Fox Emperor Chapter 8


Inuyasha and other don’t belong to me. Ocs do though.


Inuyasha was awoken from his nap by one of the guards. He would be yelling at the guard if it weren’t for the reason given. Kalohu, Shippo’s male adviser, has come with a few messages and two big boxes for Inuyasha. Kalohu was waiting for him in the throne room. He bowed when Inuyasha came into the room.

“Forgive me for disturbing you,” Kalohu said. “I’ve come with a few messages from Emperor Shippo. One message is, Naraku is coming here with an army. This was given to us by one of the spiders that the dog demons caught.”

Inuyasha looked to his guard captain.

“Get everyone ready for battle,” he ordered.

The captain nodded and went off. Inuyasha looked back at Kalohu. Kalohu sat one of the boxes down and open the other. Inuyasha gasped. In the box was a golden armored chest plate.

“My emperor made this armor him self from the gold and diamonds from our mines,” Kalohu said, “he hopes you like it.”

Inuyasha grinned.

“I love it!” he exclaimed, “tell him thank you.”

Kalohu nodded and closed the box and put it beside the other.

“Here are the other two messages from my emperor,” he said, “the first one, ours, the wolf demons’, and dog demons’ army will be at your gates shortly. The second message, my emperor wishes for you to take care of his son for him.”

That’s when Inuyasha noticed the sadden look on Kalohu’s face.

“Kalohu, what happen to my son?” he asked in concern.

Kalohu took a deep breath before he started to tell Inuyasha everything.


Shippo was sitting on the throne staring at the Sword of The Emperors or at least that’s how Shuro found him.

“Father everyone is ready to leave,” Shuro said.

Shippo nodded. He had the same sad look as everyone else had.

“Father?” Shuro was worried.

Shippo sighed. He got up off the throne.

“Come here Shuro,” he said.

His son obeyed. Shippo got on his knees in front of him.

“Shuro, when the spiders are distracted by us, you and the others, the ones that can’t fight, head to Demontra,” he said, “okay?”

Shuro nodded. Shippo looked at him before giving his son the Sword of The Emperors. Shuro looked at him in confusion.

“Elder Talos has seen me fall in the battle,” Shippo said, “I give you this sword like Emperor Mintes gave to me. Upon my fall you will be emperor.”

Tears waled up in Shuro’s eyes. He didn’t want to hear this. He didn’t even want to think of his father’s death.

“Daddy!” Shuro cried out.

Shippo hugged Shuro tightly and kissed his forehead.

“I will always love you,” he whispered into Shuro’s ear.


Inuyasha watched as Kagome loaded up with arrows. He had to, somehow, get Kagome away from Shippo. He didn’t think she could handle the sight of him being sealed away. Inuyasha sighed.

“Kagome,” he called out.

She looked at him.

“We are short on commanders,” he started, “we don’t have one for the group in charge of the back. Do you mind commanding it?”

Kagome frowned. She wanted to stay with Inuyasha, but she understood the situation.

“Okay,” she said.

Inuyasha hugged her.

“Thank you,” he said.


All of the fox demons were waiting by the gates. Shippo wanted to have a few last words before they left. He looked at them all. They were sad and a few were already in tears. Everyone knew about his soon-to-be fate. Shippo sighed.

“You all already know what will happen to me at the end of this war,” he started out, “I am sorry. I haven’t been your emperor long. I don’t even know if I was a good one, but I ask you not to weep for me. Be happy and smile. I always saw you as my family that Solarira had blessed me with. Thank you for everything! When you come back here, Shuro will be your emperor. Show him the love, the kindness, and the respect you shown me. May Solarira’s light guide us!”

“May she be praised ’till the end of time!” the fox demons shouted.

Shippo gave them one last smile before he gave the order to move out.


Sesshomaru put the last if his armor on. He sighed. His twin daughters were going to be fighting in the war. They were old enough.

“Daddy?” he heard his son call.

Sesshomaru smiled down at Zori. Zori was handing him Tokijin.

“Thank you,” he said before taking the sword.

“Um daddy,” Zori said “You’ll come back here alive, won’t you?”

Sesshomaru gave him a small smile and put his hand on Zori’s head. Sesshomaru was told about Shippo’s fate. Zori knew it too.

“Yeah, I’ll come back here with my heart still beating,” he answered.

Zori smiled and hugged him.


Koga and the rest of the tribes were running as fast as they could to Demontra. Koga had the different tribes mark them selves. He’s was red upside down triangles under their eyes. Their wolf companies had on armor. Koga smiled.

Naraku won’t know what hit him, he thought.


With in a few hours everyone was at the gates. Everyone had their own places to go to and help with. Koga was to help Kagome in the back. Sesshomaru had the side. Shippo and Inuyasha was at the front. The other side had mountains to protect it. Alone humanoid spider hid out in the trees of the forest close to the city. It was watching them, for it was the eyes of Naraku. Naraku smiled.

“This is going to be fun,” he commented.

The spider looked at Shippo.

“Very fun,” said Naraku before he laughed evilly.


Next chapter is the last one! Also remember small details, such as the triangles under Koga’s eyes and ect. It’ll be important in the end and the sequel

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