Fox Emperor Chapter 6


Characters from Inuyasha belongs to their creator, made up ones belong to me.



Note: (translation)






Shuro was happy. He got to get out of the city and help. He looked over to his father. Shippo had a smile on his face. Then Shuro looked at Kagome. She was being carried on Shippo’s back. She was holding on tightly because she wasn’t use to the fox demon’s speed.



“Furo!” (fire!) one of the warriors yelled from behind them.



Shuro looked forward and saw smoke raising to the sky.



“Shuro,” he herd his father call him, “what elements can you control?”



Wait, Kagome thought, His son is a shaman too!?



“Wind and lightening,” Shuro answered.



“Oh no,” said Shippo, “I can only control wind and fire.”



Shippo looked behind him.



“Is there anyone who can control water?” he asked.



He spotted a few of them that nodded.



“Put out the fire,” Shippo ordered, “then help fight off the spiders.”



They landed and sat right to work. The spiders had the body of a spider while the upper half was human {like a centaur}. They also had eight eyes.



“Fox demons and a priestess has come!” one yelled, “kill them!”



Shuro ducked under the legs of a spider and ran to a priest. He checked the priest over and healed him.



“There you go,” Shuro said.



“Bless you child,” the priest said.



Coughing caught Shuro’s attention. He looked over and saw that most of the monks and priests were chocking on the smoke. Shuro talked with the wind to blow the smoke away from them. The smoke rose upwards, a ways from the ground. Shippo looked over at his son and saw this. He smiled proudly.



You’ve grown up on me, Shuro, he thought before returning to the battle.



Shuro went around healing. He ran to the very last one. He started to heal the gouge on the priest’s side.



“Thank you Shuro,” he thanked.



“No problem Miroku,” said Shuro.



Miroku looked over at Shippo.



“He’s different from the kit I’m use to,” he commented.



Shuro looked to his father. Shippo had both blades out, fang of the fox and the blade of the emperors. Shippo wiped the fang of the fox causing it to extended and hook on to the torso of the human part of a spider. Shippo then slammed the rune blade on the ground. A line of fox fire ran straight to the spider. It cried out in pain. Shuro then looked to his grandma Kagome. She wasn’t doing to bad her self; firing arrows right after the other.



“Te furo za hoje!” (the fire is gone!) one of the fox demons shouted.



“Come on,” Shuro said helping Miroku to his feet, “I need all of you inside where it’s safe.”



Miroku wisled. All the priests and monks looked to them.



“Everyone inside!” yelled Shuro, “you all will be safe there!”



A monk screamed. Shuro looked and saw a spider coming after him. Shippo decapitated one and started to head for it. He stopped when he saw his son electrocute it. Shippo smiled proudly again at his son. Shuro went to the monk.



“Are you hurt?” he asked.



“No, I’m fine,” the monk answered, “Thank you child.”



Shuro went with the monk to make sure he was safe.



“They are retreating!” Kagome shouted.



Shuro could hear everyone inside sigh in releif. Shuro went outside to his father.



“Some of you give chase,” Shippo ordered, “they might lead us to Naraku.”



“Sire,” said one of their shaman, “Lord Inuyasha and company are headed here.”



“All right,” said Shippo, “a few of you stay here and fill them in. the rest head back to Solarira.”



“I’m going to stay here,” said Kagome, “I want to make sure those spiders don’t come back.”



Shippo nodded and looked at his son.



“What do you want me to do?” Shuro asked.



Shippo laughed.



“What ever you want to do,” he answered.



“Really!?” Shuro exclaimed.



Shippo smiled and nodded.



“Um,” said Shuro while looking around, “I guess I’ll stay here with Grandma Kagome.”



“Okay,” said Shippo.



Shippo turned into his true form. Kagome gasped. Shippo was as big as Kirara when she grows. His fur was golden and he had, exactly, nine tails.



“Shuro,” Shippo said, “make sure when you and the others are done talking to grandpa to head back home.”



“Okay,” Shuro said, “you make sure to come back in one piece.”



Shippo nodded and headed where the spiders went.






Inuyasha and his group left the moment they herd that the eastern sand temple was under attack. They were prepared to fight to their last breath when they got there. What they did see wasn’t chaos but calmness.



“Grandpa Inu!” someone called to him.



Inuyasha looked. It was Shuro. He was standing in front of Miroku and Kagome, waving his arms. Inuyasha went to him.



“What happen?” Inuyasha asked.



“Naraku’s minions attacked us,” Miorku answered, “We would have died if Shippo’s group had never came.”



“We fought them ’till they retreated,” said Shuro.



“Shippo and some of the other fox demons gave chase,” said Kagome.



“Wait,” said Inuyasha, “did you help fight, Shuro?”



“I killed only one that was attacking a monk,” answered Shuro, “I mainly healed the other humans.”



Miroku patted his head.



“And you did a wonderful job,” he commented.



Inuyasha grinned.



It seems Shippo isn’t the only one that has grown, he thought.






They have been chasing the spiders for hours now. Shippo was starting to get tried and irritated. They were led from the desert to a forest.



“Erok te vol’ran ban teqal olij u’ir?” (where the hell are they taking us?) Asked one of the warriors.



“Maril li rexa qala tequlo nini teqal miciso talin rexa,” (Maybe if you ask nicely they might tell you.) one of the magi’s answered.



Shippo snorted.



“Laar!” one of the ninja’s shouted, “teqa’an siluka!” (Look! They’re stopping!)



The spiders stopped in the middle of the plain. They started to barrow down.



“Shit!” Shouted Shippo, “catch one!”



The fox demons started to run to the spiders. It was too late. The spiders were gone. Shippo let out a growl.



“There might be tunnels underground that they use,” said another warrior. “Possible,” said Shippo, “but it may take days or even months to explore them. Everyone head back to Solarira. I need to have a word with my father.”







you know it’s bad when you have to keep a sheet of what words mean what for the translations to line up XD



by the way I found an online grammar checker. Let me know if it’s helping 🙂

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