Beauty of The Moon (Saix x Reader) Part 2

You sighed, It’s been nearly a week since you brought Saix back to your home and he still hasn’t awoken. You herd your door open. You sighed again and looked at Saix.

“I’ll be right back,” you said.

You walked downstairs to see Axel with a tan-skinned man with silver hair. They looked at you.

“Sorry,” said Axel, “I tried to keep him waiting.”

“I assume you’re the girl taking care of VII?” the silver-haired man asked.

You nodded.

“I would like him back now,” the man said.

“I can’t allow that,” you said, “He is still knocked out and his wounds haven’t healed yet.”

“That doesn’t matter to me,” said the man.

“Well it should,” you said.

Axel’s eyes widen.

“Siran,” he said, “Please don’t talk back to Xemnas – I mean the superior.”

Xemnas glance at Axel and then back to you.

“I’m not afraid,” you stated, “he can kill me if he so wishes, but Saix is not fit to go back yet.”

Xemnas’ eyebrows met and Axel started to back up. You stood your ground and kept your cool. Xemnas may have most people cowering in a corner with just a look, but not you. Xemnas then smiled and laughed. Axel raised an eyebrow.

“I see that Saix is in good hands here,” Xemnas said, “considering you didn’t even flinch when near me. VIII will continue to check up on him and will keep me updated.”

You bow in respect.

“Of course Lord Xemnas,” you said, “glad we could come to an agreement.”

Xemnas nodded. He looked to Axel.

“Stay here for a bit and then report back,” he said.

“Yes superior,” said Axel.

You both watched as Xemnas left in a portal. Axel looked back at you.

“That was freaking amazing!” he shouted and hugged you.

You laughed.

“He was just a big bully that needed to know his place,” you stated.

Axel laughed and you two headed upstairs to check on Saix. You sighed seeing that he was still out.

“I need to get a few things for his wounds,” you said, “Can I trust you to stay here with him?”

“You sure can,” Axel answered.

You smiled and headed out to get what you needed. Saix groaned and open his eyes.

“Well good morning,” Axel said to him.

Saix glared at Axel.

“What are you doing here?” Saix asked in irritation.

“Making sure you don’t go anywhere for Siran,” Axel answered.

“Who is that?” Saix asked a bit confused.

“This awesome and amazing girl!” exclaimed Axel, “She stood up against Xemnas and still lives. She didn’t even flinch once.”

Saix blinked.

“She stood up against Xemnas?” Saix asked to make sure.

Axel nodded and turned when he heard the door open. You walked back upstairs and blinked.

“Ah you’re finally awake!” you exclaimed.

Saix took a good look at you. Your long green hair was down and reached to the middle of your back. Your eyes were as green as emeralds and you were wearing this lovely ocean blue summer dress. Saix swallowed and looked up at the roof.

“It seems that I am,” he stated.

You sighed.

“Just as emotionless as that superior of yours,” you commented.

Axel laughed and Saix glared at him.

“I was just telling him about you and the superior meeting each other,” Axel said ignoring Saix’s glare.

You blushed a bit and grabbed Saix’s arm to check the burn on it.

“Like I said before,” you started, “he was just a big bully that needed to know his place. Just like our blue hair friend is about to learn too.”

Saix growled.

“Growl all you want,” you said, “It’s not going to make me stay away from you.”

Saix sighed.

“So this Organization XIII,” you started a conversation and to change subjects, “I assume that there are more than three members in it considering your boss called you VII and you VIII.”

“Yes,” said Axel, “there is 12 of u-”

“13,” Saix interrupted.

“Oh…right…” Axel said sounding about annoyed.

“New guy not worth a damn?” you asked.

“No,” Axel answered, “He’s just acting a bit like a soulless body at the moment. I was volunteered to take care of him…”

You smiled.

“That was nice of you,” you sighed.

Axel rubbed the back of his head and looked to the side.

“Yeah I guess so,” he said before standing up, “Well I better go before the big bully comes back.”

You smiled.

“Okay,” you said, “Saix should be good enough to return in a few days.”

Axel nodded and waved before he disappeared into a portal. You finished re-wrapping the burn on Saix’s arm.

“I can go back now,” Saix said.

“No,” you said, “You’re still too injured to move.”

Saix glared at you again. He tried to get up, but you pushed him back down. He growled.

“I’m good enough to go,” he said.

“And I say you’re not,” you said.

He tried to get up again, only to get pushed back down by you. At this point, the scare on his face started to grow.

“Let me go!” Saix shouted.

“No!” you shouted back.

His eyes turn completely gold and started to glow. He growled like an angry wolf and tried to attack you. You grabbed his arms and stared into his eyes. You growled back at him like one would do to tame a wolf hybrid. Saix quickly calmed down. He looked at you all wide-eyed. You let go of his arms and started to put things back in your basket.

“What are you?” he asked.

“A human just like you,” you answered getting up and heading to the door.

“I’m a nobody not a human,” Saix said.

“No,” you said when you stopped, “You’re human as well.”

You looked at him.

“Don’t believe everything your little superior says,” you said, “you might fine that most of it is lies.”

With that you left the room.

This girl, Saix thought, she’s different…

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