Kingdom Pokemon Chapter 7

All in this fic belongs to Nintendo and Square Enix!


Xemnas groaned as he came two. He looked around at his surroundings.

“A forest?” he asked himself.

He sighed and got up. That’s when he noticed that he was on all fours.

“And I am a Pokemon,” he stated.

He looked at himself and took note of the silver rings.

“It seems that I am an Umbreon,” he said.

He took one last look around before picking a direction and going. He took his time since there was no threat to him. Xemnas would even stop now and then to look around some more.

I can’t tell what forest I am in nor which game, he thought.

His ears moved behind him when there was a snap. He looked behind himself. Something ran behind a tree in the distance.

Was that a greenish gray Houndoom? Xemnas thought.

His eyes narrowed. He knew only one person with that skin color.

So Maleficent possible is behind all of this, he thought.

A girlish and boyish scream came from not too far away. Xemnas looked in the direction they came from. He ran. Once there Xemnas saw Roxas and Xion surrounded by Poochyenas and Mightyenas. Xemnas watched as Roxas landed on a Mightyena’s head and pecked him before getting shaken off. He, also, saw a Poochyena go through Xion making her get creep out. Xemnas took a deep breath.

“Umbreeee!” he shouted getting the attention of the Poochyenas and Mightyenas.

“An Umbreon?” Xemnas heard Roxas asked.

The Mightyenas and Poochyenas turned their attention back to Roxas and Xion. Roxas pecked the head of the same Mightyena while Xion dodged another Mightyena’s shadow ball. She, then, used nightshade on it, making it faint. Xemnas sighed before taking another deep breath.

“Breeeee!” he shouted.

Xemnas backed up a few steps before turning around and running. While the Mightyenas and Poochyena started chasing him. After a few minutes into the chase, it dawned on Xemnas.

Why did I save those two? He asked himself.

He shook his head.

I saved them because I still need them to help complete Kingdom Hearts, he thought, yes that’s-

His thoughts were cut short when a group of Houndooms and Houndours came at him on his left. A Houndoom pinned him down by the neck. A Poochyena was trying to drag him by one of his back legs. A Mightyena bit him on his back. Xemnas gasped in pain.

I…He thought, will not…

He started to spark.

“Die here!” he shouted letting lose an electrical charge shocking and fainting the three Pokemon that had him pinned down.

He got up and winced when pain shot through his back leg. Xemnas shook it off and started to run. Some Houndours and Mightyenas began to chase him again.

Why was I able to use an electric attack? He asked himself, Umbreons can’t learn any.

Xemnas made it to a lake. He jumped in and started swimming to the other side without noticing that his procurers had stopped.

“Superior!” he heard someone shout.

VI? Xemnas wondered.

Just then something underneath him.

Gyarados! He thought in alarm.

He took a second to look for a place to jump to. He leaped to what he thought was a stable branch. It broke and Xemnas fall to the ground; farther injuring his back leg. He slowly got up and limped to the road. The pain had gotten too much for him. He closed his eyes.

“An Umbreon,” he heard a ten-year-old boy exclaimed.

“It’s badly injured,” said a fifteen-year-old boy.

“There’s a Pokemon Center near here,” said a ten-year-old girl.

“Right,” said the ten-year-old boy.

Xemnas felt himself get lifted up. He yelp when his leg was touched. He only opened his eyes to see the road moving below him before slipping into unconsciousness.


Sorry, it’s short, but I didn’t want to go and farther on Xemnas’ tale without getting a bit farther in the other members. As for why Xemnas was able to electric move 1) I asked if it was okay and no one answered so I just went with it 2) Xemnas is possibly the body of Terra that Master Xehanort took/infused with and I picture Terra as a Jolteon.

As for why Xemnas saved Roxas and Xion. Maybe he did it in order to make sure Kingdom Hearts will be completed or maybe a little of Terra came out. Who knows for sure.

Special thanks to the program Grammarly!

Kingdom Pokemon Chapter 6

All in this fic belongs to Nintendo and Square Enix!

Note: [this is translations for Pokemon talk when a human is near]


A male Espeon, who’s color was a silver-ish blue, laid near a lake. He was knocked out cold. A male Machamp, who’s fans on his head was orange in color, came up to the Espeon. The Machamp looked around for any sort of danger. There was none at the moment. He snorted before he shook the Espeon.

“Zexion,” he said, “Zexion wake up.”

Zexion groaned as he slowly open his eyes. He looked up at the Machamp.

“Lexaeus?” he asked.

The Machamp nodded. Zexion got up with a little help from him. He went to the water to look at himself. Zexion sighed.

“So we’re stuck as Pokemon,” he commented, “that’s just great.”

Lexaeus came up beside him.

“I checked the area,” he said, “we’re in a clearing near the edge of a forest. There’s a road near by that has a Pokemon center on the side. Looks like the road, it self, leads to Eterna City. This means we’re in a fourth gen world.”

Zexion’s ears flatten against his head. He only knew of the first two gens. So he was entirely lost after that. Zexion saw Lexaeus stand at alert. That usually meant that something dangerous was near by or headed their way.

Zexion’s ears turned when he herd barking. Next thing they saw was an Umbreon jumping into the lake and swimming to get away from a whole group of Houndour and Mightyena. Zexion spotted a weird color Persian and Raichu.

“Hey that’s Luxord and Larxene!” Zexion exclaimed.

Luxord looked over at them, but did not recognized them.

“Zexion,” said Lexaeus, “look closely at the Umbreon.”

Zexion looked over at the Umbreon. He noticed that the usual gold rings were silver and the eyes were an amber color just like…

“Superior!” Zexion shouted.

Lexaeus quickly pulled Zexion away from the water as a Gyrados came up underneath Xemnas. They watch as Xemnas jumped off and into the forest. Zexion ran to where he thought the Superior jumped. Lexaeus followed. They came to a tree with a limb on the ground. Zexion’s ears flatten again.

Where could he have gone? He wondered.

Lexaeus looked around wondering the same thing.

“Do you think he went to the road?” he asked Zexion.

Zexion looked up at the Silent Hero.

“It could be possible,” he said.

He had Lexaeus lead the way. Zexion looked from side to side to make sure no trainers were around. He came out of a bush and sniffed the ground.

“Anything?” Lexaeus asked.

“Superior was here,” answered Zexion, “but that’s it. There is no trail leading back into the forest nor up or down the road.”

This is bad too, he thought, he looked badly injured.

“Elect Elect,” [Hey punk] came a ruff voice, “Electabuzz Buzz Elect.” [Get out of our way.]

Zexion looked. It was an Electabuzz and behind the Pokemon was a trainer. This trainer had a light purple color hair and big eye brows. He looked with interest at Zexion, probably due to his weird color. He took out his Pokedex.

“Espeon the sun Pokemon,” it said, “its fur has the look and feel of velvet. The orb on its forehead glows when it uses psycho-power. This Espeon’s attacks are Psychic, Psybeam, Morning Sun, and Shadow Ball. This Espeon’s ability is Synchronize.”

The Electabuzz grinned as it saw it’s trainer get even more interested in Zexion. Lexaeus came out and glared at the trainer, daring him to attack. The trainer point his Pokedex at him.

“Machamp the Superpower Pokemon,” it said, “it’s four muscled arms slam foes with powerful punches and chops at blinding speed. This Machamp’s attacks are strength, Focus Blast, Cross Chop, and Dynamic Punch. This Machamp’s ability is No Guard.”

The trainer now had an interest in Lexaeus as well. Electabuzz stepped back, knowing full well that it was weak against fighting (Probably thinking about the card game here). The trainer threw two Pokeballs and out came Gliscor and Torterra, Zexion didn’t know know who any of these pokemon were. He looked at Torterra. Zexion had a feeling that this Pokemon was very defensive and could stand a chance against Lexaeus.

“Paul!” someone called out from behind them.

The trainer looked very annoyed. Zexion looked to see a boy with black hair, wearing a hat, and had brown eyes running to them. With him was a tan skin, eyes silted, brown hair man. They stopped when they saw Zexion and Lexaeus.

Are we really that strange looking? Zexion asked himself.

“What do you wan Ash?” Paul asked.

“Well I wanted a rematch,” Ash answered, “but I see you’re busy.”

“No dah,” said Paul making Ash angry.

Zexion didn’t like this Paul guy. He looked back when he heard Murkrow start to fly up. Zexion sat down and just watch the Pokemon.

“Let’s stay to the side so we don’t get hit,” said the tan man.

“Right Brock,” said Ash as they moved to the side of the road.

Paul ordered Gliscor to use Night Slash which Zexion dodged by only moving an inch. Paul growled and ordered Torterra to Use Vine Whip only to have Lexaeus grab it. Lexaeus started to pull Torterra toward him. Once Torterra was right in front of him, Lexaeus lifted the turtle up and throw it into a tree. Ash and Brock were in aw. Zexion used Psychic on Gliscor making it hit the fainted Torterra, it self fainted. Zexion and Lexaeus turned and started to leave.

“Wait,” said Ash causing the two to look at him, “I want to battle you guys.”

Zexion and Lexaeus looked at each other and nodded. They got back into their battle stance. Ash smiled. He sent out Grotle while Pikachu jumped off of his shoulder.

“Oh you want to fight too buddy?” Ash asked.

Pikachu nodded. Paul walked past the battle after returning his Pokemon to their Pokeballs. He wasn’t interested in this battle. He knew that Ash would lose anyway.

“Pikachu use Volt Tackle on Espeon,” ordered Ash, “and Grotle use energy ball on Machamp.”

Zexion jumped out of the way. Lexaeus just slapped the energy ball away. Ash’s eyes sparkled at the strength of there two. Lexaeus got ready to attack when a net grabbed him and Pikachu.

“James you missed the Espeon,” said a female voice.

“Sorry Jessie,” said James, “but we only have one net this time.”

“Oh that’s just great,” Jessie said, “Meowth get us out of here!”

“Roger,” said Meowth while hitting a button.

Rockets came out of the balloon and sent them off in high speed.

“Pikachu!” yelled Ash, while he returned Grotle,

“Espeon!” [Lexaeus!] yelled Zexion.

He ran off in the direction Team Rocket did. Ash and Brock ran up to be beside him.

“Esp?” [Huh?] said Zexion, looking at them.

“Don’t worry” said Brock, “we’ll get your friend back along with Pikachu.”

Zexion smiled and continued on his way.


Team Rocket landed in the forest sometime ago. They put Lexaeus and Pikachu in a cage.

“The boss is going to pay us a lot for this catch!” exclaimed Jessie.

“Yeah,” agreed James, “not only did we get Pikachu, we also got a strangely colored Machamp too!”

“We’ll get promoted and butt tons of food,” said Meowth, “I can see it now!”

They started to sing. Lexaeus rolled his eyes.

“Champ Ma Ma?” [Are they always like this?] he asked Pikachu.

“Pika Pi Pi Chu Pika,” [Yeah. It’s annoying really.] Pikachu answered.

Lexaeus looked around to see if he could find anything to break open the cage. He had tried to bend the bars earlier, but Team Rocket made them extra strong.

“Pikachu Pika Pi Chu Pika Pi,” [Ash always comes and gets me.] he said.

Pikachu, then, smiled at Lexaeus.

“Pikachu,” [So don’t worry.] he said.

There was a flamethrower hitting the bars. Lexaeus looked. It was a strangely colored Houndoom.

Another member? Lexaeus wondered, if so, who?

The Houndoom stopped and made a gesture to tell them to hit the heated up bars. Lexaeus nodded and punched them. The bars fell off. The Houndoom ran off. Team Rocket looked. They froze when they saw a very angry Machamp known as Lexaeus.

“Think we should run?” asked Jessie.

“It might be advisable,” answered James.

They jumped into their balloon and floated up. Lexaeus reached down and Pikachu climbed into his hand. Lexaeus threw him up, when Ash, Brock, and Zexion finally got there. Team Rocket watched as Pikachu’s cheeks sparked. He electrocuted them, sending them flying.

“Team Rocket is blasting off again!” they yelled,

Zexion used his Psychic powers to slow down Pikachu’s fall and to bring him to Ash’s waiting arms. Ash hugged Pikachu.

“Thanks Machamp and Espeon,” he said.

Zexion and Lexaeus nodded and headed on their way.

“Come Ash,” said Brock, “let’s go back to the Pokemon Center and see how that Umbreon is doing.”

Ash nodded before looking back where Zexion and Lexaeus was.

“Counting that Umbreon,” he started, “that’s three Pokemon we’ve seen that was a strange color.”

“Yeah,” agreed Brock, “I wonder where they all come from.”

They continue to talk as they made their way back.


The Houndoom grinned as she watched Team Rocket blast off. They had tried to catch her too, but failed.

“Ah revenge is sweet,” she said before heading off to find more members to ‘play with’.


Okay, before any of you ask. Amber is trying her best to help me out with the new Pokemon. She has been watching playthroughs and the anime for info (she’s on X and Y in the anime now). She nor I nor my husband can get the game systems to play these games because it costs way too much where we live at.

Now then Amber couldn’t remember when Paul’s Electabuzz evolved at nor when he got Gliscor so I just picked at randomly. I, also, made his Pokedex tell him the attacks and abilities because Amber said that he would check to see if the Pokemon were strong. If not he would release them. It will only be his Pokedex that will say these things. Also I reviled Xemnas because you guys would have guessed it due to him being the only one lift to get a chapter.

I have no clue if the abilities I gave them nor the attacks are good ones or not because I was just picking off of the list on the Wiki. Speaking of which.


Will it be all right if Xemnas had one attack that represented Terra?

All other attacks would be base off of Xehanort. I all ready have the attack of Terra in mind :3 but I wanted to make sure if it’s okay with you guys first if I added in an attack an Umbreon wouldn’t know nor learn. I would ask about Saix too, but I found out that Mightyena could learn the attack XD


Here’s another question for Saix, will it be okay if I give him an ability called berserk or should I just stick with Intimidate?

Kingdom Pokemon Chapter 5


All this fic doesn’t belong to me!

Warning: There might a bit of oocness in this chapter because it’s been so long since I played and type of kingdom hearts game.


A male Persian laid on the ground, unconscious. It was strangely colored. The parts that was suppose to be brown were a blond yellow. There was even a blond outline of a beard on his face. A female Raichu popped out of a bush. This Raichu had blond color fur, that was long, sticking up on her head. It was shaped like bug antennas.

The Raichu blinked a few times at the Persian. She came over to him. She poked him.

“Luxord?” she asked.

Nothing, but silence. The Raichu, then, had an evil grin on her face. Her cheeks started to spark. Luxord yelled when he got shocked. He glared at the Raichu. She smiled innocently and waved.

“What was that for Larxene!?” Luxord exclaimed.

“Well I tried my hardest to wake you,” Larxene lied, “but you wouldn’t so I shocked you.”

Luxord narrowed his eyes. He didn’t believe her. He blinked.

“Wait,” he said, “You’re a Raichu.”

“And you’re a Persian,” stated Larxene.

Luxord looked at himself.

“Holy shit!” he shouted.

Larxene sighed. She turned and headed back the way she came.

“Whoo wait for me!” shouted Luxord before he raced after her.

They both stopped at a plain.

“…did you hear that?” Luxord asked.

“Hear what?” Larxene asked.

There was barking.

“That,” Luxord answered.

The barking got closer. Luxord squinted.

“Isn’t that an Umbreon being chased by a bunch of Houndour and Mightyena?” he asked.

“Yeah,” answered Larxene when she looked. “it looks badly injured too…”

She jumped into a bush to hide. Luxord’s mouth hanged open.

“Shouldn’t we help it?” he asked.

“And get knocked out too?” asked Larxene, “no way.”

Luxord sighed and hid in the bush with her. The Umbreon, Houndour, and Mightyena ran right past them. Larxene jumped out and followed them. Luxord face planted the ground.

“Damn you twelve,” he said before following her.

They had ran for a full hour. Luxord was panting.

“Where do they get all of this energy?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Larxene answered panting herself, “what I do know is that there is a lake just a head of us.”

Luxord looked. Sure enough there was a lake a head of them. The Houndour and Mightyena slowed down, but the Umbreon kept on going at full speed. Luxord and Larxene stopped. They huffed and puffed as they watched the Umbreon jump into the water and started swimming across. Luxord’s ears stood up when he saw a Machamp and Espeon on the other side. They were looking straight at Larxene and him.

Why would a Machamp and Espeon travel together? Luxord wondered in his thoughts.

“Wow!” Larxene exclaimed.

Luxord looked and nearly had a heart attack. A Gyarados had popped out of the water. The Umbreon was on it’s head. The Gyarados turned. The Umbreon jumped to a tree. The limb snapped. The Gyarados looked at the Houndour, Mightyena, Luxord, and Larxene. It roared angrily. The Houndour and Mightyena ran away.

“Larxene we need to leave,” said Luxord, “like right now!”

Larxene just looked up at the Gyarados in aw. Luxord whimpered. Then he swallowed.

She’s going to kill me for this, he thought before he bit her tail.

Larxene gasped and let loose a powerful thunder shook. It hit the Gyarados causing it to faint. Larxene glared at Luxord. Her cheeks sparked.

“Why you,” she said.

Luxord braced for the worse. When it didn’t come he looked at her. She was sniffing the air.

“Marluxia and Vexen are near,” she said before racing off.

“Oi wait!” shouted Luxord before he sighed, “bitchy women…”

He ran off to catch up to her.


A female Houndoom smiled evilly. Her color was different as well. The orange was green on her.

Everything is going as planned, she thought before walking away.


That Umbreon seems to be everywhere doesn’t it? And who is this strangely colored Houndoom?

Luxord –

Larxene –

Kingdom Pokemon Chapter 4


All in this fic belongs to Square Enix and the creators of Pokemon


“Vexy,” someone called for number four, Vexen, “Vexy, wake up now.”

Vexen’s face scrunched up in announce as he recognized the voice as number eleven’s, Marluxia’s. Vexen slowly open his eyes to come face to face with a pink leafed Leafeon. Vexen blinked a few times.

“Eleven?” Vexen asked.

Marluxia gave him a small smile.

“Yep,” he answered, “It’s just the two of us, so you don’t have to use my number.”

It was a rule Vexen made. If they were to be together, they have to keep it a secret. So none of this Marly and Vexy in front of other members. A few of them would never let Vexen hear the end of it. Vexen looked at Marluxia for a moment.

“…You’re a Pokemon…” Vexen stated.

“So are you,” Marluxia stated back.

Vexen stood up immediately and looked at his body. He was a blue color and his hands and feet were paws. He looked around his surroundings. He ran to a nearby river he spotted. He gasped. Vexen was a Glaceon, but the part of his head and ears, that was supposed to be a darker blue, was the color of his hair. Marluxia came up beside him.

“I looked a round while you were out and I think we’re in a mountain area,” he said.

Vexen nodded and sighed.

“Now what do we do?” he asked.

Marluxia git a very lusty look on his face. Vexen hit him in the head.

“Not that Marly!” he shouted.

Marluxia rubbed his head.

“But you asked,” he stated.

Vexen narrowed his eyes. He was about to say something ’till the ground started to shake.

“What the?” Marluxia asked.

“Looky what we have here boys,” said a rough voice.

Vexen and Marluxia looked up at one of the cliffs. There was three Gravelers that were smiling down at them.

“Why they’re two little lost Eevees,” one insulted them.

Marluxia growled. The third Graveler laughed.

“Oh that one thanks it can take us on huh?” it said.

The first one laughed.

“Then lets get them boys,” it said before turning into a ball.

Vexen swallowed.

“I think we should run,” he said.

Marluxia nodded in agreement. They high tailed it with the Gravelers rolling right after them. After what felt like an hour the Gravelers caught up to them. One got out of its ball state and tried to hit Vexen. It hit the ground, but the rough edges of its hands cut into Vexen’s leg. Vexen winced. Marluxia turned around and growled as the others stopped. They grinned at Marluxia and Vexen before Vexen used ice beam on the one that injured him. That Graveler was frozen in a block of ice.

“No Ed!” one of the Gravelers shouted, “you’ll pay for that!”

Marluxia then used Razor Leaf and Leaf Blade knocking the others out. Marluxia snorted.

“Good riddance,” he said before looking at Vexen, “you okay Vexy?”

Vexen looked at his leg.

“Yeah,” he answered, “it’s just a cut.”

Marluxia put his head on Vexen’s in a loving way. He then looked were they had run to. It was a start of a plain area. His ears turned to the sound of hooves coming from behind them.

“Think you can walk?” Marluxia asked.

Vexen nodded.

“Let’s leave before the owner of that sound finds us,” he suggested.

They then started on their journey through the plains.


Thank Pokemon wiki for having what attacks can have and learn ^,^ Also yes I know they are a bit out of character, but I done forget how they should be acting XD

Marluxia –

Vexen –

Kingdom Pokemon Chapter 3


All in this fic belongs to Square Enix and the creators of Pokemon.


“Xion, Xion,” someone called her name, “Xion it’s time to wake up now.”

“Ung,” she said.

Xion open her eyes. There was a Pidgeot with a yellow crest and blue eyes staring at her. She recognized the eyes.

“Roxas?” she asked making sure it was him.

He nodded. Xion sighed in relief.

“Why are you a Pokemon?” she asked next.

“You’re one too,” Roxas stated.

Xion looked at her self. She screamed when she noticed she had no arms nor legs.

“Where did they go!?” she panicked.

“It’s all right,” Roxas tried to calm her down.

“It’s not all right!” she yelled, “I don’t have any arms and legs!”

“Of coarse you wouldn’t,” said Roxas, “you are a Misdreavus after all.”

Xion’s mouth fall open. He color was a bit different as well. The usual pink pearls (I seen them all kinds of color so I don’t know the real color of them) were as red as Axel’s hair and the ends of Misdeavus’ “hair” was a yellow as Roxas’ own hair.

“Wait you’re a Pidgeot,” Xion said, “that’s your favorite while Misdeavus is mine. That means we got turned into our favorites. That’s so awesome, but how do we leave the Pokemon world?”

“I don’t know,” Roxas answered looking around the forest that they were in, “but Axel might.”

“Yeah,” said Xion, “the challenge is finding him first.”

Growls sounded around them. Mightyenas and Poochyenas came out from the bushes. They surrounded Roxas and Xion.

“They must have herd you scream earlier,” Roxas said.

“I’m sorry,” Xion said.

One charged at Xion while another at Roxas. Both screamed while dodging the tackles. Roxas landed on the horns of a Mightyena. He started to peck at it’s head. The Mightyena growled and tried to shake him off. A Poochyena tried to tackle Xion, but passed right through her. Xion gave a creep out look.

“Umbreeee!” a Pokemon’s cry sounded.

The Mightyenas and Poochyenas looked in that direction.

“An Umbreon?” Roxas asked more to him self.

The Mightyenas and Poochyenas turned back to Roxas and Xion. Roxas pecked at the Mightyena’s head again. It just made it anger. Another Mightyena used flamethrower at Xion, but she moved out of the way in time. She then used nightshade on the Mightyena. It fainted.

These guys are all bark and no bite, Xion thought.

“Breeeee!” the same Umbreon yelled.

Again, the Mightyenas and Poochyenas attention was switched to the Umbeon. Roxas flew off of the Mightyena as the pack started to run off.

“Did that Umbreon just save us?” Xion asked.

“I don’t know,” Roxas answered, “but I don’t want to stick around to find out.”

Xion nodded in agreement. They both flew off.

“Do you remember what Pokemon Axel said was his favorite?” Roxas asked.

“I think it was Rapidash,” Xion answered, “but I don’t think we’ll find one in the forest.”

“You’re right,” Roxas agreed, “Let’s find the end of it first, then.”

Xion looked around.

“Oh,” she said as she spotted the end, “follow me!”

They flew off and hoovered in the air for a bit at the edge.

“Awesome job Xion!” Roxas complemented.

Xion smiled.

“Now Let’s go find us a Rapidash named Axel,” Roxas flew off with Xion behind him.

So they began their quest for Axel. Unknowing to them that there were four other members in the forest they just left.


now your probably wondering four!? But there was only Demyx, Xigbar, and Xaldin in there. Who is the other one? Well that’s just say that you should remember that Umbreon 😛



Kingdom Pokemon Chapter 2


All in this fic belongs to the creator of Pokemon and Square Enix!

Warning: The Pokemon a head are what I think the org. 13 members should be. Respect my choice and I”ll respect yours! Those who hate it and are going to yell at me for it then please exit this fic without reviewing/commenting. I really don’t want to hear it.

Note: I made a change in the groups. Roxas and Xion are one group and Demyx, Xigbar, and Xaldin are another. The order is the same though. Sorry for any confusion!


Demyx blinked a few times before looking around. He spotted a lake nearby and went to it. He looked down in the water. He gasped when he saw he’s reflection. He had been changed to his favorite Pokémon, Azumarill. He’s color was a bit off though. Where it was supposed to white it was a light brown and the inside of his ears where a darker brown. A snap from a nearby tree got Demyx’s attention. He backed away from the water. He bumped into something. Demyx turned and saw a black and gray Ariados. There was a scar on one its eye lids and on its cheek. It up one the un-scared lid to revel a golden eye.

“Boo!” it shouted.

Demyx screamed and passed out.

“I think you over did it, Xigbar,” said a voice.

“Still funny though,” said the voice of the Ariados, “look he’s coming two.”

When Demyx’s vision became clear he saw the same Ariados and now a Fearrow that had dark the usual color.

“Good Morning sunshine,” said the Ariados.

“Xigbar?” Demyx asked.

The Ariados nodded. Demyx turned to the Fearrow.

“You’ve been out for a while,” it said, “no thanks to the spider here.”

The Fearrow gave Xigbar a death glare. Xigbar waved one of his legs at it innocently.

“Xaldin?” Demyx asked. The Fearrow nodded.

“It feels strange being your favorite Pokémon,” Xigbar stated.

“I have to agree,” said Xaldin.

“Wait,” said Demyx, “You all play Pokémon!?”

“Demyx,” started Xigbar, “everyone has or had played Pokémon.”

“That includes Saix and Xemnas,” added Xaldin.

“Wow,” was all Demyx could say at the moment, “so how do we get out of this forest?”

Xigbar looked at Xaldin.

“What?” Xaldin asked irritated.

“You have wings,” Xigbar answered with.

Xaldin sighed and flew upwards. He looked all around him before landing.

“Nothing but trees everywhere,” he said.

“I guess pick a direction then?” asked Demyx.

“Let’s go-” started Xigbar.

A girl screamed filled the forest.

“Xion?” Demyx asked.

A more boyish scream came next.

“Roxas!” Demyx exclaimed before running off.

“Demyx wait!” shouted Xigbar before sighing, “come on.”

Xigbar and Xaldin chased after him. Demyx was in a clearing, sniffing the air.

“They were here,” he said.

“Umbreeee!” came a cry from a far.

“What the!?” shouted Xigbar.

“A Umbreon?” asked Xaldin.

Growls sounded. They were now surrounded by a pack of Houndours and Houndooms.

“Oh no,” said Demyx.

Xaldin used peck on a Houndour while Demyx used water gun on another. Xigbar used poison sting on a Houndoom. A Houndour came up behind Xigbar and bit one of his legs.

“Ow!” he shouted.

Xaldin used drill peck on it causing it to faint.

“Thanks,” said Xaldin.

“Breeeee!” came a shout not far from them.

A Houndoom sniffed the air and barked at the others. All of them, forgetting about the three members, went after the Pokémon who made the shout.

“Did that Umbreon just save us?” Demyx asked.

“Probably unintentional,” answered Xaldin.

“Should we go and find it?” Demyx asked.

“Na,” answered Xigbar, “Probably a wild one.”

They started back on the trail of finding Xion and Roxas and away out of the forest.


The reason why Xigbar is an Ariados is because, like Amber, I see him more as a spider then a bat :S

by the way, a little hint, that Umbreon is another member. As for who they are 😛 you’ll have to read on to find out (see what I did there? Plus if you don’t spoil it for the others)

Amber’s pictures of Demyx, Xaldin, and Xigbar –




Kingdom Pokemon Chapter 1

All in this fic doesn’t belong to me!

Note: I have stopped watching Pokemon after the 3rd season and I have only seen the two new evolutions of Eevee, so I know none of the other new Pokemon

Warning: this fic has what I think their favorite Pokemon will be. If you dislike this/them then please click off this story. Any comments/reviews yelling at me because of my choices will have you block! Others enjoy!


It was a peaceful night in the world that never was. Everyone had finisged their missions a head of time. Which was surprising considering a certain member. Roxas and Xion was sitting on a couch in the gray room with Demyx watching him play Pokemon.

“Oh I love that Pokemon!” Xion exclaimed, “It’s so cute.”

“Xion, that’s a Misdreavus,” said Roxas, “how is I cute?”

“I don’t know,” Xion answered, “it just it. Besides it’s my favorite!”

“My favorite is Azumarill,” said Demyx.

“Mine would be Pidgeot,” said Roxas.

“Rapidash hands down,” Axel said from a far.

Axel turned to Saix with a grin.

“I don’t play Pokemon,” Saix stated coldly before Axel could ask.

Saix then walked over to Xemnas to hand him some papers.

“Though it would be Mightyena,” he said loud enough for only Xemnas could hear.

Xemnas smirked at him. Then suddenly a strange light emitted from Demyx’s direction.

“What is that?” Demyx asked.

“Not a clue,” Roxas answered.

Then the light got bigger and started to suck up everything. With a scream everyone got sucked in.


“Ug,” Axel said as he blinks several times, “Where am I?”

He looked around. He was in some type of canyon.

“Do you mind getting off me,” he heard Saix say below him.

Axel quickly stood up. Saix came crawling out from under neath him.

“Sorry,” he said, “wait you’re a Mightyena!”

Saix looked at him self.

“And you’re a Rapidash,” he said.

Axel looked at him self and noticed that he had hoofs and a flaming tail. Axel’s head snapped forward.

Roxas and Xion, he thought.

Axel started to gallop.

“Oh no you don’t,” Saix said as he jumps up on Axel’s back.

Axel looked at him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he asked Saix.

“You are not leaving me behind,” said Saix, “Besides there is, without a doubt, rock Pokemon in these canyons and I don’t think a fire or a dark type can solo them.”

“True…wait,” said Axel, “if you don’t play Pokemon then how do you know the types so well?”

“Um,” was all Saix could say.

“So you do like it,” Axel said.

“Just go will you,” said Saix.

Axel laughed.

“Wait ’till everyone hears about this,” he said.

Saix bite into Axel’s rear end.

“Ow!” Axel shouted, “Okay okay I won’t, gees.”

“That’s better,” said Saix, “Now getty up unicorn!”

“Tch,” was all Axle said.

With that they went off to start the journey to find the other members.


What I am thinking is have each chapter about one of the groups. Here they are, Group 1: Saix and Axel, Group 2: Demyx, Roxas, and Xion, Group 3: Marluxia and Vexen, Group 4: Xigbar and Xaldin, Group 5: Larxene and Luxord, Group 6: Zexion and Lexaeus, and Group 7 well not exactly a group but: Xemans.

Let me know if you see what I did there 😛