Many Years of Pain Chapter 16

All in this fic belongs to Nintendo!

Reminder: this is a Link x Mido fic, not a Link x Midna!


Mido and Link made it through the tunnel to the other part of Faron Woods. It was, once again, filled with poisonous gas. This caused Link to sigh.

“Just what we needed,” he said, “poisonous gas.”

Mido looked around and then up at the sky. An idea popped into his head.

“Which way do we need to go again for the last five bugs?” he asked.

“To the west of here,” answered Link, “but there might be some here. There was last time at least. With Midna’s help I jumped all of the gaps, and there we’re buuuu ah!”

Mido had picked up Link and was slowly going up.

“Shout if you see one,” Mido said.

“And what about the ones that are buried underground,” asked Link.

“If you see a spot that might have a bug underground then point it out,” Mido answered.

It took them a bit to locate four of the five bugs. After that Mido flew them to where the forest temple’s entrance was. Link spotted the last bug right away. He killed it, and their light entered the vessel. The Twilight receded, and Link and Mido returned to their usual selves.

“That is all eight,” said Link, “now we just need to get this back to the spirit spring….”

He noticed that Mido wasn’t listening and was staring at the forest temple.

“Mido?” Link asked.

“Did you know most of this place was under water once?” Mido asked.

“No,” answered Link, “I didn’t.”

“Well it was,” said Mido, “about a hundred years ago. That huge tree was once the Great Deku Tree.”

“The Great Deku Tree?” Link wondered.

Mido nodded.

“He had a face and could talk,” said Mido, “he guarded and guided us, the Kokiri. Of course, during the great flood, the Kokiri evolved into the Koroks.”

Mido was silent for a moment. Link frowned when he noticed tears running down Mido’s cheeks.

“The Deku Tree died when the water receded,” Mido continued, “without someone to guide and protect them, the Koroks panicked….they soon died out….”

Mido was sobbing now. Link did the only thing he could do and hugged and comfort Mido. Link understood and pity Mido. Not only was he the last of his kind, but watched helplessly as his people died out. It was a while before Mido calmed down.

“I’m sorry,” Mido apologized while letting go of Link.

“Don’t be,” said Link, “I would be the same way.”

Mido gave him a small smile before sighing.

“Link,” came Midna’s voice, “Mido. Can you hear me?”

‘Yes we can,” answered Link.

“We found out who is behind the Twilight leak-ish,” said Midna, “meet me where the path from Faron Forest ends, and the path through Hyrule Field begins. I’ll explain everything then.”

“All right,” said Link, “meet you there.”

“We shouldn’t keep her waiting,” said Mido.

Link gave him a worried look.

“I’ll be fine,” Mido reassured him.

Link nodded. They left and returned the vessel of light before heading out of the forest. They spotted Midna at the entrance of Hyrule Fields. Midna smiled at Link but frowned at Mido. The Kokiri looked demoralized. Link shook his head signifying that she shouldn’t ask. Midna nodded and cleared her throat.

“Thanks for coming,” she started, “as I had stated that we found out who is behind all of this and you’re not going to like it.”

Link sighed.

“Who is it?” he asked.

“A creature that calls himself Ganondorf,” answered Midna, “but he isn’t. He is but his shadow. A shadow that has a bit of the original Ganondorf’s power.”

Link nodded before noticing Mido looking a bit alarmed. He followed Mido’s gaze to the curtain of Twilight that covered Castle Town. It started to fade before disappearing altogether.

“Ah so it worked,” commented Midna.

Both, Link and Mido, looked at her.

“We found a potential way of getting rid of the Twilight,” Midna explained, “since it worked we can get rid of the rest while you two go and warn Princess Zelda about the shade.”

Link nodded.

“Be safe,” said Midna while the two walked away.


Mido was holding onto Link’s arm for dear life while they walked through Castle Town. He was watching all of the people they walked by.

“I take it you don’t like crowds,” said Link.

Mido shook his head.

“I’m sort of use to big crowds,” he said, “but this. This is beyond big.”

Link laughed.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “we’re almost to the castle gate.”

It took them a bit longer to weave through the crowds to get to the gate. The guards recognized Link and let him and Mido through. It was a while longer for them to climb up the last set of stairs. Mido was huffing and puffing.

“Who in their right mind would put a throne room up on the very top of a castle?” he asked between breaths.

“Not a clue,” answered Link huffing and puffing as well.

They entered the throne room. Zelda got up from the throne and smiled when she saw Link. Link and Mido bowed.

“It is wonderful to see you again Link,” said Zelda before frowning, “I take it you are not here to catch up.”

Link shook his head.

“The Twilight is back,” he said, “and it’s being controlled by Ganondorf’s shade.”

Zelda was now on high alert.

“Tell me all you know,” she said.


Sorry for the long wait. Life happened.

Special thanks to the program Grammarly!

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