Legacy of Usopp Chapter 2

This chapter is written by Fuzzylittlekitty (she is couldn’t asleep so I’m posting it)! I edited for her!


The days had passed and Coby couldn’t get Usopp to talk about what happened. Coby sighed. He was in his office on the Marine side of the island. There was a few towns here and there, but they weren’t as grand as the city Marina. That’s where the Marine building was.

The pirate’s had their own city too. They called it Utopia. Though most of their city was surrounded by three different graveyards. Coby frowned. They had to bury Luffy and the others at graveyard number one, filling up the spaces.

As for the Thousand Sunny, Usopp made it clear that he didn’t want anyone on there ’till he got there. He also mention something about ‘the treasure’. That made Coby a bit curious, but he just sent a few Marines there to guard it.

Coby’s snail-phone rang. He picked it up. He could hear an inhuman roar on the other end. Coby suddenly was on alert.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“It’s Usopp,” answered Dr. Sarvin, “He’s turned into something I can’t explain. Just hurry and get your ass here now!”

There was a crash before Dr. Sarvin hanged up. Coby jumped up and got his coat. He yelled for Helmeppo to follow him. They got on their horses and galloped all the way to Utopia’s hospital. Once they got to the floor Usopp was on, they were in shook. Usopp was some kind of dark purple angle with strange looking wings. His hair look like white fire and the wings were black. White stars twinkled in the wings while black stars twinkled in the hair. Coby and Helmeppo could pick out the big dipper, little dipper and other consolations in them.

Usopp growled and hissed at them. He was on all fours. Coby looked at the claw like hands and feet. Usopp’s mouth was in a jagged style (think of Naruto’s four tail form for the mouth). He swallowed. Usopp looked at him and growled. Coby looked at Dr. Sarvin.

“What where you doing to him before he changed?” he asked.

“He was complaining about pain on the burnt side of his face,” answered Dr. Sarvin, “so I had ordered a nurse to get me a few things to relieve it. That’s when he turned.”

“Has he harmed anyone?” asked Helmeppo.

“No,” answered Dr. Sarvin, “all he did was brake the door and a few glass bottles full of medicine. He’s been staying right there.”

Usopp roared. Helmeppo raised his blades. Usopp looked at him and growled. He looked like he was ready to attack Helmeppo if he tried anything.

“Helmeppo,” said Coby, “put your blades away.”

Helmeppo nodded. He slowly put them away. Usopp relax some. He looked at Coby as he got on his knees and slowly made his way to Usopp. Coby had is hands up to show Usopp that he wasn’t going to do anything.

“It’s all right,” said Coby, “I just want to get near you to help you. If you don’t mind changing back.”

“I don’t know how,” said Usopp causing Coby to jump, “I don’t even know how to control this Devil Fruit.”

Coby jumped a little not excepting Usopp to be able to spoke in that form.

“Is it okay if I put seastone cuffs on you?” he asked, “it’s just to change you back.”

Usopp stared at Coby for a minuet before nodding. Coby looked back at Helmeppo.

“Do you have one on you?” he asked.

Helmeppo nodded. He grabbed the one he hang off of one of is belt loops and handed it Coby. Coby slowly and gently put them on Usopp’s wrists. Usopp turned back and fall into Coby’s arms.

“You okay?” Coby asked.

“Yeah,” Usopp answered, “just a bit tired.”

“We’ll take you back to your room,” said Coby, “is okay if the cuffs stay on?”

“That’s fine,” Usopp answered, “…I’m ready to talk as well….”

Coby nodded. With the help from Helmeppo, they put Usopp back on his bed. With a sigh Usopp told them every thing that had happen on that night, including what was still on the ship, One Piece.

“I see,” said Coby, “I’ll make sure no one touches it.”

“Thank you,” said Usopp.

“Coby,” said Helmeppo, “I suggest, when Usopp gets out of here, that we try to help him control this Devil Fruit power.”

“That is a good idea,” said Coby, “but I don’t know. We know nothing about this fruit…not even it’s name.”

“I tend to call it the shade shade fruit,” said Usopp.

“It’ll be fun,” said Helmeppo, “it’ll also be an adventure.”

Excitement filled Coby. They hadn’t had an adventure in a long time. He sighed in defeat.

“Fine then,” he said, “but you’re cleaning up the messes he makes.”

Helmeppo smiled. Usopp was well enough to leave the hospital a few days later. Coby had gotten him a horse to ride to the Marine base. Usopp wasn’t too happy about that. In fact he refused to go near it ’till ether Helmeppo or Coby came to escort him up. Coby had warn him that if any kind of harm came to any of the Marines here, Usopp will be locked up. Same rules applied to the Marines if they harmed a pirate citizen. Though Coby couldn’t due anything to the visiting Marines that were a higher rank then him.

Usopp followed Helmeppo down a trail from the Marine’s training field to the forest area. They stepped off the trail and headed into a deeper part of the forest. Usopp looked back at the path. It was a red brick path. Coby told him that these paths connected the towns and cities together, including the pirate ones.

“All right,” said Helmeppo, “this is where we’ll train at. Let’s, first, work on that form you were in days ago.”

Usopp swallowed. He closed his eyes and held his hands out on his sides (like a T). Black energy balls fired and hit two trees. Their middles blasted out causing the top half to fall. Usopp blushed.

“Just calm down,” said Helmeppo, “just picture the form in your head.”

Usopp nodded. He closed his eyes again. There was guns being fired that scared him. Helmeppo looked back at the direction of the Marine base in announce. He looked to were Usopp was only to find Maroon smoke being blown away by the breeze.

“Usopp?” asked Helmeppo.

Usopp opened his eyes. He was in a whole different place. There was maroon and purple clouds every where and that was it. There was no sky and no ground. Bright purple lightning flashed, but didn’t hit anything.

“Usopp!” he heard Helmeppo’s voice eco, “Usopp where are you?”

Usopp swallowed and closed his eyes again. When he open them, he was still in this strange place. He started to panic and then he started to change form.

“Let me out!” he shouted, “let me leave this place!”

Usopp disappeared and then reappeared in the real world. Helmeppo found him in his angle form on his knees with his head on the ground with his hands covering his head. Usopp was shaking. Helmeppo got on the ground beside him and put his hand on his shoulder blade.

“Usopp you’re okay,” said Helmeppo, “there’s nothing to hurt you.”

“What happen?” asked Coby coming up to him.

He had made his way down the path when he herd the trees fall with a big thud.

“I don’t know,” answered Helmeppo, “he just disappeared as a human and then reappeared like this.”

Coby was on Usopp’s other side now. Guns fire off again causing Usopp to finch.

“It’s okay Usopp,” Coby said, “it’s just the solders practicing.”

“I was in a different world,” said Usopp, “I couldn’t leave it.”

I have to figure out how to better understand this fruit, Coby thought, it’s nothing I have ever seen before.

Soon Usopp calm down enough to change back. He brushed his hair our of the way of his left eye. He had his hair down for one reason only, to cover the right side of his face. That side was so burnt the doctors had to get a surgeon from the Marine hospital to do a skin graph. Usopp wasn’t sure what that was nor was he going to ask. One thing is for sure is that he could no longer see through his right eye. Usopp wondered if, after his devil fruit training, they would let him try practicing his aiming.

They continued his training for the day. He had half way managed to change at will. It was still very hard for him. He still couldn’t control the random black energy balls and the consent porting to this other world. He would always panic would he got stuck there and when he couldn’t turn back. He would scratch at his arms making them bleed when he did turn back. It was so bad that Coby had to go get the first aid to bandage them up.


Coby was still up. He was at the library at Marina in the restricted area. He was trying to find anything that was about the fruit that the Straw Hat crew found. Coby grabbed a book titled “Devil Fruits of The World”.

This has got to have something about the shade shade fruit, Coby thought.

He didn’t get but two pages in when Helmeppo came up with a paper in his hand.

“We have a problem,” he said before holdup the paper.

It was a wanted poster. Coby’s eyes widen when he saw who the picture was of. It was Usopp in his angel form. Coby closed the book, threw it on the table, stood up, and grabbed the poster. He’s heart was pounding very fast when he read the 500,000,000 beri bounty and the note: last member of the Straw Hats. Coby’s heart slowed a bit when he saw the name, Shadow Angle – real name unknown, in bold letters. Though that didn’t mean they should relax.

“Helmeppo-” Coby started.

“I have all ready made sure no one speaks of Usopp’s angle form,” Helmeppo finished, “the pirates have done said that they will not let a fellow brother suffer in the hands of a “pure” Marine.”

Coby smiled. Leave it to the pirates to look out for one of their own.

“Make sure the other Marines are on high alert for bounty hunters,” said Coby, “I also want boat checks out to make sure no one is hiding a hunter or spys.”

“Right a way Coby,” said Helmeppo saluting and then leaving.

Coby sighed.

Don’t worry Usopp, he thought, I’ll make sure you’re safe here.

He looked back down at the book.

Even if it means my death, he thought, because you’re the last thing I have left of Luffy.

Legacy of Usopp Chapter 1

This chapter was written by Flaming-Fist-Paul. I edited for him!

MAJOR WARNING! Character death ahead!


Luffy was in his spot at the front of the Thousand Sunny. He had a huge smile on his face. They were coming up to the last island on the Grand Line, Raftel. there One Piece was supposedly at. Luffy looked up to see one hell of a storm coming. Then came Nami’s voice ordering everyone around. They made it through in an hour or so. They landed onto Raftel afterwords.

“Where’s One Piece?” Luffy asked only to get knocked on the head by Zoro.

“Idiot,” Zoro said, “do you honestly think the pirate king would have hid it in plain view? We have to ether dig it up or find a cave or something.”

Luffy started looking at the ground.

“Now what are you looking for?” Zoro asked.

“An X,” Luffy answered.

This time Sanji kicked him.

“Like there would be a giant X on the ground,” he said.

“Hey guys!” Chopper yelled from a far, “I found a cave!”

Luffy raced over. His eyes sparked as he tried to enter it. Nami pulled him back and cleared her throat. She hold up a flash light and turned it on. She went in first.

“Try not to get lost Moss Head,” Sanji said to Zoro, “or we’ll never find you.”

Zoro’s eye twitched.

“I don’t get lost,” he stated.

“If he wants to believe that then go right a head,” Usopp said under his berth.

They all headed inside. They walked for what seem like hours before Robin stopped. She noticed some ind of picture on the wall.

“Nami do you mind shining that light on to this wall?” Robin asked.

“Yeah sure,” Nami said.

She moved the flash light to the wall. There was four images of strange looking humans pointing in different locations. There was, also, a skull and cross bones over a bunch of fruit images. There was four other fruits below the strange humans. Robin took a closer look.

“Hey I thought we were suppose to be finding One Piece,” said Luffy.

He was kicked by Sanji for being rude to his goddesses. Luffy dropped to the ground and looked at the wall. He blinked and took a closer look at the picture of a bunch of fruit.

“Hey the Gum Gum fruit is there!” he shouted.

Chopper came over to look.

“So is the one I ate,” he said.

Robin looked.

“So is the one I ate too,” she said.

She looked at the skull and cross bones.

“I see,” Robin said, “if a devil fruit user were to eat one of these four then they will die.”

Chopper swallowed. Zoro looked at the other picture.

“What exactly does these four fruits do?” he asked.

Robin looked over. One of the humans was a dark purple color like it’s fruit. It had strange looking wings and two shadows, which it was controlling. It was also pointing right.

“I think this one is a shadow fruit,” Robin said.

The one next to it was white like it’s fruit. It had angel like wings and it was shining some kind of light. Said light was burning two little imps. It was pointing up.

“This one is light,” said Robin.

The one next to that one had some kind of aura around and three circles of the same color as the human, magenta. It was pointing down. The fruit was the same color as well.

“This one is some kind of magic,” Robin said, “arcane I think.”

The last one was lavender like it’s fruit. It had some kind of sound lines coming from an eye on the forehead. Things were floating around it. It was, also, pointing to the left.

“And this one is psychic,” said Robin.

“I think the way they’re pointing is where they are in this place,” said Usopp.

Nami looked to the left of them. There was a cave in tunnel and pieces of a ladder in the rocks.

“Well it looks like the only way we can go is where the shadow one is pointing,” said Nami “the right.”

She lead the way for a while before stopping. She had a huge grin and sparkles in her eyes. Everyone else looked. The room was filled with gold, gems, and pearls. Everyone cheered and started running around, looking at it all Luffy looked up and blinked. At the top of a cliff was a marble table and on it was a round dark purple fruit.

“Hey!” Luffy shouted, “the shadow fruit!”

Everyone looked up to see it. Luffy made his way up and took the fruit. They soon started moving One Piece onto the ship with a little help from Franky. Brook made the job a bit lively with his jokes. Once everyone and everything was all on board they made an agreement. They were to keep a little of the treasure and re-hide the rest. Luffy kept the shadow fruit though. He looked at it.

Let’s see, he thought, Robin, Chopper, Brook, and I can’t eat it. So that would leave Zoro, Sanji, Franky, Nami, and Usopp.

Luffy scratched his head.

Zoro, Sanji, and Franky are strong already, he thought, so that would leave Nami and Usopp.

Luffy’s eyes sparkled as he pictured them in the shadow form like it was shown on the wall.

“They would look so awesome,” he said in aw.

He then shivered when he thought of away Nami could use it as punishment to him. Luffy then noticed a ship in the distance.

“Who’s that?” he wondered.

“Marine ship on the right!” Zoro yelled.

“There’s another one on the left!” Brook shouted.

“Zoro!” Luffy shouted, “what about the one in front of us?!”

Zoro looked.

“It’s a pirate ship!” he shouted, “by the looks of it, it’s Black Beard’s!”


A marine looked at the ships with a pair of binoculars.

“Sir,” he said, “our fleet and Black Beard are now approaching the Straw Hats.”

“Good,” said the captain, “have our fleet test out the new seastone bullets on them.”

“Yes sir,” said the marine.


Nami got up to the wheel, only to see even more Marine ships coming to them. She, then, looked around them. They were surrounded. She swallowed. There was laughter. They looked toward the pirate ship. Black Beard smiled and had a pistol pointing at Luffy.

“Thanks for making it easy for me to get One Piece,” he said.

He fired. The bullets went past Luffy’s cheek. Luffy blinked and touched his cheek when he felt something wet start to run down it. Blood! Some how the bullet cut into Luffy.

“Fire!” a marine shouted.

Canons were shoot. A few missed, but others hit the ship. Nami tried to find a way out of the block aid. Guns started firing. Everyone tried their best to protect everyone else and the ship. A canon ball was fired and it landed next to Usopp. It exploded. The fire from it caught Usopp on the right side of his face. He screamed out and covered the nasty burn. Chopper looked over at him.

“Usopp!” he shouted.

He tried to make his way to him only to get stopped by gun shots. Franky knocked a canon ball out to sea, but he failed to see the one coming up behind him. It went right through him.

“Franky!” Luffy yelled.

Nami, then, spotted away out. She turned the ship. Guns fired and she fell to the ground, lifeless.

“Nami!” Luffy yelled.

Sanji was next to go, then Robin, then Zoro, then Chopper, and finally Brook. Luffy stood there.

They’re gone, he thought, they’re all gone…

Marines on one ship screamed as giant plants started to devour them. Luffy looked behind him. Though he was in a great deal of pain and half of his face was burnt, Usopp was still standing strong. This brought hope to Luffy. A bullet got Luffy in the leg. Luffy fell. He held his leg and herd something roll. He looked. It was the devil fruit! Usopp screamed when he got shot in the side. He fell as well. Luffy grabbed the fruit and crawled to Usopp.

“Usopp here,” said Luffy trying to give it to him, “eat it.”

Usopp looked at him before another gun fired. Luffy’s grip on the fruit lessen as the life within him left. Usopp was horrified. Tears fell down his cheeks. He looked at the shadow fruit. He reached for it.


The marine looked at the Thousand Sunny again from a far.

“Sir,” he said, “it looks like the Straw Hats have been eliminated.”

The captain turned his back from the Marine and the Thousand Sunny.

“Good,” he started, “Now we need to-”

A terrifying screech filled the air. The captain looked back at the Thousand Sunny. The Marine looked up at what look like some kind of dark purple death angel.

“What the hell is that thing?!” the Marine asked.

Strange small purple glowing balls surrounded the angel. The angel raised it’s hands and then did the hand command for fire. The balls hit the nearest ships. They exploded. The angel let out a victory roar. The captain swallowed. Then a shadow like smoke covered the Thousand Sunny. It was spreading.

“Get us out of here now!” shouted the captain.

A Marine turned the ship around. Another Marine looked at the cloud. Shadow wolves emerged from it and attacked one of the remaining ships. The Marine swallowed and tried not to think about it.


The angel looked around. All the ships were destroyed and bodies were floating in the water satisfied the angel landed next to the wheel. It looked at everyone and whimpered. It looked at it’s claw like hands. It did some kind of hand motion to try and turn back. Nothing. It did the motion several more times, getting the same results. The angel got so frustrated that it started scratching at it’s skin.

After a bit the form faded away to revile Usopp. Usopp groaned in pain as blood dripped from the new cuts that was all over his body. The one done to his neck was the worse. He panted and took the wheel.

Need to get out of here, he thought steering the ship away.


“The hell was that thing captain?” asked a Marine.

“I don’t know,” the captain answered.

“It whipped out an entire fleet without braking a sweat,” commented another Marine.

Another came up to the captain and handed him something. It was a photo of the death angel.

“Ah good work Marine!” the captain complemented before heading to contact HQ.

“Marine Head Quarters,” said a Marine from the other end.

“This is Captain Tarin from branch 32,” said Tarin, “I’m sending in a photo to be made into a wanted poster.”

The Marine looked at the photo.

“What is this thing?” the Marine asked.

“That thing killed and destroyed an entire fleet,” said Tarin, “now listen up. Here is what I want on the poster. Title – Shadow Angel, name – unknown, is the last member of the Straw Hat crew, and warning – is a devil fruit user who’s powers are still unknown.”

“Okay got it,” said the Marine, “but what do you mean by ‘last member of the Straw Hat crew’?”

“The others have been killed,” informed Tarin, “they had found and still have One Piece.”

The Marine’s eyes widen.

“I will inform the higher ups about this,” he said, “what should the starting bounty be?”

“Um…” said Captain Tarin, “Let’s see, I say about 500,000,000 Berries considering what it’s a member of and what it has done.”

“Alright,” said the Marine, “I have all of that written down.”

Tarin nodded and hanged up.


The sound of the Thousand Sunny crashing into land awoke Usopp. He had fallen asleep at the wheel. He blinked. There was a light on him. He looked up.

Lighthouse? He thought.

Who ever was up there had a spot light on him. Usopp jumped when a rock started scraping on the metal part of the ship. Lights turned on in the nearest buildings. People started coming out to investigate. Usopp could hear their voices talking and yelling before he closed his eyes. Then there was the distance sound of hooves. Usopp opened his eyes.

“Make room for Vice Admiral Coby!” someone yelled.

Coby…Marine… Usopp thought, Marine killed…not friendly!

Usopp’s eyes slitted and turn into a glowing purple for but a second.

“Get a ladder or walk board!” ordered Coby.

He looked back at the ship when some of the people started looking for what Coby wanted.

“Looks like it’s been in one hell of a fight,” he commented.

There was some giant holes in it’s side. There was one where you could see right through to the other side. One mass looked like it was leaning.

“Coby the flag,” said Helmeppo who came with him.

Coby looked up at the flag and his heart sank. The flag had the skull and cross bones with the straw hat of Luffy’s crew. It was all tattered like the sails. A board walk was found and slid into place. Coby and Helmeppo was the only ones to come up. Coby nearly gagged at the smell of rotting flesh. Coby looked. There, in what would be the shade if the sun was out, was the corpses of the Straw Hat crew. Coby wanted to cry, but couldn’t with so many people around.

Coby then noticed they were stacked up. He looked at the ground. There were lots of blood trails. Helmeppo felt eyes on him. He looked over at Usopp. Helmeppo took one of his blades and held it up. Usopp looked at it. Helmeppo moved from left to right. Usopp’s eyes followed it. Then Helmeppo watched as Usopp took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Helmeppo put his weapon away.

“That one is still alive,” he informed Coby.

Coby looked at Usopp before making his way over. He stopped when Usopp’s eyes flashed a glowing purple color. Coby took a deep breath and continued. The feeling of un want grew as he got closer. Coby raised his hands.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said, “I’m a friend of Luffy’s and Zoro’s.”

“Friend?” asked Usopp.

His voice was a bit quiet and horsed. Coby, then, noticed the cut on his throat.

“Yes friend,” Coby said, “I want to help you…”

“…” Usopp was silent for a bit, “then help…so tired…”

Coby nodded to Helmeppo for him to get a doctor and a wagon to carry the dead. Coby gently touched Usopp’s arm.

“Come,” said Coby, “let’s get a doctor to check you out and fix you up. Then you can rest.”

Usopp nodded. He let Coby lead him down and to the doctor that came with another wagon to carry him to the hospital.

Coby came by to check on Usopp the next day. He blinked when he saw that Usopp’s long nose was gone. Coby looked at the doctor, Doc. Sarvin.

“It was too burnt to save,” said Doc. Sarvin.

Coby nodded and entered the room. He closed the door. Usopp looked over at him. Coby smiled and sat next to his bed.

“Hey,” Coby said, “how are you feeling?”

“In pain,” answered Usopp, “what is this island?”

“This is Hope Island,” answered Coby, “here pirates and marines live here in peace.”

“That’s interesting,” said Usopp turning to look out the window.

“Usopp could you tell me what exactly happen,” Coby said.

Usopp remained silent. Coby sighed.

This is going to take a while, he thought.