Fox Emperor Chapter 4


All in this fic belongs to the creator of Inuyasha. The OC’s belong to me 😀

Note: This is Mind Talk


Figures,” commented Shippo.

Inuyasha looked at him.

“Well it figures that he’ll come back when Kagome isn’t here,” said Shippo.

“True,” said Inuyasha, “Probably was afraid by her. Though, from what I’ve herd, you’re not a big push over ether or was China afraid of some other fox demon with nine tails?”

Shippo looked down. Elder Talo noticed this and took action before things got worse.

“There was more that I saw,” he said, “from the distance came a giant fox. He growled at the spider and bereaved fire at it. The spider turn toward the fox. The half dog let out a howl and out of the forest came very small foxes.”

“That must be the children.” said Shippo.

Inuyasha nodded.

“If you feel like they are in danger then they are most welcome in my city,” said Inuyasha.

Shippo smiled.

“Thank you, father,” he said.

“There is nothing more I saw,” said Elder Talo.

Shippo nodded and went out the door. Inuyasha started to follow him.

“Lord Inuyasha may I have a word with you?” Elder Talo asked.

“Of coarse,” answered Inuyasha heading back to him.

“Did Shuro tell you about China?” he asked.

Inuyasha nodded.

“Then you would also like to know that Emperor Shippo does not want to be reminded about it,” said Elder Talo.

Inuyasha gave him a confused look.

“True we won the war because of…he’s rage,” he said, “but, as you know better than any of us here, he’s mother figure, this Kagome, raised him to not kill humans.”

“There for he regretted killing all of them,” said Inuyasha.

“Exactly,” said Elder Talo, “So please don’t mention that incident.”

Inuyasha nodded and walked at of the room. Elder Talo watched, with a sad expression. As the door closed.

I wish I could tell you more of what I saw, He thought.

In truth there was more to his vision. Though the giant fox was helping to kill the spider it was insane. Insane with rage. It knew no difference from friend and foe. In fact the fox was attacking everyone. He would have succeeded in killing them all if the two dogs haven’t cast a spell. For the effects of it Talo didn’t know for he awoke from his slumber before then. He sighed and got up and walked out of the room.


When Inuyasha got out of the room he went to Shippo.

“I’m going to send a message out to Miroku, Sango, Rin, and my brother.” he said. “I’ll have them meet at Kaede’s old village.”

“Let me guess you want me there too?” Shippo asked.

“Everyone hasn’t seen you in 20 years,” answered Inuyasha, “It would be appreciated.”

Shippo sighed.

“Fine I’ll go,” said Shippo. “But let me warn my people first.”

Inuyasha nodded.

“Father my I come too, please?” Shuro asked.

“Shuro not this again,” said Shippo.

“But-” started Shuro.

“No more,” Shippo interrupted, “I know you’re old enough, but you know my reason.”

“It won’t happen to me I swear,” Shuro begged, “I’ll turn invisible at the first sign of trouble.”

They stared at each other for a while.

“Do I have your word on that?” Shippo asked.

“Of coarse,” answered Shuro.

“Then you may come,” said Shippo.

Shuro ran up to him and hugged him. Yuko looked up at Inuyasha.

“Oh no,” Inuyasha said, “you’re far too young.”

Yuko started to give him the puppy eyes.

“That’s not going to work,” he said.

He stared at Yuko for a few seconds.

“Fine you can come too,” he said.

“Yay!” Yuko shouted and jumped up on him causing them both to fall.

Shuro laughed and Shippo just shook his head.


Shippo and Shuro was jumping from tree branch to tree branch in the ninja style that all fox demons train as before going on to their own class training. It took the others a few days to get to the village. He frown a little at the thought of Naraku being back. He smiled a little. In their mine they found a lot of diamond. With their magic and their great forge, that was under the city, they could make it into strong armor.

“Is that the village, father?” Shuro asked.

Shippo snapped out his thoughts and looked ahead. Sure enough it was the village and there standing at the well was Inuyasha and Yuko. Shippo and Shuro landed in front of them.

“You foxes never stop to amaze me,” commented Inuyasha, “Come they are waiting. Oh boys you don’t have to follow if you don’t want to.”

“Okay,” Shuro and Yuko said.

Inuyasha and Shippo walked off.

“So have you played with anyone younger than you before?” Yuko asked.


Shuro and Yuko were pouncing each other, rolling on the ground, and laughing. Then a sound came from the well. Their heads snapped up. They slowly stood. A flash inside the well was seen. Shuro quickly pulled Yuko behind him and cast an invisibility spell. He then proceeded to contact Shippo telepathically.


Shippo was bored out of his mind. Seeing the others went fine. They all were surprised to see how grown up he was and the fact that he was the emperor over his own people. They were even more surprised when they found out that he was a father. Right now he was watching Inuyasha and Sesshomaru arguing with Rin, now the priestess of the village, trying to stop it.

Father! Came the voice of Shuro.

Shuro what’s wrong? Shippo asked back

I think there is something in the well. Shuro answered.

I’m on my way. Shippo said before cutting off the link.

Shippo left the others without them knowing. He went straight to the area near the well. There he spotted Shuro and Yuko. They had a shield around them. He could tell that it was the invisibility spell. The sad part about fox demon magic was the fact that other fox demons could see and sense it. He looked over to the well. He pull out one of the swords that were on his side. He went to the well slowly and looked down it. His eyes widen at what he saw. There at the bottom was a woman with long black hair and wearing strange cloths. Shippo didn’t need to look twice to know who she was.

“Kagome,” he whispered.



andbeforeanyoneasknoIwillnotputKikyoinhere.Doesn’tmeanIdon’tlike her it’sjustI’mhorribleatlovetriangles,plusdidn’tsheallreadywentbacktotheafterlife?

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