Fox Emperor Chapter 3


All in this fic belongs to the creator of Inuyasha!

Remember it’s been 20 years since Shippo was last living in Japan, so things are bond to change, even people.




Inuyasha was astonished at how big and beautiful Solarira was. Even Yuko couldn’t stop his awing. Shippo smirked. He was proud that he was able to surprise his father and little brother. They came to the palace.

“Wait here and I’ll get my son,” Shippo said.

He want into the throne room. There he was greeted with a hug. Shuro looked up at him.

“Welcome home father,” he said.

Shippo smiled and hugged him again.

“Shuro, how would you like to make a new friend that isn’t a fox demon?” he asked.

Shuro looked at him a bit confused.

“You’ll see,” Shippo answered the unasked question.

They went put of the room. Shuro’s eyes widen when he saw Inuyasha and Yuko. Shippo pushed Shuro to them.

“Shuro this is the man who raised me,” said Shippo, “he’s name is Inuyasha and this is his son Yuko. He’s only 2 years younger than you. This is my son, Shuro.”

“It’s an honor to meet you both,” said Shuro with a bow.

“Same to you,” said Inuyasha trying to keep his own son from hiding behind him.

“Sire,” said Kalohu. Shippo looked over to him.

“Elnu Talo ishla’un eaklu woli rexa” he said “Il’s bali na visol helim hedi. Helim silana il’s importilo.” (Elder Talo wishes to speak with you. It’s about a vision he had. He says it’s important.)

“On my way,” Shippo said with a sigh, “I’ll be right back.”

Shippo and Kalohu went into a side room.

“So,” said Shuro, “You raised my father when he was little?”

“Yes,” answered Inuyasha, “He was a handful.”

“He still is now,” commented Shuro.

Inuyasha laughed at that.

“He seems like a nice guy,” piped up Yuko.

“He was a lot nicer before my mother and brother died,” said Shuro.

Inuyasha’s ears twitched with interest.

“if I may?” asked Inuyasha.

Shuro nodded.

“How did they die?” Inuyasha asked.

“Mother died of an illness she got when she was enslaved,” answered Shuro. “and my brother, Shike, was killed in battle. He was 3 years older than me. Father was at lost after mother’s death, but when Shike’s limp body was brought to him…he lost it.”

“What do you mean?” Inuyasha asked.

“He turn into his true form,” answered Shuro.

“True form?” he asked again.

“A hug orange-ish red fox with nine tails,” answered Shuro, “I think the Chinese killed it Shippoden.”

Inuyasha’s eyes widen.

I knew Shippo had gotten stronger, but I didn’t know he gotten that strong, thought Inuyasha.

“That day,” started Shuro, “I was frighten. He was no longer sane and he…”

“He what?” asked Inuyasha.

“Have you herd what happened to the human population there?” Shuro asked.

“Yes,” answered Inuyasha, “wasn’t it cut in half?”

Shuro nodded.

“They would have been wiped out if Elder Talo hadn’t calmed him down,” he said.

Inuyasha’s breath caught.

Note to self don’t piss Shippo off, he thought.

“Also,” said Shuro, “When his eyes turn red that’s when you have to worry. An another thing with my brother’s death came the rule of me not being allowed to fight nor leave this city. If you can somehow convince him to at least let me step out of here now and then I would appreciate it greatly.”

“I can try,” said Inuyasha, “I can understand it though. You are he’s last family member by blood. If you die well…”

Shuro smiled a little.

“Thanks Inuyasha,” he said.

“Please call me grandpa Inu,” said Inuyasha.

Shuro laughed a little.

“Inuyasha,” said a voice.

Inuyasha looked and saw Shippo’s head poking out of the side room.

“Can you came in here for a moment?” he asked.

Inuyasha nodded and enter.

“I had an older brother too once,” said Yuko, “I hate him.”

Shuro looked down at him.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because he usurped daddy,” answered Yuko.

“Usurped as in a throne to some place?” Shuro asked.

“Yep,” answered Yuko, “Daddy’s the feudal lord of the east. While my uncle Sesshoumaru is the feudal lord of the west.”

“Oh I get it,” said Shuro, “so your brother forcefully took the eastern lands from your father before it was his time.”

Yuko nodded.

“My brother Huko,” he started, “had lots of followers even though he was 10 years older than me. One of them was my mommy too. When daddy got his throne back, he had them executed. After that he no longer considered Huko as his son nor will he ever talk about it.”

“By Solarira’s light,” said Shuro.

“But I’m fine now,” said Yuko, “because I have a newer and better big brother, Shippo!”

Shuro smiled at this.

“Wait,” Yuko said suddenly. “If Shippo is my brother and your his son does that make me your uncle?”

“I think so,” answered Shuro.

“Uncle Yuko,” said Yuko to himself, “Buddha that makes me sound as old as daddy!”

Shuro burst out laughing.


Shippo smiled when he heard the boys laughing. He looked back at Elder Talo.

“Go a head and tell Inuyasha what you saw in your vision,” he said.

“I was floating in midair,” Elder Talo started, “I looked to the earth to see the flames on buildings and lifeless bodies of human, demon, and those that are both. I herd fighting so I looked over. There I saw 2 humans, one a slayer of fiends and the other a priest, a whole dog, and a half of one fighting a hug spider.”

“Naraku,” said Inuyasha with a growl.


I bet you all thought that I wasn’t going to put him in there 😛

anyways we finally get to hear the story of Shippo’s past and who this Lord Huko really is.

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