the ceiling.

“Two bad ninjas came from the wind country,” you started, “they started to attack for no reason. They took what they thought was worth something, distorted homes, and killed all. I was lucky enough to get out of there….”

The Hokage nodded and took in the information.

“I’ll send a team there to investigate,” he said before he smiled again, “in the meantime. You are more than welcome here in Kohonah Ora. You can even stay with me if you wish.”

You looked at him and smiled.

“Okay,” you said, “but can I call you grandpa? I feel kind of lonely without my family.”

The Hokage laughed.

“Of course you can my dear,” he answered.

Days later you were out of the hospital. You moved right in with the Hokage. He had you going to school and today was your first day there.

“Class we have someone new joining our class,” said the teacher, Iruka.

He put a hand on your back. You smiled shyly and waved at all of the other kids.

“This is Ora Jormungand,” he said, “She just came here to the village a few days ago. So please be nice to her. Sakura Haruno could you raise your hand please.”

A pink haired girl rose her hand. Iruka indicated for you to sit beside her. Sakura smiled at you.

“Hello I’m Sakura,” she said.

You smiled back.

“Ora,” you introduce your self.

A girl with blonde hair poked her head around Sakura.

“Why are you bandaged?” she asked.

You looked away with a sad look. Sakura’s snapped her head to the girl.

“Ino,” she said, “it’s probably something she doesn’t want to talk about it.”

Ino’s narrowed her eyes.

“Gees sorry,” she said.

Class want by like nothing. You were now outside. You met some of the others kids like Kiba, Hinata, and this boy with a duck butt style hair named Sasuke. That one was a bit strange to you. He was really shy toward you. You waved goodbye to everyone and turned to go back to the Hokage’s house when you spotted a boy with spiky blonde hair on the swing. You walked over to him.

“Hello,” you said.

He looked up to you. He looked kind of sad.

“Aren’t you going to run away,” he said, “call me a monster?”

You blinked.

“Why would I do that?” you asked, “That’s really mean.”

The boy blinked a few times.

“Oh you’re the new girl,” he said finally realizing something.

He smiled and got up.

“I’m Naruto Uzumaki,” he introduced himself, “would you like to play with me?”

You smiled and nodded. You two became quick friends that day. Though you started to wonder why everyone else gave you weird and disappointed looks. When you told “grandpa” that you became friends with Naruto, he seemed pretty pleased. One day you were walking around the village when you heard someone training. You went to investigate. You found Sasuke trying to throw some kuni knives at a tree. He’s normal charcoal eyes were red.

“He must have special eyes,” you said to your self.

Sasuke herd you and looked over. He blushed in embarrassment.

“Ora what are you doing here?” he asked.

You smiled innocently.

“Oh I heard someone training so I came to look,” you answered, “Your special eyes, what are they called? What do they do?”

Sasuke blinked.

“Oh you mean my Sharingan?” he asked, “It’s a bit hard to explain.

You frowned.

“Oh well let me show you mine,” you said.

“Yours?” he asked.

Your eyes turned gold and slit. Sasuke gasped.

“What is that!?” He was all excited, “What does it do!?”

You laughed.

“Momma said that it’s called the Demirigan,” you answered, “it’s supposed to let get into a person’s mind and pick out a bad moment in their life for them to relive.”

Sasuke’s eyes widen.

“That’s amazing!” he exclaimed.

“What is?” someone asked.

You looked to see a lot older boy with long black hair that was in a ponytail. He looked kind of like Sasuke.

“Her eyes Itachi!” Sasuke answered, “look at them!”

This Itachi guy took a close look at you and then smiled.

“That’s interesting,” he said, “you must be from the Jormungand clan.”

He then frowned.

“I’m sorry to hear what happen to them,” he said.

You frowned your self.

“It’s okay,” you said.

Sauske looked confused. Itachi took his hand, making him blushed again.

“Itachi…” he said.

Itachi laughed.

“Aw little brother is embarrassed,” he stated, “come on. Father wanted to see you.”

Sasuke waved goodbye to you as you waved back.

“Ora!” someone called for you.

You look to see Naruto waving at you. You smiled and ran to him. You two laughed and enjoyed the day together.

Beautiful Demon (Naruto x Reader) Background Info

Name: Ora Jormungand

Age: 6 – 18

Personality: kind, can be mean, quiet mostly, only hates people when they treat others badly

Back Story: You lived in a small village near the wind and fire country border. one day rouge ninjas came and destroyed and killed everything and everyone. You were the only survivor. for 2 days you walked without brake ’till you came to the gates of Konaha.

Element: Fire and Water

Kekkei Genkai: Demirigan (Eyes of The Demon)

What it Does: makes your eyes silted and gold. Allows you to get into someone’s mind and make them relive their worst moment of their life.


Of Dusk And Twilight Chapter 6

Lunar Night, Sky Blaze, Dusk, Twisted Magic, and Sapphire Rush belongs to me

Bloody Chaos and Rose Bud belongs to Amber

Red Star, Searing Fear, Luciana MoonFlame, and Sharik Solarus belongs to Becca

Lightning Bolt belongs to tyler.coates.9085

Twin Sparks, Reaverstein, Crystalstien, Richen Bits and Prince Necromorph belongs to DragonKing24

WARNING! Bloody Chaos is a very dark pony in this chapter.


Red Star, Rarity, Lightning Bolt, and Twilight Sparkle had been walking for what seemed like hours.

“Excuse me, dear,” said Rarity, “but how far is this exit?”

“I am uncertain,” answered Red Star, “my spell can only find a way out. It can not tell me how far.”

Rarity whimpered. Twilight would have joined Rarity if her attention wasn’t on how much her hooves hurt. She glanced over at Lightning Bolt. The Pegasus was looking around for any potential danger. Lightning Bolt stopped for a moment when he noticed movement. He flew up to the spot and looked around.

“Is everything all right Bolt?” asked Red Star.

Lightning Bolt looked around one more time.

“Yeah,” he said before flying back to the group.

Necromorph let out a sigh of relief.

That was a close one, he thought.

He looked past the rock pillar, that he hid behind, at the group. His changelings had informed him of the locations of the missing two elements. Necromorph watched as the group turned a corner. He flew to another cliff. This time he made sure the Pegasus wasn’t looking. The sound of rocks moving took Necromorph’s attention away from them. His eyes narrowed as he spotted what was causing the noise.

“Gem dogs!” Necromorph heard the Pegasus shout.

The pack of three gem dogs charged at them. Red Star caste a barrier spell causing them to bounce off. Lightning Bolt flew up and stomped the stomach of one, knocking the breath out of it. Twilight was firing off beams of magic at the dog that was coming at her. It skillfully dodged the beams and headbutted Twilight. The attack had enough force to knock her hard on the rock wall. She lost consciousness.

“Twilight!” shouted Rarity, “why you no good gem eating mutt!”

Rarity jumped on the back of the dog. The third dog had Red Star cornered. Red Star smirked, and her horn glowed. She fired off a fire type spell only to have it shoved away. Red Star’s eyes widen while the dog, this time, smirked. However, that smirk didn’t last long. The dog’s eyes widen upon seeing Necromorph hovering above them all.

“Run!” the dog shouted, “It’s the changeling prince! Run! Run away!”

The second dog picked the third up while the first ran past them. Necromorph glared as he watched the last of the gem dogs scoured away. He had no choice, but to interfere. He needed all six harmonies unharmed and alive for his plan B to be successful. Speaking of them, Necromorph looked down at the group. Lightning Bolt was glaring at him and was ready to defend the others with his life. Red Star was getting a spell ready. Rarity was using her own body to shield the unconscious Twilight in case of an attack.

Necromorph just grinned at them before flying off. Red Star, Lightning Bolt, and Rarity watched him go. Rarity sighed in relief before checking on Twilight. She had a gash on her head.

“I think we should let the prince know about that Changeling when we get back,” said Lightning Bolt.

Red Star nodded in agreement. She went over to Twilight and Rarity.

“She has a gash on her head,” informed Rarity.

“We’ll stop the bleeding for now,” said Red Star, “then we’ll get out of this cave as fast as we can.”

Rarity nodded. The two stopped the bleeding, and Red Star put Twilight on her back. She, then, cast her location spell and the three started heading to an exit at a much faster pace.


Bloody Chaos was heading to the castle doors. He needed some fresh air after having a long talk with his father about past events. His ears flattened when he heard arguing. Upon turning a corner, Bloody Chaos was who it was. It was none other then Reaverstein and his two siblings, Crystalstien, and Richen Bit, arguing with Sapphire Rush. Crystalstien was a white unicorn with a silver mane plus tail and light blue eyes. Richen Bit was a gray unicorn with a black mane plus tail and gray eyes.

“And what is the prince going to do about all those Changelings banging out there?” asked Crystalstien, “that barrier isn’t going to last long.”

‘It will,” Bloody Chaos spoke up startling the siblings.

“How would you know?” asked Richen Bit.

“Because I’m the one who cast it,” stated Chaos, “the only way that barrier will come down is if I make it do so. I am very tempted to do just that to only watch the Changelings feast on you. Judging by your attitudes no one will miss you.”

The siblings were taken back. Reaverstein looked at Sapphire Rush.

“Are you just going to let him talk to us like that?” he asked.

“He is the prince of Equestria,” answered Sapphire Rush, “I have no authority over him.”

“Prince huh?” commented Crystalstien, “I bet Celestia was very desperate to marry a lonely freak like you.”

Sapphire Rush’s eyes widen, and she slowly backed away. Bloody Chaos smirked very creepily making Crystalstien swallow.

“Dear little immature spoiled filly,” Bloody Chaos started, “if you insult me like that again. I will give you nightmares that are so bad that you will gouge out your eyes and start wishing you were never alive. Do I make my self clear?”

Crystalstien nodded. Bloody Chaos looked over at the other two. The brothers swallowed, and their legs started to shake.

“The same threat goes tot he two of you as well,” said Bloody Chaos, “I suggest the three of you leave. Now.”

The siblings didn’t hesitate. They ran away. Sapphire Rush sighed in relief.

“Thanks,” she said, “those three can be a real pain sometimes.”

“I’m surprised Prince Dusk hasn’t banished them,” commented Bloody Chaos.

“He didn’t want the kingdoms to suffer the same misery we have to deal with,” said Sapphire Rush.

Bloody Chaos rolled his eyes.

“That colt is far too nice,” he said before continuing on his way.

He took a deep breath and let it out once outside. Bloody Chaos looked up at the moon.

Is it really that late? He asked himself.

“Chaos?” a voice called out.

Chaos mentally sighed.

So much for peace and quiet, he thought.

He looked at Red Star.

“Hello mother,” he greeted.

He, then, noticed Twilight slumped over on his mother’s back.

“What happen?” he asked.

“Gem eating dogs attacked,” answered Lightning Bolt, “she hit the rocky wall hard enough to cause a gash and knock her out.”

“I’ll see if I can find someone who can heal,” said Blood Chaos, “mother we can talk afterward if you are not too tired by then.”

“Okay,” said Red Star.

“I didn’t know you were the prince’s mother,” commented Rarity.

“Prince?” Red Star asked.

“Chaos is the prince of Equestria due to marrying Princess Celestia,” answered Rarity.

Red Star’s eyes widen. Just what was her son been doing after he left Alamoria.

“Ladies you can continue the conversation later,” said Lightning Bolt, “right now Princess Twilight needs medical attention.”

Red Star and Rarity nodded. Bloody Chaos managed to find a nurse. The nurse and Dusk were with him when he met up with Lightning Bolt, Red Star, and Rarity. Dusk had Twilight brought to his room to be treated and for her to rest. Rarity retired to her room. Red Star and Lightning Bolt went with Bloody Chaos and Dusk in the throne room.

“Are you sure that’s what those dogs called him?” asked Dusk after being told about the events in the cave.

“I’m sure of it,” answered Lightning Bolt.

“I managed to capture his image with a spell,” said Red Star.

“Show it to me please,” ordered Dusk.

Red Star’s horn glowed, and an image of Necromorph appeared in front of them.

“He looks familiar to me,” commented Dusk, “but I don’t remember where though.”

“He sort of looks like the female one that attacked during Princess Cadence and Shining Armor’s wedding,” stated Bloody Chaos.

“Was she beaten?” asked Dusk.

“From what I was told yes,” answered Bloody Chaos, “as for how; I think the elements of harmony can tell you. Simply because I have no idea.”

Dusk nodded.

“As for the citrine gems,” he started, “we’ll put them up tomorrow.”

“Will Twilight’s barrier hold till then?” asked Red Star.

“Her barrier failed a couple of hours after you guys left,” answered Dusk, “the current one is one your son here caste.”

“And it will hold,” stated Chaos.

“Now then,” said Dusk, “if there is nothing else I suggest we get some sleep.”

Everypony nodded. Lightning Blot left. Bloody Chaos looked at Dusk and his mother.

“I’m sorry about the cave in,” he said, “if I had known that the earthquake I added would have caused that I wouldn’t-”

“It’s all right Prince Chaos,” interrupted Dusk, “everypony is still alive. So all is forgiven.”

Bloody Chaos shook his head.

“Too nice and too forgiving,” he commented, “looks like I’m going to have to break you of that habit sometime.”

Dusk chuckled.

“Good night you two,” he said while heading out of the throne room.

Red Star came up to Bloody Chaos.

“So my son,” she started, “what is this about you marrying Princess Celestia? Also, what did you do to your eyes? They look much different from the last time I saw them.”

Bloody Chaos bit his lip.

This is going to be a long night, he thought.


Dusk sighed as he opened and shut the door to his room. He looked at Twilight as she slept on his bed. He nuzzled her gently. Dusk smiled and laid down on the floor.

Please get well soon my beloved Twilight, he thought before drifting off to sleep.


So this took so long. Life happened. Hopefully, Bloody Chaos wasn’t too dark for you guys, but that’s usually how he threatens people….according to Amber. The offer still stands if you would like your oc in the story as a background character like Lightning Bolt, just pm me their name, cutie mark, a description, type of pony, and how they act.

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Many Years of Pain Chapter 16

All in this fic belongs to Nintendo!

Reminder: this is a Link x Mido fic, not a Link x Midna!


Mido and Link made it through the tunnel to the other part of Faron Woods. It was, once again, filled with poisonous gas. This caused Link to sigh.

“Just what we needed,” he said, “poisonous gas.”

Mido looked around and then up at the sky. An idea popped into his head.

“Which way do we need to go again for the last five bugs?” he asked.

“To the west of here,” answered Link, “but there might be some here. There was last time at least. With Midna’s help I jumped all of the gaps, and there we’re buuuu ah!”

Mido had picked up Link and was slowly going up.

“Shout if you see one,” Mido said.

“And what about the ones that are buried underground,” asked Link.

“If you see a spot that might have a bug underground then point it out,” Mido answered.

It took them a bit to locate four of the five bugs. After that Mido flew them to where the forest temple’s entrance was. Link spotted the last bug right away. He killed it, and their light entered the vessel. The Twilight receded, and Link and Mido returned to their usual selves.

“That is all eight,” said Link, “now we just need to get this back to the spirit spring….”

He noticed that Mido wasn’t listening and was staring at the forest temple.

“Mido?” Link asked.

“Did you know most of this place was under water once?” Mido asked.

“No,” answered Link, “I didn’t.”

“Well it was,” said Mido, “about a hundred years ago. That huge tree was once the Great Deku Tree.”

“The Great Deku Tree?” Link wondered.

Mido nodded.

“He had a face and could talk,” said Mido, “he guarded and guided us, the Kokiri. Of course, during the great flood, the Kokiri evolved into the Koroks.”

Mido was silent for a moment. Link frowned when he noticed tears running down Mido’s cheeks.

“The Deku Tree died when the water receded,” Mido continued, “without someone to guide and protect them, the Koroks panicked….they soon died out….”

Mido was sobbing now. Link did the only thing he could do and hugged and comfort Mido. Link understood and pity Mido. Not only was he the last of his kind, but watched helplessly as his people died out. It was a while before Mido calmed down.

“I’m sorry,” Mido apologized while letting go of Link.

“Don’t be,” said Link, “I would be the same way.”

Mido gave him a small smile before sighing.

“Link,” came Midna’s voice, “Mido. Can you hear me?”

‘Yes we can,” answered Link.

“We found out who is behind the Twilight leak-ish,” said Midna, “meet me where the path from Faron Forest ends, and the path through Hyrule Field begins. I’ll explain everything then.”

“All right,” said Link, “meet you there.”

“We shouldn’t keep her waiting,” said Mido.

Link gave him a worried look.

“I’ll be fine,” Mido reassured him.

Link nodded. They left and returned the vessel of light before heading out of the forest. They spotted Midna at the entrance of Hyrule Fields. Midna smiled at Link but frowned at Mido. The Kokiri looked demoralized. Link shook his head signifying that she shouldn’t ask. Midna nodded and cleared her throat.

“Thanks for coming,” she started, “as I had stated that we found out who is behind all of this and you’re not going to like it.”

Link sighed.

“Who is it?” he asked.

“A creature that calls himself Ganondorf,” answered Midna, “but he isn’t. He is but his shadow. A shadow that has a bit of the original Ganondorf’s power.”

Link nodded before noticing Mido looking a bit alarmed. He followed Mido’s gaze to the curtain of Twilight that covered Castle Town. It started to fade before disappearing altogether.

“Ah so it worked,” commented Midna.

Both, Link and Mido, looked at her.

“We found a potential way of getting rid of the Twilight,” Midna explained, “since it worked we can get rid of the rest while you two go and warn Princess Zelda about the shade.”

Link nodded.

“Be safe,” said Midna while the two walked away.


Mido was holding onto Link’s arm for dear life while they walked through Castle Town. He was watching all of the people they walked by.

“I take it you don’t like crowds,” said Link.

Mido shook his head.

“I’m sort of use to big crowds,” he said, “but this. This is beyond big.”

Link laughed.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “we’re almost to the castle gate.”

It took them a bit longer to weave through the crowds to get to the gate. The guards recognized Link and let him and Mido through. It was a while longer for them to climb up the last set of stairs. Mido was huffing and puffing.

“Who in their right mind would put a throne room up on the very top of a castle?” he asked between breaths.

“Not a clue,” answered Link huffing and puffing as well.

They entered the throne room. Zelda got up from the throne and smiled when she saw Link. Link and Mido bowed.

“It is wonderful to see you again Link,” said Zelda before frowning, “I take it you are not here to catch up.”

Link shook his head.

“The Twilight is back,” he said, “and it’s being controlled by Ganondorf’s shade.”

Zelda was now on high alert.

“Tell me all you know,” she said.


Sorry for the long wait. Life happened.

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Kingdom Pokemon Chapter 7

All in this fic belongs to Nintendo and Square Enix!


Xemnas groaned as he came two. He looked around at his surroundings.

“A forest?” he asked himself.

He sighed and got up. That’s when he noticed that he was on all fours.

“And I am a Pokemon,” he stated.

He looked at himself and took note of the silver rings.

“It seems that I am an Umbreon,” he said.

He took one last look around before picking a direction and going. He took his time since there was no threat to him. Xemnas would even stop now and then to look around some more.

I can’t tell what forest I am in nor which game, he thought.

His ears moved behind him when there was a snap. He looked behind himself. Something ran behind a tree in the distance.

Was that a greenish gray Houndoom? Xemnas thought.

His eyes narrowed. He knew only one person with that skin color.

So Maleficent possible is behind all of this, he thought.

A girlish and boyish scream came from not too far away. Xemnas looked in the direction they came from. He ran. Once there Xemnas saw Roxas and Xion surrounded by Poochyenas and Mightyenas. Xemnas watched as Roxas landed on a Mightyena’s head and pecked him before getting shaken off. He, also, saw a Poochyena go through Xion making her get creep out. Xemnas took a deep breath.

“Umbreeee!” he shouted getting the attention of the Poochyenas and Mightyenas.

“An Umbreon?” Xemnas heard Roxas asked.

The Mightyenas and Poochyenas turned their attention back to Roxas and Xion. Roxas pecked the head of the same Mightyena while Xion dodged another Mightyena’s shadow ball. She, then, used nightshade on it, making it faint. Xemnas sighed before taking another deep breath.

“Breeeee!” he shouted.

Xemnas backed up a few steps before turning around and running. While the Mightyenas and Poochyena started chasing him. After a few minutes into the chase, it dawned on Xemnas.

Why did I save those two? He asked himself.

He shook his head.

I saved them because I still need them to help complete Kingdom Hearts, he thought, yes that’s-

His thoughts were cut short when a group of Houndooms and Houndours came at him on his left. A Houndoom pinned him down by the neck. A Poochyena was trying to drag him by one of his back legs. A Mightyena bit him on his back. Xemnas gasped in pain.

I…He thought, will not…

He started to spark.

“Die here!” he shouted letting lose an electrical charge shocking and fainting the three Pokemon that had him pinned down.

He got up and winced when pain shot through his back leg. Xemnas shook it off and started to run. Some Houndours and Mightyenas began to chase him again.

Why was I able to use an electric attack? He asked himself, Umbreons can’t learn any.

Xemnas made it to a lake. He jumped in and started swimming to the other side without noticing that his procurers had stopped.

“Superior!” he heard someone shout.

VI? Xemnas wondered.

Just then something underneath him.

Gyarados! He thought in alarm.

He took a second to look for a place to jump to. He leaped to what he thought was a stable branch. It broke and Xemnas fall to the ground; farther injuring his back leg. He slowly got up and limped to the road. The pain had gotten too much for him. He closed his eyes.

“An Umbreon,” he heard a ten-year-old boy exclaimed.

“It’s badly injured,” said a fifteen-year-old boy.

“There’s a Pokemon Center near here,” said a ten-year-old girl.

“Right,” said the ten-year-old boy.

Xemnas felt himself get lifted up. He yelp when his leg was touched. He only opened his eyes to see the road moving below him before slipping into unconsciousness.


Sorry, it’s short, but I didn’t want to go and farther on Xemnas’ tale without getting a bit farther in the other members. As for why Xemnas was able to electric move 1) I asked if it was okay and no one answered so I just went with it 2) Xemnas is possibly the body of Terra that Master Xehanort took/infused with and I picture Terra as a Jolteon.

As for why Xemnas saved Roxas and Xion. Maybe he did it in order to make sure Kingdom Hearts will be completed or maybe a little of Terra came out. Who knows for sure.

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