Thunderclaw Part 3 – Legecy


Note: I didn’t miss spell on Sethinu’s speech! I found a web page that gave me a look on how a Scottish person speaks. I did change a few words so you wouldn’t be too lost when reading it.


They tell of a woman who’s beauty was beyond any. But behind the beauty is a beast that is greatly feared. Thunderclaw!

“Jacob!” Thunderclaw yelled.

A shot fired and the black wolf, turning back to a human, fall to the ground. He looked up to Thunderclaw.

“Amila, run,” he ordered.

“No!” Thunderclaw shouted as she fall out of her bed, “I always hated when that happens.”

She rubbed the back of her head. She held her necklace. It was a golden neck choker with three topaz on it.

“Jacob,” she said, “Why did you tell my to run?”

“Because I didn’t want you to die,” came his voice in her head.

She sighed.

“Mind as well get dressed,” she said while getting up from the ground.

She dug in her closet ’till she found a ninja style tunic that was yellow. She then braided the two ends that use to be her bangs and put the rest of her hair in a bun.

“There,” she said, “Now for my sword.”

she grabbed her sword. She had it custom made here in China. It had a gold handle (Handle looks like the Master Sword form Legend of Zelda) with a ruby heart on the section that connected the handle to the blade. A few hours later, Thunderclaw was walking through the woods in deep thought. Something bright got her attention. She looked up. A village and it was completely engulf in fire. She starred at the fire and started to bereave heavily. A girl with short black hair was standing in front of Thunderclaw with her back turn toward her. The girl started to laugh evilly.

“Mara!?” Thunderclaw exclaimed.

Mara, her sister, turned toward her.

“What’s the matter Amila?” she asked.

Thunderclaw or Amila’s form has changed back to what she use to look like. Short brown hair with eyes to match. Amila put her hands together in a pleading ball.

“Please forgive me,” she begged, “I didn’t mean to kill you. I’m sorry!”

“It’s too late to say that Amila!” her sister shouted back.

Amila blinked a few times. She was back at the village.

Was that my guilt? She asked her self.

Tears started to fall from her eyes.

Why am I crying? She asked her self again.

“Help please!” someone called.

“Huh?” Amila asked.

She looked over and saw a boy and two girls. All of them had creamy colored hair with the tips of it black and cat ears and tails. Their color matched their hair.

Those poor children, Amila thought, They don’t have a home and family to go back to.

Just then a small hand came up and grabbed the end of her tunic. Amila looked down. It was the smaller one of the two girls.

“Mommy?” the girl asked.

“No little one,” Amila answered, “I’m not your mommy.”

“Shigwa!” The older girl shouted running up the younger, pulling her away.

The boy held the two girls.

“I apologize for my sister.” he said, “Lady Thunderclaw.”

Amila shook her head.

“There is no reason for that,” she said, “come, lets get away from here.”

She lead the children away from the fires. Amila smiled at them.

“What are your names little ones?” she asked.

The neko children was a but hesitant. The younger of the three, Shigwa, stepped forward.

“I’m Shigwa,” she answered with a smile, “and this is my sister Sogwa and my brother Dangwa.”

Amila gave them a sweet and motherly smile.

“Do you have some where to go?” she asked.

All three of them shook their heads. Amila frowned. Shigwa looked up at her with pleading eyes.

“Could you take us with you and be our mommy?” she asked.

“Shigwa!” yelled both Dangwa and Sogwa.

Amila smiled at her again.

“I wouldn’t mind that,” she answered stunning the elder two.

Shigwa smiled and giggled while she hugged Amila.

“Mommy,” she called Amila.

Sogwa teared up and hugged her as well.

“I’m a man,” mummer Dangwa, “I’m a man. I’m a man….ah screw it!”

He came over and hugged his new mother Amila hugged them tightly before she was on the alert. The children looked up at her, alter now as well.

“What is it?” Dangwa asked.

“Get behind me,” Amila ordered.

The children did just that. Amila changed into her were cheetah form, Thunderclaw. Her ears turned to every sound. They perked up when they caught the sound their owner herd before. Barking and not from dogs, but from weres. Thunderclaw then caught sight of them. It was a bunch of were canines wearing black and red clothes. They looked blood thirsty and was heading straight for them.

Thunderclaw growled. The children grabbed onto her tail. One of the canine weres was faster then the others. It jumped up in order to pounce.

“For Mara!” it shouted.

Thunderclaw’s eyes narrowed and she knocked it out of the air. A few others got up to her only to be met with teeth and claws. One managed to sneak up behind her and started to prepare an attack on the children. It was knocked down by something white, an Arctic male were fox. Thunderclaw only glanced at him before going back to fending off the ones in front.

The fox growled at the one he pinned to the ground.

“Whaur is she?” he asked.

The pinned were shook it’s head.

“We both know ‘at ye know,” said the fox, “Noo answer ur i’ll kill ye.”

The were smiled.

“Then kill me,” it said, “I’ll never tell you were Lady Mara is, old geezer.”

The fox growled and bit down on it’s throat. The others started to retreat. Thunderclaw panted and looked over at the white fox. He had on tan short, a black belt and the end piece of an aqua green tabord. He’s eyes were gold and the end of his tail was a light gray.

“Thank you for protecting my little ones,” she said.

The fox winked and smiled.

“Onytime fur a beauty loch ye,” he said, “Names Seinuyi but ye can call me by mah human nam, Sethinu.”

Thunderclaw blushed and noted Sethinu’s Scottish accent.

“I’m Thunderclaw,” she said, “human name is Amila. This is my son and daughters, Dangwa, Sogwa, and Shigwa.”

The neko children waved at Sethinu. He smiled and waved back. Thunderclaw turned back to her human form, Amila. She started to sway. Sethinu quickly turned back to human and caught her before she fell.

“Momma!” the children shouted.

Sethinu genitally laid her on the ground. Amila looked up at him. His shorts turned into a long sleeve aqua green tunic, tan pants, a black belt, and pair of small brown boots. His skin was paler then normal, his hair was white as his fur was, and his eyes was a light red.

“You’re an albino,” Amila commented.

Sethinu chuckled as he looked her over.

“Ah get ‘at a lot,” he said, “ ‘at looks bad.”

There was a deep cut on Amila’s side. It was bleeding pretty badly. Amila tried to sit up only to get pushed back down.

“Sta’ doon fur a bit,” Sethinu said, “Two things Ah need ye tae keep pressure on ‘at wound an’ tell me whaur yer house is.”

“Where my house is?” Amila asked in confusion, “why would you-ah!”

Sethinu picked her up bridle style. Amila blushed.

“Noo wee nekos,” he started, “Grab on tae th’ end of mah tunic. dornt want ye tae get lost ur taken.”

The children nodded and grabbed on. They started walking,

Oh lord, thought Amila, what have I gotten my self into?


A were coyote laid on the ground of an abandon school. She had her ankles and wrists chained together. The coyote’s eyes slowly open to revile her green orbs. She blinked a few times.

“Ah you are at least a wake Lady Misoi,” said a female voice.

Misoi looked over to find a woman with glasses, brown eyes, and short red hair. She had on a simple dark blue dress and had a golden book under her arm.

“Who are you?” Misoi asked.

“Lily Vantrove,” Lily answered, “here let me get those chains off of you.”

She whistled and two guards came into the room. They unlocked the chains. Misoi turned back to her human form, Mara. Her dark brown hair had grown a bit, but not much. Her clothes were a long sleeve short black dress with a red ribbon wrapped around her waist and tied into a big bow in the back.

“How am I alive?” Mara asked.

Lat time I remembered I was very much dead, she thought.

Lily held out the golden book. It was Egyptian.

“This is The Book of Life straight from Egypt,” she answered, “it has the power to bring back the dead.”

Mara’s eyes widen. Lily smirked and put the book back under her arm.

“You may walk around the building,” she said, “but the library and outside are forbidden.”

“Why?” Mara asked, “am I your prisoner?”

Lily shook her head.

“No my Lady,” she answered, “I just don’t want your soldiers get discourage when you decide to leave this place. We need them at their fullest for the war.”

Lily walked out the room’s door.

“There’s food at the cafeteria,” she said, “help your self.”

With that she left.

War? Mara asked her self, What war?

She looked around. She was in one of the classrooms.

“This was were you learned history,” Mara said to her self, “so I’m in the school…”

The desks and chairs were thrown everywhere except where Mara was. There was a lot of skeletons.

“That’s right,” said Mara, “Amila told her friends to kill everyone.”

A breeze blow at her hair. Mara looked over at an open window.

I can escape through here, she thought as she walked to it, but I need to get that book first. Oh wow!

There were a lot more skeletons outside then inside.

“I must have really pissed Amila off,” Mara commented, “not that I can blame her…”

It was all my fault, she thought, I was so stupid…I need to find her.

Mara’s stomach growled. She blushed.

First food, she thought as she headed put of the room.

There was more skeletons in the hallway, but it looked like someone pushed them to the sides. Mara swallowed and made her way to the cafeteria. There was soldiers already there. They stood and saluted her.

“It’s great to see you a wake and well my Lady,” said a general.

“Um it’s good to be a wake,” Mara said a bit nervously.

They remained standing.

“…aaaa…you all can return to your meals?” she wasn’t too sure.

“Yes ma’am!” the soldiers shouted before sitting back down.

Mara sighed. She wasn’t going to get use to this. She got her food and found a place to sit, away from the soldiers.

“Excuse me, my Lady,” said a soldier, “may we sit by you?”

Mara glanced. With the one there was two more. She smiled at them.

“Of coarse,” she answered.

The three smiled and took their sets around her.

“What are all of your names?” Mara asked.

“I’m Paul,” answered the blond one, “and I”m a were golden retriever.”

“I’m Kou,” answered the dusty red hair one, “and I”m a were red wolf.”

“and I’m Luke,” answered the brunette, “and I’m a were chocolate Lab.”

Mara blinked.

“Everyone here is a were?” she asked.

“Yes,” answered Paul, “except Madam Lily and her personal guard.”

Mara nodded in understanding.

“Um one more question,” she said, “I’m sorry-”

“No no,” Luke said, “you’re fine.”

“Yeah,” said Kou, “You’ve been asleep for a while, so we understand.”

Mara smiled.

“This war,” she said, “who is it against?”

“Why that would be Thunderclaw,” answered Kou, “she killed you and everyone here.”

Mara did her best not to frown.

“But don’t worry,” said Paul with a wink, “we’ll make sure she’s dead.”

Mara forced another smile.

“Thank you,” she said.

I need to find my sister as quick as possible now, she thought.

Luke stretched.

“We already have people in China now looking for her,” he stated.

China!? Mara thought, what is Amila doing in China?

Mara really did frowned.

“Wouldn’t that cause a war between the humans?” she asked.

“That’s the humans’ problem,” stated Kou, “not ours.”

Mara stopped her self from growling out loud.

These weres are just simply tools, she thought.

Mara just nodded and finished her meal. She went back to looking around the school. She glanced at the old front office. The high rank officers were in there planning something. Mara moved a bit closer to listen in.

“We attacked Thunderclaw here,” said one pointing at the map.

“Were we successful?” asked another one.

Please say no, Mara plead in her head.

“No,” answered the one.

Mara smiled.

“Seinuyi surprised attacked us,” the one said.

The other growled.

“That old were,” he growled, “what in the world is he trying to prove?”

“From the message that we got,” answered the one, “he’s trying to find Lady Mara.”

Mara blinked.

Trying to find me? She thought, what for?

The other sighed and the two went to a different battle on the map. Mara left. She looked at the stairs.

I could get a good view of the outside up there, she thought.

She went up and looked from one end to the other when she got to the hallway. One side had skeletons unmoved and the other was cleared of everything. Mara went to check out the clear side. She looked into a room. Nothing was out of place. Tables and chairs were still standing up and paperwork was stacked up on the teacher’s desk. Best of all, there was no remains. Mara smiled.

“So you at least speared the younger ones,” she said, “that’s my sister.”

Mara went to the window to look. Her eyes widen. There was thousands of soldiers training. She frowned when remembering that they were training to kill her sister.

I need to get to Amila, she thought, and fast.


Amila awoke when she felt her self being genitally put on her bed, she had fallen asleep on the way back. She open her eyes. Sethinu smiled down at her causing her to blush.

Good efter noon ,” he said, “Sleep weel?”

Amila nodded.

Ah will need to open up yer tunic in order to get to th’ woond ,” Sethinu said.

Amila nodded in understanding and blushed some more. Sethinu laughed.

Aam not gonnae tooch anythin’ other ‘en th’ woond ,” he said, “promise.”

Amila swallowed. Sethinu undid her belt. He open up the tunic. Amila’s breast was out in the open. Sethinu blushed and stared.

“Sethinu,” Amila warned.

“Sorry,” he apologized.

He looked at her side more closely.

“…a gash,” he said.

He started looking around for some cloth and water. Amila winced when he cleaned the wound. She, then, watch him bandage it up.

“Are you some kind of doctor?” Amila asked while she redressed.

Sethinu grinned.

Ye coods say ‘at ,” he answered, “Ah use to be a priest back in th’ mid evil ages .”

Amila gasped.

“Mid evil ages!?” she exclaimed, “but that was about 600 years ago!”

Sethinu nodded.

Ay,” he said, “Aam abit 30 years over it in age .”

Amila was amazed.

Ah wasn’t born as a were though ,” Sethinu said, “Ah drenk from some kin’ ay river. it some how gave me th’ ability to change into a one.”

Amila gasped again.

“That’s how I became one,” she said.

Sethinu’s eyes widen.

Wow,” he said, “Ah didn’t think thaur would be a one haur .”

“No no it’s not in China,” said Amila, “it’s in America.”

‘en what’s a beauty like ye doin’ in china ?” Sethinu asked.

Amila got a sad look on her face and looked away.

“I had lost my husband…” she answered.

Sethinu frowned and put a hand on her shoulder.

Aam sure he’s still watchin’ out fur ye from his sit in god’s kingdom ,” he said.

Amila smiled a little.

“You’re very kind,” she said giving him a hug.

He blushed a bit, but returned it.

“Mommy!” Shigwa shouted, “there’s fire in the distance!”

Amila and Sethinu looked out the window. It was another big village.

“We have to help them,” Amila stated.

Sethinu nodded in agreement. They headed out toward it. Both of them turned into their were forms. Thunderclaw started taking people away from the fires while Seinuyi tried to heal them. The children, that Amila adopted, helped out by bring the survives water. Thunderclaw came back with a mother and her infant son.

“That is the last of them,” she told Seinuyi.

Seinuyi nodded and looked around at those they saved. It was nekos, humans, and weres. They all lived in peace together. Seinuyi eyes narrowed.

“Damn ‘at Mara,” he said.

“It can’t be her,” Thunderclaw said, “because she’s dead.”

Seinuyi blinked.

‘en why would those bad weres kill in ‘er nam ?” he asked.

“There probably someone telling them that this is what she wanted,” answered Thunderclaw, “even though it isn’t.”

How would ye know ‘at ?” Seinuyi asked.

Thunderclaw’s ears flatten and she looked at him with a frown on her maw.

“Because she is my older sister,” she said a bit guilty.

Seinuyi’s eyes widen.

But yoo’re so nice an’ open minded -” he started.

“And so is she,” interrupted Thunderclaw, “I…the only reason I killed her was because I couldn’t put the past behind me…”

Thunderclaw, then, thought back to that day. Mara looked like she was trying to pull away from Bryan. A single tear fall. Seinuyi whipped it away and pulled her into a hug. Thunderclaw returned it.

We can fin’ th’ one in charge an’ try to reason wi’ them ,” Seinuyi suggested.

Thunderclaw nodded.

“Then you’ll be needing to go to America,” said a were Panda, “that is were they are coming from.”

“Thank you,” said Thunderclaw, “but first thing we have to do is find you all a new home.”

The were panda laughed.

“We’ll just rebuild,” he said.

“And no need to worry about our safety too,” piped in a were Siamese, “we weres can protect them and your kittens.”

Thunderclaw smiled her thanks.

We’ll have to catch a ship somewhaur ,” said Seinuyi as they started to walk off.

“I think there’s one in the east,” said Thunderclaw.

The were panda bent down to Dangwa’s, Sogwa’s, and Shigwa’s level.

“Where does your parents live at?” he asked.

“Um,” answered Dangwa, “not far from here. Why?”

That’s when he noticed the grins on everyone’s faces.

“How would you kids like to help us with a little surprise?” asked the Siamese.


Mara had been at the old school for weeks. She took it upon her self to memorize all of the guards’ rounds. All she needed to do now was to figure out how to get The Book of Life. She sighed and headed to the Cafeteria for lunch. Her three ‘buddies’ came and sat by her. Mara didn’t mind them most of the time. It they weren’t flirting with her, they were updating her on the war.

“How was your day Lady Mara?” asked Kou.

“Good so far,” Mara answered, “and what about you all’s?”

“Good now that we’re with you,” answered Luke.

All three of them winked at her. Mara rolled her eyes.

“There are some updates,” said Paul, “they had seen Thunderclaw with Seinuyi and a few neko children.”

Mara had found out more about this Seinuyi from Lily. Lily seemed a bit too pleased that Mara wanted more info on one of the ‘enemies’. There neko children were new to her though.

“Neko children?” Mara asked.

“Yeah,” answered Paul, “they were herd calling Thunderclaw mother. Thunderclaw, her self, was acting very motherly. Sadly orders were given to kill them.”

Mara let out a growl.

“They’re just children,” she said.

“We know,” said Luke, “that’s why most of us are disobeying the order.”

Mara sighed in relief.

“Oh yeah,” said Kou, “Madam Lily has gotten you an assistant. It’ll be a female were from the felon line. She’ll be here tomorrow.”

“What do I need an assistant for?” Mara asked.

The three males shrugged.

“Probably is a messenger,” suggested Paul, “or to keep you company when we’re gone.”

Paul winked. Mara rolled her eyes again.

Or probably to spy on me, she thought.


Sethinu dragged a lifeless uniform female body into the woods. Amila started stealing the clothes. It took them a few days to get there. Even longer to figure out a plan.

Ye sure about thes?” asked Sethinu.

“I’m sure,” answered Amila buttoning up the top, “besides you’re a bit too recognizable in human form as well as were. How do I look?”

Sethinu made a face and took the hat off. He fixed her hair so it would cover her scared eye.

There,” he said putting the hat back on, “Ye might want to change yer voice a wee bit .”

Amila nodded.

Good luck,” said Sethinu, “I’ll be in th’ forest behin’ th’ skale .”

Amila smiled.

“I’ll try to mouth to you updates when I can,” she said.

Sethinu nodded and gave her one last hug. They went their separate ways.


It was late morning when Amila made it to the school. She had to walk the same speed as the girl to avoid any unnecessary supposition. Amila looked at the training soldiers. They were all male.

Is this right? Amila asked her self, That girl was headed in this direction…

Amila then remembered that she had the girl’s orders with her. She took them out and reread them.

Lt. Ora R Lafonti

You are to report to Madam Lily Vantrove for a special mission at the old Olmstead school.

~ General Olis E. Waltz

Amila folded up the papers and put them away. She continued her way.

I have to remember that my name is Ora Lafonti, she thought, thank god she had long brown hair and gold eyes like me. I think Sethinu said she was a lioness.

“Ah you must be Lady Mara’s assistant,” came a voice.

Amila looked. It was a man with dusty red hair that spoke. He was with two others. He reached out his hand.

“Private Kou,” he introduced, “and these are my friends, private Paul and private Luke.”

The other two nodded.

“I’m Lieutenant Ora,” Amila said using a bit higher voice then normal and added a small southern accent to it.

“Oh a country kitty,” commented Luke, “I wonder if Lady Mara would let us have some free time.”

Amila wanted to, so badly, rip his heart out.

“You and the others are not to touch her,” said a woman with short red hair and glasses, “am I clear?”

“Yes Madam Lily,” the three said.

Lily smiled at Amila. Amila saluted.

“I was told to report to you Madam Lily,” she said.

“Ah yes,” said Lily, “please follow me.”

Amila followed her to the library. The guards closed the doors behind them. Amila noticed a golden book on a table.

What kind of book is that? She wondered.

“Now for your mission,” said Lily, “I need you to stay with Mara as much as possible I don’t wish for her to escape. She means much to all of us.”

I see, thought Amila, Mara is her idol.

“I will do what I can,” she said, “for Mara is our hope and out light.”

Lily smiled liking this.

“She isn’t allowed outside and in here,” Lily said looking to the book, “come. I bet Mara is up stairs. I usually don’t allow the soldiers up there, but you are an exception.”

“Thank you Madam,” said Amila.

“No,” said Lily, “thank you.”

Amila followed Lily up the stairs.

“Now be very careful up here,” Mara herd Lily say, “there are bones every where.”

Mara looked down the hall. She was at one end, exploring the rooms there. She saw Lily first and then a uniform lady.

That must be her spy, Mara thought, I’ll have to lose her some how.

The lady had brown hair that covered one eye. The one eye showing was golden and her face looked like an angle curved it. The lady reminded Mara of her sister. Lily looked around.

“Ah,” she said, “there she is.”

Amila looked over at Mara. She bite back a gasp. Up until now she didn’t believe that her sister was alive.

That book! Amila thought, That book must be some kind of spell book.

Lily and Amila came up to Mara.

“My lady,” Lily greeted with a bow, “this is your servant Lt. Ora Lafonti.”

Amila bowed.

“It’s an honor to finally meet you my lady,” Amila said.

Mara blushed and nodded. She wasn’t use to that yet.

“Pleasure to meet you Ora,” she said.

Lily smiled.

“I best be off then,” she said, “now don’t eat the poor kitty.”

Mara gave her a look while Amila was struggling not to laugh. Mara looked at Amila.

“What kind of cat are you?” Mara asked.

“Lioness,” Amila answered.

Mara nodded and looked out the window. Amila took that time to look at all of the skeletons.

I wonder if my last order went through, Amila thought.

“It’s all lies,” Mara said.

Amila looked up at her.

“My lady?” she asked.

“Everything they told you about Thunderclaw,” answered Mara, “they’re all lies.”

Mara looked over at the clear side.

“But she-” started Amila.

“Didn’t kill everyone,” finished Mara looking back at Amila, “I’ll show you.”

Mara took Amila’s arm and dragged her to one of the untouched rooms. Amila wanted to smile at the sight of everything still in their correct places, but she was suppose to be one of the soldiers. So she made her self look stun. Mara slowly moved to be behind Amila. She glanced at the door way.

“You see,” she said, “she speared the young children. So she isn’t as heartless as they all say she is.”

Amila stepped forward to take a better look.

“Is this why the others aren’t allowed up here?” she asked.

There was no answer. Amila looked behind her. Mara was gone.

Damn it Mara! She yelled in her head.

She looked around the second floor first then raced down stairs. Amila walked pass any soldiers that were in her way and looked into the rooms. She went back to look into the cafeteria. Amila sighed.

She must have went back upstairs, she thought.

Amila took a step to one of the three set of stairs.

No, she thought, she’ll hear me…unless I enter through the outside.

Amila took one of the doors to the back. Surprisingly no one was there. Amila herd a small bark. She looked over at the forest. Seinuyi was staring at her.

(look at the top windows for a woman,) Amila mouthed to him, (that’s Mara.)

(I thought you said she was dead?) he mouthed back.

(She was brought back to life by some golden spell book,) Amila mouthed.

(That would be The Book of Life from Egypt,) Seinuyi mouthed before looking up at the windows.

He spotted Mara at the third window from the left. Amila followed Seinuyi to that location. She glanced up. The window was open. Amila got ready to change into Thunderclaw ’till Seinuyi whined. Amila looked at him. He looked to the right and then hid in the bushes. Amila looked. A couple of Lily’s guards were coming her way. Amila sighed and waited for them to go on by.

I need Mara to stay in one place, Amila thought, and I think I know how.

Amila changed as soon as the guards were out of sight. Thunderclaw climbed up the wall. She sat on the window seal when she noticed Mara’s back was toward her. Thunderclaw turned back. Mara sighed in relief when she didn’t see “Ora” come up. She closed the door.

“You have some nerve running away from one of Lady Amila’s spies,” Amila said making Mara jump.

Mara looked at Amila with wide eyes.

“How?” she asked.

“Climbed the wall outside,” Amila answered, “though I’ll make sure to tell your sister that you’re fast on your feet.”

“Your her spy?” Mara asked.

“Yes,” Amila answered, “I was to find out if you truly were alive and to make sure you don’t succeed in your plan of killing her.”

“But I don’t want her killed!” yelled Mara, “I didn’t even want this war! But I had no choice in it…I…I just wanted to be with her again. To tell her the truth and to apologize.”

Amila raised an eyebrow.

“The truth?” she asked.

“I suspected Bryan to be unfaithful to her,” Mara said with tears going down her cheeks, “I was right. He was seeing others behind her back. He caught me spying one day. He threaten to end Amila’s life if I told anyone.”

Amila gasped.

“So I did the only thing I could do,” continued Mara, “I stayed with him to keep him away from her. I ran away one day, because I couldn’t stand it anymore, but he followed me and found me after I drank from that river…but when she killed me, all I could think of was that smile she had when she was with Jacob.”

Amila looked away. The guilt eating away at her. She swallowed.

“I-I’m sorry,” said Amila, “…should I tell her that?”

Mara nodded.

“Yes please tell her and let her know that I love her,” answered Mara.

Amila nodded.

“This will make her fell a bit more guilty,” she said.

Mara smiled.

“There is no reason to be,” she said, “I only blame my self. Though I wonder how she, her friends, and Jacob are doing.”

“They were killed…” Amila said, “she went to China to start a new and to forget. These attacking weres bring those memories back.”

Mara frowned.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I’ll try not to mention them when I see her.”

Amila shook her head.

“It’s fine, “she said, “she had found someone else to love.”

Amila looked down at Sethinu lovingly and he did the same. They had gotten close during the trip here. Mara smiled.

“This Seinuyi guy right?” she asked, “I’ll make sure he treats her well or big sister Mara will make him suffer.”

Amila grinned. It was just like her sister to protect her. Many days past as Amila pretended to be Ora, the spy for Amila. She stayed right beside Mara. They talked to each other, but Amila made sure to keep her sister in the dark. Mara’s “buddies” tried to flirt with Amila, but Mara made it clear that if they continued they would find them selves as corpse. Lets just say they stopped real quick.

Amila nodded to Sethinu down below. They had agreed that now would be the best time to try to negotiate with Lily. Amila looked at Mara.

“My lady your sister is here,” she said.

Mara’s eyes widen.

“She is?” she asked, “is she in the forest? May I see her?”

Amila smiled.

“You want to see her that badly?” she asked.

Mara nodded. Amila lifter her hair, that covered her eye, to show her sister the all too familiar scare that Bryan gave her. Mara put her hand over her mouth. Tears willed up in her eyes. Amila came over and hugged her.

“Don’t cry, “Amila said, “it’s all right Mara.”

“I’m so sorry,” Mara said between sobs.

“I already know,” said Amila.

She whipped her sister’s eyes.

“Now listen to me,” Amila said, “I’ll be leaving tonight, but I’ll be back tomorrow to speak to Lily.”

“I’ll make sure she doesn’t harm you,” Mara said.

“Thank you my beloved sister,” said Amila.

With that Amila made her way down. She looked to the library.

Good, she thought, No one’s there.

She went and unlock the door. Amila placed a letter on the table that Lily usually sits at. Amila then made her way to the forest. Sethinu kissed her on the lips.

“Here love,” said Sethinu handing her a purple dress, “sorry it’s not yellow.”

“How did you get this?” Amila asked before she noticed that Sethinu was in a dress shirt and pants, “and that?”

Sethinu smiled innocently.

“I bought them,” he answered.

“with what?” Amila asked.

“With money,” Sethinu answered.

“Where in the world did you get the money?” Amila asked.

“Oh I just stole it from the soldiers’ pockets,” Sethinu answered.

Amila sighed.

“I leave you alone for a few days and you go and start pick pocketing people,” she said.

Sethinu smiled. Amila changed into the dress before they went to sleep.


The next morning, Lily rubbed her eyes as she made her way to the library. Her guards stood at attention as she went past them. She blinked when she noticed the letter at her favorite table. She opened it and read it.

Madam Lily,

My love and I wish to speak with you and Lady Mara. I know of your plans and of you via my spy, Lt. Ora R. Lafonti. Do not look for her for she is long gone by now. We will be there in the late morning the day you read this.

  • Lady Thunderclaw

P.s. Mara, my older sister, has been told that she is your idol.

Lily’s face went red with embarrassment. She swallowed and calmly went to one of the stairs. She ran up them in a panic when she was out of sight of her guards. She glanced around the hallway.

“Mara!” she called, “Mara!”

Mara, in her were form [Misoi], yawned. She was asleep on the couch in the kindergartner room. She walked out into the hallway on all fours.

“Yes child?” Misoi asked.

Lily looked at her. Her face was still red.

“I…um…” Lily was at a lost of words.

Misoi smiled and stood up. She placed her hand on top of Lily’s head.

“It’s okay,” Misoi said gently like a mother would to a scared child, “I’m really flattered that I’m your idol.”

Lily’s face turned back to it’s original color. Her eyes, then, widen when she remembered something.

“Thunderclaw is your little sister!?” she exclaimed.

Misoi laughed and ruffled Lily’s hair.

“Of coarse she is,” Misoi said, “and I love her so.”

Lily was silent for a bit before her stomach growled. She blushed as Misoi giggled. Misoi turned back into Mara.

“Come,” she said, “lets go get some breakfast.”

Lily nodded and followed her to the cafeteria. The soldiers were staring at Lily, making her uncomfortable. Mara glared at them.

“What?” she asked, “It’s not like you haven’t seen her before. Get back to your meals.”

“Yes ma’am!” the soldiers shouted.

Lily smiled a little.

“Thank you,” she said.

Mara smiled, her self, and nodded. They got their food and sat at Mara’s usual table.

“I warn you now that three annoying puppies usually sit with me,” Mara warned.

Lily giggled and nodded. They started eating.

“So Lily,” Mara started, “how old are you? You look pretty young.”

Lily blushed.

“….twelve…” she answered.

Mara nearly chocked on her drink.

“What!?” she exclaimed, “what are you doing alone? Shouldn’t you be with your parents?”

“My mom died when I was six,” answered Lily, “my dad only pays attention to my brothers. I felt alone and unwanted so I left.”

Mara frowned.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

Lily shook her head.

“Don’t be,” she said, “I herd about you one day in town. It was two elderly women, who had seen the whole down fall of the school first hand. That’s when I decided to make you my idol.”

Those two must have been preschoolers or kindergarteners, Mara thought.

“I’m still very flattered by that,” she said, “most choose Amila.”

“Amila?” asked Lily.

“That’s Thunderclaw’s real name,” answered Mara, “Poor thing has been through a lot. Lost her friends and first husband in just a few months of each other. She was as alone as you.”

Lily’s eyes widen.

“Those two made her out as a bad person,” she said.

“Understandably,” Mara said, “she did give the order to kill after all.”

Lily nodded and went back to her food. Luke, Kou, and Paul came to the table. Mara looked at Kou. He seemed very annoyed and mad today.

“Morning Lady Mara,” greeted Luke, “Madam Lily. Honored to have you here.”

Lily nodded.

“I’m the one that should be honored,” she said.

She frowned when she noticed the way Kou looked.

I have a bad feeling about this, she thought.

Lily glanced to her guards through the cafeteria’s window. They noticed her and stood at the ready.

“You look pretty today,” Paul said to Mara, “just like a wild rose.”

Mara sighed. She was already use to these types of comments.

“More beautiful then a kitty cat,” commented Luke, “oh speaking of which. Kou, here, has been lying about what type of were he is, Madam.”

Lily swallowed. She glanced up the her guards again. They started moving to her.

“He really is a kitty cat,” Luke said, “I think he just stink from training, but my god.”

Mara growled.

“Luke quiet,” she ordered.

“Cats are the most stupids animals to exist,” Luke continued, “They are only useful when we need something to chase or a chew toy. Oh I wonder if Kou squ-”

He was cut short as Kou pinned him to the ground. Kou was in his were form, a were cougar. Luke changed to his were lab form while Paul turned into his were golden retriever form. Mara pulled Lily away in time before the table could flip on top of them. The other soldiers stood up as Lily’s guards tried to pull her out of the room.

“Stop!” shouted Lily, “Please!”

“STOP IT!” screamed Mara, “ENOUGH!”

Mara growled again when she was getting ignored just like Lily. She could have sworn she here a couple of snakes hiss. Paul bit into Kou’s neck, causing him to roar out in pain. One of Kou’s hands went to his neck. Luke took the opportunity to cut into Kou’s side. Lily was in tears at that moment.

“Please stop!” she shouted, “Please don’t hurt my farther!”

Her shouts were drained out by growls and roars. Lily looked. Mara had turned into Misoi and had, bot, Paul and Luke pinned to the wall and holding them by their necks. Both men looked very terrified. The old soldiers were tending to Kou with the help of non other then Seinuyi. Thunderclaw was beside Misoi. Lily fall to her knees and sobbed. Misoi frowned.

“Sister could you-” she started.

“Yeah,” Thunderclaw said.

Misoi dropped the two and let Thunderclaw watch them. Paul and Luke looked up at the cheetah. Thunderclaw grinned making the two swallow. Misoi got on her knees in front of Lily.

“It’s okay,” she comfort, “everything is okay now.”

Lily shook her head and buried it in Misoi’s fur. The coyote picked the girl up and carried her to the library with her guards following behind them. Kou coughed and looked up at Seinuyi.

“Lily’s safe?” Kou asked.

“Yeah,” answered Seinuyi, “Misoi is with her.”

Kou smiled.

“Good,” he said, “she is a trustworthy false were.”

Seinuyi glanced at Kou’s eyes before going back to his wounds.

So he’s a true were, he thought, interesting.


Misoi sat on the built in cushion sits that was near the only windows in the library. She rocked Lily.

“Shhh,” she said, “It’s okay now. Shhh.”

Misoi started humming. Lily slowly calmed down. She still hanged on to Misoi like she was her mother. Misoi looked up when she herd the doors open. Thunderclaw came up to them.

“The old soldiers are punishing them in the forest,” she said before looking down at Lily, “how is she?”

“She calmed down a bit,” Misoi answered.

Thunderclaw went down on her knees in front of them. Lily looked at her.

“Your daddy will be just fine,” Thunderclaw reassured her, “Seinuyi is the best doctor I have seen.”

Lily buried her face into Misoi’s fur again.

“I know,” Lily said, “father said the same thing about him.”

“Is he really your farther?” Misoi asked thinking that Kou looked a bit too young to be a dad of a twelve year old.

“No,” answered Lily, “He treats me like a daughter though. He takes of me now and then too. He likes to travel…”

Misoi and Thunderclaw smiled.

“I ran into him, when I was seven, kin a field very far way from here,” Lily said, “he was surprised to see a human child alone without parents. I told him what had happen and he let me spend the night with him. I started following him around afterwords. At first he was annoyed by it, but then he got use to it. He started calling me his little kitten.”

“Aww,” said Thunderclaw.

“He really wants to challenge you Lady Thunderclaw,” said Lily.

“Why?” Thunderclaw asked.

“Because he herd that you were the strongest false felon were,” answered Lily.

“False were?” asked Misoi.

“Weres that have gotten their transformations from some source,” answered Thunderclaw, “instead of being born with it like Kou. Or at least that’s what Seinuyi told me.”

Lily nodded.

“That’s exactly what a false were is,” she said, “true weres tend to distance them selves from humans and are very curious of the false ones. They love to challenge them too.”

“There is also a few false weres that we take note of,” said Kou.

Lily smiled upon seeing him. Seinuyi helped him sit down beside Misoi.

“Like Seinuyi here,” Kou continued, “we took note of him due to his old age and knowledge. Thus we call him The Elder. You, Thunderclaw, we call The Weeping Angle,. Due to your kind heart, which has been broken many many times.”

Thunderclaw blushed a bit. Kou looked at Misoi.

“You, my dear, are The Protector and the only human we noted before you turned into a false were,” he said, “due to your willingness to protect others. Yes we know the reason why you were with this Bryan human. Most humans would have let their siblings suffer. Not you though.”

It was Misoi’s turn to blush. All of them turned back to their human forms. Sethinu and Amila were whispering to each other. Kou smiled at them.

“So wonderful to see The Weeping Angle happy,” he commented.

Amila smiled.

“I’m glad to feel that feeling again,” she said.

Sethinu smiled and kissed her forehead. The three started a conversation. Lily sat up and whispered something in Mara’s ear. Mara blushed and looked over at Kou. Kou looked at her when he noticed her staring. Lily giggled.

“Kitten,” said Kou, “what did you just tell Ms. Mara?”

“You like me?” Mara asked.

“Lily!” Kou shouted.

Lily burst out laughing. Kou sighed. Amila beamed.

“You two would look cute together,: she commented.

“Amila!” shouted Mara.

Lily laughed harder. One of her guards cleared his throat. They looked up at him. He had long black hair and purple eyes that glowed a little. Mara gasped at realization.

“You’re a naga,” she stated.

The guard nodded.

“Indeed I am miss,” he said, “I’m a member of the shadow tribe and ally to humans.”

“This is Usoni,” said Lily, “he’s their leader.”

“Madam the generals are wondering if the war is still on or not,” said Usoni, “I think they wish it to end.”

“Oh yeah,” said Amila, “we were here to discuss that.”

Lily bowed her head.

“I think it should end,” she said, “and I apologize for all I put you through.”

Amila waved her off.

“No no,” she said, “It’s fine. Though I suggest we announce the news in a little bit.”

Lily nodded in agreement. Later that day they did just that. There was lots of cheering. Everyone got together, afterwords, and decided that they all should start a new in China. Lily sighed.

“I really wish I could be a were like all of you,” she said.

Kou and Mara grinned at each other.

“Well there is a way you could be one,” said Kou.

“Really?” Lily asked.

Mara nodded.

“There is a river who’s water has very special properties,” she answered before reaching out to Lily, “come with me and I’ll show you.”

Lily took her hand. Mara lead her to the river in the forest.

“I warn you the transformation to were for the first time is very painful,” Mara warned.

Lily nodded and bent down. She cupped her hands and brought up some of the water. She took a sip. Lily held her sides as pain started to make it self known. Mara sat down behind her and held her. Lou got on his knees beside them.

“We’re both right her for you,” Kou comfort the girl.

Tears started running down her cheeks when the pain got to be too much. She wanted to scream out, but instead she howled. She passed out. Mara smiled. Amila titled her head to see what were Lily had become. Kou let out a laugh.

“She’s a were coyote like you Mara,” he stated, “I guess I should be calling her my little puppy instead.”

Mara smiled proudly. Sethinu came over and wrapped the girl in a blanket.

“I think the name Lilanna would fit this form,” he said.

“I agree,” said Mara holding Lilanna close to her.


Once Lily came two they got on the first boat back to China. Mara looked out at the sea with a smile. Kou came up beside her.

“Enjoying the sights?” he asked.

Mara nodded.

“I never been out to sea before,” she answered.

Lily looked over at them and grinned evilly. She pulled on Sethinu’s sleeve. He bent down and she whispered in his ear. He started to grin. They sneaked over and pushed Mara and Kou. Their lips connected. Mara blushed and looked away. Kou glared at Lily and Sethinu, who were laughing. Lily locked arms with Mara and Kou.

“I’m glad we’re going to live here together.” she smiled.

Mara and Kou smiled as well. Sethinu, him self, was smiling. He looked over at Amila. She had a very confused look.

“Love?” he asked in concern.

“This is the entrance to the lake near my home,” she stated.

They starter passing through two huge hill sides. There was a port, two sets of walls, and a bridge that came into view on the port was Dangwa, Sogwa, and Shigwa waving at them. The ship landed. The Neko children ran over to Amila. They hugged each other.

“Welcome home mom,” said Sogwa.

“Home?” Amila asked, “But all of this wasn’t here before.”

The Nekos grinned.

“Follow,” said Dangwa.

They followed him past the bridge. Amila gasped. There was a huge village with a temple, a library, a mage tower, and a castle. A few of the civilian homes were still being built.

“The castle is our new home mommy,” Shigwa said, “they named you their empress too.”

Amila teared up a bit. She looked back at Sethinu. He nodded.

“Would it be okay if daddy stay with us?” Amila asked.

The children all smiled happily and nodded. After that day the kingdom of Thundra flourished under Amila’s rule. Mara and Kou got married years later. Lily had jump for joy when she found out she was going to be a big sister, Sethinu and Amila are planning their own wedding.

A perfect ending to a long story, but this isn’t one. There are still many stories about Thunderclaw to be told. Good ones and bad ones.


Really sorry for this being 27 pages long XD I really didn’t mean to make it like that I just a whole bunch of ideas for it.

Thunderclaw Part 2 – At War’s End


The year is now 1861 at the time of the civil war. A group of paid weres was at the white house waiting for the precedent’s speech of why all of them were here.

“Hey isn’t that Thunderclaw and her group over there?” asked a male were deer.

A male were otter looked over to were the deer was pointing. He gasped.

“That is them,” he answered.

“I wonder how much more they are getting paid,” chimed in a female were bear.

“Probably a lot,” said the deer, “considering they hate humans.”

“No that’s just me,” said Thunderclaw behind them.

Their eyes widen. All three of them bowed.

“Forgive us we didn’t mean to talk about you behind your back my lady,” apologized the bear.

Thunderclaw laughed. She pulled al three’s heads up.

“We are all the same here,” she said with a smile.

The smiled back at her.

“The precedent of the United States,” a guard yells.

All looked over at him.


Jacu sniffed the air. He girded his teeth. Thunderclaw looked at him with concerned.

“What’s wrong my love?” she asked.

“There’s a confederate spy among the guards,” he answered.

“Were at?” asked Kelinta.

“There.” he pointed.

“Want me to take him out?” asked Litaca.

“Pen him down and look for orders or a letter,” answered Thunderclaw.

Litaca nodded. She then started moving through the crowd. She was now behind the white house. She quietly went to the spy’s location. She bent down and pounced him. He let out a yell and everyone looked. Litaca digged in his pockets and pulled out a letter from one of the confederate generals. She handed it to one of the guards. They looked it over.

“He’s a spy sir,” he shouted to the precedent.

“You have our thanks then,” he said.

Litaca put her hand up and shook her head.

“no, no,” she said, “Your thanks go to my lady Thunderclaw.”

Lincoln smiled and looked over to her.

“Then thank you lady Thunderclaw,” he said.

Thunderclaw just simply nodded.


They were invited to dinner after what happen today. All four of them were in their human form so not to scare anyone to Thunderclaw’s dismay. They all got clothes that changed with their forms. Lindsey had on a one piece that was blue and gold. Her shoulders, sides, and back showed. A blue skirt, cut open in the front, went around her her back side. A long piece of gold cloth covered the front. On the top half of her outfit was lined with Sapphire. She wear a headpiece and necklace to match it. Her eyes stayed the same same dark blue before she got turned only their were silted. Kelly had on a one piece too. It was gold and red. The skirt was cute open on the side. There was a strip on the skirt that was red. Like Lindsey’s the top half was line with rubies. She too wear a headpiece and necklace that match. Her own eyes stay the same light blue as well. Jacob’s was different. He’s was a solid navy blue shirt and pants with silver lining. Same went with his sky blue eyes. Thunderclaw’s was a two piece that was gold and orange. Like Kelly’s there was a strip that was orange. She did not were a necklace or a headpiece. The top half was line with topaz. Thunderclaw’s own eyes did change how ever. The once clam, sweet, and innocent amber eyes were now a dangerous, pain filled, silted gold. The scare on her right eye was a reminder to her of her past life and a warning to those that foolishly challenge her. The doors open to the dinning room at the Lincoln home. The whole family was all ready seated. Chairs was pulled out for them. The meal was put on the table. Mrs. Lincoln was the first to speak.

“I would like to personally thank you for what all of you did today,” she said, “and also a congratulations on your anniversary.”

Thunderclaw nearly forgot. Today was the day her and Jacob got married. She smiled at the memory of the joyous day of her life.

“Thank you,” she said.

A while into their meal.

“There is more of a reason to why I asked you to join this war,” said Lincoln.

Thunderclaw looked up at him.

“And what exactly is that second reason for us?” she asked.

“Not us,” he answered, “just you.”

She gave him a puzzled look.

“All precedents are given a book of secrets,” he started, “and this book tells of your past Amila Carter.”

She looked down at the floor.

“My second reason for just you is this,” he said, “was to try and get you to trust us.”

She looked back up at him.

“Not all of us are like her,” he stated, “You’ll find that some in this world wish to be like all of you and get rid of those that hurt them.”

she looked down at the floor again.

“Amila,” he said.

She looked back up at him again.

“There are people that look up to you as a role model,” he said.

There was silence between the two.

“If,” she started, “there are humans as nice and as wise as you on this doomed world, then I’ll give them a chance.”

Lincoln smiled at this. She felt Jacob wrap his arm around her. They started to eat again. Dessert was served afterwards. Mrs. Lincoln looked at Jacob and Amila. They looked at her. Jacob grabbed his glass and started to sip it.

“So,” she started, “have you all ever thought about having any children?”

Jacob chocked on his drink, Kally and Lindsey giggled, and Amila’s cheeks turned red.

“Um,” Amila answered, “we haven’t thought that far a head yet.”


They were back at their forest home. Amila sighed and sat on the bed, Jacob looked over to her. He sat behind her and started to rub her shoulders.

“What’s the matter, sweet?” he asked.

“Just today,” she answered, “and I still can’t believe that there are humans at there that look up to me.”

“Well,” said Jacob, “They probably figured that if an innocent little girl, like you, can stand up to one’s enemy then they can as well.”

“There’s a flaw to what you just said,” she commented.

“Hum?” he asked.

“I’m not that innocent little girl anymore,” she answered.

Jacob snorted.

“You are in my eyes,” he commented.

Amila smiled. She turned her head and kissed him on the cheek. They then fell asleep in each other’s arms.


They were with several groups of weres in the forest area near a union camp. They were waiting for the signal. The union was getting their butts handed to them. They were all getting very anxious to join the fight, then a horn blow. It was the signal. All of the weres rushed out. After a few hours the confederate retreated. The Union’s wounded and dead were brought back to the camp. Jacu and Thunderclaw were looking around for Kelinta and Litaca. She frowned when she didn’t see them.

“Thunderclaw,” she herd Jacu called.

She walked over to him. He had a sad look on his face. He held a tent flap open. He nodded for her to look in. She did. Inside was the bodies of the dead. She stopped and gasped when she found the limp bodies of Kelinta and Litaca. Jacu pulled her to him and there and then a rare site occurred. Thunderclaw was crying into his chest. He rocked her. That same night she met with Lincoln. She was setting on a chair in his tent. He was in front of her. He took in her facial features before they talked. Her expression was blank and her eyes told of pain and sorrow.

“Are you sure you want to resign?” he asked.

She nodded.

“I want to quit this was before I lose the last one that’s dear to me,” she said with coldness in her voice.

“And does your husband know of this meeting?” he asked.

Amila shook her head.

“Then I’ll disguise this as your group bring re-leaved along with others,” he stated, “this war is coming to an end.”

Amila nodded. She got up and headed to the tent flap.

“Oh,” she said and faced him with a smile, “thanks for giving me a different view about humans.”

Lincoln smiled. She then left to her and Jacob’s tent.


the war was finally over. Though with great news comes the bad. Lincoln has been shot and is now on his death bed. Amila and Jacob was out on a strole in the clearing near their home. They were enjoying each other’s company. Laughing and giggling ’till they heard a shot fire. They turned into their were forms and looked around. They saw three man in confederate uniforms.

“Battle sores!” shouted Jacu.

He charged.

“Jacob no!” Thunderclaw shouted.

It was too late. One of them shoot and he was down. He turn back to his human form. Anger took her. She roared and charged. Her speed was faster then their trigger hands. Thus the true reason why she was known as Thunderclaw. All three were dead in a matter of seconds. She changed back into Amila and ran over to Jacob. She knelled down with tears in her eyes.

“Jacob?” she asked.

He laughed.

“I guess we won’t get those pups we wanted,” he said with a smile.

Amila laughed a little. He lifted his hand and to it in her’s. She felt him drop something into her’s. She closed it and pulled it a way. She then open her hand, in it was a gold necklace with three topaz stones and a headpiece that matched. She gasped and looked over at Jacob.

“I was going to give those to you on our anniversary, but….” he coughed, “we were too busy.”

Amila hugged him. Then the cries of more battle sore soldiers sounded. He looked over to the forest.

“Run,” he said.

“But,” started Amila.

Jacob shook his head.

“Run,” he said again, “I’ll be fine.”

Amila backed away, crying.

“Run and don’t ever look back,” she heard Jacob say.

She did just that..


She ran for a good few hours. She collapsed on the ground by a river. She cried her eyes out.

Everyone dear to me is now gone, she thought.

She looked up. She stared at the river. Her eye brows met. Then her eyes widen,

“This can’t be can it?” she asked her self.

She got up and headed to the forest’s edge. She gasped. She some how manage to run back to the school were she met Jacob at. She snorted at the site of decaying corpses that no one cared about to clean up or bury. She sighed. She went over to the wall and sat. she wrapped her arms around her knees. And thats how Mrs. Lincoln found her. She sat by side her.

“Amila?” she asked.

“I’m all alone now,” she answered, “just like these corpses.”

“Look at me please,” said Mrs. Lincoln.

Amila looked at her inn the eyes.

“We are both windows now,” she said, “but that doesn’t mean we should give up on life. I have children that need me and you have a whole life to live. Maybe you’ll find someone else that’s as good or better then Jacob.”

Amila sighed. She looked over to the left side of the forest.

:Maybe in China,” she said, “someone may love me there and heal these wounds of mine.”

“There you go ,” Mrs. Lincoln said, “Now then we saved Jacob’s body and we’ll be burying him with the other two. I know it’s hard, but please come to the funeral.”

she got up and dust off her dress. She then held out her hand to Amila who in return took it.


She threw the flowers down on his grave, she was in a black dress with her face covered. Black wasn’t her color. It was more of her sister’s, Mara. She snorted at the thought of her. She turned and started to walk away. She stopped and began to turn her head toward his grave. She stopped half way.

Don’t ever look back came the echoing last words that he said.

She looked forward and walked away. She’ll be on the first boat to China after today. There she’ll start a new life and hopefully find someone that’ll fix her.

Thunderclaw Part 1 – In The Beganning


This story is told in Amila’s POV! Picture of what they look like are down below in the artist comment.

It was a nice sunny day; I was at school like usual. I’m a freshman in high school in the year 1803 and we were playing outside for a while. I was fighting a problem that needed to be solved. I was in love, but not with just 1 person. I was in love with 2 people. Jacob or Bryan; I couldn’t choose between them. Oh I wish life were simpler. Wait scratch that I wish love was a simple thing!

Hey Amila,” said my older sister, Mara.

Yeah,” I said.

Its time to go in,” she told me.

Oh okay,” I said.

So I got up from the panic table and left. I guess I have to think about this some other time. Oh I should describe my self more to you all. I have short light brown hair with a tan bow in it, light brown eyes, and wearing a cream colored long sleeve shirt with a tan colored skirt that goes now to my ankles which so happens to be the schools uniform. Now as for Mara, she has green eyes, Short dark brown hair with no bow, and is wearing the same thing.

So anyways, I was heading to my math class when I bumped into Jacob by accident of coarse. I drop all of my books.

Oh sorry,” he said.

I said nothing and only blushed. He looked down and so did I. There was all my books and paper spiraled out all over the floor. I sighed and bent down to pick them up. Soon Jacob was on the floor too.

Here let me help you,” he said.

No, no need to I can get it,” I said.

No no it’s half of my fault too,” he said.

I blushed again and focused to get every thing picked up. After Jacob helped me up and handed me the last book.

You know you should pay attention to were you’re going,” he said with a smile, “Okay?”

I bushed and hid part of my face behind my books, “Okay.”

With that he waved and left. I waved back and then my eyes widen. I couldn’t believe it! That was my only chance to tell Jacob about my feelings for him! Then after a while I walked into Bryan. He didn’t say anything just gave me a death glare. I think I’ll tell him how I feel. Besides I like him more then the other.

6 weeks ago I told Bryan how I felt about him and now we’re going out. I was so happy and joyful. I walked out and the smile It had turned into a frown. There on the hill was Mara kissing Bryan! I couldn’t believe it, my own sister kissing my boyfriend. I just wanted to cry and run away!

That’s exactly what I did. I ran into the forest not looking were I was going. I stopped and fall down to my knees and cried.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” I screamed at the top of lungs.

I cried for what seems like hours. I stopped and looked around at my surroundings.

Where am I?” I asked my self, “How far did I run?”

Then my stomach growled. I put my hand over my stomach. I started to walk around when I spotted a lake and went over to it. A scooped up some water and drink it. Ever thing was fine for a while ’till my ribs started to hurt. I held my sides. Then my head started to pound. I let a scream, but it didn’t sound like a normal human scream. I blacked out. When I woke up 2 hours later; I look at myself in the water of the lake. My eyes widen.

Oh my god!” I yelled.

I have become a Were Cheetah. I looked at my self and noted that I have some strange lightning like spots on claws.

Amila what’s wrong,” said someone back behind me.

I looked and saw a Were Wolf, a Were Fox, and a Were Panther. I started to panic.

Who are you?” I asked scarily.

Amila, it’s us, Jacob, Kelly, and Lindsey,” said the Were Wolf now known as Jacob.

Did all of you look at yourself lately?” I asked.

They all look at them self’s in the rivers reflection and gaps escaped they’re mouths.

We look horrible,” said the Were Panther now known as Lindsey.

I think we shouldn’t go back to the school,” said the Were Fox now known as Kelly.

I pouted. Maybe Kelly was right. I mean we would scare some people like this. So we waited until night time when we changed back to our normal self’s. We found our way back thanks to Lindsey for marking the trail when they came to find me. When we made it up the hill there was one of our teachers, Mrs. Waters, standing there looking angry at us.

Where have all of you been?” asked Mrs. Waters, “We’ve been out here looking for you all day.”

Sorry Mrs. Walker,” we all said together.

We all went inside and soon got home. Back home I was talking to my mom.

We all were worry about you,” said Mom.

I’m sorry Mom.” I said.

Well don’t do that again,” said Mom.

I’ll try,” I said sadly.

I walked back to my room to go to bed, it has been a bad day. Mara then stepped in front of me blocking my way.

Where were you?” she asked, but I didn’t answered.

Hey,” she said grabbing my shoulders.

Don’t touch me,” I growled through my teeth.

Mara quickly let go. I walked past her.

I was worried you know!” she shouted at me.

I just closed the door and fall onto my bed wanting for her to go die in a corner. I got up and changed and went to bed. When the sun started to come out I turn back into a Were Cheetah. I went though the window and looked back and saw Mom and Dad looking at me. I really wasn’t surprised at all that Mara wasn’t there. I roar at them and ran off. I know now that I can no longer go home any more. Especially with that slut of a sister of mine there.

I ran in the direction of the forest near the school. Some how I felt that Jacob, Kelly, and Lindsey were already there. When I got to the forest I saw my friends; the same ones that were there for me since the first time I changed. We decided that we should live in the forest for now on.

After what seemed like 2 months I was crouch down in the bushes. I was watching Mara and Bryan being all lovely dovey to each other. It made me so mad that I slash at a tree and then it fell down, with a big boom, beside me. Everyone was looking at the same spot where they herd a boom. I went, while ducking down, to see how the tree fell; I saw where I slash it then I look at my claw.

Hmm,” I said.

Then I looked back where Mara and Bryan were standing at with an evil grin on my face. I waited for Bryan to walk off and leave Mara alone. That’s when I got ready to attack her. I ran toward her, making her scream. Bryan then decided to come and stab me in the right eye with his knife. He started to come after me again when Jacob came and bearing his fangs which scared him off. Jacob came over and picked me up bridal style, and carried me back into the forest. Lindsey took care of my cut.

Good thing that the knife didn’t go in any deeper,” she said, “Or you would have gone blind in that eye.”

What were you doing any way?” asked Kelly.

She was trying to kill Mara,” answered Jacob.

Oh,” Kelly said.

3 months went by; we learn how to change from Human to Were and something magical happened. Jacob and I fell in love with each other. He makes me so happy after I been so sad and angry. I’m glad to have met him. I’m also glad that we can remain together forever and to us now that’s a long time

Any ways we want back to school. One girl, Sally, came up to me.

Amila you missed all the excitement,” she said.

Oh and what was it?” I asked.

Thunderclaw attacked Mara,” she answered.

Who?” I asked confused

It was a Were Cheetah,” Sally answered, “Bryan named it. He said that there was lightning shaped spots on it’s claws. Oh and there was a Were Wolf too. I think he named that one Jacu? I don’t know the reason for that one. Well I have to go now, bye!”

Um, bye,” I said.

So Bryan gave Jacob’s and mines Were forms names. How interesting. I should see what Lindsey and Kelly want to call theirs. I went out side because classes hasn’t started yet. There I saw Mara ran into a different part of the forest, for what I don’t know. I looked over and saw some girls yelling at Bryan.

It seems he broke up with her,” said Jacob wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

Seems so,” I said leaning in to him, “Oh he gave our Were forms names.”

Oh he did?” Jacob asked.

Yep,” I answered, “I’m Thunderclaw and your Jacu.”

Well that’s no fair!” I heard Kelly say from behind me.

Jacob and I both turned to look at her.

I want a name too,” said Lindsey beside her.

I smiled and said, “Well what do you want to be called then?”

They both thought for a while.

Kelinta,” Kelly answered.

Litaca,” Lindsey said after Kelly.

Jacob and I both laughed, which was soon cut short by a howl. It sounded like a coyote’s.

Damn her!” I shouted and ran to the forest.

Every one was so mesmerized by the howl that they didn’t noticed me. The others soon followed me. I was so focused on getting to Mara that I didn’t noticed Bryan had all ready come into the forest ’till I saw him hugging a Were Coyote like Mara. I crossed my arms and smiled evilly.

Well, well isn’t it the 2 love birds,” I said.

Amila!” they both shouted in anger.

What not happy to see me?” I asked.

Why are you here?” Mara asked.

Why a little bit of revenged,” I answered, “Though I’m sure that someone would like to do something to you, Bryan.”

Who?” Bryan asked.

I looked back behind him.

Jacob!” he said with a gasp.

Jacob hit Bryan, he flow and hit a tree.

You finish him off,” I said noticing that Mara was hiding behind a tree, “As for you, Mara, how dare you go and betray me! I thought you were my sister.”

I am,” said Mara while coming toward me.

Shut up!” I yelled, changing into Thunderclaw, “I trusted you, loved you, and you have to go and brake my heart.”

Amila please I love you,” she said.

No, no more lies!” I yelled in anger, “Just go and die, you slut!”

With that I grabbed Mara by the neck and started to choke her to death. And than I noticed that Kelly and Lindsey coming toward me.

Kill all the humans at the school,” I ordered them.

Kelly and Lindsey nodded and ran to killed all that they could catch. Finally Jacob and I killed Mara and Bryan; their lives ended with a loud snap. It was over and all of time was over. We left that place with out a trace. Every one is still trying to find us, but I doubt they can. Finally dear sister I am happy and there is nothing you can do to take it away.