Kingdom Pokemon Chapter 5


All this fic doesn’t belong to me!

Warning: There might a bit of oocness in this chapter because it’s been so long since I played and type of kingdom hearts game.


A male Persian laid on the ground, unconscious. It was strangely colored. The parts that was suppose to be brown were a blond yellow. There was even a blond outline of a beard on his face. A female Raichu popped out of a bush. This Raichu had blond color fur, that was long, sticking up on her head. It was shaped like bug antennas.

The Raichu blinked a few times at the Persian. She came over to him. She poked him.

“Luxord?” she asked.

Nothing, but silence. The Raichu, then, had an evil grin on her face. Her cheeks started to spark. Luxord yelled when he got shocked. He glared at the Raichu. She smiled innocently and waved.

“What was that for Larxene!?” Luxord exclaimed.

“Well I tried my hardest to wake you,” Larxene lied, “but you wouldn’t so I shocked you.”

Luxord narrowed his eyes. He didn’t believe her. He blinked.

“Wait,” he said, “You’re a Raichu.”

“And you’re a Persian,” stated Larxene.

Luxord looked at himself.

“Holy shit!” he shouted.

Larxene sighed. She turned and headed back the way she came.

“Whoo wait for me!” shouted Luxord before he raced after her.

They both stopped at a plain.

“…did you hear that?” Luxord asked.

“Hear what?” Larxene asked.

There was barking.

“That,” Luxord answered.

The barking got closer. Luxord squinted.

“Isn’t that an Umbreon being chased by a bunch of Houndour and Mightyena?” he asked.

“Yeah,” answered Larxene when she looked. “it looks badly injured too…”

She jumped into a bush to hide. Luxord’s mouth hanged open.

“Shouldn’t we help it?” he asked.

“And get knocked out too?” asked Larxene, “no way.”

Luxord sighed and hid in the bush with her. The Umbreon, Houndour, and Mightyena ran right past them. Larxene jumped out and followed them. Luxord face planted the ground.

“Damn you twelve,” he said before following her.

They had ran for a full hour. Luxord was panting.

“Where do they get all of this energy?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Larxene answered panting herself, “what I do know is that there is a lake just a head of us.”

Luxord looked. Sure enough there was a lake a head of them. The Houndour and Mightyena slowed down, but the Umbreon kept on going at full speed. Luxord and Larxene stopped. They huffed and puffed as they watched the Umbreon jump into the water and started swimming across. Luxord’s ears stood up when he saw a Machamp and Espeon on the other side. They were looking straight at Larxene and him.

Why would a Machamp and Espeon travel together? Luxord wondered in his thoughts.

“Wow!” Larxene exclaimed.

Luxord looked and nearly had a heart attack. A Gyarados had popped out of the water. The Umbreon was on it’s head. The Gyarados turned. The Umbreon jumped to a tree. The limb snapped. The Gyarados looked at the Houndour, Mightyena, Luxord, and Larxene. It roared angrily. The Houndour and Mightyena ran away.

“Larxene we need to leave,” said Luxord, “like right now!”

Larxene just looked up at the Gyarados in aw. Luxord whimpered. Then he swallowed.

She’s going to kill me for this, he thought before he bit her tail.

Larxene gasped and let loose a powerful thunder shook. It hit the Gyarados causing it to faint. Larxene glared at Luxord. Her cheeks sparked.

“Why you,” she said.

Luxord braced for the worse. When it didn’t come he looked at her. She was sniffing the air.

“Marluxia and Vexen are near,” she said before racing off.

“Oi wait!” shouted Luxord before he sighed, “bitchy women…”

He ran off to catch up to her.


A female Houndoom smiled evilly. Her color was different as well. The orange was green on her.

Everything is going as planned, she thought before walking away.


That Umbreon seems to be everywhere doesn’t it? And who is this strangely colored Houndoom?

Luxord –

Larxene –

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