Request – Xehanort-Aqua & Eraqus-Aqua Posing

Requested by alkiller77

I think I finally figured out how to get Aqua to loo less like Xion…I think…

Xehanort is the on in the gold while Eraqus is the one in white.

Eraqus: Ventus, Vanitas! Quite the coincidence meeting you here! It’s me, Master Eraqus!
Xehanort: Good to see that you two are doing well… Have you seen Terra and Aqua around here?
Eraqus: You probably should explain to Ventus and Vanitas why I was missing for a couple of days…
Xehanort: Right… Well… Vanitas, you remember when I said I was going to visit an old friend right?



4 Request - Xehanort-Aqua & Eraqus-Aqua Posing.png

Request – Ven-Aqua and Vanitas-Aqua Posing in Bikinis

Requested by alkiller77!


Ven: Never thought you’d be in this situation did you?
Vanitas: Nope, but I’m glad I was…*smirks and poses with Ven*
Ven: So… Out of curiosity Master Xehanort was changed with you right?
Vanitas: Um Yeah…
Ven: Have you seen him since? Because Master Eraqus went missing a couple of days ago…
Vanitas: No I haven’t… However last time I saw him he said he was going to pay an old friend a visit…
Ven: Wait… Could that mean…
??? : Hey Ventus, Vanitas! *A voice sounding like Aqua’s called out to them*

I like how this turned out 😀

Request - Ven-Aqua and Vanitas-Aqua Posing in Bikinis