Fox Emperor Chapter 7


All in this fic belongs to the creator of Inuyasha. The oc’s belong to me!



Note: (translations)






Shippo had split off from the others mid-way back to the eastern sand temple. He roared when he spotted Miroku and Inuyasha. Inuyasha was in aw when he saw Shippo’s true form. Shippo stopped in front of them. He changed back.



“How was the chase?” Miroku asked.



“Not at all good,” Shippo answered, “they borrowed down into tunnels. We can dig them out, but that would take time.”



“and we don’t have that,” Inuyasha stated.



Shippo nodded. Inuyasha sighed he looked over at Miroku.



“I’m going to have guards posted here,” he said.



Miroku nodded. Shippo turned back into a fox.



“I’m heading back home,” he said, “please let me know if you need help again.”



“We will,” said Miroku.



Shippo ran off to Solarira.






Koga had herd there were fox demons living in Mt. Fuji. It had taken him a while, but he finally got to the, suppose, city. He looked at the front gate in aw. Never had he seen stones that glow. One of the guards nodded at him.



“Welcome to Solarira wolf demon,” the guard said, “go on a head, but mind your self.”



Koga nodded and went in. He couldn’t believe his eyes at how big it was in the inside. Koga had to sit down before he passed out.



“You all right sir?” a child’s voice asked.



Koga looked up to see Shuro.



“Just never seen a city this big before,” he answered.



“This is only the first level,” Shuro informed him.



“There’s more!?” Koga asked.



“Yes,” Shuro answered, “here on the first level are the palace and guard houses. On the second is the forge. Third is the mines and the fourth is the inn, temple, civilian houses, market, and training grounds. Oh are you going to be staying here for a day or two?”



“Probably just for the night,” Koga answered getting up.



“Then I’ll show you the inn,” Shuro said, “by the way, I’m Shuro, prince of Solarira.”



“Koga, leader of the wolf demon tribes,” Koga introduced him self while following Shuro.



“My father would like to meet you then,” Shuro said, “he’s been trying to memorize the demon leaders here.”



“Where is he now?” Koga asked.



“Away,” Shuro answered, “Chasing Naraku spawns.”



“Wait,” Koga said, “He’s back?”



“Yes,” Shuro answered, “and all ready causing trouble. Here we are the Hotel Foxy Red And Hot Springs. If you have more questions about Naraku then you’ll have to ask father. I don’t know much about him.”



Koga nodded in understanding.



“Thank you prince Shuro,” he said with a bow.



Shuro smiled at the title.



“Enjoy your stay,” he said before running off.



Koga smiled and shook his head.



“Reminds me of that little fox demon that hang around with Kagome,” he commented before heading inside the inn.






Sesshomaru sighed as he sat down on a chair. It took a few days to get back. He closed his eyes as he relaxed. Someone jumped into his lap. Sesshomaru looked down to see his eight year old son, Zori, hugging him. Sesshomaru let a smile grace his face.



“Miss me?” he asked.



Zori nodded. Sesshomaru then herd footsteps coming toward him. He looked to see his14 year old twin daughters, Nara and Shara, coming to him.



“Welcome back father,” they greeted him.



Nara and Shara hugged him from behind. Moments like these are what makes Sesshomaru’s life wonderful.



“Did you get to meet the fox emperor, father?” Zori asked.



“Oh yes,” Sesshomaru answered, “he’s none other than your adopted cousin.”



“Wow,” Zori said, “then he must be powerful then.”



“Oh he is,” Sesshomaru said.



There was a knock on the door.



“Enter,” Sesshomaru said.



Jaken entered and bowed.



“Mi’lord the sentinels spotted a horde of humanoid spiders heading here,” he said, “they say that they small like Naraku.”



Sesshomaru growled.



“Have everyone ready for battle,” he ordered.



Jaken bowed and left. Sesshomaru got up and looked at his children.



“You know where to go,” he said.



All three of them nodded and left to go to their hiding spot. Sesshomaru looked out the window at the moon.



Naraku sure has the guts to attack two different strong holds, he thought before leaving to join his soldiers.






It was night when Shippo finally got back to Solarira. All he wanted to do was eat something and go to bed. The guards at the entrance bowed when Shippo came up. His son hugged him when he went back to his human form.



“Welcome home,” Shuro said hugging him, “there’s a wolf demon here. He said he was the tribe leader.”



“Oh?” Shippo asked, “he’s name wouldn’t happen to be Koga?”



“How did you know!?” Shuro shouted.



Shippo laughed.



“I meet him when I was little,” he answered, “I’ll talk to him in the morning. Right now I’m hungry and tired.”



Shuro nodded and followed his father inside. They went into the kitchen like room that was behind the throne room. Shippo cooked something up real fast and sat at the table and ate. Shuro fall asleep with his head in Shippo’s lap. Shippo carried him back to their bedroom when he was done eating.






Koga stretched when he got up. He had a dip in the hot springs yesterday. It wasn’t as hot as he thought it would be considering that the city was in a volcano. There was a knock on his door Koga open it to see Shuro. Shuro bowed.



“Father’s here to see you,” the kit said.



Koga nodded and follower Shuro to the lobby. There a male adult fox demon with armor on. He had long reddish-brown hair that was in a pony tail and green eyes. Koga bowed in respect.



“I’m Koga, leader of the wolf demon tribes, sire,” Koga said.



“It is nice to see you Koga,” said Shippo, “you haven’t changed much.”



Koga looked at him in confusion. The only fox demon he knew of was the kit that was always with Kagome.



Wait, Koga thought.



“Shippo?” he asked.



Shippo smiled and nodded.



“Will I’ll be,” said Koga making a circle around him, “you sure have grown.”



Koga then sensed Shippo’s demonic aura.



“And strong too,” he added.



Shippo smiled proudly.



“How have you been?” he asked.



“I’m good,” answered Koga, “I’m going to be a father soon.”



“Aww, congrats,” Shippo said.



“Thanks,” Koga said, “I’m worried though. Tell me, is it true that Naraku is back?”



Shippo frown.



“I’m afraid so,” he answered, “he has sent out human like spiders to do his work.”



Koga growled.



“That coward,” he commented.



“Excuse me for interrupting,” said a voice.



Shippo and Koga looked and saw Elder Talos.



“There is a dog demon messager from the west here to see you Shippo,” he said, “Ist O wila ki pinto ki yul alin afurtino.” (and I wish to speak to you alone after wards.)



Shippo nodded and headed back to the palace with Koga following him. The dog demon look like he had run, nonstop, all night and a good part this morning. The dog demon bowed.



“I come baring information form Lord Sesshomaru,” he said, “last night we were attacked by Naraku’s spiders. We manage to capture one and killed the rest. That one told us that Naraku plans on attacking Demontra in the east with an army and himself.”



Shippo growled. He looked to his advisers.



“Get out soldiers ready,” Shippo ordered.



Shaleme and Kalohu bowed and left.



“I’ll go and get mine ready as well,” Koga said before he left too.



Shippo looked at the dog demon.



“Thank you,” Shippo said with a bow, “go now and get something to eat and rest. Shuro please lead him to the inn.”



Shuro bowed and left with the dog demon. Shippo looked to Elder Talos.



“Ra ilo pinto se yuli rori,” (We will speak in your room.) said Shippo.



With that they left the throne room. Elder Talos swallowed for what he was about to tell his emperor will not be pleasant.







I have lost my paper I had that had the translations for the fox demon language, so I had to make up new words. Sorry about that. This maybe the semi last chapter. I’m not sure yet.



Here is a lay down of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru’s family tree:




Sesshomaru – (insert wife name here)


!                       !


Rin      ——————


             !         !            !


           Nara Shara Zori




Inuyasha —————- – (insert wife name here)


   !                                      !


Shippo – (I.W.N.H)   ———–


!                                        !           !


———–                   Haku Youko


  !              !


Shike Shuro



and you should know by now that Sesshomaru and Inuyasha are half brothers. Remember this for the squeal I plan on doing. More info about it will be in the next chapter.

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