Kingdom Pokemon Chapter 3


All in this fic belongs to Square Enix and the creators of Pokemon.


“Xion, Xion,” someone called her name, “Xion it’s time to wake up now.”

“Ung,” she said.

Xion open her eyes. There was a Pidgeot with a yellow crest and blue eyes staring at her. She recognized the eyes.

“Roxas?” she asked making sure it was him.

He nodded. Xion sighed in relief.

“Why are you a Pokemon?” she asked next.

“You’re one too,” Roxas stated.

Xion looked at her self. She screamed when she noticed she had no arms nor legs.

“Where did they go!?” she panicked.

“It’s all right,” Roxas tried to calm her down.

“It’s not all right!” she yelled, “I don’t have any arms and legs!”

“Of coarse you wouldn’t,” said Roxas, “you are a Misdreavus after all.”

Xion’s mouth fall open. He color was a bit different as well. The usual pink pearls (I seen them all kinds of color so I don’t know the real color of them) were as red as Axel’s hair and the ends of Misdeavus’ “hair” was a yellow as Roxas’ own hair.

“Wait you’re a Pidgeot,” Xion said, “that’s your favorite while Misdeavus is mine. That means we got turned into our favorites. That’s so awesome, but how do we leave the Pokemon world?”

“I don’t know,” Roxas answered looking around the forest that they were in, “but Axel might.”

“Yeah,” said Xion, “the challenge is finding him first.”

Growls sounded around them. Mightyenas and Poochyenas came out from the bushes. They surrounded Roxas and Xion.

“They must have herd you scream earlier,” Roxas said.

“I’m sorry,” Xion said.

One charged at Xion while another at Roxas. Both screamed while dodging the tackles. Roxas landed on the horns of a Mightyena. He started to peck at it’s head. The Mightyena growled and tried to shake him off. A Poochyena tried to tackle Xion, but passed right through her. Xion gave a creep out look.

“Umbreeee!” a Pokemon’s cry sounded.

The Mightyenas and Poochyenas looked in that direction.

“An Umbreon?” Roxas asked more to him self.

The Mightyenas and Poochyenas turned back to Roxas and Xion. Roxas pecked at the Mightyena’s head again. It just made it anger. Another Mightyena used flamethrower at Xion, but she moved out of the way in time. She then used nightshade on the Mightyena. It fainted.

These guys are all bark and no bite, Xion thought.

“Breeeee!” the same Umbreon yelled.

Again, the Mightyenas and Poochyenas attention was switched to the Umbeon. Roxas flew off of the Mightyena as the pack started to run off.

“Did that Umbreon just save us?” Xion asked.

“I don’t know,” Roxas answered, “but I don’t want to stick around to find out.”

Xion nodded in agreement. They both flew off.

“Do you remember what Pokemon Axel said was his favorite?” Roxas asked.

“I think it was Rapidash,” Xion answered, “but I don’t think we’ll find one in the forest.”

“You’re right,” Roxas agreed, “Let’s find the end of it first, then.”

Xion looked around.

“Oh,” she said as she spotted the end, “follow me!”

They flew off and hoovered in the air for a bit at the edge.

“Awesome job Xion!” Roxas complemented.

Xion smiled.

“Now Let’s go find us a Rapidash named Axel,” Roxas flew off with Xion behind him.

So they began their quest for Axel. Unknowing to them that there were four other members in the forest they just left.


now your probably wondering four!? But there was only Demyx, Xigbar, and Xaldin in there. Who is the other one? Well that’s just say that you should remember that Umbreon 😛



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