Beauty of The Moon (Saix x Reader) Part 1

You were out getting supplies for your shop. you were browsing the greenhouse humming to your self.

“Good morning Siran,” greeted the owner, “looking for more flowers and herbs to use?”

“Yes,” you answered, “I ran out of some herbs to use on burns. do you know where they are?”

“Ah yes,” answered the owner, “I think I moved them over here…here you go.”

“Thank you,” you said paying him.

“Anytime Siran,” he said waving at you.

You walked toward the train station in order to get on your shop’s street. a painful moaning took your attention to an ally way. you look down it to see a hooded man in a black coat sitting by a wall bleeding badly. you ran to him.

“Sir can you hear me?” you asked him.

The man nodded a little.

“Can you walk?” you asked.

The man nodded again. he tried to get up on his own, but couldn’t. you put his arm around your shoulder and helped him up again. you two walked to your shop which was also your house. thankfully it wasn’t too far. you open the door and lead him up the stairs to the guest bedroom. you laid him down softly on the bed and removed his boots and coat. the man had long blue hair and a big X scar on his face. you looked at his injuries.

Let’s see, you thought, 3 2nd degree burns on the left side, left upper arm, and right shoulder. one 3rd degree on his right side and a gash across his stomach.

you went downstairs and got what you needed. you mixed ingredients and put them on the correct injuries. the man hissed at the stinging pain as you put the medicine on. he passed out once you were done.

“I wonder where you came from,” you thought out loud before heading down to open up shop.


Axel was headed to the superior’s office. Xaldin told him that Xemnas wanted to see him right away. Axel sighed. he knocked on the door.

“Enter,” he herd Xemnas say.

Axel opened and closed the door.

“What did I do this time?” he asked.

“Nothing that I know as of yet,” Xemnas answered, “I have a special mission for you.”

“I’m listening,” Axel said.

“Saix has not come back from his mission for two days now,” said Xemnas, “I need you to look for him. he was last at Twilight Town.”

“Got it,” Axel said heading for the door.

“When you find him let him know that I except an explanation,” Xemnas stated.

Axel nodded and left. he walked down the hall a bit and sighed.

“Isa what have you gotten your self into now?” Axel asked before creating a portal.


It had been two days since you brought the blue-haired man to your shop/home. he never awoke since he passed out. you checked on him regularly. You sighed after you were done looking over his injuries.

“I’ll be right back,” you told him, “I ran out of burn cure herbs again.”

You got up and headed out. you hid in an alleyway when you heard a strange sound. You peeked out behind the corner. you gasped when you saw another hooded man with the same black coat as the one you found coming out of what looked like a portal.

Maybe he’s here looking for his friend, you thought, best follow him to make sure.

you followed him to the market district and then to the train station. he sighed.

“Where did he go off to?” the other man asked himself.

you took that moment to come out of your hiding spot.

“Excuse me,” you announced your self.

The other man looked over at you.

“Are you looking for a man with long blue hair and a big X scare on his face?” you asked him.

The other man blinked a few times.

“Yes,” he answered, “have you seen him?”

You nodded and motion for the other man to follow you back him. you took him upstairs.

“I found him in an alleyway,” you said, “I healed him but he hasn’t waken up yet.”

The other man went to his friend.

“I need to take him back,” he said.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that,” you said, “His injuries will reopen.”

The other man sighed.

“Our boss isn’t going to like that,” he said.

“Then you can tell him to come speak with me,” you said setting your foot down, “I’m not afraid.”

The other man laughed.

“Saix would smile right now,” he commented.

“Saix?” you asked.

“That’s his name,” the other man answered, “and mine’s Axel A X E L got it memorized?”

“I think so Axel,” you answered looking toward Saix.

“When he wakes up I’ll send him back,” you told Axel.

Axel, in return, nodded.

Xemnas is really not going to like this, Axel thought.

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