Beauty of The Moon (Saix x Reader) Part 3

You sighed. It has been another few days with an injured Saix glaring at you.

At least he stopped insisting on leaving, you thought, for now.

The bell rang at the door. You looked over at Axel. With him was a boy with spiky blonde hair.

“Hey Siran,” Axel greeted, “how is Saix?”

“A handful,” you answered, “who is this?”

“Oh this is Roxas,” answered Axel before he sighed, “he is the new guy I mentioned yesterday.”

You came over and went down to Roxas’ level.

“Hello Roxas,” you greeted, “my name is Siran. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Si…ran…” Roxas repeated.

You gave him a small smile.

“He is the main reason I came here,” said Axel, “I was wondering if there was anything you could do for him?”

“She can’t do anything to help mental issues,” answered Saix.

You looked over to see him leaning on the door frame of the doorway that led to the house part. It looked like Saix had a bit of an issue with standing on his own. You sighed and facepalmed.

“I see what you mean now,” commented Axel.

Saix raised an eyebrow.

“You are supposed to be in bed,” you said through gritted teeth.

“Si…ran…mad…” Roxas commented.

“You can say that again,” said Axel while rubbing Roxas’ head.

Saix narrowed his eyes at the two nobodies. You sighed again.

“Back on subject,” you said, “I’m afraid Saix is right. I can’t help Roxas mentally. If he had a physical injury, then I could be of some help. You’ll have to go to a shrink…which I’m not sure if there is one in Twilight Town.”

Alex slouched and pouted.

“I was afraid you would say that,” he said.

Axel sighed.

“I guess we’ll leave you two alone then,” he said.

“If you see that superior of yours let him know that it’ll be a day longer for Saix to go back,” you said before glaring at said Saix, “if he keeps getting out of bed.”

Axel laughed.

“I’ll let him know,” he said, “see you two tomorrow.”

You waved as Axel took Roxas’ arm and dragged him to the door.

“Bye…Si…ran…” said Roxas before he and Axel went out of the door.

You crossed your arms.

“Explanation,” you said before looking at Saix, “now.”

Saix was about to answer when his stomach growled. You swore you saw his cheeks turn a little red, but you were unsure due to Saix’s face showing no emotion.

“…I said to eat all of your breakfast,” you stated.

Saix still showed no emotion. Your eyebrow twitched. You took Saix’s hand and took him to the kitchen.

“Sit, and I’ll try to find something,” you said.

Saix did as you ore red while you looked through the refrigerator.

Let’s see, you thought, leftover stew, ham, cheese, and leftover meatloaf.

You sighed and looked over at Saix who was just watching you.

“Any preference on food?” you asked.

Saix shook his head. You looked back in the refrigerator. You grabbed the leftover stew from last night; you put it in the microwave to heat it up. You grabbed a spoon and went back to the microwave once the stew was done. You put both in front of Saix.

“Careful, it’s still a bit hot,” you warned.

“Or I’ll be here another day due to you treating my burnt tongue,” commented Saix.

You blinked.

“Were you trying to make a joke?” you asked.

Just then the bell over the store’s door rang. Saix simply shrugged. You shook your head and then went to the shore part. You saw a mother and child. The child seemed to have fallen recently going by the many scrapes on her elbows and knees.

“My what happen?” you asked.

Saix looked up from his stew when he heard a child laughing. He looked back at the stew. Saix sighed. He got up and slowly went to the doorway leading to the store part. He watched as you put bandages on the little girl’s knee.

“Now I want you to promise me that you will not try to skip steps again,” you said, “okay?”

Watching you interact with the girl brought back a few memories to Saix. The mother picked up her child. She, then, paid and thanked you before leaving. You sighed before feeling eyes on you. You looked to the doorway to see Saix. There was just a pinch of sorrow in his eyes. Saix headed back to the kitchen. You soon follow.

“Saix?” you asked.

“Hm?” he answered.

“Are you okay?” you asked.

“I’m the same as I was this morning,” Saix answered.

“It’s just,” you started, “you looked a bit sad a few seconds ago.”

“Nobodies don’t have a heart,” said Saix, “therefore we can not feel.”

You made a face.

“What is a nobody exactly?” you asked, “and what exactly is this organization XIII? Oh and-”

Saix held up his hand to silence you.

“It is a very long explanation,” he answered.

“Well we do have the rest of today,” you stated, “and probably all of tomorrow too.”

Saix sighed.

This is going to be one long afternoon, he thought.

Beauty of The Moon (Saix x Reader) Part 2

You sighed, It’s been nearly a week since you brought Saix back to your home and he still hasn’t awoken. You herd your door open. You sighed again and looked at Saix.

“I’ll be right back,” you said.

You walked downstairs to see Axel with a tan-skinned man with silver hair. They looked at you.

“Sorry,” said Axel, “I tried to keep him waiting.”

“I assume you’re the girl taking care of VII?” the silver-haired man asked.

You nodded.

“I would like him back now,” the man said.

“I can’t allow that,” you said, “He is still knocked out and his wounds haven’t healed yet.”

“That doesn’t matter to me,” said the man.

“Well it should,” you said.

Axel’s eyes widen.

“Siran,” he said, “Please don’t talk back to Xemnas – I mean the superior.”

Xemnas glance at Axel and then back to you.

“I’m not afraid,” you stated, “he can kill me if he so wishes, but Saix is not fit to go back yet.”

Xemnas’ eyebrows met and Axel started to back up. You stood your ground and kept your cool. Xemnas may have most people cowering in a corner with just a look, but not you. Xemnas then smiled and laughed. Axel raised an eyebrow.

“I see that Saix is in good hands here,” Xemnas said, “considering you didn’t even flinch when near me. VIII will continue to check up on him and will keep me updated.”

You bow in respect.

“Of course Lord Xemnas,” you said, “glad we could come to an agreement.”

Xemnas nodded. He looked to Axel.

“Stay here for a bit and then report back,” he said.

“Yes superior,” said Axel.

You both watched as Xemnas left in a portal. Axel looked back at you.

“That was freaking amazing!” he shouted and hugged you.

You laughed.

“He was just a big bully that needed to know his place,” you stated.

Axel laughed and you two headed upstairs to check on Saix. You sighed seeing that he was still out.

“I need to get a few things for his wounds,” you said, “Can I trust you to stay here with him?”

“You sure can,” Axel answered.

You smiled and headed out to get what you needed. Saix groaned and open his eyes.

“Well good morning,” Axel said to him.

Saix glared at Axel.

“What are you doing here?” Saix asked in irritation.

“Making sure you don’t go anywhere for Siran,” Axel answered.

“Who is that?” Saix asked a bit confused.

“This awesome and amazing girl!” exclaimed Axel, “She stood up against Xemnas and still lives. She didn’t even flinch once.”

Saix blinked.

“She stood up against Xemnas?” Saix asked to make sure.

Axel nodded and turned when he heard the door open. You walked back upstairs and blinked.

“Ah you’re finally awake!” you exclaimed.

Saix took a good look at you. Your long green hair was down and reached to the middle of your back. Your eyes were as green as emeralds and you were wearing this lovely ocean blue summer dress. Saix swallowed and looked up at the roof.

“It seems that I am,” he stated.

You sighed.

“Just as emotionless as that superior of yours,” you commented.

Axel laughed and Saix glared at him.

“I was just telling him about you and the superior meeting each other,” Axel said ignoring Saix’s glare.

You blushed a bit and grabbed Saix’s arm to check the burn on it.

“Like I said before,” you started, “he was just a big bully that needed to know his place. Just like our blue hair friend is about to learn too.”

Saix growled.

“Growl all you want,” you said, “It’s not going to make me stay away from you.”

Saix sighed.

“So this Organization XIII,” you started a conversation and to change subjects, “I assume that there are more than three members in it considering your boss called you VII and you VIII.”

“Yes,” said Axel, “there is 12 of u-”

“13,” Saix interrupted.

“Oh…right…” Axel said sounding about annoyed.

“New guy not worth a damn?” you asked.

“No,” Axel answered, “He’s just acting a bit like a soulless body at the moment. I was volunteered to take care of him…”

You smiled.

“That was nice of you,” you sighed.

Axel rubbed the back of his head and looked to the side.

“Yeah I guess so,” he said before standing up, “Well I better go before the big bully comes back.”

You smiled.

“Okay,” you said, “Saix should be good enough to return in a few days.”

Axel nodded and waved before he disappeared into a portal. You finished re-wrapping the burn on Saix’s arm.

“I can go back now,” Saix said.

“No,” you said, “You’re still too injured to move.”

Saix glared at you again. He tried to get up, but you pushed him back down. He growled.

“I’m good enough to go,” he said.

“And I say you’re not,” you said.

He tried to get up again, only to get pushed back down by you. At this point, the scare on his face started to grow.

“Let me go!” Saix shouted.

“No!” you shouted back.

His eyes turn completely gold and started to glow. He growled like an angry wolf and tried to attack you. You grabbed his arms and stared into his eyes. You growled back at him like one would do to tame a wolf hybrid. Saix quickly calmed down. He looked at you all wide-eyed. You let go of his arms and started to put things back in your basket.

“What are you?” he asked.

“A human just like you,” you answered getting up and heading to the door.

“I’m a nobody not a human,” Saix said.

“No,” you said when you stopped, “You’re human as well.”

You looked at him.

“Don’t believe everything your little superior says,” you said, “you might fine that most of it is lies.”

With that you left the room.

This girl, Saix thought, she’s different…

Beauty of The Moon (Saix x Reader) Part 1

You were out getting supplies for your shop. you were browsing the greenhouse humming to your self.

“Good morning Siran,” greeted the owner, “looking for more flowers and herbs to use?”

“Yes,” you answered, “I ran out of some herbs to use on burns. do you know where they are?”

“Ah yes,” answered the owner, “I think I moved them over here…here you go.”

“Thank you,” you said paying him.

“Anytime Siran,” he said waving at you.

You walked toward the train station in order to get on your shop’s street. a painful moaning took your attention to an ally way. you look down it to see a hooded man in a black coat sitting by a wall bleeding badly. you ran to him.

“Sir can you hear me?” you asked him.

The man nodded a little.

“Can you walk?” you asked.

The man nodded again. he tried to get up on his own, but couldn’t. you put his arm around your shoulder and helped him up again. you two walked to your shop which was also your house. thankfully it wasn’t too far. you open the door and lead him up the stairs to the guest bedroom. you laid him down softly on the bed and removed his boots and coat. the man had long blue hair and a big X scar on his face. you looked at his injuries.

Let’s see, you thought, 3 2nd degree burns on the left side, left upper arm, and right shoulder. one 3rd degree on his right side and a gash across his stomach.

you went downstairs and got what you needed. you mixed ingredients and put them on the correct injuries. the man hissed at the stinging pain as you put the medicine on. he passed out once you were done.

“I wonder where you came from,” you thought out loud before heading down to open up shop.


Axel was headed to the superior’s office. Xaldin told him that Xemnas wanted to see him right away. Axel sighed. he knocked on the door.

“Enter,” he herd Xemnas say.

Axel opened and closed the door.

“What did I do this time?” he asked.

“Nothing that I know as of yet,” Xemnas answered, “I have a special mission for you.”

“I’m listening,” Axel said.

“Saix has not come back from his mission for two days now,” said Xemnas, “I need you to look for him. he was last at Twilight Town.”

“Got it,” Axel said heading for the door.

“When you find him let him know that I except an explanation,” Xemnas stated.

Axel nodded and left. he walked down the hall a bit and sighed.

“Isa what have you gotten your self into now?” Axel asked before creating a portal.


It had been two days since you brought the blue-haired man to your shop/home. he never awoke since he passed out. you checked on him regularly. You sighed after you were done looking over his injuries.

“I’ll be right back,” you told him, “I ran out of burn cure herbs again.”

You got up and headed out. you hid in an alleyway when you heard a strange sound. You peeked out behind the corner. you gasped when you saw another hooded man with the same black coat as the one you found coming out of what looked like a portal.

Maybe he’s here looking for his friend, you thought, best follow him to make sure.

you followed him to the market district and then to the train station. he sighed.

“Where did he go off to?” the other man asked himself.

you took that moment to come out of your hiding spot.

“Excuse me,” you announced your self.

The other man looked over at you.

“Are you looking for a man with long blue hair and a big X scare on his face?” you asked him.

The other man blinked a few times.

“Yes,” he answered, “have you seen him?”

You nodded and motion for the other man to follow you back him. you took him upstairs.

“I found him in an alleyway,” you said, “I healed him but he hasn’t waken up yet.”

The other man went to his friend.

“I need to take him back,” he said.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that,” you said, “His injuries will reopen.”

The other man sighed.

“Our boss isn’t going to like that,” he said.

“Then you can tell him to come speak with me,” you said setting your foot down, “I’m not afraid.”

The other man laughed.

“Saix would smile right now,” he commented.

“Saix?” you asked.

“That’s his name,” the other man answered, “and mine’s Axel A X E L got it memorized?”

“I think so Axel,” you answered looking toward Saix.

“When he wakes up I’ll send him back,” you told Axel.

Axel, in return, nodded.

Xemnas is really not going to like this, Axel thought.

Beauty of The Moon (Saix x Reader) Background Info

Name: Siran Rune

Age: 21

Personality: kind, not easy to scare, caring, always smiles, smart, always stand up to people who think they are stronger than others

About Yourself: You own a herbal medicine shop in Twilight Town. It once was own by your mother and her mother before her. You use the herbs and flowers from the greenhouse a friend of yours owns. Everyone goes to your chop for medicine. Sometimes you bring injured people you find out on the streets to your shop heal them.


Kingdom Pokemon Chapter 7

All in this fic belongs to Nintendo and Square Enix!


Xemnas groaned as he came two. He looked around at his surroundings.

“A forest?” he asked himself.

He sighed and got up. That’s when he noticed that he was on all fours.

“And I am a Pokemon,” he stated.

He looked at himself and took note of the silver rings.

“It seems that I am an Umbreon,” he said.

He took one last look around before picking a direction and going. He took his time since there was no threat to him. Xemnas would even stop now and then to look around some more.

I can’t tell what forest I am in nor which game, he thought.

His ears moved behind him when there was a snap. He looked behind himself. Something ran behind a tree in the distance.

Was that a greenish gray Houndoom? Xemnas thought.

His eyes narrowed. He knew only one person with that skin color.

So Maleficent possible is behind all of this, he thought.

A girlish and boyish scream came from not too far away. Xemnas looked in the direction they came from. He ran. Once there Xemnas saw Roxas and Xion surrounded by Poochyenas and Mightyenas. Xemnas watched as Roxas landed on a Mightyena’s head and pecked him before getting shaken off. He, also, saw a Poochyena go through Xion making her get creep out. Xemnas took a deep breath.

“Umbreeee!” he shouted getting the attention of the Poochyenas and Mightyenas.

“An Umbreon?” Xemnas heard Roxas asked.

The Mightyenas and Poochyenas turned their attention back to Roxas and Xion. Roxas pecked the head of the same Mightyena while Xion dodged another Mightyena’s shadow ball. She, then, used nightshade on it, making it faint. Xemnas sighed before taking another deep breath.

“Breeeee!” he shouted.

Xemnas backed up a few steps before turning around and running. While the Mightyenas and Poochyena started chasing him. After a few minutes into the chase, it dawned on Xemnas.

Why did I save those two? He asked himself.

He shook his head.

I saved them because I still need them to help complete Kingdom Hearts, he thought, yes that’s-

His thoughts were cut short when a group of Houndooms and Houndours came at him on his left. A Houndoom pinned him down by the neck. A Poochyena was trying to drag him by one of his back legs. A Mightyena bit him on his back. Xemnas gasped in pain.

I…He thought, will not…

He started to spark.

“Die here!” he shouted letting lose an electrical charge shocking and fainting the three Pokemon that had him pinned down.

He got up and winced when pain shot through his back leg. Xemnas shook it off and started to run. Some Houndours and Mightyenas began to chase him again.

Why was I able to use an electric attack? He asked himself, Umbreons can’t learn any.

Xemnas made it to a lake. He jumped in and started swimming to the other side without noticing that his procurers had stopped.

“Superior!” he heard someone shout.

VI? Xemnas wondered.

Just then something underneath him.

Gyarados! He thought in alarm.

He took a second to look for a place to jump to. He leaped to what he thought was a stable branch. It broke and Xemnas fall to the ground; farther injuring his back leg. He slowly got up and limped to the road. The pain had gotten too much for him. He closed his eyes.

“An Umbreon,” he heard a ten-year-old boy exclaimed.

“It’s badly injured,” said a fifteen-year-old boy.

“There’s a Pokemon Center near here,” said a ten-year-old girl.

“Right,” said the ten-year-old boy.

Xemnas felt himself get lifted up. He yelp when his leg was touched. He only opened his eyes to see the road moving below him before slipping into unconsciousness.


Sorry, it’s short, but I didn’t want to go and farther on Xemnas’ tale without getting a bit farther in the other members. As for why Xemnas was able to electric move 1) I asked if it was okay and no one answered so I just went with it 2) Xemnas is possibly the body of Terra that Master Xehanort took/infused with and I picture Terra as a Jolteon.

As for why Xemnas saved Roxas and Xion. Maybe he did it in order to make sure Kingdom Hearts will be completed or maybe a little of Terra came out. Who knows for sure.

Special thanks to the program Grammarly!

Request – Xehanort-Aqua & Eraqus-Aqua Posing

Requested by alkiller77

I think I finally figured out how to get Aqua to loo less like Xion…I think…

Xehanort is the on in the gold while Eraqus is the one in white.

Eraqus: Ventus, Vanitas! Quite the coincidence meeting you here! It’s me, Master Eraqus!
Xehanort: Good to see that you two are doing well… Have you seen Terra and Aqua around here?
Eraqus: You probably should explain to Ventus and Vanitas why I was missing for a couple of days…
Xehanort: Right… Well… Vanitas, you remember when I said I was going to visit an old friend right?



4 Request - Xehanort-Aqua & Eraqus-Aqua Posing.png

OrganizationXIII Keyblades 1 – 4

I wanted to do these for a while, but I never had time to do it until now. 5 -8 will be uploaded the next time I have some free time.

Anyway for Xemnas’ I combined pieces of Terra’s keyblade with his weapon plus the nobody symbol. The keychain is the buckle from Terra’s belt.

Xigbar’s is his gun. Keychain is a type of sight for a gun…I think…..

Xaldin’s is his spear. The circle around the handle is supposed to be clouds, but I failed at it. The keychain is the end piece of Dilan’s own spear.

On Vexen’s the handle is his shield. It acts like a proctor for your hand. The teeth are the spikes from the shield and the keychain is the end piece of it as well.


OrganizationXIII Keyblades 1 - 4.png

Request – Ven-Aqua and Vanitas-Aqua Posing in Bikinis

Requested by alkiller77!


Ven: Never thought you’d be in this situation did you?
Vanitas: Nope, but I’m glad I was…*smirks and poses with Ven*
Ven: So… Out of curiosity Master Xehanort was changed with you right?
Vanitas: Um Yeah…
Ven: Have you seen him since? Because Master Eraqus went missing a couple of days ago…
Vanitas: No I haven’t… However last time I saw him he said he was going to pay an old friend a visit…
Ven: Wait… Could that mean…
??? : Hey Ventus, Vanitas! *A voice sounding like Aqua’s called out to them*

I like how this turned out 😀

Request - Ven-Aqua and Vanitas-Aqua Posing in Bikinis