Legacy of Usopp Chapter 2

This chapter is written by Fuzzylittlekitty (she is couldn’t asleep so I’m posting it)! I edited for her!


The days had passed and Coby couldn’t get Usopp to talk about what happened. Coby sighed. He was in his office on the Marine side of the island. There was a few towns here and there, but they weren’t as grand as the city Marina. That’s where the Marine building was.

The pirate’s had their own city too. They called it Utopia. Though most of their city was surrounded by three different graveyards. Coby frowned. They had to bury Luffy and the others at graveyard number one, filling up the spaces.

As for the Thousand Sunny, Usopp made it clear that he didn’t want anyone on there ’till he got there. He also mention something about ‘the treasure’. That made Coby a bit curious, but he just sent a few Marines there to guard it.

Coby’s snail-phone rang. He picked it up. He could hear an inhuman roar on the other end. Coby suddenly was on alert.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“It’s Usopp,” answered Dr. Sarvin, “He’s turned into something I can’t explain. Just hurry and get your ass here now!”

There was a crash before Dr. Sarvin hanged up. Coby jumped up and got his coat. He yelled for Helmeppo to follow him. They got on their horses and galloped all the way to Utopia’s hospital. Once they got to the floor Usopp was on, they were in shook. Usopp was some kind of dark purple angle with strange looking wings. His hair look like white fire and the wings were black. White stars twinkled in the wings while black stars twinkled in the hair. Coby and Helmeppo could pick out the big dipper, little dipper and other consolations in them.

Usopp growled and hissed at them. He was on all fours. Coby looked at the claw like hands and feet. Usopp’s mouth was in a jagged style (think of Naruto’s four tail form for the mouth). He swallowed. Usopp looked at him and growled. Coby looked at Dr. Sarvin.

“What where you doing to him before he changed?” he asked.

“He was complaining about pain on the burnt side of his face,” answered Dr. Sarvin, “so I had ordered a nurse to get me a few things to relieve it. That’s when he turned.”

“Has he harmed anyone?” asked Helmeppo.

“No,” answered Dr. Sarvin, “all he did was brake the door and a few glass bottles full of medicine. He’s been staying right there.”

Usopp roared. Helmeppo raised his blades. Usopp looked at him and growled. He looked like he was ready to attack Helmeppo if he tried anything.

“Helmeppo,” said Coby, “put your blades away.”

Helmeppo nodded. He slowly put them away. Usopp relax some. He looked at Coby as he got on his knees and slowly made his way to Usopp. Coby had is hands up to show Usopp that he wasn’t going to do anything.

“It’s all right,” said Coby, “I just want to get near you to help you. If you don’t mind changing back.”

“I don’t know how,” said Usopp causing Coby to jump, “I don’t even know how to control this Devil Fruit.”

Coby jumped a little not excepting Usopp to be able to spoke in that form.

“Is it okay if I put seastone cuffs on you?” he asked, “it’s just to change you back.”

Usopp stared at Coby for a minuet before nodding. Coby looked back at Helmeppo.

“Do you have one on you?” he asked.

Helmeppo nodded. He grabbed the one he hang off of one of is belt loops and handed it Coby. Coby slowly and gently put them on Usopp’s wrists. Usopp turned back and fall into Coby’s arms.

“You okay?” Coby asked.

“Yeah,” Usopp answered, “just a bit tired.”

“We’ll take you back to your room,” said Coby, “is okay if the cuffs stay on?”

“That’s fine,” Usopp answered, “…I’m ready to talk as well….”

Coby nodded. With the help from Helmeppo, they put Usopp back on his bed. With a sigh Usopp told them every thing that had happen on that night, including what was still on the ship, One Piece.

“I see,” said Coby, “I’ll make sure no one touches it.”

“Thank you,” said Usopp.

“Coby,” said Helmeppo, “I suggest, when Usopp gets out of here, that we try to help him control this Devil Fruit power.”

“That is a good idea,” said Coby, “but I don’t know. We know nothing about this fruit…not even it’s name.”

“I tend to call it the shade shade fruit,” said Usopp.

“It’ll be fun,” said Helmeppo, “it’ll also be an adventure.”

Excitement filled Coby. They hadn’t had an adventure in a long time. He sighed in defeat.

“Fine then,” he said, “but you’re cleaning up the messes he makes.”

Helmeppo smiled. Usopp was well enough to leave the hospital a few days later. Coby had gotten him a horse to ride to the Marine base. Usopp wasn’t too happy about that. In fact he refused to go near it ’till ether Helmeppo or Coby came to escort him up. Coby had warn him that if any kind of harm came to any of the Marines here, Usopp will be locked up. Same rules applied to the Marines if they harmed a pirate citizen. Though Coby couldn’t due anything to the visiting Marines that were a higher rank then him.

Usopp followed Helmeppo down a trail from the Marine’s training field to the forest area. They stepped off the trail and headed into a deeper part of the forest. Usopp looked back at the path. It was a red brick path. Coby told him that these paths connected the towns and cities together, including the pirate ones.

“All right,” said Helmeppo, “this is where we’ll train at. Let’s, first, work on that form you were in days ago.”

Usopp swallowed. He closed his eyes and held his hands out on his sides (like a T). Black energy balls fired and hit two trees. Their middles blasted out causing the top half to fall. Usopp blushed.

“Just calm down,” said Helmeppo, “just picture the form in your head.”

Usopp nodded. He closed his eyes again. There was guns being fired that scared him. Helmeppo looked back at the direction of the Marine base in announce. He looked to were Usopp was only to find Maroon smoke being blown away by the breeze.

“Usopp?” asked Helmeppo.

Usopp opened his eyes. He was in a whole different place. There was maroon and purple clouds every where and that was it. There was no sky and no ground. Bright purple lightning flashed, but didn’t hit anything.

“Usopp!” he heard Helmeppo’s voice eco, “Usopp where are you?”

Usopp swallowed and closed his eyes again. When he open them, he was still in this strange place. He started to panic and then he started to change form.

“Let me out!” he shouted, “let me leave this place!”

Usopp disappeared and then reappeared in the real world. Helmeppo found him in his angle form on his knees with his head on the ground with his hands covering his head. Usopp was shaking. Helmeppo got on the ground beside him and put his hand on his shoulder blade.

“Usopp you’re okay,” said Helmeppo, “there’s nothing to hurt you.”

“What happen?” asked Coby coming up to him.

He had made his way down the path when he herd the trees fall with a big thud.

“I don’t know,” answered Helmeppo, “he just disappeared as a human and then reappeared like this.”

Coby was on Usopp’s other side now. Guns fire off again causing Usopp to finch.

“It’s okay Usopp,” Coby said, “it’s just the solders practicing.”

“I was in a different world,” said Usopp, “I couldn’t leave it.”

I have to figure out how to better understand this fruit, Coby thought, it’s nothing I have ever seen before.

Soon Usopp calm down enough to change back. He brushed his hair our of the way of his left eye. He had his hair down for one reason only, to cover the right side of his face. That side was so burnt the doctors had to get a surgeon from the Marine hospital to do a skin graph. Usopp wasn’t sure what that was nor was he going to ask. One thing is for sure is that he could no longer see through his right eye. Usopp wondered if, after his devil fruit training, they would let him try practicing his aiming.

They continued his training for the day. He had half way managed to change at will. It was still very hard for him. He still couldn’t control the random black energy balls and the consent porting to this other world. He would always panic would he got stuck there and when he couldn’t turn back. He would scratch at his arms making them bleed when he did turn back. It was so bad that Coby had to go get the first aid to bandage them up.


Coby was still up. He was at the library at Marina in the restricted area. He was trying to find anything that was about the fruit that the Straw Hat crew found. Coby grabbed a book titled “Devil Fruits of The World”.

This has got to have something about the shade shade fruit, Coby thought.

He didn’t get but two pages in when Helmeppo came up with a paper in his hand.

“We have a problem,” he said before holdup the paper.

It was a wanted poster. Coby’s eyes widen when he saw who the picture was of. It was Usopp in his angel form. Coby closed the book, threw it on the table, stood up, and grabbed the poster. He’s heart was pounding very fast when he read the 500,000,000 beri bounty and the note: last member of the Straw Hats. Coby’s heart slowed a bit when he saw the name, Shadow Angle – real name unknown, in bold letters. Though that didn’t mean they should relax.

“Helmeppo-” Coby started.

“I have all ready made sure no one speaks of Usopp’s angle form,” Helmeppo finished, “the pirates have done said that they will not let a fellow brother suffer in the hands of a “pure” Marine.”

Coby smiled. Leave it to the pirates to look out for one of their own.

“Make sure the other Marines are on high alert for bounty hunters,” said Coby, “I also want boat checks out to make sure no one is hiding a hunter or spys.”

“Right a way Coby,” said Helmeppo saluting and then leaving.

Coby sighed.

Don’t worry Usopp, he thought, I’ll make sure you’re safe here.

He looked back down at the book.

Even if it means my death, he thought, because you’re the last thing I have left of Luffy.

Legacy of Usopp Chapter 1

This chapter was written by Flaming-Fist-Paul. I edited for him!

MAJOR WARNING! Character death ahead!


Luffy was in his spot at the front of the Thousand Sunny. He had a huge smile on his face. They were coming up to the last island on the Grand Line, Raftel. there One Piece was supposedly at. Luffy looked up to see one hell of a storm coming. Then came Nami’s voice ordering everyone around. They made it through in an hour or so. They landed onto Raftel afterwords.

“Where’s One Piece?” Luffy asked only to get knocked on the head by Zoro.

“Idiot,” Zoro said, “do you honestly think the pirate king would have hid it in plain view? We have to ether dig it up or find a cave or something.”

Luffy started looking at the ground.

“Now what are you looking for?” Zoro asked.

“An X,” Luffy answered.

This time Sanji kicked him.

“Like there would be a giant X on the ground,” he said.

“Hey guys!” Chopper yelled from a far, “I found a cave!”

Luffy raced over. His eyes sparked as he tried to enter it. Nami pulled him back and cleared her throat. She hold up a flash light and turned it on. She went in first.

“Try not to get lost Moss Head,” Sanji said to Zoro, “or we’ll never find you.”

Zoro’s eye twitched.

“I don’t get lost,” he stated.

“If he wants to believe that then go right a head,” Usopp said under his berth.

They all headed inside. They walked for what seem like hours before Robin stopped. She noticed some ind of picture on the wall.

“Nami do you mind shining that light on to this wall?” Robin asked.

“Yeah sure,” Nami said.

She moved the flash light to the wall. There was four images of strange looking humans pointing in different locations. There was, also, a skull and cross bones over a bunch of fruit images. There was four other fruits below the strange humans. Robin took a closer look.

“Hey I thought we were suppose to be finding One Piece,” said Luffy.

He was kicked by Sanji for being rude to his goddesses. Luffy dropped to the ground and looked at the wall. He blinked and took a closer look at the picture of a bunch of fruit.

“Hey the Gum Gum fruit is there!” he shouted.

Chopper came over to look.

“So is the one I ate,” he said.

Robin looked.

“So is the one I ate too,” she said.

She looked at the skull and cross bones.

“I see,” Robin said, “if a devil fruit user were to eat one of these four then they will die.”

Chopper swallowed. Zoro looked at the other picture.

“What exactly does these four fruits do?” he asked.

Robin looked over. One of the humans was a dark purple color like it’s fruit. It had strange looking wings and two shadows, which it was controlling. It was also pointing right.

“I think this one is a shadow fruit,” Robin said.

The one next to it was white like it’s fruit. It had angel like wings and it was shining some kind of light. Said light was burning two little imps. It was pointing up.

“This one is light,” said Robin.

The one next to that one had some kind of aura around and three circles of the same color as the human, magenta. It was pointing down. The fruit was the same color as well.

“This one is some kind of magic,” Robin said, “arcane I think.”

The last one was lavender like it’s fruit. It had some kind of sound lines coming from an eye on the forehead. Things were floating around it. It was, also, pointing to the left.

“And this one is psychic,” said Robin.

“I think the way they’re pointing is where they are in this place,” said Usopp.

Nami looked to the left of them. There was a cave in tunnel and pieces of a ladder in the rocks.

“Well it looks like the only way we can go is where the shadow one is pointing,” said Nami “the right.”

She lead the way for a while before stopping. She had a huge grin and sparkles in her eyes. Everyone else looked. The room was filled with gold, gems, and pearls. Everyone cheered and started running around, looking at it all Luffy looked up and blinked. At the top of a cliff was a marble table and on it was a round dark purple fruit.

“Hey!” Luffy shouted, “the shadow fruit!”

Everyone looked up to see it. Luffy made his way up and took the fruit. They soon started moving One Piece onto the ship with a little help from Franky. Brook made the job a bit lively with his jokes. Once everyone and everything was all on board they made an agreement. They were to keep a little of the treasure and re-hide the rest. Luffy kept the shadow fruit though. He looked at it.

Let’s see, he thought, Robin, Chopper, Brook, and I can’t eat it. So that would leave Zoro, Sanji, Franky, Nami, and Usopp.

Luffy scratched his head.

Zoro, Sanji, and Franky are strong already, he thought, so that would leave Nami and Usopp.

Luffy’s eyes sparkled as he pictured them in the shadow form like it was shown on the wall.

“They would look so awesome,” he said in aw.

He then shivered when he thought of away Nami could use it as punishment to him. Luffy then noticed a ship in the distance.

“Who’s that?” he wondered.

“Marine ship on the right!” Zoro yelled.

“There’s another one on the left!” Brook shouted.

“Zoro!” Luffy shouted, “what about the one in front of us?!”

Zoro looked.

“It’s a pirate ship!” he shouted, “by the looks of it, it’s Black Beard’s!”


A marine looked at the ships with a pair of binoculars.

“Sir,” he said, “our fleet and Black Beard are now approaching the Straw Hats.”

“Good,” said the captain, “have our fleet test out the new seastone bullets on them.”

“Yes sir,” said the marine.


Nami got up to the wheel, only to see even more Marine ships coming to them. She, then, looked around them. They were surrounded. She swallowed. There was laughter. They looked toward the pirate ship. Black Beard smiled and had a pistol pointing at Luffy.

“Thanks for making it easy for me to get One Piece,” he said.

He fired. The bullets went past Luffy’s cheek. Luffy blinked and touched his cheek when he felt something wet start to run down it. Blood! Some how the bullet cut into Luffy.

“Fire!” a marine shouted.

Canons were shoot. A few missed, but others hit the ship. Nami tried to find a way out of the block aid. Guns started firing. Everyone tried their best to protect everyone else and the ship. A canon ball was fired and it landed next to Usopp. It exploded. The fire from it caught Usopp on the right side of his face. He screamed out and covered the nasty burn. Chopper looked over at him.

“Usopp!” he shouted.

He tried to make his way to him only to get stopped by gun shots. Franky knocked a canon ball out to sea, but he failed to see the one coming up behind him. It went right through him.

“Franky!” Luffy yelled.

Nami, then, spotted away out. She turned the ship. Guns fired and she fell to the ground, lifeless.

“Nami!” Luffy yelled.

Sanji was next to go, then Robin, then Zoro, then Chopper, and finally Brook. Luffy stood there.

They’re gone, he thought, they’re all gone…

Marines on one ship screamed as giant plants started to devour them. Luffy looked behind him. Though he was in a great deal of pain and half of his face was burnt, Usopp was still standing strong. This brought hope to Luffy. A bullet got Luffy in the leg. Luffy fell. He held his leg and herd something roll. He looked. It was the devil fruit! Usopp screamed when he got shot in the side. He fell as well. Luffy grabbed the fruit and crawled to Usopp.

“Usopp here,” said Luffy trying to give it to him, “eat it.”

Usopp looked at him before another gun fired. Luffy’s grip on the fruit lessen as the life within him left. Usopp was horrified. Tears fell down his cheeks. He looked at the shadow fruit. He reached for it.


The marine looked at the Thousand Sunny again from a far.

“Sir,” he said, “it looks like the Straw Hats have been eliminated.”

The captain turned his back from the Marine and the Thousand Sunny.

“Good,” he started, “Now we need to-”

A terrifying screech filled the air. The captain looked back at the Thousand Sunny. The Marine looked up at what look like some kind of dark purple death angel.

“What the hell is that thing?!” the Marine asked.

Strange small purple glowing balls surrounded the angel. The angel raised it’s hands and then did the hand command for fire. The balls hit the nearest ships. They exploded. The angel let out a victory roar. The captain swallowed. Then a shadow like smoke covered the Thousand Sunny. It was spreading.

“Get us out of here now!” shouted the captain.

A Marine turned the ship around. Another Marine looked at the cloud. Shadow wolves emerged from it and attacked one of the remaining ships. The Marine swallowed and tried not to think about it.


The angel looked around. All the ships were destroyed and bodies were floating in the water satisfied the angel landed next to the wheel. It looked at everyone and whimpered. It looked at it’s claw like hands. It did some kind of hand motion to try and turn back. Nothing. It did the motion several more times, getting the same results. The angel got so frustrated that it started scratching at it’s skin.

After a bit the form faded away to revile Usopp. Usopp groaned in pain as blood dripped from the new cuts that was all over his body. The one done to his neck was the worse. He panted and took the wheel.

Need to get out of here, he thought steering the ship away.


“The hell was that thing captain?” asked a Marine.

“I don’t know,” the captain answered.

“It whipped out an entire fleet without braking a sweat,” commented another Marine.

Another came up to the captain and handed him something. It was a photo of the death angel.

“Ah good work Marine!” the captain complemented before heading to contact HQ.

“Marine Head Quarters,” said a Marine from the other end.

“This is Captain Tarin from branch 32,” said Tarin, “I’m sending in a photo to be made into a wanted poster.”

The Marine looked at the photo.

“What is this thing?” the Marine asked.

“That thing killed and destroyed an entire fleet,” said Tarin, “now listen up. Here is what I want on the poster. Title – Shadow Angel, name – unknown, is the last member of the Straw Hat crew, and warning – is a devil fruit user who’s powers are still unknown.”

“Okay got it,” said the Marine, “but what do you mean by ‘last member of the Straw Hat crew’?”

“The others have been killed,” informed Tarin, “they had found and still have One Piece.”

The Marine’s eyes widen.

“I will inform the higher ups about this,” he said, “what should the starting bounty be?”

“Um…” said Captain Tarin, “Let’s see, I say about 500,000,000 Berries considering what it’s a member of and what it has done.”

“Alright,” said the Marine, “I have all of that written down.”

Tarin nodded and hanged up.


The sound of the Thousand Sunny crashing into land awoke Usopp. He had fallen asleep at the wheel. He blinked. There was a light on him. He looked up.

Lighthouse? He thought.

Who ever was up there had a spot light on him. Usopp jumped when a rock started scraping on the metal part of the ship. Lights turned on in the nearest buildings. People started coming out to investigate. Usopp could hear their voices talking and yelling before he closed his eyes. Then there was the distance sound of hooves. Usopp opened his eyes.

“Make room for Vice Admiral Coby!” someone yelled.

Coby…Marine… Usopp thought, Marine killed…not friendly!

Usopp’s eyes slitted and turn into a glowing purple for but a second.

“Get a ladder or walk board!” ordered Coby.

He looked back at the ship when some of the people started looking for what Coby wanted.

“Looks like it’s been in one hell of a fight,” he commented.

There was some giant holes in it’s side. There was one where you could see right through to the other side. One mass looked like it was leaning.

“Coby the flag,” said Helmeppo who came with him.

Coby looked up at the flag and his heart sank. The flag had the skull and cross bones with the straw hat of Luffy’s crew. It was all tattered like the sails. A board walk was found and slid into place. Coby and Helmeppo was the only ones to come up. Coby nearly gagged at the smell of rotting flesh. Coby looked. There, in what would be the shade if the sun was out, was the corpses of the Straw Hat crew. Coby wanted to cry, but couldn’t with so many people around.

Coby then noticed they were stacked up. He looked at the ground. There were lots of blood trails. Helmeppo felt eyes on him. He looked over at Usopp. Helmeppo took one of his blades and held it up. Usopp looked at it. Helmeppo moved from left to right. Usopp’s eyes followed it. Then Helmeppo watched as Usopp took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Helmeppo put his weapon away.

“That one is still alive,” he informed Coby.

Coby looked at Usopp before making his way over. He stopped when Usopp’s eyes flashed a glowing purple color. Coby took a deep breath and continued. The feeling of un want grew as he got closer. Coby raised his hands.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said, “I’m a friend of Luffy’s and Zoro’s.”

“Friend?” asked Usopp.

His voice was a bit quiet and horsed. Coby, then, noticed the cut on his throat.

“Yes friend,” Coby said, “I want to help you…”

“…” Usopp was silent for a bit, “then help…so tired…”

Coby nodded to Helmeppo for him to get a doctor and a wagon to carry the dead. Coby gently touched Usopp’s arm.

“Come,” said Coby, “let’s get a doctor to check you out and fix you up. Then you can rest.”

Usopp nodded. He let Coby lead him down and to the doctor that came with another wagon to carry him to the hospital.

Coby came by to check on Usopp the next day. He blinked when he saw that Usopp’s long nose was gone. Coby looked at the doctor, Doc. Sarvin.

“It was too burnt to save,” said Doc. Sarvin.

Coby nodded and entered the room. He closed the door. Usopp looked over at him. Coby smiled and sat next to his bed.

“Hey,” Coby said, “how are you feeling?”

“In pain,” answered Usopp, “what is this island?”

“This is Hope Island,” answered Coby, “here pirates and marines live here in peace.”

“That’s interesting,” said Usopp turning to look out the window.

“Usopp could you tell me what exactly happen,” Coby said.

Usopp remained silent. Coby sighed.

This is going to take a while, he thought.

Demon Blood Chapter 1

All in this fic belongs to their creators!

Warning! This does not follow the manga!

I know about the event that did happen with Sasuke and Naruto, but that was after I hand wrote the this and typed it out before reworking it. It still will not follow it though. I will, however, add the whole friendship with Kyuubi thing. I’ll still will be calling him Kyuubi and there will be a reason for that that will be reviled later in the fic.

Also made up jutsu for Naruto!

Note: if you every, at any point of this fic, are confused about something, there is a chance you may have not read my Fox Emperor fic. This is a sequel to it. So please go read that first.

This is Kyuubi and Naruto talking to each other through their minds


Ears flapped at the small water drops dropping into water noise and eyes remained closed as Kyuubi slept away. He was not needed at the moment for Naruto was a sleep as well. It was a very trying day for the boy yesterday. He and his team was trying to catch Sasuke after the whole zero tail war thing. Sasuke had ran off again without anyone noticing. Naruto was a bit hurt by this, but Kyuubi basically said to him ‘what did you except from a Uchiha?’ That didn’t go well with Naruto as soon as the boy yelled at him and then some how shut Kyuubi out of his thoughts. Kyuubi was a bit perturbed by this but got use to it after he was sure that Naruto wasn’t going to speak to him for the rest of the day. He and the boy had actually became friends during the war. Kyuubi was a bit happy by this, but he still wishes for his freedom.

Kyuubi open his ruby colored eyes and let out a yawn. He scratched at his neck catching the silver collar that had the Japaneses word, SEALED, on it. It no longer glowed due to no longer having any power. Kyuubi wasn’t surprised by this. It was a good 200 years old. Kyuubi looked down when he felt something crawling on his front paws. Small spiders were making their way up his legs. Kyuubi just sighed and got up ignoring the spiders. He turned around so his back was facing the front of the cage. He looked now again. The spiders were gone.

“Damn hallucinations,” he commented.

The voices in his head had stopped years ago, but that only made room for the hallucinations. Kyuubi yawned again and laid his head down. It was always so boring when he isn’t needed or when Naruto just comes to visits. He raised his head when he saw someone in the distance. He squinted to see better. The body structure was familiar to him but he can’t tell any details nor who they are. If they were of someone from his past then he had forgotten their name.

“Another hallucination?” he wonder out loud, “Who are you?”

“Who’s who?” came a tried voice.

Kyuubi looked to see a tired Naruto looking at him while rubbing at one of his eyes. Kyuubi looked back at the distance figure only to find them gone. The fox demon sighed.

“No one,” he answered, “go back to sleep little one.”

Naruto simply nodded and faded away. Kyuubi sighed and laid his head back down. His mind drifted to thoughts and the memories of a time where he was little and was being held by a mother figure. He couldn’t remember her name nor did he even try to. Kyuubi sighed before drifting off to sleep again.


The morning rays shine through the window of Naruto’s bedroom. Naruto yawned and set up and stretched. He let out a yawn before going to do he’s morning routine. He and his team had a mission to do today. It was small escort one, which Naruto disliked since it was to a village not far from Konoha. Naruto stopped eating when he felt eyes on him. He looked over his shoulder. No one was there nor in the window.

“Must be imaging things,” he said before going back to eating.

He got done and was out his door. He made it to the gate a bit late. Sakura was tapping her foot.

“You’re late Naruto,” she said.

“Sorry I was lost on the path of life,” said Naruto.

“That’s not even funny!” Sakura shouted.

“I thought it was,” said Sai.

Kakashi was sweat dropping.

“Can we get going please…” he said.

“Sure Kakashi-sensei,” said Naruto.

All through out the mission Naruto kept having the feeling that he was being watched. He couldn’t look behind him though because he was put up front with Sai. This meant the person they were escorting was behind Naruto. If he saw Naruto constantly looking behind him the guy would have gotten nervous and panic. That would have made the mission harder then it was and make Sakura hit him. So Naruto did the only thing could, he asked Kyuubi to look for him. Every time Kyuubi would say he sees no one. The last time Kyuubi joked saying that may be Naruto was having his Hallucinations for him for the day. Naruto didn’t find this funny. But at last it was just him and his team. Even batter he was at the back of the group. He stopped and looked behind him when he started to have that feeling again. Kakashi noticed and stopped as well.

“Naruto?” he asked, “something wrong?”

Naruto looked around for a second before looking at Kakashi.

“No,” he answered, “nothing is wrong.”

He started jumping from limb to limb again. Kakashi shook his head and followed. He, then, noticed something from the corner of his eye. He glanced. His eye narrowed.

Why are there Anbu with us? He asked him self.

There were two Anbu members following them. He looked at Naruto. Kakashi could clearly see how on edge Naruto was. Kakashi had no doubt in his mind that the Kyuubi was too. The Anbu followed them into the gates of Konoha.

“Well I’m off to send in the report,” said Kakashi, “see you all tomorrow. Bye bye.”

“Bye Kakashi-sensei,” the others said before heading off.

Kakashi started to head to the tower, but stopped. He started to hide around so he could sneak near the Anbu.

They are following Naruto, Kakashi thought as he watched them, but why?

The Anbu hide behind things as Naruto glanced behind him again. They then stated to follow again when Naruto started on his way again. Kyuubi kept trying to look to see who was following his little kit, but all he can do is look forward. It was quiet frustrating really. Then there was the feeling of things crawling on his hind legs that come and goes. Every time Kyuubi looked it was the hallucinated spiders crawling on him. Kyuubi huffed. Naruto picked on the frustration.

What’s wrong? Naruto asked.

Someone is following you that I know, but every time you would pretend to scratch your head just for me look they hide. It’s like they know it’s me looking for you. Answered Kyuubi.

Well who ever it is I hope they stop soon. Said Naruto.

Naruto sighed and made his way to his favorite roman shop.


Kakashi knocked on the door to the Hokage’s office.

“Enter,” he herd Tsunade say.

Kakashi walked in to find that the elders was there as well. He was hoping to ask Tsunade about the Anbu, but not with the elders there. He bowed.

“I have brought my report,” Kakashi said.

He handed it to Tsunade. She grabbed it.

“Was there any complications?” she asked.

“None,” Kakashi answered.

“You may leave then,” Tsunade said.

Kakashi bowed and left. He sighed and hope that the elders weren’t there tomorrow. Because it was a bit concerning that there was Anbu following Naruto of all people. The boy saved the entire ninja nation, surly that didn’t warrant suspension. Kakashi shook his head and headed on his on.


Even in his own home, Naruto could still feel eyes on him. It was driving him crazy. He took off his forehead protector and sat it on his kitchen table.

I really wish who ever would just leave me alone, Naruto thought, because it’s wrong to feel unsafe in your own home.

Just then A kuni came flying through the window and hook into the wall next to Naruto’s head. Naruto’s eyes widen. He looked at it. There was something attached to it.

KIT GET OUT OF THERE! Kyuubi shouted once he recognized the paper bomb.

Naruto quickly left his home before it blew. He was now running on the roof tops as the Anbu followed.

Why are Konoha’s Anbu trying to kill me? Asked Naruto.

Like I would know. Answered Kyuubi.

Kuni knives and other ninja tools were being thrown at him. Few of them actually cut into his skin. Naruto just kept on running and wondering why they were after him. Naruto swallowed. He really didn’t know what to do.

Kit lessen my seal. Kyuubi said.

What? Why? Naruto asked.

Just do it. Answered Kyuubi.

Naruto tried to concentrate while running to lessen the seal on Kyuubi. It took longer then it was suppose to. Kyuubi appeared in human spiritual form floating beside Naruto as he ran. Kyuubi was in a robe that was black and red, black pants and ninja shoes, and a fish net shirt. The cloth, that held the robe close, was orange and had a black sun symbol on it. Kyuubi’s hair was long and red and there were black markings around his ruby eyes. His ears were pointed as well.

Now what? Naruto asked still trying to avoid the ninja tools being thrown at him.

Kyuubi’s eyes narrowed at the Anbu. The fox demon took a deep berth and let it out. A aqua green dust was let out with the berth. It hit the Anbu causing them to stop and look ahead in a daze.

Find a place to hide till morning or leave the village. Kyuubi said.

Naruto looked un sure as he turned to go to Hokage’s tower.

And go where? No matter where I go they’ll find me. Naruto said.

Then just hide and tell that Hokage of yours about what happen tonight. Said Kyuubi.

Naruto sighed and got into the tower. He looked around. No one was there. That didn’t mean, though, that Naruto wasn’t going to stop being on high alert. He swallowed and made his way to Tsunade’s office where he was going to stay till she gets there the next day. He enter the room and sighed looking out at the night sky.

“This sucks,” he whispered.

He went over to the chair of the desk. He sat down. He huffed and leaned on his elbow that was on the desk. He, then, noticed an open letter. He took it.

Kit what are you doing? Kyuubi asked still floating next to him.

Just curious. Answered Naruto.

He took the letter out of the open envelope and read it.

Dear Hokage Tsunade,

I personally apologize to you and the other Ninja village leaders for not getting involved in the war. We were busy with invaders from the sea at the time. Though there is one I would like to meet sometime when I visit. This Naruto Uzimaki. From what I know his mother came from one of the disasters that left Solaria years ago. So it was quiet interesting to learn of how strong this one is.

On to other matters. I’m sure the Uchiha clan is taking good care of this Obito Uchiha’s body to a point that he will not be resurrected. The same goes for Madara’s body. The Uchiha clan is good, mind you, but there are some members that are, what we call, dirt blood. This is true for all clans sadly.

Now back to young Naruto. With your permission I would like to bring him back to Solarira with me when I visit Konoha. Just to show him where he came from. I’ll bring him right back I promise. Mainly because I am un sure if the other members of our clan will accept him or not. He is, after, related to a member of the disasters. Till then, have a nice day lady Hokage.

Empress Rolina Uzimaki

Naruto looked at the date on the envelope. There usually was a date on when it was delivered.

“Delivered two days ago,” Naruto whispered.

You should go there. Kyuubi said fading back into the seal.

What? I thought we agreed to hide here. Said Naruto.

Since when did we agree to that? You just ran in here and sat right down. Kyuubi said.

Naruto rolled his eyes. Then he noticed something written on the side of the letter.

Do not accept the offer.

It wasn’t in Tsunade’s hand writing, but it angered him that someone didn’t want him to leave the village. Well screw that. Naruto was leaving and headed to this Solarira. Where ever that was. But first he needed prove to these members that he belonged there.

A peace offering. Kyuubi said out of the blue.

Peace offering? Asked Naruto.

Yeah something that would get a reaction out of them. Answered Kyuubi.

Naruto looked back at the letter. The middle paragraph made on sense. It was like the empress knew nothing about what happen to the Uchiha clan.

“That’s it,” whispered Naruto as he got up.

He open the door just a crack and looked around. There still was no one. He headed to a locked door. He cursed softly and tried to pick it. He sighed when he failed. He then lessen the seal for Kyuubi to show up again. Kyuubi blinked and looked at Naruto. Usually the boy didn’t let him out this often. Naruto pointed at the locked door. Kyuubi laughed and touched the door knob. There was a click sound and the door slowly open. Naruto went in while Kyuubi faded back into his seal. Naruto looked around. The room was filled with selves that was full of boxes. The shelves were marked with Hokages’ names. He was looking for the one that was the thirds.

“Ah there it is,” he whispered heading to that section of shelves.

What is in these boxes? Kyuubi asked.

Every big mission order the Hokages gave. Like say Grandma Tsunade ordered someone to kill someone else in the village without it being known. That would be here. Answered Naruto.

I see…I’m not going to ask how you know this… said Kyuubi.

Naruto shook his head at Kyuubi. He took out boxes to see what they were labeled as and then put it back until he came to the one he wanted. Naruto smiled and headed out the room, closing the door behind him. Naruto then narrowed his eyes at Tsunade’s office. He re-entered it and came to the desk. He sat the box down and took something to wright with, He took the letter and started to write. He smiled, took the box, and left the tower. He came to the Anbu that was still in a daze. Then he saw smoke where he’s home use to be. People were around it wondering what happen. Naruto sighed.

It’s best if I don’t go that way, he thought.

Naruto turned and headed to the gate. He sneaked past the guards, who was distracted by the smoke to notice anyway, and started jumping limb to limb.

Turn right and you’ll be heading north. Don’t turn any more then that. Said Kyuubi.

How do you know? Asked Naruto.

Because I still remember the way Madara and I went to go to Konoha. I was sealed away in Solarira first. Kyuubi answered.

Naruto decided to take his word for it. So he turned right and headed that way.


Kyuubi sighed and laid his head down into the water. It was hours in the trip that Naruto was taking to Solarira now. The name Solarira was familiar to him and he could remember how to get there and what it looked like, but…He had this feeling that Solarira didn’t use to look like the way it was now. In fact he remembered it being in a volcano once. Then he herd someone walking on the water behind him. Kyuubi looked and indeed someone was or trying to. They were walking in place. The figure, he could tell, was female and was wearing a skirt. There was no color nor detail of the face because it was like a shadow.

“Who?” Kyuubi asked.

The shadow whispered, but Kyuubi couldn’t pick it up. The figure stopped and reached out to him.

“My…son…” was said a bit louder.

“Son?” Kyuubi asked, but the figure faded away, “ok..ay….this is starting to get weird.”

Then Kyuubi sense someone all too familiar near Naruto. He growled.

“Sasuke Uchiha,” he said.

How dare that dirt blood be near his kit. How dear he! If Sasuke pulls anything, regardless weather or not Naruto likes it or not, Kyuubi will come out of his seal and he will harm the Uchiha.


Sasuke couldn’t believe it at first, but as soon as he took a double tack he was sure. Naruto was right there on the same shore as him, but Sasuke was sitting on a limb of a tree. Naruto was looking around almost like he was trying to figure out how to get to the land across the raging current of the ocean. There was a box under one arm. Sasuke was curious by this. He was even more curious about all the cuts Naruto had. It was like a group of people or something had attacked him. Naruto the turned to the sun that was half way passed the horizon. Sasuke’s eyes widen and nearly fall off for setting up too fast. On the side of the box that wasn’t covered by Naruto’s arm was the words ‘Uchiha Massacre Order’.

Why would Naruto have that with him? Sasuke thought.

He heard Naruto sigh and then do the unthinkable. He was running a cross the current and actually reaching the land across. Naruto turned and smiled proudly before heading farther into the island. Sasuke blinked.

“He wasn’t wearing his head band….” he stated.

Now Sasuke really wanted to know what the hell was going on with Naruto. Too bad he didn’t have the chakra to make it a cross like Naruto, but there was a bridge just west of where he was. Sasuke decided to go there and see if he could cross.


Empress Rolina was at the table eating her breakfast of eggs, toast, and sausage. She was in a lovely royal blue dress with her red hair in a braided pony tail. She moved a piece of her bangs out of the way of her blue eyes. A guard came up to her. He was in the tradition Solariran gold and red ninja style armor. He bowed to her.

“Forgive me my empress but there is a Uzimaki from the main land wishing to see you,” the guard said, “I think he said he’s name was Naruto.”

Rolina’s eyes widen and she quickly stood up.

“What!?” she shouted before heading out to the entrance that was also the throne room.

Naruto looked at her and bowed. She frowned at how cut up he was. She came over and fingered one of the cuts making Naruto wince. She was the same height as him. Granted she was in heels.

“Who harmed you?” she asked.

Naruto swallowed.


Tsunade was silent. She was told about an explosion going off in Naruto’s home. The only thing they could find of his was he’s headband after they got rid of the fire. She didn’t know who or why someone would want to kill Naruto. After all he did stop the war and brought peace to the nations. She sighed and stopped when she saw the elders with a few Anbu near the room full of Hokages’ orders. She shook her head and decided to enter her office. Once she got to her desk she noticed the letter from the Solariran empress out of it’s envelope when she clearly remembered that she put it back in. There was writing below the signature that wasn’t there before. Tsunade read it.

I do not appreciate being attacked nor the attempt to kill me. For that I have left to go to Solarira. The empress that sent this letter will be informed of what you did to me and about something else she clearly doesn’t know about. ~Naruto

By the end of it Tsunade was foaming. She never nor would she ever order an assassination on Naruto. But there was one, no, two that would. Tsunade grabbed the letter and stormed out toward the elders.

“Explain now!” she yelled at them.

They read what Naruto put.

“Well then,” said Lady Koharu, “I guess we should expect a visit from the empress.”

“It will not be a visit,” said an Anbu coming out of the order room, “the box filled with information and details about the Uchiha Massacre is gone.”

“Right,” said Lord Homura, “an invasion then.”

Tsunade sighed and rubbed her temples felling a headache coming.

“This day keeps getting better and better,” she commented.


Okay I re wrote this a lot of times that I had lost sight of the plot. But now there is a better one 8D Originally Naruto was going to have dreams where he was in Kyuubi’s shoes back 200 years and reliving his memories, but that just too weird. So instead I made Kyuubi hallucinate a bit. There is, also, a reason for the spiders crawling on him, but that will not be reviled till later.
any ways, I plan on, now don’t count this, to put more hints about Kyuubi’s real identity on every chapter till it is reviled. Hope you guys would like this better then the original idea.

Of Dusk And Twilight Chapter 5

Lunar Night, Sky Blaze, Dusk, Twisted Magic, and Sapphire Rush belongs to me
Bloody Chaos and Rose Bud belongs to Amber
Red Star, Searing Fear, Luciana MoonFlame, and Sharik Solarus belongs to Becca
Lightning Bolt belongs to tyler.coates.9085
Twin Sparks, Reaverstein , and Prince Necromorph belongs to Dragon-koopa9

Note: These ponies’ names have been changed due to a falling out with yet another person. There fore I do not have permission to use them any more.

Scarlet Fever is now Lunar Night
Blond mane and tail with green eyes, black color, cutie mark is stars, personalty is a care free type

Lighthouse is now Sky Blaze
Red mane and tail with orange eyes, sky blue color, cutie mark is a cloud with a trail of fire behind it, personalty is a dreamer like with a bit of a care free side.

If you are reading this from the beginning then ignore the note.


Dusk had gotten better, though he was told not to use any spells for two more days. He was walking his halls and would stop now and then to speak with the wounded. He was that type of ruler that are there fir their people unlike Dusk’s parents. The older generation, though they dislike his choice of allies, liked it as well.

“Looks like someone is up and around,” stated Rarity.

Twilight looked. She smiled seeing how caring Dusk was to his people. She then frowned when she remembered that the force field she put up wasn’t going to last long.

“Something must be up.” Twilight caught the tail end of whatever Applejack said.

“Huh?” Twilight asked.

“One of the unicorns,” answered Rainbow Dash, “I think her name was Twisted Magic, just came racing by toward Prince Dusk.”

Twilight looked. There was a serious and concern look on his face.

“Come,” said Twilight, “let’s see if it’s something we can help with.”

The rest of the main six nodded.

“I’m not sure if the rest are still working or not,” they herd as they approached, “Searing Fear is checking right now.”

Dusk nodded.

“Let’s wait and see how many need to be replaced,” he said, “hopefully the barrier will last that long.”

Twisted nodded.

“What’s going on?” asked Applejack.

Dusk and Twisted looked at the main six.

“We have crystal like gems that, with a bit of magic, puts out a barrier that lasts forever,” answered Dusk, “but it seems that a few, if not more, have gone out. That is probably why the changeling are attacking.”

“Do you know where to get more of them?” asked Dash.

“There is a cave that is far from here that has them,” answered Twisted, “but we have to dig them up due to them being deep under ground. That alone will take days to do let alone the gem eating dogs that live there.”

“Days?” asked Pinky Pie, “Don’t you have a spell, like Rarity here, that can find them?”

Twisted blinked and looked at Rarity who was blushing and looking away.

“You have a spell that can do that?” Twisted asked.

Rarity nodded.

“Then will you help us in finding replacement gems?” Twisted asked.

Rarity nodded again.

“I will try my best,” she said.

Just then a black unicorn with a black and red mane and tail and golden eyes came up. On closer inspection, Twilight could tell that his eyes where slitted.

“What is the damage Searing Fear?” asked Dusk.

‘There is five that have lost their power,” Searing Fear answered, “three on the left side while two on the right side. All others are going strong with no sign of failing.”

Dusk nodded.

“Good,” he said before turning to Rarity, “Hopefully that won’t be too much for you.”

“Wait,” said Twilight, “I’m going too.”

“Twilight I don’t th-” started Dusk.

“I know the spell and can cast it to,” interrupted Twilight, “plus it’ll be faster and easier on Rarity.”

“Twilight please do-” Dusk started to argue.

“Please let me do this Dusk,” said Twilight.

There was doubt in Dusk’s eyes.

“Oh please don’t start fighting,” said Flutter Shy.

Dusk sighed in defeat.

“Red Star and Lightning Bolt come here please,” he called out.

Twilight and Rarity looked at each other, unsure of what Dusk was planning. A red female unicorn with curly blond mane and tail came up and bowed. She had green eyes. Then a blue male Pegasus with blond with two red streaks in his mane and tail came and bowed as well. He had blue eyes.

“I want the two of you to go and help and protect Princess Twilight and Lady Rarity,” commanded Dusk.

Red Star and Lightning Bolt bowed again.

“Yes your majesty,” they said.

Red Star gave a quick loving gaze to her husband, Searing Fear, before the four headed out of the palace.

“My prince,” started Twin Sparks coming to Dusk, “I am sensing signs of fading with the barrier.”

“Now what do we do?” asked Searing Fear.

“Princess Twilight is the only one that can cast the spell still,” said Twisted.

“There is him,” Dusk said simply.

Sparks’ eyes widen.

“But my prince,” he started, “Prince Bloody Chaos will never step a hoof in this kingdom even if you threaten Celestia’s life.”

Dusk gave him a look that made Sparks instantly back down.

“I know of one thing that will make him come back,” Dusk said heading out of the palace.

“At least take a few-” Sparks started.

“No,” interrupted Dusk, “I can get there a lot faster by my self.”

With that he took off. Sparks shook his head and went back in.


Necromorph watched as Dusk flew off. Few of his changelings got ready to follow. Necromorph raised a hoof.

“Do not follow,” he ordered, “I have other plans for him.”

The changeling prince looked toward the palace and it’s city.

“Besides,” he began, “our real mission is about to be reopen to us.”


“The cave isn’t that far now,” said Red Star.

Her, Rarity, Twilight, and Lightning Bolt have galloped what seem to be miles away to a cave that held what they were looking for. The entrance was in a mountain and it was huge. Rarity’s eyes sparkled as she noticed the many colored crystals that lined the walls and roof.

“This is crystal cave my ladies,” said Bolt.

“What does the crystal that we are looking for look like?” asked Twilight.

“It’s the same size of your hoof,” started Star, “it’s in a kind of oval shape, but has points. It’s, also, a golden color.”

“That sounds pretty,” commented Rarity.

“Yes,” agreed Star, “we call it Citrine. It’s very hard to find due to it being deep underground.”

“Well with my spell,” started Rarity proudly, “no matter how deep it is, I’ll find it.”

Star and Bolt smiled.

“Good,” said Bolt, “because I hate to see Alamoria in those damn changelings hooves.”

With that said both Twilight’s and Rarity’s horns glowed. They lowered their heads to the ground and began their search for the elusive Citrine.


It only took Dusk an hour to get to Equestria’s castle. Were he with guards it would have taken him three hours. The guards at the front gate instantly let Dusk through. It wasn’t every day that the prince of Alamoria comes, much less alone. He looked at one guard next to the stairs.

“I’m looking for prince Chaos,” said Dusk, “where might I find him?”

“He would be in the study with Lady Lunar Night,” the guard answered, “follow me.”

It wasn’t rare to hear that Chaos was off some where else while Celestia was dealing with other ponies. Chaos just didn’t like crowds. That’s why, most of the time, if he is to show up at some big party he is at the far side away from others. And if he were to stay by Celestia’s side he would be seen fidgeting or looking up at a clock. Dusk sighed.

I pray he will at least listen to me, he thought.


Chaos was reading a book in the study. His sister, Lunar Night, was sitting on the floor, drawing something. There was a knock on the door.

“Yes?” Chaos asked looking up from his book.

The door open to revile a guard. The guard bowed.

“The prince of Alamoria requests an audience with you my prince,” he answered.

Chaos’ ears flatten causing Night to sigh. Chaos wanted to denied seeing Prince Dusk, but he knew that if Celestia caught wind of it, she would rip him a new one. Chaos sighed.

“Let him in,” he said.

The guard bowed and stepped a side. Dusk came into the room before the door was shut.

“What is it?” asked Chaos.

Dusk winced at the bitterness tune in Chaos’ voice.

“I came seeking your aid,” he answered, “Alamoria is-”

“I’m not going back there,” interrupted Chaos.

“Brother let him speak,” said Night, “continue please Prince Dusk.”

“Alamoria is being attacked by changelings,” Dusk started over again, “Twilight Sparkle has used my barrier spell to keep them at bay for a bit. But it is failing now.”

“Then why don’t you do it?” asked Chaos.

“Because I’m still recovering from a magic induced fever,” answered Dusk.

“Oh,” was all Chaos said.

“You are the only other unicorn I know of that is strong enough to cast the spell,” said Dusk.

“I’m not going back there,” Chaos repeated him self from earlier.

“Brother please,” begged Night.

“No,” said Chaos.

“They didn’t abandon you,” said Dusk.

“What?” asked Chaos.

“Your parents,” answered Dusk, “they didn’t abandon you. That was a lie that my mother told you to lower your guard and to trust her.”

Chaos was now confused.

“What you are saying is that Queen Luciana MoonFlame and King Sharik Solarus kidnapped me?” he asked.

Dusk nodded.

“They wanted you because of your power and the spell you knew,” he said.

“Spell?” asked Night.

“Your brother was the one who created the forbidden spell to move the sun and moon,” answered Dusk.

Night gasped and looked at her brother. There was a guilty look on Chaos’ face.

“Please don’t tell Celestia and Luna,” he said.

Night nodded. She understood this. If the sisters found out that it was Chaos that created the spell then all hell would brake loose. Chaos would no longer be trusted which will force him to run away again. Chaos sighed in defeat.

“All right,” he said, “I’ll go, but only this once.”

Dusk smiled.

“I can port us straight tot he throne room,” said Night.

Dusk and Chaos nodded. Night’s horn glowed and then they were ported to Alamoria. The next they herd was ponies screaming.

“Oh no!” Dusk shouted.

He galloped to be outside of the palace. There were changeling every where.

“My prince,” he herd Sapphire Rush say, “you came back just in time. The barrier faded away just a few minuets ago.”

“Just a few minuets ago!?” exclaimed Dusk, “then why are there so many?”

Sapphire was about to answer when she herd some pony call for help. She looked and sighed. It was the noble Reaverstein . He was a unicorn, yes, but he rather not use magic claiming that it would dirty him up. He was all ways so hard on Dusk too. He was a aqua green color with a black mane tail that had silver tips. He usually wears a hat. He was being attacked. Sapphire had half a mind to leave him there, but thought other wise. Sapphire came swooping down and then kicking the changeling into a wall. Reaverstein sighed in relief.

“Well it seems the Pegasi know how to do their jobs at least,” he stated.

“Just go and find a safe place to hide will you,” Sapphire said before flying off.

Reaverstein tsked and ran off to hide. Dusk looked all around him. He gritted his teeth and started to prepare a spell.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” said some pony.

Dusk looked to Chaos and Night right behind him.

“You might collapse with a fever again,” Chaos sighed.

“But I can’t just stand here and do nothing!” shouted Dusk.

“You can do something,” said Chaos, “you can give me the knowledge for your barrier spell.”

Dusk sighed and nodded. His and Chaos’ eyes glowed orange. Chaos’ ears flatten after the spell was given.

“This is it?” he asked sounding a bit disappointed.

Dusk nodded. He was a bit confused though. Chaos sighed and started to cast the spell. His horn flashed causing a huge force to push all changelings out of Alamoria. A small earthquake shook the earth as a red force field was created. Dusk’s eyes widen by all of this. His spell wasn’t suppose to do all of that.

“I hope you don’t mind,” said Chaos looking at Dusk, “but I added a few modifications to your spell.”

Dusk sweat dropped.

“Uh yes,” he said, “that’s fine.”

No wonder my parents took him, Dusk thought, though he is weaker to Celestia, he still is very powerful.

“Bloody Chaos?” some pony asked in disbelief.

Night looked as Chaos lowered his head with his ears flatten. His sister smiled and said the one word that he really hate to hear.

“Daddy!” Night shouted.

Searing Flame was staring at his son, Bloody Chaos, in disbelief. Fear stepped forward.

“That is you right?” he asked.

“Of coarse it is daddy,” answered Night, “I found him like I promised.”

Fear smiled and nuzzled his daughter. He, then, frowned while looking back at his son. Chaos wouldn’t even look at him. Dusk sighed and lowered his head to be at the same level to Chaos’ ear.

“You owe him some father and son time,” Dusk said, “after all he and your mother both blame them selves, in quotations, for you running away from home.”

Chaos looked at him in confusion.

“But I didn’t run away from them,” he said in alarm, “I mean I did run away from Alamoria, but that was to get away from the king and queen.”

“That’s just what my father told them,” said Dusk.

Chaos’ ears flatten again before looking a head. He sighed and turn to his father. There was a small smile on Fear’s face.

“Hello father,” Chaos said.

Fear hugged his son tightly.

“Mother would be most happy to see you again after all these years,” he said letting Chaos go.

“Where is momma anyways?” asked Night.

“She is with Lady Rarity and Princess Twilight getting some more Citrine to replace the ones that went out,” answered Fear.

Chaos raised a brow for the use of princess for Twilight, but he choose not to ask. Dusk frowned upon hearing Twilight’s name. He looked at the sky to see that the sun was just a few hours away from setting.

It wouldn’t take this long to find those gems…He thought.


Twilight collapsed for what seem like the 5th time. Just one more, they just needed one more Citrine and then they could leave. Bolt came up to her.

“Princess?” he asked.

“Just need to rest for a few seconds,” Twilight answered.

Star frowned and looked around. Earlier she had sense movement with in some of the tunnels.

“Ah,” said Rarity, “I found one.”

“Yay,” said Twilight weakly.

Star came over and dug it up. She placed the Citrine in one bag and the other gems in another bag. Those gems were going to use to make jewelry for the earth ponies and magical amulets for the unicorns.

“All right,” said Bolt helping Twilight up, “the exit is this way.”

Just then the ground shook.

“What the?” wondered Star.

Stalactites started to fall. One was heading down toward Rarity. Bolt dashed to her and pushed her out of the way in time.

“Thanks,” said Rarity.

“No problem my lady,” Bolt said.

Just then the entrance to the tunnel caved in. every pony coughed. The smoke cleared as soon as the ground stopped shaking.

“Oh no,” said Rarity, “the way out is…”

“Don’t worry Lady Rarity,” said Star, “I’ll find us another way out.”

Her horn glowed a lovely red and then she started to walk one direction with the others following her.


Necromorph growled looking back at the tunnel they just finished hours ago. They were going to use it to sneak under the wall, but not any more. Thanks to that earthquake, it collapsed. Only he and two hoof full of changelings made it through. Speaking of changelings, one of the two he sent to check out the city had come back.

“Prince Necromorph,” it said, “my analysis of the wall is complete. Six of the Citrine crystals have faded in power while the other forty four are still going strong.”

“That explains all of the barriers they keep putting up,” Necromorph said.

The second changeling came back.

“Prince,” this one said, “Prince Dusk is outside the palace. But I have only counted four of the six elements there. Magic and Generosity are gone.”

“If I remember correctly,” said Necromorph, “Generosity had a gem finding spell that she taught magic. You three, go to crystal cave find these two. Come back to me once you do. Remain hidden.”

These changelings bowed and flow off.

“Prince,” said the second one.

‘What?” asked Necromorph.

“The prince of Equestria is there as well,” the changeling answered with fear in it’s eyes.

Necromorph felt his blood run cold. He knew a lot about Bloody Chaos. More then any pony did and should know. Chaos had three spells that he never would hesitate to use. One was to tore some pony a part. Another would turn them inside out and then port them back to where they came from just to cause panic and chaos. Then the last spell would make some pony explode. These spells gave meaning to his name, Bloody Chaos. Necromorph swallowed.

“Let’s just stay away from the city for a while,” he said.

The changelings quickly agreed with him.


I’m very sorry for the wait and all the bad luck I keep having with the ocs and that. Also if you would like your oc in the story as a background character like Lightning Bolt, just pm me their name, cutie mark, a description, type of pony, and how they act.

Searing Fear: http://xemxemstar.Deviantart.com/art/Searing-Fear-Character-Sheet-415596895?q=gallery%3AXemXemStar%2F44554491&qo=2

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Luciana MoonFlame: http://xemxemstar.Deviantart.com/art/Luciana-MoonFlame-Character-Sheet-385074625?q=gallery%3AXemXemStar%2F44554491&qo=4

Shair Solarus: http://xemxemstar.Deviantart.com/art/Shair-Solarus-Character-Sheet-385075110?q=gallery%3AXemXemStar%2F44554491&qo=5

Hatred Chapter 5

All in this fic doesn’t belong to me! Ocs do though.

WARNING! Ideological Sensitive! Read at your own risk!


The man managed to sneak in without any guards noticing. He jumped up on one of the roofs to look around. Neji noticed him. His eyes narrowed. It was so close to the chunin exams starting that the Anbu was on high alert. Neji pulled down his mask and jumped up to him.

“Excuse me sir,” he said.

The man jumped and looked at Neji. He put his hands up in the air.

“I’m not doing anything I swear!” he yelled, “I was just lost that’s all!”

“Then you have nothing to worry about,” said Neji, “I just need to see your ID card.”

The man felt around his pockets for the card. Neji had noted the mask the man was wearing. Some bounty hunters tend to wear a mask to keep their face hidden if they end up causing a scene. Neji wondered if this man was one of them. The man found the card and handed it to Neji. Neji looked.

Thought so, he thought.

“How many of your targets are here bounty hunter Naldosi?”Neji asked.

“Three,” answered Naldosi, “I had lost sight of them, that’s why I’m up here.”

“I see,” said Neji, “if you need hel-”

“No,” interrupted Naldosi, “I proffer to not cause a scene.”

“All right then,” said Neji, “just stay out of trouble. The Anbu is watching.”

“Will do wolf masked Anbu guy,” Naldosi said before jumping off.

Neji shook his head and went on with his duties. Naldosi sighed while watching Neji go on his way.

That was close, he thought, good thing I stole these close and ID card. Now to carry on my mission.

Naldosi looked to the wall. He put his hand on his bag full of mines. These mines would go off if hit by a sharp object. Even better they look like the big nails carpenters would use sometimes. No one would notice them. Unless they memorized every detail about the walls and gate.

It’s going to be difficult to put the ones on the top ans near the gate, Naldosi thought, but I have a plan.

Naldosi, then, moved to start at the back.


There was a knock on the door. Sasuke sighed.

“Come in,” he said.

Neji came in and shut the door behind him. He bowed.

“Yes Neji?” Sasuke asked.

“There is a bounty hunter here,” answered Neji, “his name is Naldosi and he told me that three of his targets was here.”

Sasuke nodded.

“Keep an eye on him just to be safe,” he said.

“Yes lord Hokage,” Neji said, “also your daughter wants to have a word with you.”

Sasuke noticed a little female face with black hair tied up in a pony tail peeking out from behind Neji. Sasuke smiled.

“Yes Mikoto?” he gently asked.

“Ummm,” answered Mikoto coming out from her hiding place.

Neji out a hand on her before he left. Mikoto swallowed and had a nervous look on her face.

“You’re nervous about the exams aren’t you?” Sasuke asked.

Mikoto nodded. She came to her father when he motion for her. Sasuke pulled her into his lap.

“You’ll do well,” he said, “just don’t get too confident. That will cause you to make mistakes. Just be yourself and remember those who are less smart can go far.”

“Like Uncle Naruto daddy?” Mikoto asked.

“Yeah,” answered Sasuke, “Just like Uncle Naruto…”

Mikoto leaned her head on to Sasuke’s chest.

“Where is Uncle Naruto daddy?” she asked.

Sasuke frowned.

“I don’t know,” he answered.

Mikoto gave him a hug.

“You’ll find him,” she said.

She jumped off of his lap and headed tot he door.

“Oh,” Mikoto said, “momma said that if you’re late for dinner again she’ll punch you through the ground.”

Sasuke swallowed.

“I’ll try not to be late,” he said.

Mikoto smiled and left.


Naldosi was setting on top of a memorial stone at a training field. He was eating a dango when he herd someone practicing. Naldosi looked over to see a boy that looked like a child version of Sasuke. The child looked no older then six. He was trying to breath fire. Naldosi shook his head.

“You’re not going to get any where like that,” he said causing the boy to jump.

Naldosi jumped down and walked over while putting his mask back on. He, then, noticed the Uchiha clan symbol on the boy’s back.

So this is Sasuke’s child, Naldosi thought.

“I can help you if you want,” he said.

The boy’s eyes sparkled.

“Rally?” he exclaimed, “that would be awesome!”

“I’m Naldosi,” the bounty hunter introduced himself.

“Sky Uchiha,” Sky said.

“Nice to meet you,” Naldosi said, “now then, you are holding you’re hands a bit too close. Thy should be out here. Since you’re breathing fire they should be here. Now try.”

Sky did his hands signs and with much success he breathed fire. Sky was in aw and did it again.

“Thank you so much Mr. Naldosi,” he said, “when my dad sees this he’s going to be so proud of me.”

“I’m surprised he’s not here with you,” Naldosi said.

“Oh he’s busy being Hokage,” Sky said.

Naldosi felt his heart sink down into his stomach.

“So he’s Hokage,” he said, “that’s interesting. Does he not spend time with you?”

“Depending on the day,” Sky answered

“Sky!” called out the voice of Sakura.

“That’s my mom,” Sky said, “thanks again Mr. Naldosi.”

Sky ran off while Naldosi waved.

I’m going to enjoy this mission a lot more now, he though.


There was a frantic knock at the door. Sasuke looked up.

“Yes?” he asked.

Shikamaru came in with eyes wide open.

“You really need to see this,” he said handing a sheet of paper, “look closely at the name.”

Sasuke looked at the paper. His eyes widen, It was an info paper and it was about a boy named Ero Uzimaki.

“Show this to Neji,” said Sasuke, “when this boy comes to the village I want to have a word with him.”

Shikamaru bowed and left. Sasuke stared out the window.

Now Naruto, he thought, we finally might have a lead on you.


When night fall Naldosi headed out to finish his mission.

But first, he thought, to do something about these guards. Oh and my little baby sitters.

Naldosi did a few hand signs and he blow some kind of red powder.

“Sleep Mist,” he whispered before he did a few more hand signs, “wind help me out this night.”

a breeze blew the red powder to every guard on the wall and to the two Anbu that was following him. They remain standing, but had fallen asleep.

“Now to work quickly before it wears off,” whispered Naldosi.

He jumped to the top of the wall to place the mines on the high part. He even put a few near the gate. Then he sat up two of the same traps in two abandon houses. At the right time two kuni knives would shoot off and hit the middle mines near the gate. That, in turn, would set off the rest of the mines and bring down the wall, leaving Konoha defenseless. Naldosi smiled.

“Now to wait for the final round of the exams to start,” he said.


It’s up to you on who ever Naruto’s son’s mother is, just remember that Sakura is with Sasuke.

By the way which of the ninja nations dislikes Sasuke the most?

Kingdom Pokemon Chapter 6

All in this fic belongs to Nintendo and Square Enix!

Note: [this is translations for Pokemon talk when a human is near]


A male Espeon, who’s color was a silver-ish blue, laid near a lake. He was knocked out cold. A male Machamp, who’s fans on his head was orange in color, came up to the Espeon. The Machamp looked around for any sort of danger. There was none at the moment. He snorted before he shook the Espeon.

“Zexion,” he said, “Zexion wake up.”

Zexion groaned as he slowly open his eyes. He looked up at the Machamp.

“Lexaeus?” he asked.

The Machamp nodded. Zexion got up with a little help from him. He went to the water to look at himself. Zexion sighed.

“So we’re stuck as Pokemon,” he commented, “that’s just great.”

Lexaeus came up beside him.

“I checked the area,” he said, “we’re in a clearing near the edge of a forest. There’s a road near by that has a Pokemon center on the side. Looks like the road, it self, leads to Eterna City. This means we’re in a fourth gen world.”

Zexion’s ears flatten against his head. He only knew of the first two gens. So he was entirely lost after that. Zexion saw Lexaeus stand at alert. That usually meant that something dangerous was near by or headed their way.

Zexion’s ears turned when he herd barking. Next thing they saw was an Umbreon jumping into the lake and swimming to get away from a whole group of Houndour and Mightyena. Zexion spotted a weird color Persian and Raichu.

“Hey that’s Luxord and Larxene!” Zexion exclaimed.

Luxord looked over at them, but did not recognized them.

“Zexion,” said Lexaeus, “look closely at the Umbreon.”

Zexion looked over at the Umbreon. He noticed that the usual gold rings were silver and the eyes were an amber color just like…

“Superior!” Zexion shouted.

Lexaeus quickly pulled Zexion away from the water as a Gyrados came up underneath Xemnas. They watch as Xemnas jumped off and into the forest. Zexion ran to where he thought the Superior jumped. Lexaeus followed. They came to a tree with a limb on the ground. Zexion’s ears flatten again.

Where could he have gone? He wondered.

Lexaeus looked around wondering the same thing.

“Do you think he went to the road?” he asked Zexion.

Zexion looked up at the Silent Hero.

“It could be possible,” he said.

He had Lexaeus lead the way. Zexion looked from side to side to make sure no trainers were around. He came out of a bush and sniffed the ground.

“Anything?” Lexaeus asked.

“Superior was here,” answered Zexion, “but that’s it. There is no trail leading back into the forest nor up or down the road.”

This is bad too, he thought, he looked badly injured.

“Elect Elect,” [Hey punk] came a ruff voice, “Electabuzz Buzz Elect.” [Get out of our way.]

Zexion looked. It was an Electabuzz and behind the Pokemon was a trainer. This trainer had a light purple color hair and big eye brows. He looked with interest at Zexion, probably due to his weird color. He took out his Pokedex.

“Espeon the sun Pokemon,” it said, “its fur has the look and feel of velvet. The orb on its forehead glows when it uses psycho-power. This Espeon’s attacks are Psychic, Psybeam, Morning Sun, and Shadow Ball. This Espeon’s ability is Synchronize.”

The Electabuzz grinned as it saw it’s trainer get even more interested in Zexion. Lexaeus came out and glared at the trainer, daring him to attack. The trainer point his Pokedex at him.

“Machamp the Superpower Pokemon,” it said, “it’s four muscled arms slam foes with powerful punches and chops at blinding speed. This Machamp’s attacks are strength, Focus Blast, Cross Chop, and Dynamic Punch. This Machamp’s ability is No Guard.”

The trainer now had an interest in Lexaeus as well. Electabuzz stepped back, knowing full well that it was weak against fighting (Probably thinking about the card game here). The trainer threw two Pokeballs and out came Gliscor and Torterra, Zexion didn’t know know who any of these pokemon were. He looked at Torterra. Zexion had a feeling that this Pokemon was very defensive and could stand a chance against Lexaeus.

“Paul!” someone called out from behind them.

The trainer looked very annoyed. Zexion looked to see a boy with black hair, wearing a hat, and had brown eyes running to them. With him was a tan skin, eyes silted, brown hair man. They stopped when they saw Zexion and Lexaeus.

Are we really that strange looking? Zexion asked himself.

“What do you wan Ash?” Paul asked.

“Well I wanted a rematch,” Ash answered, “but I see you’re busy.”

“No dah,” said Paul making Ash angry.

Zexion didn’t like this Paul guy. He looked back when he heard Murkrow start to fly up. Zexion sat down and just watch the Pokemon.

“Let’s stay to the side so we don’t get hit,” said the tan man.

“Right Brock,” said Ash as they moved to the side of the road.

Paul ordered Gliscor to use Night Slash which Zexion dodged by only moving an inch. Paul growled and ordered Torterra to Use Vine Whip only to have Lexaeus grab it. Lexaeus started to pull Torterra toward him. Once Torterra was right in front of him, Lexaeus lifted the turtle up and throw it into a tree. Ash and Brock were in aw. Zexion used Psychic on Gliscor making it hit the fainted Torterra, it self fainted. Zexion and Lexaeus turned and started to leave.

“Wait,” said Ash causing the two to look at him, “I want to battle you guys.”

Zexion and Lexaeus looked at each other and nodded. They got back into their battle stance. Ash smiled. He sent out Grotle while Pikachu jumped off of his shoulder.

“Oh you want to fight too buddy?” Ash asked.

Pikachu nodded. Paul walked past the battle after returning his Pokemon to their Pokeballs. He wasn’t interested in this battle. He knew that Ash would lose anyway.

“Pikachu use Volt Tackle on Espeon,” ordered Ash, “and Grotle use energy ball on Machamp.”

Zexion jumped out of the way. Lexaeus just slapped the energy ball away. Ash’s eyes sparkled at the strength of there two. Lexaeus got ready to attack when a net grabbed him and Pikachu.

“James you missed the Espeon,” said a female voice.

“Sorry Jessie,” said James, “but we only have one net this time.”

“Oh that’s just great,” Jessie said, “Meowth get us out of here!”

“Roger,” said Meowth while hitting a button.

Rockets came out of the balloon and sent them off in high speed.

“Pikachu!” yelled Ash, while he returned Grotle,

“Espeon!” [Lexaeus!] yelled Zexion.

He ran off in the direction Team Rocket did. Ash and Brock ran up to be beside him.

“Esp?” [Huh?] said Zexion, looking at them.

“Don’t worry” said Brock, “we’ll get your friend back along with Pikachu.”

Zexion smiled and continued on his way.


Team Rocket landed in the forest sometime ago. They put Lexaeus and Pikachu in a cage.

“The boss is going to pay us a lot for this catch!” exclaimed Jessie.

“Yeah,” agreed James, “not only did we get Pikachu, we also got a strangely colored Machamp too!”

“We’ll get promoted and butt tons of food,” said Meowth, “I can see it now!”

They started to sing. Lexaeus rolled his eyes.

“Champ Ma Ma?” [Are they always like this?] he asked Pikachu.

“Pika Pi Pi Chu Pika,” [Yeah. It’s annoying really.] Pikachu answered.

Lexaeus looked around to see if he could find anything to break open the cage. He had tried to bend the bars earlier, but Team Rocket made them extra strong.

“Pikachu Pika Pi Chu Pika Pi,” [Ash always comes and gets me.] he said.

Pikachu, then, smiled at Lexaeus.

“Pikachu,” [So don’t worry.] he said.

There was a flamethrower hitting the bars. Lexaeus looked. It was a strangely colored Houndoom.

Another member? Lexaeus wondered, if so, who?

The Houndoom stopped and made a gesture to tell them to hit the heated up bars. Lexaeus nodded and punched them. The bars fell off. The Houndoom ran off. Team Rocket looked. They froze when they saw a very angry Machamp known as Lexaeus.

“Think we should run?” asked Jessie.

“It might be advisable,” answered James.

They jumped into their balloon and floated up. Lexaeus reached down and Pikachu climbed into his hand. Lexaeus threw him up, when Ash, Brock, and Zexion finally got there. Team Rocket watched as Pikachu’s cheeks sparked. He electrocuted them, sending them flying.

“Team Rocket is blasting off again!” they yelled,

Zexion used his Psychic powers to slow down Pikachu’s fall and to bring him to Ash’s waiting arms. Ash hugged Pikachu.

“Thanks Machamp and Espeon,” he said.

Zexion and Lexaeus nodded and headed on their way.

“Come Ash,” said Brock, “let’s go back to the Pokemon Center and see how that Umbreon is doing.”

Ash nodded before looking back where Zexion and Lexaeus was.

“Counting that Umbreon,” he started, “that’s three Pokemon we’ve seen that was a strange color.”

“Yeah,” agreed Brock, “I wonder where they all come from.”

They continue to talk as they made their way back.


The Houndoom grinned as she watched Team Rocket blast off. They had tried to catch her too, but failed.

“Ah revenge is sweet,” she said before heading off to find more members to ‘play with’.


Okay, before any of you ask. Amber is trying her best to help me out with the new Pokemon. She has been watching playthroughs and the anime for info (she’s on X and Y in the anime now). She nor I nor my husband can get the game systems to play these games because it costs way too much where we live at.

Now then Amber couldn’t remember when Paul’s Electabuzz evolved at nor when he got Gliscor so I just picked at randomly. I, also, made his Pokedex tell him the attacks and abilities because Amber said that he would check to see if the Pokemon were strong. If not he would release them. It will only be his Pokedex that will say these things. Also I reviled Xemnas because you guys would have guessed it due to him being the only one lift to get a chapter.

I have no clue if the abilities I gave them nor the attacks are good ones or not because I was just picking off of the list on the Wiki. Speaking of which.


Will it be all right if Xemnas had one attack that represented Terra?

All other attacks would be base off of Xehanort. I all ready have the attack of Terra in mind :3 but I wanted to make sure if it’s okay with you guys first if I added in an attack an Umbreon wouldn’t know nor learn. I would ask about Saix too, but I found out that Mightyena could learn the attack XD


Here’s another question for Saix, will it be okay if I give him an ability called berserk or should I just stick with Intimidate?