Many Years of Pain Chapter 13

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Mido told Bo the whole thing that happen to Link. Bo frowned.


“Will he be okay?” he asked worried about Link.


Mido nodded.


“I’ll be taking care of him,” he answered.


Bo smiled.


“He’ll be in good hands then,” he said.


After a few minuets of talking, Mido left the house. Bo told him that they will be on alert and that no one would be by themselves. Mido was heading back to his house when he stopped at Link’s. All the children were there including Ilia. She shrugged at him when he gave her a puzzled look.


“What are you little ones doing here?” Mido asked.


The children looked at him and then ran over and started to ask a bunch of questions about Link. Mido raised his hands up. They instantly quiet down.


“Link will be fine,” Mido said, “he’ll be back in a day or so. You have nothing to worry about with the creatures. I’m sending my two friends here to help me watch over you. Any more questions?”


They shook their heads.


“I’ll be going now,” Mido said, “Now stay with each other. We don’t want you to go missing.”


“Okay,” the children said together.


Mido smiled. He found them very adorable.


“I’ll tell Link you all said hi,” he said before he left.




Link groaned as he awoke. He blinked a few times before he noticed that the room, he was in, wasn’t he’s. He tried to set up only to have someone push him down.


“You shouldn’t set up,” said a voice, “Mido hasn’t checked your injuries yet.”


Link looked over and saw a Hyrulean that looked like one of the Link’s of old, except he had brown hair and red eyes.


“Who are you?” Link asked.


“Dark Link,” the man answered with a puffed up chest, “Dark for short. Master of water and shadows.”


There was a snort from down below. Dark put his hands on his hips and glared down. That’s when Link noticed the golden wolf.


“Hey I remember you!” Link exclaimed.


The wolf looked up at him with a proud smile.


“I remember you as well,” the wolf said.


“What was that snort for Link?” Dark asked the wolf.


The Link, still in bed, had a confused look. The wolf sighed.


“Dark call me wolf Link or Time,” he said, “or you’re going to confuse the boy. To answer your question, you still haven’t proven that you can control both.”


Dark smirked.


“I can do that now,” he stated as he walked out of the room.


(A/N: I’m going to start calling Wolf Link, Time.)


“Get some more rest,” Time said to Link, “Mido will be back soon.”


Time left the room. Link blinked.


“Who’s Mido?” he asked to no one.



Ilia watched the children as they played around. Colin was beside her.


“Um Ilia, may I ask you something?” he asked.


Ilia smiled.


“Sure,” she answered.


“Who is Mido exactly?” Colin asked, “I mean people bowed to him and call him prince. So I’m confused.”


Ilia looked up at the sky and laughed.


“That’s because he rules these lands,” she answered, “he’s far older than he looks and the last of his kind. You see we live here because he lets us.”


“Can you tell m more about him?” Colin asked very interested now.


Ilia nodded.


“It was my great grandpa who settled here with his friends,” she started, “he, first, scooted out this place before hand without knowing that Prince Mido was watching him. When he came back with his friends and family, Mido was standing in the way and had controlled some kind of pollen to fill the air around them, causing them to cough.”


“Who are you?” Great Grandpa asked while coughing.

“I am the Kokiri Prince of the forest,” Mido answered, “You do not have permission to enter here.”

Great Grandpa and the others bowed.

“Forgive us,” he begged, “we didn’t know. We were just looking for a place to live in peace.”

“Why?” Mido said waving the pollen away from them.

“Our old home was cursed,” answered Great Grandpa, “Our crops died and we were taxed heavily by our old leader.”


“Mido took pity on them,” said Ilia, “He let them through, but with a promise. They were to tell no one about him and the secrets of the forest.”


Colin was in aw.


“Does he visit here often?” he asked.


“At least once a year,” Ilia answered, “or when a new member is born or if there is danger.”


“Or bring a lost child here,” came the voice of Rusl.


Colin looked up at his dad in confusion.


“Mido is the reason why Link is here,” his dad said, “He brought him here when he was two. He was asleep in Mido’s arms. Mido told us that he’s home was destroyed and that he was the only survivor.”


Colin frowned. He felt sorry for Link.




Link awoke when he felt someone lifting up his arm. He looked over to see a man with long red hair, blue eyes, and wearing an outfit almost like his. Link blushed . For a being a man, he sure was pretty. The man was bandaging up a cut on his arm. The man smiled.


“Well good morning,” he said.


“Morning,” Link said a bit hesitant.


The man laid Link’s arm down and looked at him.


“I’m Prince Mido,” He introduced himself, “your wounds are bandaged. It’ll be a day or two before you can leave.”


Link nodded. He still had a blush on his face. Mido blinked and checked his forehead. This made Link blush go darker.


“Your face is red, but you have no fever,” Mido said.


Link swallowed. This was going to be a wonderful one or two days.




So you know Link wouldn’t remember Mido, for he was too young and traumatized to.

Many Years of Pain Chapter 12

All in this fic belongs to Nintendo!


Note: It’s been a long time since I played Twilight Princess



It has been a year since Link saved both Hyrule and the Twilight realm. He had come back to Ordon Village and started working as a goat herder again. Link sighed and looked up at the clouds. Epona, his horse, nudged his head with her nose. Link smiled and pet her.

“Bored too?” he asked.

Epona neighed.

“Link!” he heard one of the kids call.

He looked over at the gate. It was Talo. He had a look that told Link that something was wrong. He went to him.

“What happen?” Link asked.

“I was at your house trying to do that shield trick you do with the shield that dad made,” Talo started, “when this big strange looking black bird came down. I manage to duck, but it got the shield and flew off into the woods. If I don’t come home with that shield, dad’s going to punish me.”

“I’ll get it back,” said Link.

Talo smiled.

“Thank you!” he exclaimed.

Link went to ask Fado if he could leave and then went to his house. He quickly got his bow and arrows. He then got on Epona and headed to the woods.


It had been another 100 years for Mido. He now look like he was in his 20’s. His hair was a bit longer and he no longer had his bangs. Mido was setting on the water edge of the spirit lake in Faron Woods with Wolf Link laying beside him. Dark Link was standing behind Mido. Dark smiled.

“I bet I can touch that water,” he said.

Wolf Link looked up at him.

“Dark that’s holy water,” wolf Link said, “It’ll hurt you.”

“I can control any water,” Dark started proudly.

“I thought you could control shadows?” Wolf Link asked.

“I can do both,” said Dark puffing up his chest.

“Yeah right,” said Wolf Link setting up.

A strange coo altered Mido. He looked to the sky to see or hear it again.

“Then prove it,” challenged Wolf Link.

“All right I-Mido?” Dark asked when he saw Mido standing up.

The strange coo sounded again. All three of them saw a Shadow Kargaro fly over head with a shield in its talents.

“What is that doing in our world?” Mido wondered.

The sound of hooves came next. They looked over at the opening. This era’s Link came galloping by on top of Epona. He was chasing the bird.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Dark Link stated.

Wolf Link started running after the horse. Mido grabbed his bow and followed with Dark in toe.


The Shadow Kargaro lead Link out of Faron Woods before it dropped the shield It hoovered for a while before letting out a loud coo. Before Link knew it, he was surrounded by Shadow Bulblins.

Damn, Link thought, I should have thought to bring my sword.

He was pulled off by one of the Shadow Bulblins. Link shot an arrow in it’s head. Before he could get up another grabbed his leg and dragged hi. He lost the bow. Link kicked the Shadow Bulblin from him and started looking for the bow. Two more Shadow Bulblin with clubs hit him. They did this over and over ’till he faint. A growl made the two Shadow Bulblins look up. Wolf Link pounced and grabbed hold of one’s neck. Mido fired two magic arrows at two while Dark drowned the last one in a bubble full of water. Mido went to Link.

“He’s badly injured,” he said, “but alive.”

Mido looked at Dark and Wolf Link.

“Could you take him to my home for me?” Mido asked, “I want to talk to Bo.”

Dark and Wolf Link nodded. Mido got on Epona and rode her back to Ordon Village.


Talo was pacing. Ilia came over to see if Link came back yet. She smiled at Talo.

“He’ll be back soon,” she reassured the child.

Talo nodded. A faint sound of galloping hooves made them look at the forest entrance with smiles. Epona came running out, but her rider wasn’t Link. Ilia gasped and bowed when she recognized the face. Talo did the same.

“Prince Mido,” Ilia said.

Mido smiled and motion for them to stand up straight. Talo spotted his shield strapped on Epona’s saddle.

“Little Ilia is your father here?” Mido asked.

“Yes,” she answered.

Mido got off of Epona and took the shield off. He bent down in front of Talo. Mido smiled.

“I’m guessing this is yours little one?” Mido asked.

Talo nodded and took the shield

“Where’s Link?” he asked.

“He’s on his way to my home,” answered Mido, “he’s a bit broken at the moment. He’ll be back in a day or two.”

“Okay,” said Talo sadly and worriedly.

Mido followed Ilia to her father. Bo looked at him and bowed.

“Prince Mido,” he said, “what brings you here?”

“To talk to you,” answered Mido, “because it seems that we have a bit of a problem.”


Sorry if it’s an awkward ending ^_^;