Mpreg Meme – Smoker x Ace

*faints* took too damn long! The coloring and those that used the bases are all me XD

1) Drawn by my husband (~Flaming-Fist-Paul) XD I just thought he would say that (Paul’s note: Does anyone else think is something wrong with his right eye or is it just me?)

2) Drawn by my husband (~Flaming-Fist-Paul) XD the thing about Smoker smoking that much is an idea that came from the rp my friend and I are doing. (Paul’s note: Messed up on the cigars on the left side :( sorry)

3) Base: [link] and by ~FEGirlBases I changed a few things on it and added the toilet XD

4) Drawn by my husband (~Flaming-Fist-Paul) That’s what I think Ace would eat XD poor Smoker. (Paul’s note: Sorry for reusing the same pose. I didn’t want to mess up the faces while trying to change poses XD)

5) Drawn by ~fuzzylittlekitty because I can’t draw fire. Uh yeah Smoker was being…Smoker…RIP Smoker

6) Base: [link] and by ~scenefag This was the only base that fit Smoker :? all others seemed very out of character for him.

7) Hopefully the text isn’t too small for you all to read it.

8) Base: [link] and by !TheSilverInTheShadow very very very sorry it was the only base that was like that. If there was a better one I would have used it and yes I did messed up big time on Ace’s face on it ^^;

9) used: [link] I don not claim ownership over the pose! Aren’t the twins cute? ^,^

meme is by ~DBTyrana and can be found here [link]


Mpreg Meme - Smoker x Ace