Hatred Chapter 6

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The morning of the next day, Naruto’s son’s, Ero’s, team had made it to Konoha. Neji immediately approached the boy. With a swallow, Ero followed him. Neji glanced at the boy and noted the nervous look.

“You are not in trouble,” he said, “so you can calm down.”

Ero didn’t look too sure about that.

“If I haven’t done anything wrong,” he started, “then why do I have to see the Hokage?”

“You know something that no one else does,” Neji answered.

“Ah,” said Ero, “so it’s about my dad then.”

Neji blinked a few times under his mask.

“How-” he started.

“He told me everything about him and this village,” Ero answered the unfinished question, “he was worried about me coming here.”

Neji nodded.

This boy is smarter then he looks, he thought, hopefully, he would tell us something.

Neji knocked on the office door.

“Enter,” said Sasuke from the other side.

Neji opened the door and let Ero in before him. Sasuke looked at the boy. Neji bowed.

“Lord Hokage,” he said, “this is Ero Uzumaki.”

Sasuke gave Ero a small smile. Naruto’s son reluctantly returned it.

I wonder who died and made this bad man Hokage, Ero thought.

“Hello Ero,” Sasuke said gently, “I hope you weren’t too frightened by Mr. Anbu here. He can be quite scary sometimes.”

Sasuke could feel Neji glare at him.

“It was a bit scary,” said Ero, “but Mr. An bu was very nice and tried to keep me calm. Though I’m afraid, I might get questioned by my sensei.”

“Your sensei has nothing to worry about,” said Sasuke, “if he or she still needs reassurance then they can come straight to me.”

“I’ll tell her that then,” Ero said, “you want information about my dad right?”

Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

“Why yes,” he answered, “we just want to know where he is.”

Sadly the information they had was where Ero went to school. And on the home part which was just ‘somewhere in the land of earth.’

“I’m afraid that these lips are sealed,” said Ero, “I will not break my father’s trust. I’m sorry Lord Hokage.”

Sasuke sighed. He should have expected this.

“That’s all right,” he said, “I’ll let you return to your sensei now.”

Ero bowed and headed for the door. He stopped and looked over at Sasuke.

“Dad does work.” Ero said. “he’s work makes him travel a lot. Maybe one day they will have him come here. He left home just a week ago.”

Sasuke nodded.

“I’ll take note of this,” he said, “thank you Ero.”

Ero looked toward the hall before looking back at Sasuke.

“What did dad do wrong?” he asked, “I mean other than running away. Which I do find a bit dumb to get in trouble for.”

Sasuke smiled a little.

“He didn’t do anything wrong,” he answered, “he won’t get in trouble other. I just want to know the reason he left then he will be free to go back to you and your mother.”

Ero thought on this for a moment. He smiled at Sasuke.

“I’ll see if I can convince dad to pay you a little visit,” he said, “as long as you promise that he will not get hurt.”

“I promise,” said Sasuke.

Ero bowed again and left.

“Well at least you got they much out of him,” Neji said.

“Yeah,” agreed Sasuke.


The very next day was the written exams. Ero was with his team. All three were looking around nervously.

“These people look ruthless,” commented Aquila, the only female member of the team.

“Yeah,” agreed Xano, the other male member of the team, “I hate to see them on their bad days.”

Ero swallowed.

“You guys scared too?” asked someone from behind.

All three jumped and looked. A girl about their age with black hair tied up in a ponytail and green eyes was looking at them. With her was a boy with long brown hair, pupiless lavender eyes with strange red triangles under them. And another boy with blonde hair in a high ponytail and charcoal eyes.

“I’m sorry,” apologized the girl, “I didn’t mean to startle you. I’m Mikoto Uchiha, and these are my teammates Gento Hyuga and Kumori Nara.”

“Nice to meet you Mikoto,” said Ero, “I’m Ero Uzumaki, and this is Aquila Wasti and Xano Shado. We are more nervous than anything.”

“It doesn’t help that everyone else here looks like they’re ready to kill at a moment notice,” commented Xano.

“They’re probably just as nervous as us,” said Gento.

“and to some, this is their fourth or fiftieth try,” Kumori said, “I heard the exams are quite hard.”

Ero and his team paled.

“But I’m sure all of us will do just fine,” reassured Mikoto nudging Kumori’s side.

A throat cleared.

“Could everyone please find the seat you were assigned to,” ordered the instructor.

Everyone did as told. The six found themselves separated from their teammates. The instructor handed out the packet of papers before giving instructions. Ero swallowed and stared down at the test.

I’m so screwed, he thought.


Naldosi looked down through the window of a classroom. He turned his head when he senses someone coming.

“Taking a break I see,” said Neji.

“Pretty much,” Naldosi said, “I managed to get one of my targets. I didn’t cause too much of a scene did I?”

“Not that I know of,” answered Neji.

“Ah good,” said Naldosi before looking back at the classroom, “I forgot the Chunin exams started today. My middle son is supposed to be taking it. I wonder how he is doing.”

Neji looked down at the classroom.

“Probably trying his best,” he said, “my cousin’s eldest is doing the exams too. I pray he didn’t inherit too much from his father.”

Naldosi smiled under his mask.

“Haha,” he laughed, “and I pray that if mine were to fail the test that he doesn’t take it to heart.”

Neji tilted his head to one side.

“His elder brother passed with flying colors,” Naldosi answered the unasked question.

“Ah I understand then,” said Neji, “nothing like some sibling rivalry to keep the parents on their toes.”

“Pfft,” Naldosi snorted, “you can say that again. I hope my youngest son doesn’t get in the middle of it when he gets older.”

Naldosi got up from his seat and stretched.

“Whelp I better find those last two and get out of your hair,” he said.

“Will you not stay afterward to see if your son passes the exams?” asked Neji.

“Oh trust me I’ll be here long after they ended,” Naldosi answered before disappearing from the roof.

Neji shook his head and headed off. Naldosi reappeared two buildings away.

That was a close one, he thought.

He looked back at the academy.

Best of luck to you my son, Naldosi thought before going off to ‘look’ for his so-called targets.


Sorry, this one is short and uneventful. I ran out of ideas for this chapter.

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Demon Blood Chapter 2

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Warning! This fic does not follow the manga/the ending of the anime!

Note: The prequel of this fic, Fox Emperor, will be rewritten. This is due to the fact some things that will happen in this fic will no longer make sense int hat fic.

This is Kyuubi talking to Naruto.


To say Empress Rolina was surprised would have been an understatement.

“Let me get this straight,” she started, “you, somehow, sneaked passed all of my guards just to see me faster?”

“Yep,” answered Naruto as he took a drink of his water.

They had moved to the dining room so Naruto could eat a bit and tell his story.

“You do know there is a bridge, yes?” Rolina asked.

Naruto blinked causing Rolina to sigh. She rubbed her temples. How this boy managed survived is beyond her.

‘So,” she started again, “what is in the box?”

Naruto looked at the box and pushed it toward Rolina.

“It’s all of the details about the Uchiha Massacre,” he answered.

Rolina’s eyes widen.

“Massacre!?” she exclaimed as she opened the box and grabbed one of the files.

“The third Hokage ordered it,” answered Naruto, “I don’t know why though.”

Rolina glanced inside the box once more. There were a lot of files.

“Tell you what, Naruto,” she said, “Once you finish eating, I want you to go back across the bridge. You need to get Lady Mossa’s blessing even to get the gates to open. I would like to know, sometime, how you managed to climb the walls. Genjilo!”

A guard, dressed like he was of high rank, came to Rolina and bowed.

“Yes your majesty?” he asked.

“When Naruto gets eating, please escort him to Lady Mossa at Higurashi Village and then back here once blessed.”

Genjilo bowed again.

“As you wish your majesty,” he said.

Rolina smiled a bit before going back to reading the files. Once Naruto was done eating; he headed to Higurashi Village with Genjilo. The guard stopped at the gate and looked up at the walls. The walls were made with Howlite stones and were purposely smoothed. Not only that but they, the Solerians, put a spell on them that prevented anyone from using Chakara to climb it. Genjilo looked at Naruto.

“How did you climb the walls?” he asked.

“By using my Chakara,” Naruto answered like it was common sense.

Genjilo looked back at the walls and started to wonder if their spell was weakening. With a sigh, he lifted his left hand and a symbol meaning Open showed up on his palm. The gates slowly opened. Naruto swallowed when he saw how long the bridge was.

I can barely see the end, he thought with a sigh, this is going to be a long walk.


Sasuke had come to a gate to a village. He looked around at the outskirts a bit. There was no wall, but the village was big, but not too big. Sasuke took a deep breath and took a step forward.

“Hold right there,” came a voice.

Sasuke looked to his left. There, with arms crossed, was a man with jet black hair tied into a high ponytail, slate-colored eyes, and wearing a blue haori, dark blue haori himo, and white hakame.

“What business do you have here in Higurashi Village?” the man asked.

So that’s what this village name is, Sasuke thought.

“A…fiend of mine went to the island past the bridge,” he answered, “I am merely trying to get to him.”

“No one has walked the bridge since last week,” stated the man.

“He ran across the water,” said Sasuke.

The man raised an eyebrow.

“If that is true,” he started, “there would be no way he could get past the gate. You need a blessing to open it.”

“Oh trust me,” started Sasuke, “if there is a way to get past or do something out of the ordinary, Naruto will find it and use it.”

The man blinked and shook his head. He turned and looked over his shoulder at Sasuke.

“If that is also true then you will need to get your blessing to open the gate and follow this friend,” he said, “follow me, and I’ll take you to Lady Mossa. The name is Narzo Higurashi be the way.”

“Sasuke Uchiha,” Sasuke introduced himself.

“Ah,” said Narzo, ” an Uchiha hm? Then you’ll be most welcomed in Solaria. After all the Uchiha clan has been their allies for years.”

Sasuke took this information in since he knows very little of his clan’s allies.

“Oh,” said Narzo, “is the blonde one your friend?”

Sasuke looked over at the bridge. Naruto was with a well-armored ninja like guard. Naruto looked like he was out of breath.

“Ah young Lord Narzo,” greeted the guard, “is your grandmother here?”

“She is captain Genjilo,” answered Narzo before glancing to Naruto, “I take it that one is here to see her as well.”

“Yes,” said Genjilo, “he somehow managed to climb the wall to get past the gate.”

Narzo’s eyes widened and looked over at Sasuke. The Uchiha gave him an ‘I told you so’ look. Genjilo looked at Sasuke with interest.

“Oh this is Sasuke Uchiha,” introduced Narzo, “he is here for the same reason.”

Genjilo bowed deeply.

“Honored to meet you, my lord,” he said.

Sasuke just nodded and looked back at Naruto. Naruto, in return, looked at him with wide eyes.

“What are you doing here Sasuke?” he asked.

“I could ask you the same thing.” answered the Uchiha, “I saw you run across the water. What was in that box you had with you?”

He saw the name on it but wanted to confirm his suspicion. Naruto, however, clammed up and looked the other way.

“I’m sorry my lord,” said Genjilo, “that is for the empress to know. If she thinks you should be informed of such information, she will tell you her self.”

Sasuke raised an eyebrow and nodded. He had never heard about this empress. Narzo cleared his throat getting all three their attention.

“If you, please follow me,” he said before walking off.

They followed Narzo to a big building. Inside it looked like some sort of temple. There were paintings of all kinds of demons and priests and priestesses on the walls. They were led into a vast room where a group of fifteen people dressed as priest and priestesses sat in a circle. They seem to be praying. Narzo stopped Genjilo, Naruto, and Sasuke and put his finger over his mouth to indicate that they should remain silent. He went to the elder woman that seemed to be leading the prayer.

“There is two men here that need to be blessed grandma Mossa,” Narzo whispered into her ear.

She glanced up to look. She recognized Genjilo right away. Mossa marked Sasuke as an Uchiha but did not know Naruto. She nodded to her grandson.

“We are almost done,” she whispered back, “just need to do the ending prayer.”

Narzo nodded and moved back to their guests. Mossa took a deep breath.

“Dearest ancestors,” she started.

“Dearest ancestors,” repeated the rest that was in the circle.

“We send you out love,” they said in unison, “we send you our joy and happiness. May you continue to watch us as we continue to watch us as we continue living. Til we met one another in the heavens above or the hells below. Amen.”

Those of the circle got up. Most left the room except Mossa. She bowed to Genjilo.

‘It is good to see you are well Genjilo,” she said with a smile, “who do you have with you today?”

“This is Lord Sasuke Uchiha and Lord Naruto Uzumaki,” answered the captain.

“Ah I thought you were an Uchiha,” said Mossa, “you have the look of one.”

Sasuke raised both eyebrows at this. Mossa looked over at Naruto.

“Normally Uzumaki’s have red or brown hair,” she stated, “you are the first I seen with hair as golden as the sun.”

Naruto blushed.

“He is from those that lived outside of Solaria,” commented Genjilo.

“Oh,” Mossa said, “I see. You both require a blessing from your ancestors to even open the gate.”

“Or you could climb the wall,” Naruto said under his breath.

Sasuke nudged him in the side. Naruto glared at him. In return, Sasuke gave him a look.

“I will start with you first Lord Sasuke,” said Mossa moving to were the circle of prayer was, “if you could come and sit in front of me and give me your hands. We shall commune with your ancestors to get your blessing.”

Sasuke did as told.

“Now close your eyes and clear your mind of all things,” Mossa ordered.

Sasuke did just that. He heard Mossa start chanting. Sasuke began to see a man dressed in white and had armor on. His long silver hair was up in a ponytail. He had two blue strips. One on each cheek. Then a beautiful woman appeared beside the man. She wore noble like clothes and had jet black hair that was long. Another woman appeared. This one had silver hair with dog-like ears on her head. Sasuke could have sworn that he saw a dog-like tail. Another man started to appear next to her. He was dressed in red and had silver hair as well as dog-like ears. He couldn’t make out both of them due to how blurry they were.

“You may open your eyes now,” came Mossa, “they have deemed you worthy of receiving their blessing.”

Sasuke opened his eyes.

“I saw two men and two women,” he said.

“Aye,” said Mossa with a smile, “they were your ancestors.”

Sasuke’s eyes widen. He couldn’t believe he got to see his ancestors. He knew next to nothing about them. Mossa laughed.

“I always love seeing this type of reaction from those who got to see their long distanced relatives for the first time,” she commented before looking at Naruto, “your turn.”

Sasuke moved so Naruto could sit. He put his hands in Mossa’s. He closed his eyes as she started chanting.

“I wonder what Naruto’s is,” Sasuke wondered out loud.

“A fox demon,” stated Genjilo, “all Uzumaki’s are related to him. I know this because I was there when Empress Rolina got blessed.”

“I would like to meet this empress,” said Sasuke.

“I was hoping you would say that,” Genjilo said with a smile.

Narzo started to frowned when he heard Naruto’s heavy breathing

That’s not good, he thought.


Naruto saw before him a beautiful woman with braided red hair and a fox tail. Her face, however, was blurred. A man started to appear beside only he was completely blurry. Naruto couldn’t see any details about them. He then felt something crawling all over him. He looked to see a bunch of spiders. There was laughter before the scenery changed to that of a field with a red sky. Naruto saw shadows of people he didn’t recognize. There fighting something, but that too was a shadow. There were voices; so many voices.

“Stop please,” begged Naruto, “please make it stop! Stop!”


“Mina!” Naruto shouted, “MINA! MINA!”

Mossa stopped and stared at him wide-eyed.

“What is going on with him?” Genjilo asked with concern.

“He is speaking in demon tongue,” answered Mossa, “he is shouting stop.”

“Can you bring him out of it?” asked Narzo, “because I don’t think those glowing marks are normal.”

Mossa now noticed the strange reddish orange marks that were spreading on his arms and his face. She, then, see the spider mark on Naruto’s forehead. Mossa grabbed Naruto’s arms and started chanting. Naruto opened his eyes. Narzo gasped. Naruto’s eyes were slit and red like a demon’s.

“BUR NILZOLO GERA MINTI!” Naruto shouted before collapsing onto the floor.

Narzo was at his side check him. Genjilo starting going over while Sasuke stood there wondering what happened. His eyes narrowed at the glowing marks that were still there. The color and the design seemed familiar. Mossa watched as the spider marking faded away.

“Naruto?” Narzo called out.

The blonde shook his head. He was shaking while he tried to make sense for all he had seen.

“What happened?” asked Genjilo.

“It’s a reaction to the chanting,” said Mossa, “but I can’t tell you what caused it.”

“It might be the seal causing it,” said Sasuke.

“What seal?” asked Mossa.

“The Kyuubi’s seal,” answered Sasuke.

“You mean to tell us that Naruto here is a Jinchuriki?” Genjilo asked.

Sasuke nodded.

Genjilo swallowed.

Rolina isn’t going to like this one bit, he thought.

Narzo looked at Mossa.

“Grandma is there anything you can do for him?” he asked.

Mossa shook her head.

“Unfortunately no,” she answered. “I’m not sure if the marks will go away or not. I do know that as long as he is a Jinchuriki, he cannot be blessed. Someone will have to open and close the gate for him.”

Genjilo nodded in understanding.


Naruto opened his eyes slightly to see that he was in front of Kyuubi’s cage. Said demon was looking down at him in concern.

I’m so sorry kit. I truly am.

Naruto reached up to him.

“Shi….ppo….” he said before losing consciousness.

Shippo’s eyes widen. It had been 300 years since anyone called him by that name. Shippo, then, frowned when he remembered why.

Damn you Naraku! He shouted in his mind.


Genjilo lifted the unconscious Naruto on his back.

“One of the elders might know what to do,” he said, “You come along Lord Sasuke. I’m sure her majesty will have questions for you.”

Sasuke nodded and looked at Naruto in both concern and curiosity before they headed to the bridge.


Sakura looked up at what remained of Naruto’s apartment. She sighed.

“Worried about him?” asked a voice.

She looked to her right to see Neji.

“Yeah,” she answered, “I don’t know why someone would want to kill him. He helped save us from the zero tail.”

“Some people still see him as a monster,” Neji stated.

Sakura frowned. She wished everyone could see Naruto the way she sees him. He may be an idiot sometimes, but he was the nicest guy she knows.

“The Hokage wishes to see us,” said Neji.

Sakura nodded and followed him to the Hokage’s office.

“Lady Tsunade,” Neji bowed.

“Ah Neji and Sakura,” said Tsunade.

She quickly shut the door.

“I’m sending you two, Shino, and Kiba on a secret mission,” she whispered, “you four need to go to Solaria City and meet with the Empress. I’ll show you the way there on this map. No one must know about this. Not even the elders.”

“Why are we going there and meeting with someone so important?” asked Sakura.

“You are going to prevent a massive slaughter,” answered Tsunade.

Neji’s and Sakura’s eyes widen. Now they were curious.


Rolina was greatly alarmed when Genjilo came back caring Naruto on his back and with someone she didn’t know.

“What happen?” she asked, “and who is this?”

“This is Sasuke Uchiha,” answered Genjilo.

Rolina frowned. She just got done reading about the massacre. She shook her head. Now was not the time to pity Sasuke.

“What happened to Naruto?” she asked again.

“Possibly a bad reaction to being blessed,” answered Genjilo, “which he isn’t by the way. He is a Jinchuriki.”

Rolina paled.

“When?” she asked almost in an angry tune.

“During his life at Konoha,” answered Sasuke, “I don’t know how old he was when it happened. The adults tend to keep it hush hush.”

Rolina was now furious.

“First they dive one of the Uchiha’s so badly mad that he kidnaps our first emperor and ancestor,” she started, “then they end up killing them all off except for one. Now they have forcefully sealed a demon within one of our own!? This is the last straw!”

She turned to Genjilo.

“Take Naruto and Sasuke to one of the guest rooms,” she ordered, “I will send of Lady Shezzia to tend to Naruto. She might know how to work with that damnable seal. I’m going to send a message to Konoha demanding to see that Hokage of theirs.”

Genjilo nodded, and both carried Naruto and lead Sasuke to a guest room.

Depending on the outcome of the meeting with the Hokage, Rolina thought, I may declare war.


I had to improvise a little on a couple of characters. Also, I’m sorry if Sasuke seemed out of character. By the way, if you are wondering why Neji is alive. Well, this fic doesn’t follow the manga/anime anymore so I figure I can bring him back to life.

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Death Coil Chapter 11

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Warning! This fic is no longer lore friendly! Lore nuts beware!


Illidan was in the center or the Illidari headquarters. The center was where the undead dragons stayed. Illidan had his arms crossed while watching Korialstrasz testing out something he learned from Helino. Helino was a black dragon who was killed by Deathwing when he needed someone to use for an experiment. Vaeelairan came up to Illidan.

“General I have a bit of an update,” he said.

Illidan glanced at him.

“Go ahead,” he ordered.

“The druids and the heroes of the Alliance and Horde have taken the Firelands,” said Vaeelairan, “the fire lord Ragnaros, has fallen. There’s talk that the aspects plus Thrall are attempting to take a version of the demon soul. They plan on using it against Deathwing.”

Illidan nodded before giving him a look.

“May I ask how you got this information?” he asked.

“I still have a few living friends,” Vaeelairan answered, “besides not all druids like that twin of yours.”

Illidan smiled a bit.

“If you hear anymore,” he started, “please let me know.”

Vaeelairan nodded and left. Korialstrasz, at this point, had stopped what he was doing and was looking at one of the openings near the top of the center. An undead blue dragon flew through it and landed on a landing platform. Korialstrasz sighed as his thoughts went to his memories of Dalaran, of Rhonin and Vereesa, and, most of all, his beloved queen.

“What’s on your mind?” Illidan asked.

Korialstrasz jumped. Illidan had come and stood right beside him. Korialstrasz looked at the ground.

“Just thinking about the past,” he finally answered.

“Ah,” said Illidan.

They stood there in silence for a bit.

“You know,” started Illidan braking the silence, “you can go and see Master Rhonin and Lady Vereesa. You are not bound here.”

Korialstrasz looked at him in disbelief for a moment before he smiled.

“Thank you,” he said before changing into his skeletal dragon form.

“I wish you could go see that beloved of yours as well, but I think she’s a bit busy at the moment,” said Illidan.

Korialstrasz nodded and flew up.

“I’ll be back before long,” he said, “I may not be bound to here, but it is my home now.”

Illidan smiled.

“It’s a home for all of us,” he said, “stay clear of Wyrmrest Temple. It’s crawling with Twilight Drakes still.”

Korialstrasz nodded again before he left. Illidan sighed and headed to his throne.


To say Malfurion was a little annoyed would be an understatement. All through the fight for the Firelands, he kept getting glares from Varendar. He knew why too. He cast Illidan out just like he did when his twin absorbed the Skull of Gul’dan and turned into a half demon. Malfurion took another gulp of wine from his cup as he watched the people of Darnassus go about their night on the balcony of his home.

“Maybe I was wrong to cast him out again,” he wondered out loud.

“Doubting yourself again, my love?” came a sweet and yet beautiful voice.

Malfurion looked over his shoulder to see his beloved wife, Tyrande. She sat down on the chair on the other side of the small table. Tyrande glanced over at Malfurion with a concerned look. There was silence between the two for a bit.

“Am I an idiot?” Malfurion asked.

Tyrande was a bit taken back by the question.

“I don’t think you are,” she answered, you may do rash things sometimes, but you’re not an idiot.”

“Sometimes I wonder about that,” said Malfurion before taking another gulp of his wine, “and sometimes I wonder, if the roles were reverse, would Illidan have acted the same?”

Tyrande watched Malfurion take another big gulp of his wine. Her eyes narrowed.

He was like this when I told him of Illidan’s death, she thought, He may act like Illidan is some sort of curse, but deep down in his heart he still loves his twin.

“Mal,” Tyrande started, “how much wine have you had?”

Malfurion looked at her. That’s when Tyrande saw how unfocused his eyes were. Malfurion, then, looked down at the ground. Tyrande saw the two empty wine bottles on the ground. She sighed and got up. She took the cup out of her husband’s hand, put it on the table, and pulled him up out of his set.

“That’s enough alcohol for you,” she ordered, “time for bed.”

“Yes mother,” Malfurion said sarcastically.

Tyrande gave him a look causing him to flinch.

“Sorry,” he said.

“It’s okay,” said Tyrande, “jerk.”

Both were smiling a little as they made their way to the bedroom. Malfurion instantly fell asleep when he laid down on the bed. Tyrande smiled as she closed the door.

One day those two will get together and laugh at these events, she thought, that’ll be the day when all will be at peace.


Korialstrasz landed a bit ways from the teleporting crystal before changing to his humanoid form. He thought it best to take the crystal instead of landing at, well, Krasus’ Landing. He didn’t wish to scare anyone. He put his hood up before touching the crystal. With a flash, he ported to the inside of one of the buildings in Runweaver Square. He staggered a bit as he went over to hold on to the wall. Two more people ported in and, like Korialstrasz, staggered a bit.

“Apologizes,” said a Kirin’Tor mage, “we’re having issues with the teleporting crystals. The dizziness should go away in a bit. If not, please go to the infirmary.”

Korialstrasz managed to go down the stairs to the outside world. He heard someone trip. He managed to catch them. It was a female Forsaken Rogue.

“I should have flown here instead,” she stated before looking up at Korialstrasz, “thanks.”

Korialstrasz nodded. Someone scoffed. A male Worgen Druid slowly walked down the stairs.

“For a Rogue, Urscha,” he started, “you are quite clumsy.”

“Oh, hush Kyeersh,” Urscha said, “thanks again. Come on you dog or all of the leather scraped are going to be sold out at the Auction House.”

“I’m coming,” said Kyeersh, “I’m coming.”

Korialstrasz smiled. It was good to see those of the opposite faction treat each other like friends. The undead dragon made his way to The Violet Citadel. He looked around. He spotted Vereesa giving orders to one of her rangers. The ranger nodded and walked away. Vereesa, feeling eyes on her, looked at Korialstrasz. She tilted her head. She couldn’t see his face due to the hood. Korialstrasz wine to her.

“You are looking well Vereesa,” he said, “how are the twins?”

Vereesa’s eyes widen upon recognizing the voice.

“Karsus?” she asked.

Korialstrasz put a finger to his lips and nodded. It took all of Vereesa’s willpower to not scream out in joy. She hugged him instead. Korialstrasz chuckled. Rhonin was at the top of the staircase. He just ported down from the top of the tower. He raised an eyebrow upon seeing Vereesa hugging someone. She noticed him and waved him over. Rhonin went to them.

“Rhonin this is Karsus,” Vereesa said in excitement, “he’s back with us.”

Rhonin stared wide-eyed at Korialstrasz. The undead dragon just smiled at him nervously.

“Wha-” Rhonin started, “we were told that you died.”

“I did,” said Korialstrasz, “and I still am.”

Both, Rhonin and Vereesa, looked at him in confusion. Korialstrasz sighed.

“You two might want to sit down,” he started, “because it’s a long story.”


Illidan was on his throne reading a message from Deathrin. It mostly concerns about the path Garrosh was on. Deathrin was very worried about how it would affect the fate of the Blood Elves. Mostly impotently how it would change the future of his twin sister.

Might have to reassign my Horde soldiers, he thought, maybe convince some of them to come here…

Someone clearing their throat cause Illidan to look up. It was Raknaal and behind him was none other then Thrall.

“He wishes to have a word with you, general,” said the Worgen.

Illidan nodded. Raknaal turned to wait at the doorway.

“No funny business Orc or else,” he warned.

Thrall just looked at the Worgen in a bit or alarmed. Illidan shook his head.

“Ignore him,” he said, “he has been like that since we were cast out of Mt. Hyjal. Now, what did you wish to speak to me about?”

Thrall looked up at Illidan.

“I was wondering if you and your Illidari will aid us in bring down Deathwing,” he answered, “with your numbers, we might stand a chance.

Illidan raised his eyebrow.

“I was told that you and the aspects were going to try and get a version of the Demon Soul,” he said causing Thrall to give him a bit of a shocked look, “did that not happen?”

“No,” answered Thrall getting over his shock, “we have the Demon Soul.”

“Then why do you need us?” Illidan asked, “you have the aspects, an item Deathwing, himself, crafted, and you, a most powerful Shaman that probably will never die. Even by old age. It seems like to me that we are not needed.”

Thrall was getting a little bit frustrated.

“With those, alone, we can not defeat Deathwing,” he said, “he and those that follow his ruling-”

“Oh so you want us to help keep the minions away so you can blast him,” interrupted Illidan, “why didn’t you say that from the beginning?”

“So you will help?” asked Thrall.

“I’ll have to speak with my commanders,” answered Illidan, “then we’ll see.”

Thrall bowed.

“Thank you,” he said.

Illidan nodded and watched Raknaal escort the Shaman out.

This is going to be interesting, he thought before going to wright Deathrin back.


Sorry, it took so long to update. Life has been busy.

Side note: Tyrande will not act the way she does in the game. I hate how Blizzard wrote her.

Also special thanks to the program called Grammarly ❤

Tristan And Joey MLP Style

Why is Joey blue? Because the only I found of him had him as skin color and one had him as green. I made him the same kind of blue that is on his shirt in Battle City. Joey’s cutie mark is the red eyes black dragon to match Seto’s blue eyes. Tristan is the same kind of brown as his jacket in Duelist Kingdom. Why is his cutie mark a shield? Because I don’t know what to put as his cutie mark that isn’t a microphone like the other pictures of him XD


Tristan And Joey MLP Style.png

Tree Blossom

This is my new mlp oc named Tree Blossom. I requested her and she was drawn by two different people. I combined the two designs and changed a few things. The males of her kind have larger antlers. Their ears are always pointed (think of them as wood elves)


Age: 23
Type: Dryad Pony
Kingdom: The Forests of The Alamoria Kingdom (made up by peanutcat12)
Profession: Guardian of Nature
Background: She and her kin keep, maintain, and guard the very forests of the Alamoria Kingdom. They have no alliance to Prince Dusk (owned by peanutcat12) but they do not mind him enter their woods for he shows respect to nature. Tree Blossom and her kin can speak, hear, and command the very forces of nature.
Personality: Always seem to be distance, sometimes talk in rhymes, only gets angry if you insult her, her kin, and nature itself, very quiet.
Quote: “Welcome to our forests. Please do mind your step. The trees here are still children.”
Special Somepony: No one

Tree Blossom.png