Of Dusk And Twilight Chapter 2


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Note: The kingdom’s name has been changed from Twi to Alamoria



Ideas from Sol1234






Dusk followed Twilight to the magic fields. She was nervous. Other than Celestia, Luna, and Cadance she never had showed off any of her spells to another royal. Twilight swallowed as they came up to a practice dummy. Dusk sat on the ground, watching her.



Okay think Twilight, she thought, What spell do you know that would impress him…I know!



Twilight’s horn glowed. The dummy turned into many doves. Twilight smiled and looked over at Dusk. He was standing up with an aw look on his face.



“A transformation spell,” he said, “it takes many years to be able to do one of those.”



“I learned it in a few days,” said Twilight.



“Amazing,” commented Dusk.



“Twilight!” a bunch of voices called.



Her and Dusk looked. Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie were coming toward them.



“Twilight Twilight!” Pinkie said bouncing, “there’s a lot of tasty sweets here! Oh hey, who’s this?”



“Guys this is Dusk,” Twilight introduced, “He’s the prince of Alamoria kingdom.”



They bowed to him.



“It’s an honor to meet you, your majesty,” Rarity said.



“Yours as well harmony of Generosity,” Dusk said.



He knew about them through messages from Celestia.



“Prince Dusk!” someone called from above.



Dusk looked up to see his guard captain flying down to him.



“Bored all ready Sapphire Rush?” Dusk asked.



Sapphire snorted.



“Rose Bud wanted to see you,” she said, “It’s about the garden.”



Dusk nodded. He looked at the main six and bowed.



“It was a pleasure to meet you all,” he said, “Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie. Until we meet again.”



He flew off, leaving them in aw.



Sapphire landed.



“Surprise that he knows you by name?” she asked.



They looked at her. That’s when they noticed that she was a bit taller than a normal pony.



Must be an Alamorian thing, thought Twilight.



“Uh yes, um…” answered Applejack.



“Sapphire Rush,” Sapphire said with a bow, “captain of the The Flight Guard.”



“Oh I herd about them,” said Rainbow Dash, “you’re suppose to be really fast.”



Sapphire nodded.



“At Alamoria we, the Flight Guard, take our speed seriously,” she said, “If we are too slow to get to where we are needed then we are useless. Though I have herd your pretty fast your self. Care for a little race at Ponyville tomorrow morning?”



Rainbow Dash grinned.



“You’re on,” she said.



“Um excuse me,” Fluttershy said shyly, “but what is Alamoria? I never herd of it.”



“Nor will you,” said Sapphire, “at least not in any book. You see 600 years ago Alamoria and Equestria were at war with each other. It was over Alamoria’s lands. Equestria was losing the fight, so Celestia made a peace treaty with Dusk’s father. If Equestria needed Alamoria’s aid, all they have to do is say the word and we’ll come.”



“But what was Equestria losing?” Twilight asked.



“Because our unicorns are trained to use their magic to see an enemy’s movement,” Sapphire answered, “you see our earth ponies deal with everyday life things, like harvesting crops, making clothing, ect. Our unicorns watch all enemies and potential threats movements. While us Pegasus protect every pony in the kingdom.”



The main six were awestricken. Sapphire smiled proudly. Alamoria was full of history. Most of it she wasn’t willing to give away. Sapphire stayed with the main six, talking to them.








Dusk spotted Rose Bud with her special pony, Lighthouse, beside a stand selling seeds. He landed while the two bowed. Lighthouse was a tall green stallion, very unusual for an Equestrian pony. He’s heart was in the right place though.



“My prince,” started Rose who was just a few inches shorter than her love, “I think you’ll find this useful for Alamoria.”



Rose pointed out a few seeds for crops they don’t have.



“Do you think every pony would like them?” Rose asked.



“Hmm,” Dusk said in thought, “I think so, but there isn’t enough here for all the farms.”



“I can get you some more, your Majesty,” Lighthouse spoke up.



“Thank you Lighthouse,” Dusk said. Lighthouse smiled and bowed.



He was right for Rose. There wasn’t another pony around like him. Dusk gave Rose his approval when she came to him and ask. She was, after all in charged of the castle gardens. He even told her that they are more than welcome to get married in the palace, which this caused Rose to blush.



“How have you been, by the way?” Dusk asked.



“I’ve been good,” Lighthouse answered, “what about your self?”



“I’m good,” Dusk answered, “I’m enjoying the fare here.”



“Same here,” Lighthouse said.



“Oh Dusk,” Rose said, “I know Sapphire is going to ask this later, but have you found somepony to be your princess yet?”



Dusk blushed and shook his head. Lighthouse smiled.



“Well there are plenty to choose from here,” he stated.



A horn blew announcing the five minuet mark ’till the magic composition.



“Well you best be off before you’re late,” said Rose.



Dusk smiled ad nodded.



“It was nice to see you again, Lighthouse,” he said before flying off.



Rose sighed and lend her head on Lighthouse’s neck. Lighthouse put his own head on top of her’s.



“He’ll find somepony,” he assured her, “Don’t worry.”



Rose nodded.






Celestia, Bloody Chaos, and Scarlet Fever were heading to the composition fields. They stopped.



“Well I better go and wait for my number to be called,” Scarlet said.



“Best of luck to you,” Celestia said.



Chaos hugged his sister.



“Give it your all,” he said.



“Thanks,” Scarlet said before heading off.



Chaos would have entered too if he wasn’t afraid of making Dusk uncomfortable. Speaking of Dusk, he landed just a few feet away from the stairs leading up to the balcony he and the other rulers where to set at. He nodded at Celestia and Chaos, before heading up.



“Have you been enjoying your self?” Chaos asked.



“Oh yes,” Dusk answered.



Dusk found Chaos and his sister interesting. Chaos was born at Alamoria, but Scarlet was born here at Equestria. Dusk found it wrong that their parents was willing to raise Scarlet, but not Chaos. Though at least they told Scarlet that she had an older brother some where. The reason their eyes was like they were was due to a fatality spell. Dusk’s father never found the young Chaos to be a monster, but others did. Dusk looked over at the entrance as a pink alicorn and white unicorn came up.



“Dusk this is Cadance and her husband, Shining Armor,” introduced Celestia.



Cadance and Shining bowed.



“Shining Armor, are you in any relation with a Twilight Sparkles?” Dusk asked.



“Yes,” Shining answered, “she’s my little sister.”



Dusk smiled.



“Though the color is different, you both look the same,” he commented, “she is a very talented unicorn.”



Shining smiled proudly.



“Yes she is,” he agreed.



As soon as Luna came, the horn blew to announce the start of the composition. Scarlet turned a sculpture of her self to life. Twilight combined two different transformation spells. At the end the third, second, and first places was announced. (I’ll leave it up to you for who got what. It can even be your own unicorn oc) Every pony retired for the night, Sapphire was looking forward to racing Rainbow Dash. Dusk had asked her if he could come along. She, of coarse, said yes. He wanted to learn more about Twilight. He said that she is a very gifted and very well rad. Sapphire snorted as she turned to her side in her hotel bed.



She’ll probably be our princess if she impresses him enough, she thought, she would be a wonderful one too…best of luck for you tomorrow, Twilight Sparkles.



Sapphire closed her eyes as she let her dreams take her away.







The race will be in the next chapter.



For Bloody Chaos’ story (not done by me): http://fuzzylittlekitty.Deviantart.com/art/MLP-Bloody-Chaos-Story-Part-1-335673792



Preview image for this story (spoilers): http://fuzzylittlekitty.Deviantart.com/art/Request-Of-Dusk-And-Twilight-Preview-Image-357219105?q=gallery%3Afuzzylittlekitty%2F38099770&qo=1

Of Dusk And Twilight Chapter 1


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A group of Pegasus were flying in the sky toward Equestria. They were escorting an aricorn named Dusk. Dusk was a white stallion with a blond mane and golden feathers on the end of his wings. He was prince of a neighboring kingdom known as Twi. Dusk was headed to Canterlot for the magic festival. It was a once a year festival that lets unicorns show off their magic. Ponies, including royalty, come from every where to see. The Twi’s landed in front of the palace. Celestia and Luna were outside. Dusk and his Pegasus bowed.

“It is wonderful that you could make it this year,” Celestia said.

“I’m glad to have made it,” Dusk said.

He couldn’t make it last year due to problems in Twi. Dusk smiled at Luna.

“It is wonderful to have you back among us Princess Luna,” he said.

Luna smiled.

“I’m happy to be here,” she said.

“Come it’s time to start the festival,” said Celestia as she took to the sky.

The others followed suit. They landed outside of the festival grounds. Celestia lowered the sun. Dusk started to turn from white to black. His mane went from blond to gray and the golden feathers turned silver. For all his life he would change color if ether the sun or moon was out. No one really knew why, not even him. Dusk turned to his Pegasus and smiled.

“You all can go and enjoy your self’s,” he said.

An ocean blue Pegasus, his captain named Sapphire Rush, just looked at him.

“You’re kidding right?” she asked.

“Nope,” answered Dusk, “Rose Bud is all ready here with Lighthouse. Who knows you’ll might find your special one here.”

“Tsk,” was all Sapphire said before flying off.

Dusk chuckled. Luna bowed to her sister.

“May I leave as well?” she asked, “I wish to see what all is done here.”

“You may,” Celestia answered.

Luna smiled and flew off. Celestia turned to Dusk.

“I want you to meet my star pupil,” she said.

Dusk nodded and followed. Celestia looked around.

“Where is she?” Celestia asked her self, “Oh there she is. Twilight!”

A female purple unicorn came to them.

“You called for me princess?” Twilight asked with a bow.

“I would like you to meet Dusk,” answered Celestia pointing to him, “He’s the prince of the kingdom of Twi.”

“I heard about that kingdom,” Twilight said in aw, “their unicorns learn basics of magic at a really young age.”

“From what I heard you’re a master at it Lady Twilight,” Dusk complemented.

Twilight blushed.

“Why don’t you go and show him a few spells?” Celestia suggested.

“Okay,” said Twilight.

Dusk and Twilight walked off to the sat up magic fields.

“Are you trying to get those two together?” asked a deep voice.

Celestia looked behind her and smiled. It was her love Bloody Chaos. He was a red stallion with long black hair and golden eyes that his sister, Scarlet Fever gave him through magic. Speaking of Scarlet, she was right behind Chaos. She was a white unicorn with red and yellow spiked hair and green eyes. She smiled and waved.

“I brought him like you asked,” Scarlet said.

Chaos’ ears went flat against his head. He glared at Celestia.

“Thank you Scarlet,” said Celestia, “and to answer your question, Chaos, yes yes I am.”

There was silence. Chaos continued to glare at his lover.

“Look it’s very unhealthy for you to be in that castle all the time,” Celestia tried to reasoned.

Chaos continued to glare. Scarlet poked his cheek.

“I hate you both,” he finally said.

“Come on big bro,” Scarlet said while skipping over to Celestia who was smiling at her, “you’ll love it!”

Her and Celestia started to walk off. Chaos sighed.

“Mares,” he commented.

He followed right after them, not really liking the big crowds.

I wonder if her plan will really work, he thought, Dusk and Twilight did look good together….Celestia I hope you know what you’re doing!


Sorry if the ending seems to be a bit awkward ^_^;

Bloody Chaos and Rose Bud belongs to Fuzzylittlekitty

Dusk and Sapphire Rush belongs to me

Lighthouse and Scarlet Fever belongs to Askmyocponiestrololo

There will be more of Rose Bud and Lighthouse in later chapters.

Here is what they look like:

Bloody Chaos: http://fuzzylittlekitty.Deviantart.com/art/Bloody-Chaos-322668142

Rose Bud: http://fuzzylittlekitty.Deviantart.com/gallery/38099770?offset=24#/d5bt11q

Dusk: http://peanutcat12.Deviantart.com/art/Dusk-Redrawen-341768669?q=gallery%3Apeanutcat12%2F38098466&qo=2

Sapphire Rush: http://peanutcat12.Deviantart.com/art/Sapphire-Rush-My-Version-344559618?q=gallery%3Apeanutcat12%2F38098466&qo=1

Lighthouse: http://askmyocponiestrololo.Deviantart.com/gallery/40320154#/d5jzqxo

Scarlet Fever: http://askmyocponiestrololo.Deviantart.com/gallery/40320153#/d5ja1nc

Fox Emperor Chapter 8


Inuyasha and other don’t belong to me. Ocs do though.


Inuyasha was awoken from his nap by one of the guards. He would be yelling at the guard if it weren’t for the reason given. Kalohu, Shippo’s male adviser, has come with a few messages and two big boxes for Inuyasha. Kalohu was waiting for him in the throne room. He bowed when Inuyasha came into the room.

“Forgive me for disturbing you,” Kalohu said. “I’ve come with a few messages from Emperor Shippo. One message is, Naraku is coming here with an army. This was given to us by one of the spiders that the dog demons caught.”

Inuyasha looked to his guard captain.

“Get everyone ready for battle,” he ordered.

The captain nodded and went off. Inuyasha looked back at Kalohu. Kalohu sat one of the boxes down and open the other. Inuyasha gasped. In the box was a golden armored chest plate.

“My emperor made this armor him self from the gold and diamonds from our mines,” Kalohu said, “he hopes you like it.”

Inuyasha grinned.

“I love it!” he exclaimed, “tell him thank you.”

Kalohu nodded and closed the box and put it beside the other.

“Here are the other two messages from my emperor,” he said, “the first one, ours, the wolf demons’, and dog demons’ army will be at your gates shortly. The second message, my emperor wishes for you to take care of his son for him.”

That’s when Inuyasha noticed the sadden look on Kalohu’s face.

“Kalohu, what happen to my son?” he asked in concern.

Kalohu took a deep breath before he started to tell Inuyasha everything.


Shippo was sitting on the throne staring at the Sword of The Emperors or at least that’s how Shuro found him.

“Father everyone is ready to leave,” Shuro said.

Shippo nodded. He had the same sad look as everyone else had.

“Father?” Shuro was worried.

Shippo sighed. He got up off the throne.

“Come here Shuro,” he said.

His son obeyed. Shippo got on his knees in front of him.

“Shuro, when the spiders are distracted by us, you and the others, the ones that can’t fight, head to Demontra,” he said, “okay?”

Shuro nodded. Shippo looked at him before giving his son the Sword of The Emperors. Shuro looked at him in confusion.

“Elder Talos has seen me fall in the battle,” Shippo said, “I give you this sword like Emperor Mintes gave to me. Upon my fall you will be emperor.”

Tears waled up in Shuro’s eyes. He didn’t want to hear this. He didn’t even want to think of his father’s death.

“Daddy!” Shuro cried out.

Shippo hugged Shuro tightly and kissed his forehead.

“I will always love you,” he whispered into Shuro’s ear.


Inuyasha watched as Kagome loaded up with arrows. He had to, somehow, get Kagome away from Shippo. He didn’t think she could handle the sight of him being sealed away. Inuyasha sighed.

“Kagome,” he called out.

She looked at him.

“We are short on commanders,” he started, “we don’t have one for the group in charge of the back. Do you mind commanding it?”

Kagome frowned. She wanted to stay with Inuyasha, but she understood the situation.

“Okay,” she said.

Inuyasha hugged her.

“Thank you,” he said.


All of the fox demons were waiting by the gates. Shippo wanted to have a few last words before they left. He looked at them all. They were sad and a few were already in tears. Everyone knew about his soon-to-be fate. Shippo sighed.

“You all already know what will happen to me at the end of this war,” he started out, “I am sorry. I haven’t been your emperor long. I don’t even know if I was a good one, but I ask you not to weep for me. Be happy and smile. I always saw you as my family that Solarira had blessed me with. Thank you for everything! When you come back here, Shuro will be your emperor. Show him the love, the kindness, and the respect you shown me. May Solarira’s light guide us!”

“May she be praised ’till the end of time!” the fox demons shouted.

Shippo gave them one last smile before he gave the order to move out.


Sesshomaru put the last if his armor on. He sighed. His twin daughters were going to be fighting in the war. They were old enough.

“Daddy?” he heard his son call.

Sesshomaru smiled down at Zori. Zori was handing him Tokijin.

“Thank you,” he said before taking the sword.

“Um daddy,” Zori said “You’ll come back here alive, won’t you?”

Sesshomaru gave him a small smile and put his hand on Zori’s head. Sesshomaru was told about Shippo’s fate. Zori knew it too.

“Yeah, I’ll come back here with my heart still beating,” he answered.

Zori smiled and hugged him.


Koga and the rest of the tribes were running as fast as they could to Demontra. Koga had the different tribes mark them selves. He’s was red upside down triangles under their eyes. Their wolf companies had on armor. Koga smiled.

Naraku won’t know what hit him, he thought.


With in a few hours everyone was at the gates. Everyone had their own places to go to and help with. Koga was to help Kagome in the back. Sesshomaru had the side. Shippo and Inuyasha was at the front. The other side had mountains to protect it. Alone humanoid spider hid out in the trees of the forest close to the city. It was watching them, for it was the eyes of Naraku. Naraku smiled.

“This is going to be fun,” he commented.

The spider looked at Shippo.

“Very fun,” said Naraku before he laughed evilly.


Next chapter is the last one! Also remember small details, such as the triangles under Koga’s eyes and ect. It’ll be important in the end and the sequel

Fox Emperor Chapter 7


All in this fic belongs to the creator of Inuyasha. The oc’s belong to me!



Note: (translations)






Shippo had split off from the others mid-way back to the eastern sand temple. He roared when he spotted Miroku and Inuyasha. Inuyasha was in aw when he saw Shippo’s true form. Shippo stopped in front of them. He changed back.



“How was the chase?” Miroku asked.



“Not at all good,” Shippo answered, “they borrowed down into tunnels. We can dig them out, but that would take time.”



“and we don’t have that,” Inuyasha stated.



Shippo nodded. Inuyasha sighed he looked over at Miroku.



“I’m going to have guards posted here,” he said.



Miroku nodded. Shippo turned back into a fox.



“I’m heading back home,” he said, “please let me know if you need help again.”



“We will,” said Miroku.



Shippo ran off to Solarira.






Koga had herd there were fox demons living in Mt. Fuji. It had taken him a while, but he finally got to the, suppose, city. He looked at the front gate in aw. Never had he seen stones that glow. One of the guards nodded at him.



“Welcome to Solarira wolf demon,” the guard said, “go on a head, but mind your self.”



Koga nodded and went in. He couldn’t believe his eyes at how big it was in the inside. Koga had to sit down before he passed out.



“You all right sir?” a child’s voice asked.



Koga looked up to see Shuro.



“Just never seen a city this big before,” he answered.



“This is only the first level,” Shuro informed him.



“There’s more!?” Koga asked.



“Yes,” Shuro answered, “here on the first level are the palace and guard houses. On the second is the forge. Third is the mines and the fourth is the inn, temple, civilian houses, market, and training grounds. Oh are you going to be staying here for a day or two?”



“Probably just for the night,” Koga answered getting up.



“Then I’ll show you the inn,” Shuro said, “by the way, I’m Shuro, prince of Solarira.”



“Koga, leader of the wolf demon tribes,” Koga introduced him self while following Shuro.



“My father would like to meet you then,” Shuro said, “he’s been trying to memorize the demon leaders here.”



“Where is he now?” Koga asked.



“Away,” Shuro answered, “Chasing Naraku spawns.”



“Wait,” Koga said, “He’s back?”



“Yes,” Shuro answered, “and all ready causing trouble. Here we are the Hotel Foxy Red And Hot Springs. If you have more questions about Naraku then you’ll have to ask father. I don’t know much about him.”



Koga nodded in understanding.



“Thank you prince Shuro,” he said with a bow.



Shuro smiled at the title.



“Enjoy your stay,” he said before running off.



Koga smiled and shook his head.



“Reminds me of that little fox demon that hang around with Kagome,” he commented before heading inside the inn.






Sesshomaru sighed as he sat down on a chair. It took a few days to get back. He closed his eyes as he relaxed. Someone jumped into his lap. Sesshomaru looked down to see his eight year old son, Zori, hugging him. Sesshomaru let a smile grace his face.



“Miss me?” he asked.



Zori nodded. Sesshomaru then herd footsteps coming toward him. He looked to see his14 year old twin daughters, Nara and Shara, coming to him.



“Welcome back father,” they greeted him.



Nara and Shara hugged him from behind. Moments like these are what makes Sesshomaru’s life wonderful.



“Did you get to meet the fox emperor, father?” Zori asked.



“Oh yes,” Sesshomaru answered, “he’s none other than your adopted cousin.”



“Wow,” Zori said, “then he must be powerful then.”



“Oh he is,” Sesshomaru said.



There was a knock on the door.



“Enter,” Sesshomaru said.



Jaken entered and bowed.



“Mi’lord the sentinels spotted a horde of humanoid spiders heading here,” he said, “they say that they small like Naraku.”



Sesshomaru growled.



“Have everyone ready for battle,” he ordered.



Jaken bowed and left. Sesshomaru got up and looked at his children.



“You know where to go,” he said.



All three of them nodded and left to go to their hiding spot. Sesshomaru looked out the window at the moon.



Naraku sure has the guts to attack two different strong holds, he thought before leaving to join his soldiers.






It was night when Shippo finally got back to Solarira. All he wanted to do was eat something and go to bed. The guards at the entrance bowed when Shippo came up. His son hugged him when he went back to his human form.



“Welcome home,” Shuro said hugging him, “there’s a wolf demon here. He said he was the tribe leader.”



“Oh?” Shippo asked, “he’s name wouldn’t happen to be Koga?”



“How did you know!?” Shuro shouted.



Shippo laughed.



“I meet him when I was little,” he answered, “I’ll talk to him in the morning. Right now I’m hungry and tired.”



Shuro nodded and followed his father inside. They went into the kitchen like room that was behind the throne room. Shippo cooked something up real fast and sat at the table and ate. Shuro fall asleep with his head in Shippo’s lap. Shippo carried him back to their bedroom when he was done eating.






Koga stretched when he got up. He had a dip in the hot springs yesterday. It wasn’t as hot as he thought it would be considering that the city was in a volcano. There was a knock on his door Koga open it to see Shuro. Shuro bowed.



“Father’s here to see you,” the kit said.



Koga nodded and follower Shuro to the lobby. There a male adult fox demon with armor on. He had long reddish-brown hair that was in a pony tail and green eyes. Koga bowed in respect.



“I’m Koga, leader of the wolf demon tribes, sire,” Koga said.



“It is nice to see you Koga,” said Shippo, “you haven’t changed much.”



Koga looked at him in confusion. The only fox demon he knew of was the kit that was always with Kagome.



Wait, Koga thought.



“Shippo?” he asked.



Shippo smiled and nodded.



“Will I’ll be,” said Koga making a circle around him, “you sure have grown.”



Koga then sensed Shippo’s demonic aura.



“And strong too,” he added.



Shippo smiled proudly.



“How have you been?” he asked.



“I’m good,” answered Koga, “I’m going to be a father soon.”



“Aww, congrats,” Shippo said.



“Thanks,” Koga said, “I’m worried though. Tell me, is it true that Naraku is back?”



Shippo frown.



“I’m afraid so,” he answered, “he has sent out human like spiders to do his work.”



Koga growled.



“That coward,” he commented.



“Excuse me for interrupting,” said a voice.



Shippo and Koga looked and saw Elder Talos.



“There is a dog demon messager from the west here to see you Shippo,” he said, “Ist O wila ki pinto ki yul alin afurtino.” (and I wish to speak to you alone after wards.)



Shippo nodded and headed back to the palace with Koga following him. The dog demon look like he had run, nonstop, all night and a good part this morning. The dog demon bowed.



“I come baring information form Lord Sesshomaru,” he said, “last night we were attacked by Naraku’s spiders. We manage to capture one and killed the rest. That one told us that Naraku plans on attacking Demontra in the east with an army and himself.”



Shippo growled. He looked to his advisers.



“Get out soldiers ready,” Shippo ordered.



Shaleme and Kalohu bowed and left.



“I’ll go and get mine ready as well,” Koga said before he left too.



Shippo looked at the dog demon.



“Thank you,” Shippo said with a bow, “go now and get something to eat and rest. Shuro please lead him to the inn.”



Shuro bowed and left with the dog demon. Shippo looked to Elder Talos.



“Ra ilo pinto se yuli rori,” (We will speak in your room.) said Shippo.



With that they left the throne room. Elder Talos swallowed for what he was about to tell his emperor will not be pleasant.







I have lost my paper I had that had the translations for the fox demon language, so I had to make up new words. Sorry about that. This maybe the semi last chapter. I’m not sure yet.



Here is a lay down of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru’s family tree:




Sesshomaru – (insert wife name here)


!                       !


Rin      ——————


             !         !            !


           Nara Shara Zori




Inuyasha —————- – (insert wife name here)


   !                                      !


Shippo – (I.W.N.H)   ———–


!                                        !           !


———–                   Haku Youko


  !              !


Shike Shuro



and you should know by now that Sesshomaru and Inuyasha are half brothers. Remember this for the squeal I plan on doing. More info about it will be in the next chapter.

Fox Emperor Chapter 6


Characters from Inuyasha belongs to their creator, made up ones belong to me.



Note: (translation)






Shuro was happy. He got to get out of the city and help. He looked over to his father. Shippo had a smile on his face. Then Shuro looked at Kagome. She was being carried on Shippo’s back. She was holding on tightly because she wasn’t use to the fox demon’s speed.



“Furo!” (fire!) one of the warriors yelled from behind them.



Shuro looked forward and saw smoke raising to the sky.



“Shuro,” he herd his father call him, “what elements can you control?”



Wait, Kagome thought, His son is a shaman too!?



“Wind and lightening,” Shuro answered.



“Oh no,” said Shippo, “I can only control wind and fire.”



Shippo looked behind him.



“Is there anyone who can control water?” he asked.



He spotted a few of them that nodded.



“Put out the fire,” Shippo ordered, “then help fight off the spiders.”



They landed and sat right to work. The spiders had the body of a spider while the upper half was human {like a centaur}. They also had eight eyes.



“Fox demons and a priestess has come!” one yelled, “kill them!”



Shuro ducked under the legs of a spider and ran to a priest. He checked the priest over and healed him.



“There you go,” Shuro said.



“Bless you child,” the priest said.



Coughing caught Shuro’s attention. He looked over and saw that most of the monks and priests were chocking on the smoke. Shuro talked with the wind to blow the smoke away from them. The smoke rose upwards, a ways from the ground. Shippo looked over at his son and saw this. He smiled proudly.



You’ve grown up on me, Shuro, he thought before returning to the battle.



Shuro went around healing. He ran to the very last one. He started to heal the gouge on the priest’s side.



“Thank you Shuro,” he thanked.



“No problem Miroku,” said Shuro.



Miroku looked over at Shippo.



“He’s different from the kit I’m use to,” he commented.



Shuro looked to his father. Shippo had both blades out, fang of the fox and the blade of the emperors. Shippo wiped the fang of the fox causing it to extended and hook on to the torso of the human part of a spider. Shippo then slammed the rune blade on the ground. A line of fox fire ran straight to the spider. It cried out in pain. Shuro then looked to his grandma Kagome. She wasn’t doing to bad her self; firing arrows right after the other.



“Te furo za hoje!” (the fire is gone!) one of the fox demons shouted.



“Come on,” Shuro said helping Miroku to his feet, “I need all of you inside where it’s safe.”



Miroku wisled. All the priests and monks looked to them.



“Everyone inside!” yelled Shuro, “you all will be safe there!”



A monk screamed. Shuro looked and saw a spider coming after him. Shippo decapitated one and started to head for it. He stopped when he saw his son electrocute it. Shippo smiled proudly again at his son. Shuro went to the monk.



“Are you hurt?” he asked.



“No, I’m fine,” the monk answered, “Thank you child.”



Shuro went with the monk to make sure he was safe.



“They are retreating!” Kagome shouted.



Shuro could hear everyone inside sigh in releif. Shuro went outside to his father.



“Some of you give chase,” Shippo ordered, “they might lead us to Naraku.”



“Sire,” said one of their shaman, “Lord Inuyasha and company are headed here.”



“All right,” said Shippo, “a few of you stay here and fill them in. the rest head back to Solarira.”



“I’m going to stay here,” said Kagome, “I want to make sure those spiders don’t come back.”



Shippo nodded and looked at his son.



“What do you want me to do?” Shuro asked.



Shippo laughed.



“What ever you want to do,” he answered.



“Really!?” Shuro exclaimed.



Shippo smiled and nodded.



“Um,” said Shuro while looking around, “I guess I’ll stay here with Grandma Kagome.”



“Okay,” said Shippo.



Shippo turned into his true form. Kagome gasped. Shippo was as big as Kirara when she grows. His fur was golden and he had, exactly, nine tails.



“Shuro,” Shippo said, “make sure when you and the others are done talking to grandpa to head back home.”



“Okay,” Shuro said, “you make sure to come back in one piece.”



Shippo nodded and headed where the spiders went.






Inuyasha and his group left the moment they herd that the eastern sand temple was under attack. They were prepared to fight to their last breath when they got there. What they did see wasn’t chaos but calmness.



“Grandpa Inu!” someone called to him.



Inuyasha looked. It was Shuro. He was standing in front of Miroku and Kagome, waving his arms. Inuyasha went to him.



“What happen?” Inuyasha asked.



“Naraku’s minions attacked us,” Miorku answered, “We would have died if Shippo’s group had never came.”



“We fought them ’till they retreated,” said Shuro.



“Shippo and some of the other fox demons gave chase,” said Kagome.



“Wait,” said Inuyasha, “did you help fight, Shuro?”



“I killed only one that was attacking a monk,” answered Shuro, “I mainly healed the other humans.”



Miroku patted his head.



“And you did a wonderful job,” he commented.



Inuyasha grinned.



It seems Shippo isn’t the only one that has grown, he thought.






They have been chasing the spiders for hours now. Shippo was starting to get tried and irritated. They were led from the desert to a forest.



“Erok te vol’ran ban teqal olij u’ir?” (where the hell are they taking us?) Asked one of the warriors.



“Maril li rexa qala tequlo nini teqal miciso talin rexa,” (Maybe if you ask nicely they might tell you.) one of the magi’s answered.



Shippo snorted.



“Laar!” one of the ninja’s shouted, “teqa’an siluka!” (Look! They’re stopping!)



The spiders stopped in the middle of the plain. They started to barrow down.



“Shit!” Shouted Shippo, “catch one!”



The fox demons started to run to the spiders. It was too late. The spiders were gone. Shippo let out a growl.



“There might be tunnels underground that they use,” said another warrior. “Possible,” said Shippo, “but it may take days or even months to explore them. Everyone head back to Solarira. I need to have a word with my father.”







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Fox Emperor Chapter 5


All in this fic belongs to the creator of Inuyasha. Shuro, Yuko, Shara, and Nara belongs to me.

Notes: This mind talk



Shippo looked to Shuro and Yuko.

It’s all right. You can show your selfs. Hesaid.





































HeandInuyashagetalongquitwellnow,theyherdSangoanswer one of Kagome’squestion.














































Shipposnappedhisheadtowardhim.Inuyashastartedtobereaveheavily.Shippo’seyeswere slighted andwasredasblood.


















“I think it’ll be all right if she does that,” answered Sesshomaru, “Though I would give him today to cool off.”

Everyone nodded. First thing tomorrow morning Kagome will visit Shippo.


Shippo and Shuro made it back to the entrance of Solarira without saying a word to each other. No one bother them for they could tell on their emperor’s face that he was in a bad mod. He’s eyes had long since turn back to the beautiful emerald. When they got to the palace Shuro marched himself up the stairs to their room. Shippo watched him. After a moment he sighed and followed his son. When he was in the room he found Shuro at the window seal that was facing the guard’s quarters. Shippo sat on his son’s bed watching his back.













itwaslatemorningwhenKagomemadeittoSolarira.ShehadtoldKiraratolandalittlewaysawayfromtheentrance.Thetwotailwasnowonhershoulderrestingwhilesheclimbthestairs.Kagomemadesureshedidn’tcomearmedwithanything,becausesherememberedthehistoryofthefoxdemonsshelearnedinhistoryclass.Atthisdayofagetheywereverywearyofhumans.Whenshegotonthelaststepshesawtheentrance.Ithaddoorsmadeofblackstonewithglowingonesinsunshape pattern onboth.Itlookliketheyslidetogethertocloseupthedoorway.Shethennoticedtwoguardsstandingwatch.Theystoppedheratthedoors.
















































Fox Emperor Chapter 4


All in this fic belongs to the creator of Inuyasha. The OC’s belong to me 😀

Note: This is Mind Talk


Figures,” commented Shippo.

Inuyasha looked at him.

“Well it figures that he’ll come back when Kagome isn’t here,” said Shippo.

“True,” said Inuyasha, “Probably was afraid by her. Though, from what I’ve herd, you’re not a big push over ether or was China afraid of some other fox demon with nine tails?”

Shippo looked down. Elder Talo noticed this and took action before things got worse.

“There was more that I saw,” he said, “from the distance came a giant fox. He growled at the spider and bereaved fire at it. The spider turn toward the fox. The half dog let out a howl and out of the forest came very small foxes.”

“That must be the children.” said Shippo.

Inuyasha nodded.

“If you feel like they are in danger then they are most welcome in my city,” said Inuyasha.

Shippo smiled.

“Thank you, father,” he said.

“There is nothing more I saw,” said Elder Talo.

Shippo nodded and went out the door. Inuyasha started to follow him.

“Lord Inuyasha may I have a word with you?” Elder Talo asked.

“Of coarse,” answered Inuyasha heading back to him.

“Did Shuro tell you about China?” he asked.

Inuyasha nodded.

“Then you would also like to know that Emperor Shippo does not want to be reminded about it,” said Elder Talo.

Inuyasha gave him a confused look.

“True we won the war because of…he’s rage,” he said, “but, as you know better than any of us here, he’s mother figure, this Kagome, raised him to not kill humans.”

“There for he regretted killing all of them,” said Inuyasha.

“Exactly,” said Elder Talo, “So please don’t mention that incident.”

Inuyasha nodded and walked at of the room. Elder Talo watched, with a sad expression. As the door closed.

I wish I could tell you more of what I saw, He thought.

In truth there was more to his vision. Though the giant fox was helping to kill the spider it was insane. Insane with rage. It knew no difference from friend and foe. In fact the fox was attacking everyone. He would have succeeded in killing them all if the two dogs haven’t cast a spell. For the effects of it Talo didn’t know for he awoke from his slumber before then. He sighed and got up and walked out of the room.


When Inuyasha got out of the room he went to Shippo.

“I’m going to send a message out to Miroku, Sango, Rin, and my brother.” he said. “I’ll have them meet at Kaede’s old village.”

“Let me guess you want me there too?” Shippo asked.

“Everyone hasn’t seen you in 20 years,” answered Inuyasha, “It would be appreciated.”

Shippo sighed.

“Fine I’ll go,” said Shippo. “But let me warn my people first.”

Inuyasha nodded.

“Father my I come too, please?” Shuro asked.

“Shuro not this again,” said Shippo.

“But-” started Shuro.

“No more,” Shippo interrupted, “I know you’re old enough, but you know my reason.”

“It won’t happen to me I swear,” Shuro begged, “I’ll turn invisible at the first sign of trouble.”

They stared at each other for a while.

“Do I have your word on that?” Shippo asked.

“Of coarse,” answered Shuro.

“Then you may come,” said Shippo.

Shuro ran up to him and hugged him. Yuko looked up at Inuyasha.

“Oh no,” Inuyasha said, “you’re far too young.”

Yuko started to give him the puppy eyes.

“That’s not going to work,” he said.

He stared at Yuko for a few seconds.

“Fine you can come too,” he said.

“Yay!” Yuko shouted and jumped up on him causing them both to fall.

Shuro laughed and Shippo just shook his head.


Shippo and Shuro was jumping from tree branch to tree branch in the ninja style that all fox demons train as before going on to their own class training. It took the others a few days to get to the village. He frown a little at the thought of Naraku being back. He smiled a little. In their mine they found a lot of diamond. With their magic and their great forge, that was under the city, they could make it into strong armor.

“Is that the village, father?” Shuro asked.

Shippo snapped out his thoughts and looked ahead. Sure enough it was the village and there standing at the well was Inuyasha and Yuko. Shippo and Shuro landed in front of them.

“You foxes never stop to amaze me,” commented Inuyasha, “Come they are waiting. Oh boys you don’t have to follow if you don’t want to.”

“Okay,” Shuro and Yuko said.

Inuyasha and Shippo walked off.

“So have you played with anyone younger than you before?” Yuko asked.


Shuro and Yuko were pouncing each other, rolling on the ground, and laughing. Then a sound came from the well. Their heads snapped up. They slowly stood. A flash inside the well was seen. Shuro quickly pulled Yuko behind him and cast an invisibility spell. He then proceeded to contact Shippo telepathically.


Shippo was bored out of his mind. Seeing the others went fine. They all were surprised to see how grown up he was and the fact that he was the emperor over his own people. They were even more surprised when they found out that he was a father. Right now he was watching Inuyasha and Sesshomaru arguing with Rin, now the priestess of the village, trying to stop it.

Father! Came the voice of Shuro.

Shuro what’s wrong? Shippo asked back

I think there is something in the well. Shuro answered.

I’m on my way. Shippo said before cutting off the link.

Shippo left the others without them knowing. He went straight to the area near the well. There he spotted Shuro and Yuko. They had a shield around them. He could tell that it was the invisibility spell. The sad part about fox demon magic was the fact that other fox demons could see and sense it. He looked over to the well. He pull out one of the swords that were on his side. He went to the well slowly and looked down it. His eyes widen at what he saw. There at the bottom was a woman with long black hair and wearing strange cloths. Shippo didn’t need to look twice to know who she was.

“Kagome,” he whispered.



andbeforeanyoneasknoIwillnotputKikyoinhere.Doesn’tmeanIdon’tlike her it’sjustI’mhorribleatlovetriangles,plusdidn’tsheallreadywentbacktotheafterlife?

Fox Emperor Chapter 3


All in this fic belongs to the creator of Inuyasha!

Remember it’s been 20 years since Shippo was last living in Japan, so things are bond to change, even people.




Inuyasha was astonished at how big and beautiful Solarira was. Even Yuko couldn’t stop his awing. Shippo smirked. He was proud that he was able to surprise his father and little brother. They came to the palace.

“Wait here and I’ll get my son,” Shippo said.

He want into the throne room. There he was greeted with a hug. Shuro looked up at him.

“Welcome home father,” he said.

Shippo smiled and hugged him again.

“Shuro, how would you like to make a new friend that isn’t a fox demon?” he asked.

Shuro looked at him a bit confused.

“You’ll see,” Shippo answered the unasked question.

They went put of the room. Shuro’s eyes widen when he saw Inuyasha and Yuko. Shippo pushed Shuro to them.

“Shuro this is the man who raised me,” said Shippo, “he’s name is Inuyasha and this is his son Yuko. He’s only 2 years younger than you. This is my son, Shuro.”

“It’s an honor to meet you both,” said Shuro with a bow.

“Same to you,” said Inuyasha trying to keep his own son from hiding behind him.

“Sire,” said Kalohu. Shippo looked over to him.

“Elnu Talo ishla’un eaklu woli rexa” he said “Il’s bali na visol helim hedi. Helim silana il’s importilo.” (Elder Talo wishes to speak with you. It’s about a vision he had. He says it’s important.)

“On my way,” Shippo said with a sigh, “I’ll be right back.”

Shippo and Kalohu went into a side room.

“So,” said Shuro, “You raised my father when he was little?”

“Yes,” answered Inuyasha, “He was a handful.”

“He still is now,” commented Shuro.

Inuyasha laughed at that.

“He seems like a nice guy,” piped up Yuko.

“He was a lot nicer before my mother and brother died,” said Shuro.

Inuyasha’s ears twitched with interest.

“if I may?” asked Inuyasha.

Shuro nodded.

“How did they die?” Inuyasha asked.

“Mother died of an illness she got when she was enslaved,” answered Shuro. “and my brother, Shike, was killed in battle. He was 3 years older than me. Father was at lost after mother’s death, but when Shike’s limp body was brought to him…he lost it.”

“What do you mean?” Inuyasha asked.

“He turn into his true form,” answered Shuro.

“True form?” he asked again.

“A hug orange-ish red fox with nine tails,” answered Shuro, “I think the Chinese killed it Shippoden.”

Inuyasha’s eyes widen.

I knew Shippo had gotten stronger, but I didn’t know he gotten that strong, thought Inuyasha.

“That day,” started Shuro, “I was frighten. He was no longer sane and he…”

“He what?” asked Inuyasha.

“Have you herd what happened to the human population there?” Shuro asked.

“Yes,” answered Inuyasha, “wasn’t it cut in half?”

Shuro nodded.

“They would have been wiped out if Elder Talo hadn’t calmed him down,” he said.

Inuyasha’s breath caught.

Note to self don’t piss Shippo off, he thought.

“Also,” said Shuro, “When his eyes turn red that’s when you have to worry. An another thing with my brother’s death came the rule of me not being allowed to fight nor leave this city. If you can somehow convince him to at least let me step out of here now and then I would appreciate it greatly.”

“I can try,” said Inuyasha, “I can understand it though. You are he’s last family member by blood. If you die well…”

Shuro smiled a little.

“Thanks Inuyasha,” he said.

“Please call me grandpa Inu,” said Inuyasha.

Shuro laughed a little.

“Inuyasha,” said a voice.

Inuyasha looked and saw Shippo’s head poking out of the side room.

“Can you came in here for a moment?” he asked.

Inuyasha nodded and enter.

“I had an older brother too once,” said Yuko, “I hate him.”

Shuro looked down at him.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because he usurped daddy,” answered Yuko.

“Usurped as in a throne to some place?” Shuro asked.

“Yep,” answered Yuko, “Daddy’s the feudal lord of the east. While my uncle Sesshoumaru is the feudal lord of the west.”

“Oh I get it,” said Shuro, “so your brother forcefully took the eastern lands from your father before it was his time.”

Yuko nodded.

“My brother Huko,” he started, “had lots of followers even though he was 10 years older than me. One of them was my mommy too. When daddy got his throne back, he had them executed. After that he no longer considered Huko as his son nor will he ever talk about it.”

“By Solarira’s light,” said Shuro.

“But I’m fine now,” said Yuko, “because I have a newer and better big brother, Shippo!”

Shuro smiled at this.

“Wait,” Yuko said suddenly. “If Shippo is my brother and your his son does that make me your uncle?”

“I think so,” answered Shuro.

“Uncle Yuko,” said Yuko to himself, “Buddha that makes me sound as old as daddy!”

Shuro burst out laughing.


Shippo smiled when he heard the boys laughing. He looked back at Elder Talo.

“Go a head and tell Inuyasha what you saw in your vision,” he said.

“I was floating in midair,” Elder Talo started, “I looked to the earth to see the flames on buildings and lifeless bodies of human, demon, and those that are both. I herd fighting so I looked over. There I saw 2 humans, one a slayer of fiends and the other a priest, a whole dog, and a half of one fighting a hug spider.”

“Naraku,” said Inuyasha with a growl.


I bet you all thought that I wasn’t going to put him in there 😛

anyways we finally get to hear the story of Shippo’s past and who this Lord Huko really is.

Fox Emperor Chapter 2


All in this fic belongs to the creator of Inuyasha!



Remember it’s been 20 years since Shippo was last living in Japan, so things are bond to change, even people.











Miroku was standing out side the palace waiting for Shippo and his assassins. He looked around the city still admiring the architecture of the fox demons. The palace was the biggest building here. In front of it was smaller buildings, which got smaller when closer to the middle. In the middle was some kind of statue of a diamond table with a huge golden star on it. The ball was made of the substance as the strange colored stones that line most of the roof. According to the fox demons, it’s called a glow stone.



Miroku sighed and looked at the palace door.



What’s taking them so long? He thought.






In the palace basement the selected team was getting ready to depart. A young redish brown head male fox demon was watching them with envy. Just then the celling doors open and in came Shippo and his other advisor, Kalohu.



“We’re ready sire,” said one.



“Good,” said Shippo



He turn to the young male, who smiled at him.



“Shuro I need you to stay here and watch over the city while I’m gone,” Shippo ordered.



Shuro frowned.



But,” he started in protest “Je suis assez vieux pour combattre !” <I’m old enough to fight!>



“No,” Shippo said firmly, “You will stay here. Kalohu make sure he does.”



Kalohu bowed and said, “Yes sire.”



Shippo started to walk out behind the rest.



“Father!” Shuro shouted.



Shippo stopped and looked over his shoulder at him.



“Ce qui es-tu si peur de?” <What are you so afraid of?> Shuro asked.



Shippo look ed away.



“Votre mort.” <Your death.> he answered before he left.






Miroku was standing out side the palace waiting for Shippo and his assassins. He looked around the city still admiring the architecture of the fox demons. The palace was the biggest building here. In front of it was smaller buildings, which got smaller when closer to the middle. In the middle was a statue of a diamond table with a huge golden star on it. The star was made up of the substance as the strange colored stones that line most of the roof. According to the fox demons, it’s called a glow stone. Miroku sighed and looked at the palace door.

What’s taking them so long? He thought.





In the palace basement the selected team was getting ready to leave. A young redish brown head male fox demon was watching them with envy. Just then the celling doors open and in came Shippo and his other advisor, Kalohu.

“We’re ready sire,” said one.

“Good,” said Shippo.

He turn to the young male, who smiled at him.

“Shuro I need you to stay here and watch over the city while I’m gone,” Shippo ordered.

Shuro frowned.

“But,” he started in protest “Je suis assez vieux pour combattre !” (I’m old enough to fight!)

“No,” Shippo said firmly, “You will stay here. Kalohu make sure he does.”

Kalohu bowed and said, “Yes sire.”

Shippo started to walk out behind the rest.

“Father!” Shuro shouted.

Shippo stopped and looked over his shoulder at him.

“Ce qui es-tu si peur de?” Shuro asked. (What are you so afraid of?)

Shippo looked away.

“Votre mort.” he answered before he left. (Your death.)




Miroku lead them to the eastern forest temple. It took them all day, but that didn’t bother the fox demons much. Especially the trained assassins. There were use to it. They were now at a wall that wasn’t guarded.

“My monks and I will distract the guards at the front while you and your people can sneak in through here,” Miroku instructed Shippo while pointing at the wall, “You can jump the wall, but we can’t. The high priest will be expecting us, but not you. Kill all the rest if you want, but make sure the high priest stays alive.”

“All right,” Shippo said, “We’ll wait for your signal.”

Miroku nodded and lead his party to the front. Once the guards were all there Shippo and the fox assassins moved toward the temple entrance.

“Une fois nous entrons, a divisé dans les groupes de trois,” ordered Shippo, “Une fois vous trouvez l’haut prêtre, l’entourez. Tuer tout dans votre chemin.” (Once we enter, divided in the groups of three. Once you find the high priest, surround him. Kill all in your path.)

“Oui Empereur Shippo,” they said. (Yes Emperor Shippo.)

After a few moments the fox demons had the high priest surrounded. He pulled his blade out.

“That won’t work,” said Miroku coming through the crowd of fox demons, “these fox demons are the same ones that cut China’s population in half.”

The high priest’s eyes went big.

“Now if you be so kind as to come with me,” Miroku said, “The feudal lord has a few questions for you.”

The high priest glared at him.

“Long live Lord Hoku!” he yelled.

In a blink of an eye the high priest put his blade through his heart.

“Damn,” said Miroku.

He looked at Shippo.

“Thank you for your help, old friend,” he said. “I need to head back to my lord and give him the news.”

Shippo looked over at his people.

“Retourner à Solarira,” he ordered, “Je serai de retour dans quelques jours. Et un de vous aurait-il des objections disant mon fils pour ne pas s’inquiéter ?” (Return to Solarira. I’ll be back in a few days. And would one of you mind telling my son not to worry?)

“J’engendrerai,” said one of the assassins. (I will sire.)

“Merci,” said Shippo. (Thank you.)

He tun back to Miroku.

“I would like to meet this lord,” he said.

Miroku stared with his mouth open for a while.

“Okay, but don’t expect a royal greeting,” he said.

Shippo laughed.

“I don’t really mind,” he said.




It took them half a day to get there. They were standing outside the gate.

“All right Shippo be ready to be amazed,” Miroku said.

They walked into the gate and Shippo gasped. This city was five times bigger then Solarira.

“Welcome to Demontra,” said Miroku, “the city were demons, half demons, and humans live together in piece.”

They went to the other side. Miroku bowed at the guards at the front entrance.

“Is the feudal lord in today?” he asked.

“Yes,” answered one of them, “He should be in the throne room.”

They went into the throne room. There a man with long silver hair, white puppy ears, wearing a red Kamoto with a white jacket was standing in front of the throne chair. Miroku bowed. Shippo hesitantly did the same.

“My lord I bring you some good news and some bad news,” said Miroku.

The lord’s golden eyes looked from him to Shippo then back at him.

“What is the bad news?” he asked.

“The high priest from the Eastern Forest Temple has taken his own life,” answered Miroku, “he was a loyalest of Hoku.”

The lord closed his eyes and sighed. He open them again.

“And the good news?” he asked.

Miroku pushed Shippo forward.

“I’m sure you have heard that the fox demons have come back?” Miroku asked.

The lord nodded.

“This is their Emperor,” said Miroku with a smile, “but doesn’t he look familiar to you?”

The lord looked at Shippo’s eyes.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Go ahead and tell him your name,” Miroku said.

“My name is Shippo,” he said.

The lord smiled.

“It’s been years,” the lord said.

Shippo just looked at him.

“I’m Inuyasha,” he said.

Shippo’s eyes widen.

Who died and made him lord? He thought.

Inuyasha laughed.

“I know that would surprise you,” he said.

Shippo smiled. Them a white blur dashed behind Inuyasha. Shippo lend to one side a little to look. He saw a boy with ears, hair, and eyes to match Inuyasha, but he also had a white tail and a crescent moon shape mark on his forehead. Inuyasha pushed the child in front of him.

“This is my son Yuko,” introduce Inuyasha, “Yuko this is Shippo, the kit I always talked about.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Yuko with a bow, “Um is it okay if I call you big brother?”

“Sure,” said Shippo with a smile and going down to his eye level, “How old are you?”

“Six,” Yuko answered.

“Two years younger than my son,” said Shippo.

“You have a son?” Inuyasha asked in surprise.

“Why yes,” answered Shippo getting back up, “How would you like to meet him and see our city?”

“I would love too,” he answered.

Shippo smiled. He couldn’t wait to bring the man that he always seen as his father since he was a kit to see the city he fought to long to bring to life.






The French words are there ’till Amber’s brother gets done with the made up language.

Fox Emperor Chapter 1

Familiar characters (I.E. Inuyasha, ect.) belongs to the creator of Inuyasha. Made up characters belong to me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Forest green eyes looked out a window to the lava falls. This was the peacefullest thing these eyes have seen since their owner was 8. These eyes wittiness the murder of their last leader and the slavery or their owner’s people. Their lids hidden them when the owner winced when he remembered the sting of the wipes on his back. They snapped open when the owner herd his door opening.

“Forgive me for the interruption, your majesty,” said the intruder.

The owner turned his head to look at the intruder. It was a female fox demon named Shaleme. She was one of the owner’s two advisers. She bowed.

“There is a human high priest requesting to see you,” she said.

The owner turned back to the window.

“I’ll be down in a minuet,” he said, “Let the visitor know.”

Shaleme bowed again.

“Yes, Emperor Shippo,” she said before she left.

Shippo looked out once more, but not at the lava falls. He was staring out at the center of their new capital city, Solarira. Solarira is the name of their goddess and ruler of the sun. So it was fitting that they would build their new home in Mt. Fuji’s volcano. Shippo closed his eyes again at the memory of their landing and the building of the capital. He snorted. They haven’t been here for a full year and all ready getting visitors. Shippo open his eyes again and sighed.

“I guess it’s time to meet this human high priest,” he said before he left.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Miroku was truly surprised. He had heard that the fox demons had migrated here from China. Miroku just shrugged it off as some rumor that the locals told the children so that they won’t go into the mountains. But here he was, high priest of the eastern sands temple, in the throne room of their emperor. Miroku had also herd that the humans of China enslaved them. If it wasn’t for the looks he got when he enter here he would have said that would just be a rumor as well. But the reason Miroku was here was by order of the feudal lord of the east. Just then the throne room door open. Miroku witched as a male fox demon, dressed in armor that fitted for a shaman, with his long reddish-brown hair tied in a pony tail, walked to the throne and sat down. The demon looked at Miroku. Miroku bowed in respect to the demon’s rank. He looked up at the emperor and thought that he looked strangely familiar.

“What business do you have with us, human?” the demon asked.

“I am here to ask you to lend me some of your assassins,” Miroku answered.

“What for?” the demon emperor asked.

“The priests of the eastern forest has betrayed my lord because of what he is,” Miroku answered.

The demon emperor leaned forward in the throne.

“And what would he be?” he asked.

“A half demon,” Miroku answered.

The emperor got up and walked to Miroku.

“It’s hard for me to believe someone when I can’t see their face, let alone not knowing their name.” he stated.

Miroku closed his eyes in embarrassment. He completely forgot to remove his sand mask. He took it off and noticed that the demon’s eyes widen.

“I am Miroku, high priest if the eastern sands,” he said.

The demon emperor smiled.

“Then I shall do your request,” he said with his turning to a toothy one, “as an old friend of mine.”

Miroku raised an eyebrow.

“Old friend?” he asked.

“I’m Shippo,” the demon answered, “Hopefully you remember me.”

Now it was time for Miroku’s eyes to widen. Here was the little kit that use to travel around with him and the rest when Kagome was with them, now all grown up and crowed by his people. Shippo laughed.

“My gods it’s been how many years since any of us last seen you?” Miroku asked.

“At least 20,” Shippo answered.

Miroku walked up to Shippo and gave him a hug. Which Shippo returned. Miroku took a few steps back, afterwords, to look at him.

“Wow,” was all he could say.

Miroku then remembered that Shippo left when he was 8 to train for any specific class that his people offered. Which brought a little curiosity in him.

“What class did you chose?” he asked.

“Shaman,” Shippo answered with a smile, “Of coarse when duty calls for it, I’m also a ninja and a healer.”

Miroku was left speechless.

“Now about your request,” Shippo said, “I would have to go with the assassins do to the trust they have for humans.”

“Of coarse,” said Miroku, “I and a few of the priests will be going there as well for support and to put a few of them in charge of the temple.”

“Alright,” said Shippo, “When do you want us to leave?”

“As soon as you can,” Miroku answered.

“Very well,” said Shippo walking to the door with Miroku, “We’ll be leaving in the after noon. Meet us at he eastern base of the mountains. You will have to lead the way.”

“Okay,” said Miroku, “see you there then.”