Kingdom Pokemon Chapter 6

All in this fic belongs to Nintendo and Square Enix!

Note: [this is translations for Pokemon talk when a human is near]


A male Espeon, who’s color was a silver-ish blue, laid near a lake. He was knocked out cold. A male Machamp, who’s fans on his head was orange in color, came up to the Espeon. The Machamp looked around for any sort of danger. There was none at the moment. He snorted before he shook the Espeon.

“Zexion,” he said, “Zexion wake up.”

Zexion groaned as he slowly open his eyes. He looked up at the Machamp.

“Lexaeus?” he asked.

The Machamp nodded. Zexion got up with a little help from him. He went to the water to look at himself. Zexion sighed.

“So we’re stuck as Pokemon,” he commented, “that’s just great.”

Lexaeus came up beside him.

“I checked the area,” he said, “we’re in a clearing near the edge of a forest. There’s a road near by that has a Pokemon center on the side. Looks like the road, it self, leads to Eterna City. This means we’re in a fourth gen world.”

Zexion’s ears flatten against his head. He only knew of the first two gens. So he was entirely lost after that. Zexion saw Lexaeus stand at alert. That usually meant that something dangerous was near by or headed their way.

Zexion’s ears turned when he herd barking. Next thing they saw was an Umbreon jumping into the lake and swimming to get away from a whole group of Houndour and Mightyena. Zexion spotted a weird color Persian and Raichu.

“Hey that’s Luxord and Larxene!” Zexion exclaimed.

Luxord looked over at them, but did not recognized them.

“Zexion,” said Lexaeus, “look closely at the Umbreon.”

Zexion looked over at the Umbreon. He noticed that the usual gold rings were silver and the eyes were an amber color just like…

“Superior!” Zexion shouted.

Lexaeus quickly pulled Zexion away from the water as a Gyrados came up underneath Xemnas. They watch as Xemnas jumped off and into the forest. Zexion ran to where he thought the Superior jumped. Lexaeus followed. They came to a tree with a limb on the ground. Zexion’s ears flatten again.

Where could he have gone? He wondered.

Lexaeus looked around wondering the same thing.

“Do you think he went to the road?” he asked Zexion.

Zexion looked up at the Silent Hero.

“It could be possible,” he said.

He had Lexaeus lead the way. Zexion looked from side to side to make sure no trainers were around. He came out of a bush and sniffed the ground.

“Anything?” Lexaeus asked.

“Superior was here,” answered Zexion, “but that’s it. There is no trail leading back into the forest nor up or down the road.”

This is bad too, he thought, he looked badly injured.

“Elect Elect,” [Hey punk] came a ruff voice, “Electabuzz Buzz Elect.” [Get out of our way.]

Zexion looked. It was an Electabuzz and behind the Pokemon was a trainer. This trainer had a light purple color hair and big eye brows. He looked with interest at Zexion, probably due to his weird color. He took out his Pokedex.

“Espeon the sun Pokemon,” it said, “its fur has the look and feel of velvet. The orb on its forehead glows when it uses psycho-power. This Espeon’s attacks are Psychic, Psybeam, Morning Sun, and Shadow Ball. This Espeon’s ability is Synchronize.”

The Electabuzz grinned as it saw it’s trainer get even more interested in Zexion. Lexaeus came out and glared at the trainer, daring him to attack. The trainer point his Pokedex at him.

“Machamp the Superpower Pokemon,” it said, “it’s four muscled arms slam foes with powerful punches and chops at blinding speed. This Machamp’s attacks are strength, Focus Blast, Cross Chop, and Dynamic Punch. This Machamp’s ability is No Guard.”

The trainer now had an interest in Lexaeus as well. Electabuzz stepped back, knowing full well that it was weak against fighting (Probably thinking about the card game here). The trainer threw two Pokeballs and out came Gliscor and Torterra, Zexion didn’t know know who any of these pokemon were. He looked at Torterra. Zexion had a feeling that this Pokemon was very defensive and could stand a chance against Lexaeus.

“Paul!” someone called out from behind them.

The trainer looked very annoyed. Zexion looked to see a boy with black hair, wearing a hat, and had brown eyes running to them. With him was a tan skin, eyes silted, brown hair man. They stopped when they saw Zexion and Lexaeus.

Are we really that strange looking? Zexion asked himself.

“What do you wan Ash?” Paul asked.

“Well I wanted a rematch,” Ash answered, “but I see you’re busy.”

“No dah,” said Paul making Ash angry.

Zexion didn’t like this Paul guy. He looked back when he heard Murkrow start to fly up. Zexion sat down and just watch the Pokemon.

“Let’s stay to the side so we don’t get hit,” said the tan man.

“Right Brock,” said Ash as they moved to the side of the road.

Paul ordered Gliscor to use Night Slash which Zexion dodged by only moving an inch. Paul growled and ordered Torterra to Use Vine Whip only to have Lexaeus grab it. Lexaeus started to pull Torterra toward him. Once Torterra was right in front of him, Lexaeus lifted the turtle up and throw it into a tree. Ash and Brock were in aw. Zexion used Psychic on Gliscor making it hit the fainted Torterra, it self fainted. Zexion and Lexaeus turned and started to leave.

“Wait,” said Ash causing the two to look at him, “I want to battle you guys.”

Zexion and Lexaeus looked at each other and nodded. They got back into their battle stance. Ash smiled. He sent out Grotle while Pikachu jumped off of his shoulder.

“Oh you want to fight too buddy?” Ash asked.

Pikachu nodded. Paul walked past the battle after returning his Pokemon to their Pokeballs. He wasn’t interested in this battle. He knew that Ash would lose anyway.

“Pikachu use Volt Tackle on Espeon,” ordered Ash, “and Grotle use energy ball on Machamp.”

Zexion jumped out of the way. Lexaeus just slapped the energy ball away. Ash’s eyes sparkled at the strength of there two. Lexaeus got ready to attack when a net grabbed him and Pikachu.

“James you missed the Espeon,” said a female voice.

“Sorry Jessie,” said James, “but we only have one net this time.”

“Oh that’s just great,” Jessie said, “Meowth get us out of here!”

“Roger,” said Meowth while hitting a button.

Rockets came out of the balloon and sent them off in high speed.

“Pikachu!” yelled Ash, while he returned Grotle,

“Espeon!” [Lexaeus!] yelled Zexion.

He ran off in the direction Team Rocket did. Ash and Brock ran up to be beside him.

“Esp?” [Huh?] said Zexion, looking at them.

“Don’t worry” said Brock, “we’ll get your friend back along with Pikachu.”

Zexion smiled and continued on his way.


Team Rocket landed in the forest sometime ago. They put Lexaeus and Pikachu in a cage.

“The boss is going to pay us a lot for this catch!” exclaimed Jessie.

“Yeah,” agreed James, “not only did we get Pikachu, we also got a strangely colored Machamp too!”

“We’ll get promoted and butt tons of food,” said Meowth, “I can see it now!”

They started to sing. Lexaeus rolled his eyes.

“Champ Ma Ma?” [Are they always like this?] he asked Pikachu.

“Pika Pi Pi Chu Pika,” [Yeah. It’s annoying really.] Pikachu answered.

Lexaeus looked around to see if he could find anything to break open the cage. He had tried to bend the bars earlier, but Team Rocket made them extra strong.

“Pikachu Pika Pi Chu Pika Pi,” [Ash always comes and gets me.] he said.

Pikachu, then, smiled at Lexaeus.

“Pikachu,” [So don’t worry.] he said.

There was a flamethrower hitting the bars. Lexaeus looked. It was a strangely colored Houndoom.

Another member? Lexaeus wondered, if so, who?

The Houndoom stopped and made a gesture to tell them to hit the heated up bars. Lexaeus nodded and punched them. The bars fell off. The Houndoom ran off. Team Rocket looked. They froze when they saw a very angry Machamp known as Lexaeus.

“Think we should run?” asked Jessie.

“It might be advisable,” answered James.

They jumped into their balloon and floated up. Lexaeus reached down and Pikachu climbed into his hand. Lexaeus threw him up, when Ash, Brock, and Zexion finally got there. Team Rocket watched as Pikachu’s cheeks sparked. He electrocuted them, sending them flying.

“Team Rocket is blasting off again!” they yelled,

Zexion used his Psychic powers to slow down Pikachu’s fall and to bring him to Ash’s waiting arms. Ash hugged Pikachu.

“Thanks Machamp and Espeon,” he said.

Zexion and Lexaeus nodded and headed on their way.

“Come Ash,” said Brock, “let’s go back to the Pokemon Center and see how that Umbreon is doing.”

Ash nodded before looking back where Zexion and Lexaeus was.

“Counting that Umbreon,” he started, “that’s three Pokemon we’ve seen that was a strange color.”

“Yeah,” agreed Brock, “I wonder where they all come from.”

They continue to talk as they made their way back.


The Houndoom grinned as she watched Team Rocket blast off. They had tried to catch her too, but failed.

“Ah revenge is sweet,” she said before heading off to find more members to ‘play with’.


Okay, before any of you ask. Amber is trying her best to help me out with the new Pokemon. She has been watching playthroughs and the anime for info (she’s on X and Y in the anime now). She nor I nor my husband can get the game systems to play these games because it costs way too much where we live at.

Now then Amber couldn’t remember when Paul’s Electabuzz evolved at nor when he got Gliscor so I just picked at randomly. I, also, made his Pokedex tell him the attacks and abilities because Amber said that he would check to see if the Pokemon were strong. If not he would release them. It will only be his Pokedex that will say these things. Also I reviled Xemnas because you guys would have guessed it due to him being the only one lift to get a chapter.

I have no clue if the abilities I gave them nor the attacks are good ones or not because I was just picking off of the list on the Wiki. Speaking of which.


Will it be all right if Xemnas had one attack that represented Terra?

All other attacks would be base off of Xehanort. I all ready have the attack of Terra in mind :3 but I wanted to make sure if it’s okay with you guys first if I added in an attack an Umbreon wouldn’t know nor learn. I would ask about Saix too, but I found out that Mightyena could learn the attack XD


Here’s another question for Saix, will it be okay if I give him an ability called berserk or should I just stick with Intimidate?

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