Beautiful Demon (Naruto x Reader) Part 4

The next day you were heading to the cells.

“Hey, Ora wait up!” You herd Naruto yell.

You stopped and bowed to him when he got to you. You hid your hands. You didn’t want Naruto to get worried.

“Sorry I didn’t come to our date last night,” you apologized.

“That’s alright,” Naruto said, “we can go on one a bit before you bring Sasuke his lunch…that’s at 12 right?”

You nodded. Naruto smiled.

“I’ll see you then,” he said waving at you.

You waved back and headed inside the prison. You took the tray and bowed to the Anbu. He let you in. As you got closer to Sasuke’s cell your hands started to shake. Sasuke looked up at you. You opened the hatch and slipped the tray in. Sasuke grabbed your hand before you could take it away.

“Did Naruto do this to you?” he asked.

You said nothing.

“So he did,” Sasuke said and then kissed your hand.

You looked away in disgust. You really truly hate Sasuke. There was no feelings of love for him, not even a like.

“You poor thing,” he said, “I bet he was with Sakura too when he done it. Wasn’t he?”

You swallowed. You started shaking more.

“Now now,” said Sasuke, “there’s no reason to be afraid. I can’t do anything with these sealed chains.

“They only block most of it…” you commented.

“Ha,” said Sasuke, “you’re smart. Shame Naruto doesn’t see that. He rather have the idiot pink hair wench.”

“He’s not with her…” you said.

“If you are so sure then why is he with her all the time?” Sasuke asked.

You said nothing. Your teeth started to chattered.

“You and I can leave this village together and forget about them,” Sasuke offered, “all you have to do is open this cell and brake these chains.”

You shook your head and pulled away.

“I would never betray the village that housed me when my own home burnt down,” you said.

“Ms. Jormungand is everything alright down there!?” you herd the Anbu yell from the door.

“Yes everything is fine!” You yelled back.

“Best start heading back before the guard comes here and sees us,” Sasuke said, “we’ll finish this little talk of ours later….see you at lunch little demon goddess.”

You swallowed and quickly left.

If only I had a few more minuets with her, thought Sasuke, then I could have gotten her close enough to finish her…

He looked at the food again and sighed.

“Bread, dry meat and water yet again,” he said before eating it.


You raced home. You avoided touching anyone. You didn’t went to be near them…all of them. You shut the door and lend against it. You cradled yourself and started shaking again.

What if he is telling the truth, you thought, what if Naruto rather be with Sakura…I could ran away with Sasuke….No! This village took me in when I had no home. I owe it to them. But….

Looked out the window to the sky to see a bird fly high and free.

What would it be like to be free? You asked your self, To not have to worry about someone. To not have to do mission after mission. To think and say what you want….what would that be like?

You fall asleep right there. The knock at the door awoke you. You looked up at the clock. It was 12. You had missed your second date with Naruto. You open the door to see an Anbu.

“It’s time to feed the Uchiha again,” he said before disappearing.

You swallowed and made your way there. Sakura noticed in the distance.

There she is, Sakura though.

Naruto had come to her asking if she had seen you only to get a no.

Maybe Sasuke is scaring her, Sakura thought, trying to convince her that Naruto is evil or something…I should follow and check.

Sakura followed without you knowing. You took the tray and bowed to the Anbu. Like before he opened the door. The door closed and a few minuets later Sakura came in. She bowed to the Anbu.

“I’m here to check on Ora,” she said, “I think Sasuke Uchiha is doing something to her mind.”

Anbu stood up on alert. He nodded and let Sakura through. Sakura headed forwards and gasped. Sasuke had you very close to the bars and in one hand had Chidori silently going. It was small like a dagger. Sakura ran.

“No!” she yelled causing the Anbu at the door to rush in.

Sakura pulled you away to only have Sasuke’s Chidori cut you badly on the side. You looked at Sasuke fearfully and then the Anbu came. He open the cell door as more Anbu rushed in. You activated your Demirigan and glared at Sasuke. Sasuke, in return, used Mangekyo Sharingan to reflate the effects back at you. You screamed when you saw the fire and those you love being cut down in front of you again.

“Cover his eyes!” You herd the faint voice of Sakura ordered.

Then your world turned black. You woke to see the roof of the hospital. You looked around and noticed Naruto beside your bed. He had his head in his hands. You reached up and touched his cheek. He looked at you. His eyes were red and puffy like he had been crying.

“You’re…you’re awake,” Naruto said.

You smiled.

“I’m sorry for worrying you,” you said.

Naruto shook his head and hugged you and then he did something unexpected. He kissed you on the lips. You were stunned.

“Naruto….” you said, “aren’t you with Sakura?”

Naruto blinked and then his eyes narrowed.

“Is that what Sasuke told you?” he asked.

You nodded.

“Everything he said was a lie,” Naruto said, “Sakura and I are just good friends. I…”

His face turned red.

“I like you…” he said.

You smiled and a few tears fall.

“I like you too…” you said.

Naruto stared at you and then he smiled. He hugged you tightly. You winced.

“Oh sorry,” Naruto apologized, “I forget about your side.”

You smiled at him.

“That’s okay,” you said, “now how about we go on a date when I get out. I promise I’ll be there this time.”

Naruto laughed.

“Yeah that sounds great!” he exclaimed.

You both laughed.

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