Tristan And Joey MLP Style

Why is Joey blue? Because the only I found of him had him as skin color and one had him as green. I made him the same kind of blue that is on his shirt in Battle City. Joey’s cutie mark is the red eyes black dragon to match Seto’s blue eyes. Tristan is the same kind of brown as his jacket in Duelist Kingdom. Why is his cutie mark a shield? Because I don’t know what to put as his cutie mark that isn’t a microphone like the other pictures of him XD


Tristan And Joey MLP Style.png

Yami Yugi And Yugi in MLP Style

It’s been too long since I did anything dealing with Yugioh XD so long that their hair looks awful. Oh well. As for why Yami Yugi is purple is the same reason why both are Alicorns, someone else has made ponies of these two and I didn’t want to look like I was copy them. Yami Yugi was a dark blue on their’s so I made him purple, while Yugi was just a unicorn on theirs, so I made him an Alicorn. Also Yami Yugi is a pharaoh >,> so Alicorn would fit him. Also the puzzle is hard to do O_O

This a My Little Pony and Yugioh crossover