Snake Princess (Sasuke x Reader) Part 3

You groaned as you woke up. You looked around to get your bearings. It was your room.

“Ah you are finally awake Lady Vasuki,” came a voice.

Kabuto stepped out from the shadows.

“Lord Orochimaru would be pleased,” he said.

You tried to sit up, but Kabuto pushed you back down.

“What happened?” you asked.

“You resurrected someone from the dead,” answered Kabuto.

You sat up quickly ignoring Kabuto’s prior request.

“Is he well?” you asked, “and father, is he happy to have his favorite back?”

“Yes to the latter,” Kabuto answered, “but he was furious at you and Sasuke. You really shouldn’t use jutsu that tires you out so quickly. Also, try not to let Sasuke goat you like that again.”

You blinked in confusion. Kabuto pushed you back down.

“Now you lay there while I go get your father,” he said heading to the door, “and if you leave, I will hunt you down and chain you to that bed my self.”

“Understood,” you said.

Kabuto just shook his head and left. You sighed and stared up at the ceiling.

Sasuke didn’t goat me, you thought, where did…oh…

Sasuke had put the blame on himself so you wouldn’t get in too much trouble. Orochimaru entered your room and set on the side of your bed. He took one of your hands into his.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Well as I can be,” you answered.

“That’s good,” Orochimaru said before he frowned.

And here it comes, you thought.

“Please next time listen to me,” he pleaded, “you do remember what happened last time you did something like this?”

You sighed. The last time you tried to perform a powerful jutsu was when you were seven. You nearly died from it.

“Losing you will be devastating,” Orochimaru said.

“I’ll be careful next time dad,” you reassured him.

“You promise?” he asked.

“I promise,” you answered.

Orochimaru smiled and kissed your forehead.

“Get some more rest,” he said before getting up.

“Um father,” you said.

“Yes?” he asked.

“Please don’t punish Sasuke too badly,” you requested.

“I’ll try not to,” Orochimaru said before leaving.

You sighed once more before turning on to your side and closing your eyes.


You were able to get out of bed the next day. Your current mission was to find and thank Sasuke.

These halls are just long and dark, you thought, dad likes it this way for some reason though.

“Oh,” you said out loud when you spotted Sasuke.

He was carrying a bucket of water and a mop. It looked like he was put on cleaning duty.

“Hey Sasuke,” you called.

He looked up at you with a small hint of a smile. You ran up to him.

“I wanted to thank you for covering for me,” you said, “even though I don’t quite approve of it.”

Sasuke snorted.

“Orochimaru seemed to be very angry when he saw you unconscious,” he said.

“Ah yes well,” you started before clearing your throat, “I may have almost died when I was little by trying to perform a powerful jutsu.”

Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

“Dare I ask what type of jutsu it was?” he asked.

“It was one of father’s,” you answered.

Sasuke nodded in understanding.

“After that, he stopped showing me his jutsu,” you said.

“Understandable,” Sasuke said, “you are his only child…I think.”

You giggled and nodded.

“Say would you like some help with the cleaning?” you asked.

Sasuke looked down at the bucket of water.

“That would be nice,” he answered.

You smiled and tried to take the bucket of water. Sasuke moved it out of your grasp and handed you the mop instead. You pouted and followed Sasuke tot he room he was supposed to clean.


Kabuto entered the room Orochimaru was currently in.

“Here are the files you wanted,” he said placing a few files on the table.

Orochimaru nodded.

“I just saw Vasuki helping Sasuke with his punishment,” Kabuto said.

“Oh?” asked Orochimaru.

“They were talking to each other and Alice was smiling,” answered Kabuto, “she seemed to have warmed up to Sasuke some. She might not like it when you take Sasuke’s body as your own.”

“She’ll understand,” said Orochimaru.

Kabuto frowned a little.

Somehow I highly doubt that, he thought.

Snake Princess (Sasuke x Reader) Part 2

You had your tongue out at the side as you concentrate on your resurrection jutsu. Your hands glowed a blue as the hover over a dead fish. It was bigger than the last one. The tail twitched a little. Your eyebrows meet each other as you increased the amount of chakra you were using. The tail flopped this time. You increase the amount again. The fish’s mouth started to move. Your hands started to shake as you used even more chakra. The fish started to move for a bit before it stopped. It had died again. You sighed in frustration.

You ignored how tired you were and tried again. This time you started off with the amount of chakra you stopped. The fish started to move again. You increased even more. Your hands were now shaking even more violently. A hand came on top of yours. You stopped the jutsu. The fish stayed alive. You looked up at your father’s concerned face. He had the bandages off now and looked like he always has, pale skin with lavender markings on his eyes, and long black hair.

“You shouldn’t tire yourself with one jutsu,” Orochimaru said.

You looked down.

“I’m sorry,” you said, “I just want to be as great as you.”

“There is a difference between you and me,” said Orochimaru, “I’m a lot older then you so I can perform stronger jutsu. You are still very young.”

“But if I can’t perfect this jutsu how will I bring back human beings?” you asked.

“Human beings?” your father asked in response, “Why?”

“To bring you back,” you answered.

“Now why would you want to bring an old bag of bones back?” Orochimaru asked in a joke like tone.

“So you can stay with me forever,” you answered.

Your father smiled and pulled you into a hug.

“That’s a fine reason,” he said, “but try not to tire yourself out too much. You have plenty of time after all.”

You smiled. You hugged your father tighter. It would be lonely without him around. After all, he was the only true friend you had. The next day you were in the main training room again, but this time you were watching Sasuke fight off more of your father’s ninjas. Sasuke was trying out a jutsu he had just learned from Orochimaru. He was using it like he had been using it for most of his life. You frown at this. One ninja got him on the side, but Sasuke hit him back. The ninja fell to the floor.

“That is enough for the day,” said Orochimaru, “well done Sasuke.”

Sasuke bowed. You looked at the cut at the side. It was shallow. You went to him. He looked at you like you were going to pull something. You ignored this look and put your hand on the cut. Your hand started to glow blue as you try to heal the cut. Sasuke winced. You looked at him in alarm.

“You feel pain?” you asked.

“Of course I feel pain,” answered Sasuke, “you are healing it after all.”

You looked at the cut with a frown before you walked away. Sasuke blinked unsure of what was going on. You looked at him.

“You weren’t supposed to,” you said simply before you left.

Your father frowned while Kabuto shook his head.

“She takes her newly form jutsus a bit too to heart,” Kabuto said as he came to Sasuke.

“I’m afraid she may have gotten that from me,” Orochimaru said, “take him the medical wing to get the cut looked at. I’ll go have a word with her.”

Kabuto nodded. Your father found you in your room. You were hunched over a table. Orochimaru sighed before knocking on the door frame.

“Alice I want to have a word with you,” he said.

You didn’t even nod.

“Alice are you even listening to me?” your father asked.

You turned to him. Orochimaru frowned when he saw how exhausted you were.

“I did it,” you said with a smile.

Orochimaru came over to the table to see that the bigger fish was flopping around.

“So I see,” he said, “but do tell me that you didn’t do this because of what happen with Sasuke earlier.”

You frowned and looked away. Your father sighed.

“Vasuki,” he said in that scolding tune, “you know as well as I that doing things while frustrated doesn’t turn out well. You could have hurt your self-doing this.”

“Sorry father,” you said in a quiet voice.

Your father sighed again and pulled you into a hug.

“Just be more careful next time,” he said.

“Okay,” you said.

The next day you were training Sasuke. Surprisingly he was dodging more. He had actually learned the last time you two fought. You gave a small smile. You went for a hit to his injured side, but he dodged it and try to hit you. You dodge that in return.

“Okay,” said Kabuto, “that is enough.”

You and Sasuke stopped and bowed to each other.

“I’d admit,” you said, “I am impressed with how fast you learn things.”

Sasuke smirked.

“Why thank you,” he said.

You chuckled.

“Try not to let it go to your head too much,” you said, “this doesn’t mean that I still do not wish to have Naruto here.”

You looked at the door when one of your father’s ninjas came in. He bowed to you.

“My lady,” he said, “Lord Orochimaru wishes to see you in the medical wing.”

You blinked but nodded. You headed on out. Once you were there you saw one of Orochimaru’s favorite ninja on the table. This one, you remembered, was dying of a disease. Your father looked at you.

“You wanted to practice that other jutsu if yours on a human being next time,” he said, “here is your chance.”

Your eyes widen.

“But father,” you started, “he is one of-”

“If he dies then he dies,” Orochimaru said, “that is how life goes.”

You swallowed as you stepped up to the medical bed. You had your hands up ready to perform your Cura jutsu. This jutsu was to cure the target of any illness and disease. Your hands glowed green this time as you tried to cure your patient. After a bit, he stopped moaning. You stopped in alarm. One of the medic ninjas checked him.

“He is dead,” she said.

Your hands shook. This was the third time you failed. Orochimaru nodded as the medic ninja placed a sheet over the ninja. You shook your head as your father looked at you.

“Vasuki it’s okay,” he said, “it happens.”

You still shook your head before you ran out of the room.

“Vasuki!” you could hear your father shout.


Sasuke was headed to his room. It was a long day to him, at long least he was able to impress you a little. That, alone, made him feel accomplished. He stopped when he heard crying. He turned the corner. He found you sitting against a wall with your head buried in your knees.

“What happen?” he asked.

You jumped and looked at him. You whipped your tears away.

“…” you looked at him with a frown, “I failed…again…”

New tears fall down your cheeks. Sasuke got on his knees in front of you.

“What did you fail at?” he asked.

“I was told to cure someone,” you started, “I failed and now he is dead. Worse of all he was one of father’s favorites.”

“Couldn’t you revive him with that Revival jutsu of yours?” Sasuke asked.

“I don’t know if I can,” you answered as you dried your tears, “I only done it to fish.”

Sasuke smiled and got up. He held his hand out to you.

“Well why not go and try?” he asked, “it might make you feel a bit better.”

You frowned but nodded. You took his hand and the two of you walked back to the medical wing. Surprisingly there was no one there. Sasuke took the sheet off of the ninja. You swallowed as you put your hands over the ninja’s heart. They glowed blue. After what felt like hours the ninja gasped out as he came back to life. You smiled in triumph, but then you started to sway. Sasuke caught you.

“You did it,” he said.

“Yes,” you said, “even better, I cured him too.”

Your eyes slowed closed as your exhaustion was too much. Sasuke smiled.

“What happen here!?” came a shout.

Sasuke swallowed and looked up at a very angry Orochimaru.

I’m dead, he thought.

Snake Princess (Sasuke x Reader) Part 1

You were walking down the hall when you heard people fighting. You went to watch since you had nothing else to do. You looked down at Sasuke Uchiha, your father’s new pet, fighting with some of your father’s ninjas. Kabuto was down there, watching. You looked over to see your father sitting on his “throne”. You walked over and sat in the other one. Orochimaru smiled under the bandages.

“Father may I ask you something?” you asked.

“Go ahead my little snake princess,” he answered.

You watched Sasuke dodge a simple hit.

“Why didn’t you get the Uzumaki?” you asked.

“Because I wanted the Sharingan before the demon,” Orochimaru answered.

You sighed. You looked back down to see Sasuke get hit. You snorted.

“How’s that revival jutsu, you’ve been working on, coming?” Orochimaru asked.

You blushed and looked away.

“The fish has been living for a good few weeks,” you answered, “but that’s it. I’m afraid it’s not as strong as your Impure World Reincarnation jutsu.”

Your father laughed.

“Of course it’s not,” he said, “you’re still developing yours, mine is complete. Though it doesn’t have to be as strong as Impure World Reincarnation.”

“It has to be,” you said, “after all, I am the daughter of the great Sannin Orochimaru.”

Your father said nothing, but you could tell he was smiling proudly. You watched Sasuke a bit more. You weren’t too impressed with him, even if he had won. Orochimaru got up. He looked at you.

“Come, my little snake,” he said, “it’s time to introduce you to our pet.”

You humphed.

“I rather have the Uzumaki as a pet,” you said.

“Now Vasuki,” Orochimaru said, “we can’t always get what we want.”

You sighed and followed him to the training area. Sasuke looked over at you. You narrowed your eyes. You humphed and turned your head to the side and stuck your nose up in the air, Sasuke glared at you.

“Now princess that’s not how you treat our new housemates,” your father said.

Kabuto bent down to Sasuke’s ear.

“That’s Lady Vasuki,” he whispered, “she’s Lord Orochimaru’s daughter.”

“Really?” Sasuke asked, “they look nothing alike.”

“She got her looks from her mother,” said Kabuto.

“Where is she?” Sasuke asked.

“Dead,” was all Kabuto said.

“Uchiha,” you called out after talking to your father, “you don’t know how to dodge do you?”

Sasuke growled.

“I do know how!” he shouted.

“Sure you do,” you said, “father I would like permission to give a few lessons to the Uchiha.”

Orochimaru laughed while everyone else eyes were wide. Sasuke had a sudden feeling that this was not a good thing.

“If my princess wishes it then let it be so,” said Orochimaru, “but please don’t break him too much.”

“I make no promises,” you said, “Uchiha tomorrow once the sun first peeks its head over the horizon. Then we’ll see how good you truly are.”

You look back at your father.

“If he doesn’t learn in three days,” you started, “then I demand to have the Uzumaki.”

With that, you walked off.

“She very headstrong about Naruto,” commented Kabuto.

“Yes,” said Orochimaru, “a bit too headstrong. Sasuke if I were you I would meditate on all you have learned. You might not last long against my daughter.”

All Sasuke could do was swallow. When Tomorrow came around you were in the main practice room tapping your foot impatiently.

“He’s late,” you stated.

“You did scare him good yesterday,” commented Kabuto.

“I thought Uchiha’s don’t get scared,” you said.

Kabuto grinned and looked at the doors.

She may look like her mother, he thought, but she has Lord Orochimaru’s bite.

The doors suddenly opened. Sasuke slowly walked in.

“You are late Uchiha,” you said with a venomous tune that made him flinch a bit.

“I was-” Sasuke started.

“No excuses!” you shouted, “come here and get in your fighting stance…NOW!”

Sasuke piratically ran to you and did as you said.

“The lesson for today is dodging since you seem to not know how to do that yesterday,” you said getting into your own fighting stance.

Kabuto went to were Orochimaru stood.

“This is going to be good,” commented Orochimaru

“I just hope he is still conscious afterward,” said Kabuto, “unlike the others.”

Orochimaru smiled. He was truly proud of how strong you had gotten. You made a few signs and ran right to Sasuke. He dodged one way, but you quickly turned and hit him. It went on like this for hours. Sasuke was now on the floor trying to catch his breath.

“Get up Uchiha,” you ordered.

Sasuke tried, but couldn’t do it. You sighed loudly.

“Vasuki!” you herd your father shout to you, “that is enough for the day.”

You sighed again.

“Yes father,” you said before looking back now at Sasuke, “such a waste. That Naruto would have been better than this poor excuse of an Uchiha.”

Sasuke’s eyes opened and he glared at you. You just smirked at him.

“Oh it seems I found something to anger you,” you said, “better get used to it. Because until I see that you are worth something, I’ll keep on comparing you to Naruto.”

With that, you left to continue working on your resurrection jutsu.

Snake Princess (Sasuke x Reader) Background Info

Name: Vasuki

Age: 16-20

Personality: Strong, commanding, takes things a bit too seriously, tries your best with newly created jutsu

Back Story: You are the daughter of Orochimaru. Your mother died when you were very little, so you didn’t remember much about her. You think that since you are a child of a Sannin that you have to be a very strong ninja at all times.

Element: lightning, wind, and water


Singing Sand (Gaara x Reader) Part 4

Note: I don’t remember the episodes with Gaara’s death in it, so I’m improvising, I could go and re-watch them, but I don’t have the time to do so.


You have traveled through the desert for what seemed like days. Your determination to save Gaara kept you going even if the heat didn’t want you to.

I should have brought more water, you thought.

You continued going straight till you spotted something or someone. You got down to the ground and looked. It was a person that was hunched over.

He has the same coat as the guy who took Gaara, you thought.

“Hey!” you shouted.

The hunched man turned to see you in the air with a fist ready to hit him. Some sort of tail came out of his cloak and swot you away. You landed on your stomach. You looked up at the hunched man and glared. You got back up.

“Where did you guys take Gaara?” you asked.

‘That Jinchuriki is dead,” the hunched man said, “you should give up on him.”

You growled. You made a few hand signs and slammed your hands down on the ground. The ground shook, and then it cracked open right toward the hunched man. He jumped, and the tail came out and swotted at you again. You ended up hitting your head on a rock. The Hunched man landed.

“What a nuisance,” he commented.

You struggled to look at him. You were between consciousness and unconsciousness.

“W…wait…” you struggled to say.

The hunched man didn’t seem to hear you. You managed to get back up on your feet. You slowly followed him.


Sakura checked Kankuro to make sure that all of the poison was gone.

“You seem to be fine now,” she said, “but I would still rest for a day or two.”

“But-” started Kankuro.

Sakura held up her hand.

“We will find Gaara and bring him back,” she said.

Just then Temari came in. She looked around.

“Has Gala come in here at any point?” she asked.

Sakura and Kankuro shook their head.

“That’s not good,” said Temari, “she might have gone after Gaara.”

“Oh no,” said Kankuro with widened eyes, “those guys are strong. She wouldn’t stand a chance against them.”

Temari had a worried look.

“We’ll try to find her as well,” said Sakura.

Hopefully, we won’t be too late for the both of them, she thought.


You staggered as you continued to follow the hunched man. He led you to a cave of some sort. You slowly went in. You saw Gaara there laying on the floor motionless. You semi ran to him without noticing the hunched man and the blonde one who took Gaara away. You noticed that Gaara wasn’t breathing nor was there a pulse. You started to tear up.

No, you thought, no. No…

You Started to sob. The blonde man got ready to attack.

“There is no need Deidara,” said the hunched man, “she is demoralized therefore she no longer a threat.”

Deidara sighed and stood down.

“Whatever you say Sasori, my man,” he said.

You lay at Gaara’s side and placed your head on his chest. You started to hum a song your mom once sang to you.


There was nothing, but darkness surrounding Gaara. There was, also, nothing but silence. It was pretty lonely in this darkness. Suddenly there was humming.

Where is that coming from? Wondered Gaara.

He listened to it for a bit longer.

Gala? Gaara asked.

Suddenly there was a light shining far away from him. Gaara felt someone grab his hand. When he looked, he saw you. But the both of you were children. You continued to hum as you lead him deeper into the light. Gaara could make out silhouettes of other people. They were small but got bigger the closer you two got. You suddenly stopped moving and humming. You started to sob.

Gala? Gaara asked, why are you crying?

Please don’t leave me, you answered.

I’m right he- Gaara started.

The light started to fade away, and Gaara started moving away from you.

I’m sorry, you said.

Gaara reached out to you as you started to fall backward.

Gala! He shouted.

Gaara tried to run to you.

I love you, you said before fading away along with the light.

Gala! Gaara shouted once more only to be greeted with the silence the darkness brought.


You had fallen into unconsciousness. Deidara shook his head.

“I don’t see why she wasted her time on him hm,” he said.

“That doesn’t matter,” said Sasori, “we have other things to do.”

Deidara sighed once more.

“Yeah yeah,” he said.

They left you and Gaara right where you were.

Singing Sand (Gaara x Reader) Part 3

You put the doll away and started to jump to the top of a building. You were trying to see why in the world was that bird thing flying high above Suna for. Then you heard explosions. You looked behind you to see one of the lookouts fall down. You ran to him. There was blood and the stench of burnt flesh. Your eyes widen and look back up at the bird. There was a man with long blond hair in a black coat with a red cloud pattern on it.

“Oh no!” you shouted as you realize that it was an Akatsuki member.

You started to run to where Gaara was currently at, only to stop when you saw sand going after the bird. You frowned.

“Please get him..” you prayed.

The bird dodged some, but the sand grabbed on to one of the cloak guy’s arms. Something exploded and the guy’s arm was gone. You smiled ’till you saw him through something to the ground. It floated in mid-air and then grew. You were terrified by this point.

“If that explodes,” you said, “the village will be gone.”

Then a large amount of sand started to cover the village in an attempt to protect it. You smiled.

“Gaara…” you said.

The huge clay then went off. Nothing happened to the village. The sand then slowly went back to the desert outside. Your eyes widen when you saw Gaara fall when he dropped the sand down. You ran to try to get to him in time only to see the Akatsuki member fly over and catch him.

“No!” you shouted.

You started to follow the bird to the village entrance. You were being pulled back by Baki.

“Let me go!” you shouted.

“No!” Baki said, “we’ll send a party after him soon, just calm down!”

You fall to the ground in tears. You pounded the ground in frustration.

“Damn it!” you shouted.

Baki looked around.

“Where is Kankuro?” he asked.

You looked out to the desert.

Please bring him back… You thought, Please!

Days passed and Kankuro was brought back. He was poisoned and dying. Chiyo and Ebizo were brought to the hospital to look at him. They couldn’t do anything for him. You frowned, but then smiled a bit. A suggestion of bringing Tsunade, Hokage of Konoha, was said. Of coarse Chiyo refuse that such an action wasn’t needed, but they did it anyway. Now you waited at the gate for her. You frowned a bit when you saw three different ninjas from Konoha instead of Lady Tsunade.

“Where is Lady Tsunade?” you asked them.

The pink haired one bowed.

“She is not coming,” she answered, “but I am her student and can perform almost as well as her.”

You nodded. You didn’t really believe her.

“Please follow me then,” you said.

You lead them to Kankuro. The pink hair ninja, Sakura as she introduced her self as went straight to work on him. Chiyo looked at Kakashi and then started to prepare an attack, Her husband stopped her and informed her that Kakashi wasn’t this “White Fang”, whatever that was. You just facepalmed at her. Naruto and Kakashi sat outside the room as Sakura worked on Kankuro. You came up to them with a tray. There were two cups of tea on it. You bowed and hand out the tray. Kakashi nodded.

“Thank you,” he said.

Naruto took his.

“Yeah thanks,” he said, “um…”

“Gala Walker,” you introduce your self.

“Ah right,” said Naruto, “and I’m-”

“Naruto Uzumaki,” you said, “Gaara talks about you a lot.”

Naruto blushed.

“He does?” he asked.

You nodded.

“You and he share the same hard life,” you said, “that is why you two are so connected.”

“You seem to know a lot about Gaara,” stated Kakashi.

“I was the one that didn’t run away when he was little,” you said, “I tried my best to be a good friend to him, but it was hard. My parents always pulled me away from him.”

Naruto frowned a little.

“But you at least tried…” he said.

You nodded.

“To me, you and he should not be feared,” you said, “you should be honored as heroes. You two, after all, have sacrificed a normal carefree life to protect us from Shukaku and Kyuubi.”

Their eyes widen. No one was supposed to know about Kyuubi that was outside their village.

“How-” Kakashi started.

“That’s my little secret,” you said with a wink, “don’t worry. I haven’t told anyone.”

Kakashi smiled. You looked at Naruto, He smiled and then blushed when you bowed to him.

“So thank you for protecting us,” you said.

“Y-You’re welcome,” he said.

You then walked away from the two.

“Remarkable isn’t she?” asked Temari, “It surprises me that she and Gaara aren’t together.”

“He would be one lucky man to have her,” commented Kakashi, “because it’s rare to find someone like that.”

Naruto nodded in agreement. You sighed as you sat the tray down on the table. You looked out a window.

I really wish they would let me go out and find him… you thought.

You blinked a few times and then looked around to see if anyone was nearby. You were alone. You jumped out the window and onto the roof of a smaller building. You looked around. No one was watching you. You head to the village entrance and then out of it.

Don’t worry Gaara, you thought, Gala, is coming to save you!

Singing Sand (Gaara x Reader) Part 2

You ran as far as you could before your legs gave out. You hid behind some boxes. When you felt a hand on your shoulder. You turn around to see Kankuro.

“Kankuro,” you said, “How did you find me?”

“I try to contact your radio, but you didn’t answer,” Kankuro answered, “So I went looking for you.”

You looked out from behind the boxes to see where that guy was. He was looking around for you. You looked back at Kankuro.

“We need to knock him out somehow,” you said.

Kankuro grinned.

“Leave that to me,” he said.

He pulled out one of the scrolls he had with him. Out cameKuroari. He controlled it and had it go to the rogue ninja. The guy looked behind him with wide eyes. He jumped out of the way before the doors shut on him. Kankuro gritted his teeth. You did a few hand signs. You slammed your hands down onto the ground.

“Molten Earth!” you yelled.

The earth in front of the ninja started to shake and then crack. Fire shootout. The guy halted and stepped back right into the waiting Kuroari. The doors shut, but Kankuro just brought it back over to him.

“Awesome,” he said, “nicely done Gala.”

You smiled.

“Thank you,” you said.

Kankuro contacted the rest of the team. He told them that they have the ninja and to go home. Once home Kankuro turned in the report to Gaara and got paid. Kankuro split up and gave it to all 6 of you. So now you are walking the streets. You stopped when you got to a familiar spot. You smiled.

“This where I met Gaara,” you said.

You remembered it like it was yesterday:

You were only 5 when you heard a few kids scream. You then saw them run away. You blinked.

“What are they running from?” you wondered.

Then you heard someone crying. You looked around the corner. You saw a 5-year-old Gaara. He hugged his teddy bear close as tears streamed down his face. You frowned. You ran up to him. He looked up to you. You gave him a smile. He blinked.

“Aren’t you going to run away too?” he asked.

“Should I?’ you asked backed, “there’s nothing wrong with you is there?”

Gaara whipped his tears away.

“I’m not too sure,” he said.

You giggled. He looked at with a puzzled expression.

“Silly,” you said, “there always something wrong with everyone. Because no one is perfect.”

Gaara then smiled.

“Hey do you want to play with me?” he asked.

“Sure!” you beamed.

You two left hand in hand.

You then frown at the memory of your parents punishing you for something you didn’t understand back then. You do now though. Gaara had a demon sealed within him. Of course you were known as a rebel so that didn’t change your opinion about him. You reach into one of your packs and you felt a soft fuzzy thing. You smiled and pulled the raccoon dog doll out.

“You look like Gaara…” you commented.

You hugged the doll close to your chest. You then heard a flapping sound. You looked up to the sky to see a large bird made of clay. You squinted. You could have sworn that there was a guy on it’s back as well.

“What in the world is that thing?” you wondered, “and what’s it doing here?”

Singing Sand (Gaara x Reader) Part 1

You were with a team of 6 and Kankuro is the leader of it. You all’s mission is to find and bring back a ran away ninja. Kankuro was telling you all that you’ve had a lead that the ninja was in 3 different villages. Once that was made clear you all split up into pairs to go to the 3 villages. You got paired up with Kankuro. You usually don’t go on missions. You usually just stay by Gaara’s side in his office, making sure he didn’t forget any paperwork, but he told you that this mission needed your fighting abilities. So you agreed to go.

You looked up at Kankuro when he motioned for a halt.

“This is one of the villages,” He said, “I lead and you follow.”

You nodded. When at the village entrance, you and Kankuro agreed to split up to find the ninja but to keep radio contact at all times. So you want on your way toward the market end of the village, while Kankuro went toward the home side. You were just looking around when saw the cutest thing. It was a little stuff raccoon dog.

“Aww,” you said.

“I see this doll has caught your eyes,” said the salesman, “Tell you what been you’re the first person today to stop by my stand I’ll give it to you for free.”

“Really!” you said exactly.

“Here you go,” said the salesman handing it to you.

“Oh thank you so much,” you said taking it, putting it in one of your packs, and walking away.

You turn into an alleyway and was headed to the end of it when something hard hit in the back of your head. You passed out. When you woke up you looked around to see you were on the of some type of abandon building.

“Where am I?” you asked confused.

“You are in my hideout,” answered a voice.

Oh great, you thought, I’ve been captured.

You turned around to see that it was none other then the ran away ninja that you all were looking for.

“Please make your self at home,” he said.

You sighed and sat up. He turned around.

“Oh yeah I took your weapons and communicator,” he said, “So there will no contacting your friends anytime soon.”

Damn it! You thought, um, if only there was a way that I could get away from here and find Kankuro.

You looked around once again and this time noticed an open door to your left.

Perfected! Now to get a head start, you thought.

You stood up and went toward the ninja.

“You know you forgot to do something,” you said.

He turned around.

“Oh and what’s that?” he asked.

You kicked him in the goods, causing him fall to the floor holding them in pain.

“You forgot to tie me up,” you said then quickly ran out of there.

You ran as fast as you could out of there. You looked back to see him slowly get up.

I did to find a hiding spot and fast, you thought, Or I’m dead.

Singing Sand (Gaara x Reader) Background Info

Name: Gala Loevar

Age: same age as Gaara

Personality: Strong, outgoing, talkative, only mean if given a reason to.

Back Story: You live in Suna all your life. You “met” Gaara at a young age. Where others feared him, you didn’t. Every time you saw him you would give him a smile. He remembered that that’s how you became his security.

Element: Earth, fire, magma

Kekkei Genkai: Molten Earth

What it Does: You slam your hands to the ground making it shake and crack. Lava and fire come up from said cracks.


My Dear Valentine (Vincent Valentine x Reader) Part 4

When you got off the train, you headed straight to a hotel, then to where the Shinra building was located. You did get a little lost, but luckily someone was kind enough to point you in the right direction. You sighed and looked back at the city. Midgar wasn’t a pretty place. It looked kind of depressing. You looked back at the Shinra building. You swallowed before entering.

“Hello,” greeted the lady at the front desk, “welcome to Shinra. How may I help you?”

“Um I’m here to join the Valkyrie program,” you answered.

“That is on the tenth floor,” said the front desk lady, “get on the elevator, that is on your right, take it to the tenth floor, then go left once you get off.”

“Okay,” you said, “thanks.”

You made your way up to the tenth floor. Once you stepped out of the elevator, you heard a lot of people talking. You went left and came to a big room. There was a line of women. It looked like they waiting to go into a room.

No doubt to be interviewed, you thought.

You swallowed and went to wait in line.

“Gees there is more people here then what I expected,” said someone behind you.

You looked to see a black haired woman.

“I wonder how long do we have to wait,” said the red-haired woman behind the black haired one.

You looked at the line in front of you. You, then, looked back at the two women behind you.

“It looks like it may be a few hours or more,” you said.

The red-haired woman sighed.

“Great,” she said.

“Hey chain up,” said the black-haired woman, “these soldier guys are probably watching us and might tell the employer not to hire us.”

The red-haired woman stood up straight and looked at all of the Soldier members.

“I’m Jasmine Runis by the way,” said the black-haired woman, “and this is my friend, Zelia Hoover.”

The red-haired woman smiled at you and waved.

“Lucinda Declove,” you introduced your self, “but I proffer to be called Lucy.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lucy,” said Jasmine.

“Same to you and your friend,” you said.

Zelia opened her mouth to say something when one of the Soldier guys cleared his throat.

“Attention please,” he said, “for those that just arrived, please have your papers ready to turn in when you enter the debriefing room.”

Luckily you remembered to get said papers before leaving the hotel room. You heard the rustling of papers as Jasmine took hers out of her pocket.

“You did bring yours, Zelia?” she asked.

Zelia pulled hers out of her purse.

“You know, Jasmine, you’re going to be screwed if the employer looks down on women who fold their papers,” she said.

“If they have a problem with it I’ll just punch them in the face,” Jasmine stated.

“You made a face.

“I don’t think that’ll go over too well,” you said.

“Yeah,” agreed Zelia, “she’ll get thrown out of the building for sure.”

Jasmine narrowed her eyes.

“What is this?” she asked, “gang up on Jasmine day?”

You and Zelia looked at each other before giggling. Jasmine just sighed and shook her head. It did, in fact, take several hours before you were in front of the now small line. You were so nervous that your hands were sweaty and shaking. Jasmine put her hand on your shoulder.

“Deep breaths,” she said, “and relax. You will do fine.”

You took a deep breath and relaxed a little. You gave a smile of thanks to Jasmine. The door to the debriefing room opened as a brunette woman came out. She showed a card to a Soldier guy. The Soldier pointed her in a direction. The brunette went that way.

“Next,” ordered someone in the room.

You swallowed and headed in, closing the door behind you. At the table, that was in the middle of the room, was a man in a suit. Behind him, next to the wall, was a five-year-old child that had slit aqua green eyes and long silver hair. You were a bit confused about him especially since he was wearing a Soldier’s uniform. The man at the desk held out his hand.

“Papers please,” he said.

You handed him your papers.

“Thank you,” the man said, “please take a seat.”

You took a set that was one chair away from him. The man took a moment to look through the first page. He looked at you.

“My name is Veld,” he said, “I am in charge of these interviews. According to this, Ms. Declove, you come from Odel Town and that you are very well educated. Did you come from a rich family?”

“Yes sir,” you answered, “the Declove family and another were the only two rich families in town til fifteen years ago.”

“Do you mind telling me what happened those fifteen years go?” Veld asked while looking through the second page.

“The second family was the Valentines,” you started.

You noticed Veld’s hand flinched when you said the word, Valentine.

“The head of the household, Grimoire Valentine, passed away fifteen years ago due to an accident,” you continued, “details of the accident was never given, not even to his son, Vincent Valentine.”

Veld’s hand tighten again when you mention Vincent’s name.”

He knows Vincent, you thought.

“Five years ago Vincent left to join the Turks,” you continued, “another five years after that Vincent goes missing thus ending the household’s existence.”

“Thank you Ms. Declove,” said Veld, “looking through your papers more you have put down that you are a painter. You wouldn’t happen to have any skills beyond that? Like anything combat related?”

“No sir,” you answered.

Veld nodded and flipped to the third and final page. As he read his hand tighten again and never untighten.

“Your reason for wanting to join,” Veld started, “you put that you seek to find a friend of any information about his disappearance. This friend wouldn’t happen to be Vincent Valentine?”

You nodded.

“I would do anything to know about him,” you said, “even if it’ll cost me my life. Which, it seems, you know something.”

Veld looked at you in a little bit of surprise.

“Your hand tightens when I mention the words Valentine, Vincent, and missing,” you said, “even now when you read my reason for joining, your hand tighten and has yet to untighten.”

Veld stared at you for a moment before smiling. He reached over to two stacks of cards. One had a green dot while the other had a red one. Veld one of the green ones and handed it to you.

“You’ll find your answer one day,” he said, “show this card to the Soldier on the left of the door. He will tell you where to go.”

You frowned a little.

“Thank you for your time Ms. Declove,” said Veld.

You nodded to him and left the room.

“She is very determined and perceive,” said the silver-haired child.

“Thus why I gave her a green card Sephiroth,” said Veld, “with the right training she would make an excellent Valkyrie.”

“Why didn’t you tell her what you know of her friend?” Sephiroth asked.

“Because it’s classified,” answered Veld.

Sephiroth tilted his head to the side as Veld called for the next applicant.


You were in a bigger room now. Half of the women that was in line was here. You all had a green dotted card.

“Ah Lucy you’re here,” you heard someone called.

You looked to see Jasmine coming to you. You gave her a small smile.

“I tell ya that Veld guy asks some hard questions,” Jasmine said, “I swear I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest.”

“Jasmine!” you two heard someone call out,” Lucy!”

Zelia came into view.

“You’re here as well?” asked Jasmine, “well then our little group is still together…Lucy is something wrong?”

You weren’t paying attention to them due to your mind going elsewhere.

“Uh?” you said “Oh sorry. I was thinking.”

“Well it must be something sad,” said Zelia, “you were frowning.”

“You can tell us,” said Jasmine, “we might be able to help.”

“I put that the reason I wanted to join was to find out about the whereabouts of a missing friend who had joined the Turks years ago,” you said, “when I spoke about it Veld reacted-”

“Excuse me ladies!” shouted Veld, “may I have your attention please!”

“He knows something about my missing friend,” you finished, “he will not say it.”

“Hm,” said Jasmine.

“I would like to congratulate you!” shouted Veld, “you have been accepted into the Valkyrie program!”

Most everyone cheered. They quiet down when Veld wished to speak again.

“I would like to remind you all that this is an experimental program!” he shouted, “it may or may not stay. It just depends on the results you ladies give! Now there are a few things you must know! Hair longer then mid shoulder blade length must be put in a bun or cut to said length! You will be housed here and will be sharing the room with three others! Lastly, you will be given uniforms at the end of the week! You will have to wear them while on duty and training! Said training will begin tomorrow first thing in the morning! Now, these Solider members will give you your room number and key!”

With that Veld left.

“We’ll have to do a good enough job to stay in if we wish to find a way to get that guy to talk,” said Jasmine.

You looked at Jasmine with surprise.

“I did say we might be able to help,” she said, “for now let’s do our best.”

You and Zelia nodded. You got your room number and key before leaving to the hotel to get your things. After you paid for the hotel room, you left to go to your room at Shinra. You saw the Brunette from earlier when you open the door.

“Hello,” she greeted, “I’m Tora Ironmen.”

“Lucinda Declove,” you introduced, “but call me Lucy.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Lucy,” Tora said, “I do hope we’ll get along.”

“Same here,” you said.

You looked around the room. There were four doors that lead to four small bedrooms. There was a kitchen to the right of you while the living room combined with the dining room made up the main area.

“I took the bedroom closes to the door,” said Tora, “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all,” you said, “I’ll take the one next you. If that’s all right?”

“That’s fine with me,” said Tora with a smile.

You smiled back before heading to your room. The bedroom had a bed, drawers, a mirror, and a desk, You put your suitcase on the bed and started to unpack.

“Hello,” you heard Tora greet someone.

You looked out the bedroom door to see Tora talking to Zelia.

“It’s wonderful to you Zelia,” said Tora.

“You as well Tora,” said Zelia, “oh Lucy you’re staying here too. That’s wonderful!”

“Oh you two already met?” asked Tora.

“Yes,” you answered, “while we waited in line.”

“Well well,” came a voice at the door, “it seems out little group is still together. And it seems we’ll have a new member.”

Everyone looked to see Jasmine at the door. She came over to Tora and held out her hand.

“Jasmine Runis,” she introduced herself.

“Tora Ironmen,” Tora said shaking Jasmine’s hand.

“What do you girls say we get to know each other over lunch once we unpack?” Jasmine asked.

“There is no food in the refrigerator,” informed Tora, “but that does sound like a good idea.”

“Right,” said Jasmine, “unpack, get food, and then have lunch All agreed?”

All of you nodded and went off to unpack.


To let you guys know the only one, that I looked up, that had his age known was Vincent. I have no clue how old Veld and Sephiroth is. I couldn’t even find anything about whether or not Veld knew Vincent. So I hope you don’t mind that I improvised a bit.

also, this is the Valkryies uniforms: My Dear Valintine - Valkyrie Uniform