Beautiful Demon (Naruto x Reader) Part 3

You made it back to the village before the others did. You nodded to the guards and headed to the Hokage’s tower. You bowed before her.

“Sasuke has been retrieved my lady,” you said.

“Good,” Tsunade said, “when we get him into a cell, you’ll have to bring him his food ’till your punishment is done.”

“Yes lady Tsunade,” you said with a bow.

You were being punished for badmouthing the elders weeks ago. It was to last for a full three months. You headed home to wait for Sasuke to be put into a cell.

“Ora wait!” someone yelled.

You looked to see Naruto running toward you.

“What do you want?” you asked coldly.

You were still mad at him. He gave a hurt look.

“Oh geez I really did piss you off,” he stated, “How about we go out for roman tonight as a sorry gift.”

You stared into his lovely blues eyes. You sighed. You couldn’t stay mad him for too long.

“Alright,” you said.

“Yay!” Naruto yelled raising his fists in the air.

“But you’re paying,” you stayed crossing your arms.

Naruto slouched forward.

“How about we split it?” he asked.

“Nope,” you said, “you pay for it all or no date.”

Naruto sighed in defeat.

“Okay,” he said.

You smiled.

“I’ll see you at 7 sharp,” you said before leaving.

You went back home and waited. A few hours later an Anbu knocked on your door. He told you that Sasuke is in his cell and is awaiting his first meal of the day. You bowed and headed to his cell. You took the tray that was laid out on a table. You bowed to the Anbu at the door to the cells for to open it. You made your way to Sasuke’s cell. You and he looked at each other. You gave him a hateful glare and he was just emotionless. You got your knees and open the hatch underneath the cell. You slid the tray in.

“You know,” Sasuke started, “You grew up to be quiet a beauty.”

“Can it,” you said, “my heart doesn’t belong to you.”

“No it belongs to Naruto,” Sasuke said before looking into your eyes, “doesn’t it.”

You blushed and activated your Demirigan.

“I can reflect your own eyes power right back at you,” stated Sasuke, “so don’t try it.”

You humphed. Sasuke dragged the tray to him. You get to your feet.

“It must break your heart to know that he is with Sakura,” Sasuke said.

You stopped.

“Their just friends,” you stated.

“Are they?” Sasuke asked, “Have you seen how Sakura laughs at his jokes? Have you seen how she acts around him?”

You swallowed. You have seen it. Sakura was nice to him and she would always laugh at his jokes. You barely do.

“S-shut up!” you yelled.

“So you have,” Sasuke said.

You looked away.

“J-just eat your food,” you said before you left.

You could hear Sasuke laugh while you exit the building. 7 rolled around and you headed to the roman place. You stopped upon hearing Sakura laughing. You looked under the paper covers (I don’t know what you would call them) to see Sakura and Naruto together. Your eyes widen and you headed passed it. You were shaking a bit.

It’s not true…it’s not true…it can’t be true… you thought as you entered the practice field.

You made a few hand signs and hit the ground. Two big fire foxes came out. You usually summon them to keep you company when you’re not in a battle. Only you could touch them. After all their bodies were made of fire. Naruto could too for some reason. You started hitting the wooden post.


Naruto looked behind him and frowned.

“She might be a bit late,” Sakura assured him, “she does have a punishment to complete.”

Naruto nodded.

“You’re right,” he said, “she’ll come when she can.”

After a few hours and you not being there made Naruto worry even more. He looked behind him again.

“Did I really get her that mad?” he asked.

Sakura shook her head.

“She usually gets over it pretty quickly,” she said, “I wonder where she is.”

“If she had to feed Sasuke,” started Naruto, “he probably tired her out with all that talking…”

Sakura nodded.

“she probably told him a thing or two,” said Naruto with a smile and a laugh.

He stretched.

“Well I’m heading home,” he said, “see you tomorrow Sakura-chan.”

He paid for all 20 roman bowls and left. Sakura paid for her one and headed out. She heard a bark and a few people gasping as they tried to avoid something. She looked. It was one of your fire foxes. It barked at Sakura and turned around and walked a few feet, It looked at Sakura again and barked. (What does the fox say?)

“You want me to follow you?” She asked it.

The fox nodded and ran. Sakura chased after it and gasped when they came to the practice field. You were on your knees with your head on the wooden post you were hitting. Your hands were at your side, bleeding badly. Your eyes were wide. Sakura ran to you. She took one of your hands. There were big splinters in it.

“Why would you do something like this?” she asked.

You didn’t say anything, just kept looking forward. Your fire foxes whimpered. Sakura pulled you up and walked you to the hospital. She took the splinters out.

“You know if Sasuke said anything to cause you to do this, then don’t listen to him,” Sakura said to break the uneasy silence, “most of what he says isn’t true.”

You finally reacted with a nod. Sakura smiled a little.

“If you want I can come with you the next time you have to feed him,” she offered.

You shook your head.

“I-I can handle it…” you said.

“You sure?” Sakura asked with concern.

You nodded. Sakura wrapped up your hands. She walked you home to make sure you were truly okay. Your teeth chattered as you tried to fall asleep. You really weren’t looking forward to tomorrow.

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