Of Dusk And Twilight Chapter 6

Lunar Night, Sky Blaze, Dusk, Twisted Magic, and Sapphire Rush belongs to me

Bloody Chaos and Rose Bud belongs to Amber

Red Star, Searing Fear, Luciana MoonFlame, and Sharik Solarus belongs to Becca

Lightning Bolt belongs to tyler.coates.9085

Twin Sparks, Reaverstein, Crystalstien, Richen Bits and Prince Necromorph belongs to DragonKing24

WARNING! Bloody Chaos is a very dark pony in this chapter.


Red Star, Rarity, Lightning Bolt, and Twilight Sparkle had been walking for what seemed like hours.

“Excuse me, dear,” said Rarity, “but how far is this exit?”

“I am uncertain,” answered Red Star, “my spell can only find a way out. It can not tell me how far.”

Rarity whimpered. Twilight would have joined Rarity if her attention wasn’t on how much her hooves hurt. She glanced over at Lightning Bolt. The Pegasus was looking around for any potential danger. Lightning Bolt stopped for a moment when he noticed movement. He flew up to the spot and looked around.

“Is everything all right Bolt?” asked Red Star.

Lightning Bolt looked around one more time.

“Yeah,” he said before flying back to the group.

Necromorph let out a sigh of relief.

That was a close one, he thought.

He looked past the rock pillar, that he hid behind, at the group. His changelings had informed him of the locations of the missing two elements. Necromorph watched as the group turned a corner. He flew to another cliff. This time he made sure the Pegasus wasn’t looking. The sound of rocks moving took Necromorph’s attention away from them. His eyes narrowed as he spotted what was causing the noise.

“Gem dogs!” Necromorph heard the Pegasus shout.

The pack of three gem dogs charged at them. Red Star caste a barrier spell causing them to bounce off. Lightning Bolt flew up and stomped the stomach of one, knocking the breath out of it. Twilight was firing off beams of magic at the dog that was coming at her. It skillfully dodged the beams and headbutted Twilight. The attack had enough force to knock her hard on the rock wall. She lost consciousness.

“Twilight!” shouted Rarity, “why you no good gem eating mutt!”

Rarity jumped on the back of the dog. The third dog had Red Star cornered. Red Star smirked, and her horn glowed. She fired off a fire type spell only to have it shoved away. Red Star’s eyes widen while the dog, this time, smirked. However, that smirk didn’t last long. The dog’s eyes widen upon seeing Necromorph hovering above them all.

“Run!” the dog shouted, “It’s the changeling prince! Run! Run away!”

The second dog picked the third up while the first ran past them. Necromorph glared as he watched the last of the gem dogs scoured away. He had no choice, but to interfere. He needed all six harmonies unharmed and alive for his plan B to be successful. Speaking of them, Necromorph looked down at the group. Lightning Bolt was glaring at him and was ready to defend the others with his life. Red Star was getting a spell ready. Rarity was using her own body to shield the unconscious Twilight in case of an attack.

Necromorph just grinned at them before flying off. Red Star, Lightning Bolt, and Rarity watched him go. Rarity sighed in relief before checking on Twilight. She had a gash on her head.

“I think we should let the prince know about that Changeling when we get back,” said Lightning Bolt.

Red Star nodded in agreement. She went over to Twilight and Rarity.

“She has a gash on her head,” informed Rarity.

“We’ll stop the bleeding for now,” said Red Star, “then we’ll get out of this cave as fast as we can.”

Rarity nodded. The two stopped the bleeding, and Red Star put Twilight on her back. She, then, cast her location spell and the three started heading to an exit at a much faster pace.


Bloody Chaos was heading to the castle doors. He needed some fresh air after having a long talk with his father about past events. His ears flattened when he heard arguing. Upon turning a corner, Bloody Chaos was who it was. It was none other then Reaverstein and his two siblings, Crystalstien, and Richen Bit, arguing with Sapphire Rush. Crystalstien was a white unicorn with a silver mane plus tail and light blue eyes. Richen Bit was a gray unicorn with a black mane plus tail and gray eyes.

“And what is the prince going to do about all those Changelings banging out there?” asked Crystalstien, “that barrier isn’t going to last long.”

‘It will,” Bloody Chaos spoke up startling the siblings.

“How would you know?” asked Richen Bit.

“Because I’m the one who cast it,” stated Chaos, “the only way that barrier will come down is if I make it do so. I am very tempted to do just that to only watch the Changelings feast on you. Judging by your attitudes no one will miss you.”

The siblings were taken back. Reaverstein looked at Sapphire Rush.

“Are you just going to let him talk to us like that?” he asked.

“He is the prince of Equestria,” answered Sapphire Rush, “I have no authority over him.”

“Prince huh?” commented Crystalstien, “I bet Celestia was very desperate to marry a lonely freak like you.”

Sapphire Rush’s eyes widen, and she slowly backed away. Bloody Chaos smirked very creepily making Crystalstien swallow.

“Dear little immature spoiled filly,” Bloody Chaos started, “if you insult me like that again. I will give you nightmares that are so bad that you will gouge out your eyes and start wishing you were never alive. Do I make my self clear?”

Crystalstien nodded. Bloody Chaos looked over at the other two. The brothers swallowed, and their legs started to shake.

“The same threat goes tot he two of you as well,” said Bloody Chaos, “I suggest the three of you leave. Now.”

The siblings didn’t hesitate. They ran away. Sapphire Rush sighed in relief.

“Thanks,” she said, “those three can be a real pain sometimes.”

“I’m surprised Prince Dusk hasn’t banished them,” commented Bloody Chaos.

“He didn’t want the kingdoms to suffer the same misery we have to deal with,” said Sapphire Rush.

Bloody Chaos rolled his eyes.

“That colt is far too nice,” he said before continuing on his way.

He took a deep breath and let it out once outside. Bloody Chaos looked up at the moon.

Is it really that late? He asked himself.

“Chaos?” a voice called out.

Chaos mentally sighed.

So much for peace and quiet, he thought.

He looked at Red Star.

“Hello mother,” he greeted.

He, then, noticed Twilight slumped over on his mother’s back.

“What happen?” he asked.

“Gem eating dogs attacked,” answered Lightning Bolt, “she hit the rocky wall hard enough to cause a gash and knock her out.”

“I’ll see if I can find someone who can heal,” said Blood Chaos, “mother we can talk afterward if you are not too tired by then.”

“Okay,” said Red Star.

“I didn’t know you were the prince’s mother,” commented Rarity.

“Prince?” Red Star asked.

“Chaos is the prince of Equestria due to marrying Princess Celestia,” answered Rarity.

Red Star’s eyes widen. Just what was her son been doing after he left Alamoria.

“Ladies you can continue the conversation later,” said Lightning Bolt, “right now Princess Twilight needs medical attention.”

Red Star and Rarity nodded. Bloody Chaos managed to find a nurse. The nurse and Dusk were with him when he met up with Lightning Bolt, Red Star, and Rarity. Dusk had Twilight brought to his room to be treated and for her to rest. Rarity retired to her room. Red Star and Lightning Bolt went with Bloody Chaos and Dusk in the throne room.

“Are you sure that’s what those dogs called him?” asked Dusk after being told about the events in the cave.

“I’m sure of it,” answered Lightning Bolt.

“I managed to capture his image with a spell,” said Red Star.

“Show it to me please,” ordered Dusk.

Red Star’s horn glowed, and an image of Necromorph appeared in front of them.

“He looks familiar to me,” commented Dusk, “but I don’t remember where though.”

“He sort of looks like the female one that attacked during Princess Cadence and Shining Armor’s wedding,” stated Bloody Chaos.

“Was she beaten?” asked Dusk.

“From what I was told yes,” answered Bloody Chaos, “as for how; I think the elements of harmony can tell you. Simply because I have no idea.”

Dusk nodded.

“As for the citrine gems,” he started, “we’ll put them up tomorrow.”

“Will Twilight’s barrier hold till then?” asked Red Star.

“Her barrier failed a couple of hours after you guys left,” answered Dusk, “the current one is one your son here caste.”

“And it will hold,” stated Chaos.

“Now then,” said Dusk, “if there is nothing else I suggest we get some sleep.”

Everypony nodded. Lightning Blot left. Bloody Chaos looked at Dusk and his mother.

“I’m sorry about the cave in,” he said, “if I had known that the earthquake I added would have caused that I wouldn’t-”

“It’s all right Prince Chaos,” interrupted Dusk, “everypony is still alive. So all is forgiven.”

Bloody Chaos shook his head.

“Too nice and too forgiving,” he commented, “looks like I’m going to have to break you of that habit sometime.”

Dusk chuckled.

“Good night you two,” he said while heading out of the throne room.

Red Star came up to Bloody Chaos.

“So my son,” she started, “what is this about you marrying Princess Celestia? Also, what did you do to your eyes? They look much different from the last time I saw them.”

Bloody Chaos bit his lip.

This is going to be a long night, he thought.


Dusk sighed as he opened and shut the door to his room. He looked at Twilight as she slept on his bed. He nuzzled her gently. Dusk smiled and laid down on the floor.

Please get well soon my beloved Twilight, he thought before drifting off to sleep.


So this took so long. Life happened. Hopefully, Bloody Chaos wasn’t too dark for you guys, but that’s usually how he threatens people….according to Amber. The offer still stands if you would like your oc in the story as a background character like Lightning Bolt, just pm me their name, cutie mark, a description, type of pony, and how they act.

Special thanks to the program Grammarly!

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