Kingdom Pokemon Chapter 1

All in this fic doesn’t belong to me!

Note: I have stopped watching Pokemon after the 3rd season and I have only seen the two new evolutions of Eevee, so I know none of the other new Pokemon

Warning: this fic has what I think their favorite Pokemon will be. If you dislike this/them then please click off this story. Any comments/reviews yelling at me because of my choices will have you block! Others enjoy!


It was a peaceful night in the world that never was. Everyone had finisged their missions a head of time. Which was surprising considering a certain member. Roxas and Xion was sitting on a couch in the gray room with Demyx watching him play Pokemon.

“Oh I love that Pokemon!” Xion exclaimed, “It’s so cute.”

“Xion, that’s a Misdreavus,” said Roxas, “how is I cute?”

“I don’t know,” Xion answered, “it just it. Besides it’s my favorite!”

“My favorite is Azumarill,” said Demyx.

“Mine would be Pidgeot,” said Roxas.

“Rapidash hands down,” Axel said from a far.

Axel turned to Saix with a grin.

“I don’t play Pokemon,” Saix stated coldly before Axel could ask.

Saix then walked over to Xemnas to hand him some papers.

“Though it would be Mightyena,” he said loud enough for only Xemnas could hear.

Xemnas smirked at him. Then suddenly a strange light emitted from Demyx’s direction.

“What is that?” Demyx asked.

“Not a clue,” Roxas answered.

Then the light got bigger and started to suck up everything. With a scream everyone got sucked in.


“Ug,” Axel said as he blinks several times, “Where am I?”

He looked around. He was in some type of canyon.

“Do you mind getting off me,” he heard Saix say below him.

Axel quickly stood up. Saix came crawling out from under neath him.

“Sorry,” he said, “wait you’re a Mightyena!”

Saix looked at him self.

“And you’re a Rapidash,” he said.

Axel looked at him self and noticed that he had hoofs and a flaming tail. Axel’s head snapped forward.

Roxas and Xion, he thought.

Axel started to gallop.

“Oh no you don’t,” Saix said as he jumps up on Axel’s back.

Axel looked at him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he asked Saix.

“You are not leaving me behind,” said Saix, “Besides there is, without a doubt, rock Pokemon in these canyons and I don’t think a fire or a dark type can solo them.”

“True…wait,” said Axel, “if you don’t play Pokemon then how do you know the types so well?”

“Um,” was all Saix could say.

“So you do like it,” Axel said.

“Just go will you,” said Saix.

Axel laughed.

“Wait ’till everyone hears about this,” he said.

Saix bite into Axel’s rear end.

“Ow!” Axel shouted, “Okay okay I won’t, gees.”

“That’s better,” said Saix, “Now getty up unicorn!”

“Tch,” was all Axle said.

With that they went off to start the journey to find the other members.


What I am thinking is have each chapter about one of the groups. Here they are, Group 1: Saix and Axel, Group 2: Demyx, Roxas, and Xion, Group 3: Marluxia and Vexen, Group 4: Xigbar and Xaldin, Group 5: Larxene and Luxord, Group 6: Zexion and Lexaeus, and Group 7 well not exactly a group but: Xemans.

Let me know if you see what I did there 😛



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