My Dear Valentine (Vincent Valentine x Reader) Part 4

When you got off the train, you headed straight to a hotel, then to where the Shinra building was located. You did get a little lost, but luckily someone was kind enough to point you in the right direction. You sighed and looked back at the city. Midgar wasn’t a pretty place. It looked kind of depressing. You looked back at the Shinra building. You swallowed before entering.

“Hello,” greeted the lady at the front desk, “welcome to Shinra. How may I help you?”

“Um I’m here to join the Valkyrie program,” you answered.

“That is on the tenth floor,” said the front desk lady, “get on the elevator, that is on your right, take it to the tenth floor, then go left once you get off.”

“Okay,” you said, “thanks.”

You made your way up to the tenth floor. Once you stepped out of the elevator, you heard a lot of people talking. You went left and came to a big room. There was a line of women. It looked like they waiting to go into a room.

No doubt to be interviewed, you thought.

You swallowed and went to wait in line.

“Gees there is more people here then what I expected,” said someone behind you.

You looked to see a black haired woman.

“I wonder how long do we have to wait,” said the red-haired woman behind the black haired one.

You looked at the line in front of you. You, then, looked back at the two women behind you.

“It looks like it may be a few hours or more,” you said.

The red-haired woman sighed.

“Great,” she said.

“Hey chain up,” said the black-haired woman, “these soldier guys are probably watching us and might tell the employer not to hire us.”

The red-haired woman stood up straight and looked at all of the Soldier members.

“I’m Jasmine Runis by the way,” said the black-haired woman, “and this is my friend, Zelia Hoover.”

The red-haired woman smiled at you and waved.

“Lucinda Declove,” you introduced your self, “but I proffer to be called Lucy.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lucy,” said Jasmine.

“Same to you and your friend,” you said.

Zelia opened her mouth to say something when one of the Soldier guys cleared his throat.

“Attention please,” he said, “for those that just arrived, please have your papers ready to turn in when you enter the debriefing room.”

Luckily you remembered to get said papers before leaving the hotel room. You heard the rustling of papers as Jasmine took hers out of her pocket.

“You did bring yours, Zelia?” she asked.

Zelia pulled hers out of her purse.

“You know, Jasmine, you’re going to be screwed if the employer looks down on women who fold their papers,” she said.

“If they have a problem with it I’ll just punch them in the face,” Jasmine stated.

“You made a face.

“I don’t think that’ll go over too well,” you said.

“Yeah,” agreed Zelia, “she’ll get thrown out of the building for sure.”

Jasmine narrowed her eyes.

“What is this?” she asked, “gang up on Jasmine day?”

You and Zelia looked at each other before giggling. Jasmine just sighed and shook her head. It did, in fact, take several hours before you were in front of the now small line. You were so nervous that your hands were sweaty and shaking. Jasmine put her hand on your shoulder.

“Deep breaths,” she said, “and relax. You will do fine.”

You took a deep breath and relaxed a little. You gave a smile of thanks to Jasmine. The door to the debriefing room opened as a brunette woman came out. She showed a card to a Soldier guy. The Soldier pointed her in a direction. The brunette went that way.

“Next,” ordered someone in the room.

You swallowed and headed in, closing the door behind you. At the table, that was in the middle of the room, was a man in a suit. Behind him, next to the wall, was a five-year-old child that had slit aqua green eyes and long silver hair. You were a bit confused about him especially since he was wearing a Soldier’s uniform. The man at the desk held out his hand.

“Papers please,” he said.

You handed him your papers.

“Thank you,” the man said, “please take a seat.”

You took a set that was one chair away from him. The man took a moment to look through the first page. He looked at you.

“My name is Veld,” he said, “I am in charge of these interviews. According to this, Ms. Declove, you come from Odel Town and that you are very well educated. Did you come from a rich family?”

“Yes sir,” you answered, “the Declove family and another were the only two rich families in town til fifteen years ago.”

“Do you mind telling me what happened those fifteen years go?” Veld asked while looking through the second page.

“The second family was the Valentines,” you started.

You noticed Veld’s hand flinched when you said the word, Valentine.

“The head of the household, Grimoire Valentine, passed away fifteen years ago due to an accident,” you continued, “details of the accident was never given, not even to his son, Vincent Valentine.”

Veld’s hand tighten again when you mention Vincent’s name.”

He knows Vincent, you thought.

“Five years ago Vincent left to join the Turks,” you continued, “another five years after that Vincent goes missing thus ending the household’s existence.”

“Thank you Ms. Declove,” said Veld, “looking through your papers more you have put down that you are a painter. You wouldn’t happen to have any skills beyond that? Like anything combat related?”

“No sir,” you answered.

Veld nodded and flipped to the third and final page. As he read his hand tighten again and never untighten.

“Your reason for wanting to join,” Veld started, “you put that you seek to find a friend of any information about his disappearance. This friend wouldn’t happen to be Vincent Valentine?”

You nodded.

“I would do anything to know about him,” you said, “even if it’ll cost me my life. Which, it seems, you know something.”

Veld looked at you in a little bit of surprise.

“Your hand tightens when I mention the words Valentine, Vincent, and missing,” you said, “even now when you read my reason for joining, your hand tighten and has yet to untighten.”

Veld stared at you for a moment before smiling. He reached over to two stacks of cards. One had a green dot while the other had a red one. Veld one of the green ones and handed it to you.

“You’ll find your answer one day,” he said, “show this card to the Soldier on the left of the door. He will tell you where to go.”

You frowned a little.

“Thank you for your time Ms. Declove,” said Veld.

You nodded to him and left the room.

“She is very determined and perceive,” said the silver-haired child.

“Thus why I gave her a green card Sephiroth,” said Veld, “with the right training she would make an excellent Valkyrie.”

“Why didn’t you tell her what you know of her friend?” Sephiroth asked.

“Because it’s classified,” answered Veld.

Sephiroth tilted his head to the side as Veld called for the next applicant.


You were in a bigger room now. Half of the women that was in line was here. You all had a green dotted card.

“Ah Lucy you’re here,” you heard someone called.

You looked to see Jasmine coming to you. You gave her a small smile.

“I tell ya that Veld guy asks some hard questions,” Jasmine said, “I swear I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest.”

“Jasmine!” you two heard someone call out,” Lucy!”

Zelia came into view.

“You’re here as well?” asked Jasmine, “well then our little group is still together…Lucy is something wrong?”

You weren’t paying attention to them due to your mind going elsewhere.

“Uh?” you said “Oh sorry. I was thinking.”

“Well it must be something sad,” said Zelia, “you were frowning.”

“You can tell us,” said Jasmine, “we might be able to help.”

“I put that the reason I wanted to join was to find out about the whereabouts of a missing friend who had joined the Turks years ago,” you said, “when I spoke about it Veld reacted-”

“Excuse me ladies!” shouted Veld, “may I have your attention please!”

“He knows something about my missing friend,” you finished, “he will not say it.”

“Hm,” said Jasmine.

“I would like to congratulate you!” shouted Veld, “you have been accepted into the Valkyrie program!”

Most everyone cheered. They quiet down when Veld wished to speak again.

“I would like to remind you all that this is an experimental program!” he shouted, “it may or may not stay. It just depends on the results you ladies give! Now there are a few things you must know! Hair longer then mid shoulder blade length must be put in a bun or cut to said length! You will be housed here and will be sharing the room with three others! Lastly, you will be given uniforms at the end of the week! You will have to wear them while on duty and training! Said training will begin tomorrow first thing in the morning! Now, these Solider members will give you your room number and key!”

With that Veld left.

“We’ll have to do a good enough job to stay in if we wish to find a way to get that guy to talk,” said Jasmine.

You looked at Jasmine with surprise.

“I did say we might be able to help,” she said, “for now let’s do our best.”

You and Zelia nodded. You got your room number and key before leaving to the hotel to get your things. After you paid for the hotel room, you left to go to your room at Shinra. You saw the Brunette from earlier when you open the door.

“Hello,” she greeted, “I’m Tora Ironmen.”

“Lucinda Declove,” you introduced, “but call me Lucy.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Lucy,” Tora said, “I do hope we’ll get along.”

“Same here,” you said.

You looked around the room. There were four doors that lead to four small bedrooms. There was a kitchen to the right of you while the living room combined with the dining room made up the main area.

“I took the bedroom closes to the door,” said Tora, “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all,” you said, “I’ll take the one next you. If that’s all right?”

“That’s fine with me,” said Tora with a smile.

You smiled back before heading to your room. The bedroom had a bed, drawers, a mirror, and a desk, You put your suitcase on the bed and started to unpack.

“Hello,” you heard Tora greet someone.

You looked out the bedroom door to see Tora talking to Zelia.

“It’s wonderful to you Zelia,” said Tora.

“You as well Tora,” said Zelia, “oh Lucy you’re staying here too. That’s wonderful!”

“Oh you two already met?” asked Tora.

“Yes,” you answered, “while we waited in line.”

“Well well,” came a voice at the door, “it seems out little group is still together. And it seems we’ll have a new member.”

Everyone looked to see Jasmine at the door. She came over to Tora and held out her hand.

“Jasmine Runis,” she introduced herself.

“Tora Ironmen,” Tora said shaking Jasmine’s hand.

“What do you girls say we get to know each other over lunch once we unpack?” Jasmine asked.

“There is no food in the refrigerator,” informed Tora, “but that does sound like a good idea.”

“Right,” said Jasmine, “unpack, get food, and then have lunch All agreed?”

All of you nodded and went off to unpack.


To let you guys know the only one, that I looked up, that had his age known was Vincent. I have no clue how old Veld and Sephiroth is. I couldn’t even find anything about whether or not Veld knew Vincent. So I hope you don’t mind that I improvised a bit.

also, this is the Valkryies uniforms: My Dear Valintine - Valkyrie Uniform


My Dear Valentine (Vincent Valentine x Reader) Part 3

More years past and Vincent keep true to his promise ’till one day he stopped visiting altogether. You got worried when this happened. Then news for him being with someone named Lucrecia. That really broke your heart, but he wanted to be with her, then you will back down. After all, Vincent didn’t know about your feelings for him. Today you were cleaning dishes when there was a knock on the door. Your dad got up to get. Someone in a suit was there.

“Are you the ones that took care of Vincent Valentine?” the man asked.

“Yes, we are,” your dad answered.

Your mom got up and stood beside your dad.

“I’m afraid that he has gone missing,” said the man, “He may be dead due to -”

The man looked to the kitchen when there was a crashed. You dropped the plate you were cleaning and it fell to the ground and broke into millions of pieces. Your eyes widened and your mouth was open. You stared unblinkingly out the window. Your mom came to you and hold your arms.

“Lucy?” she asked.

You didn’t answer. Your mom looked back at your dad and the man.

“I’ll take her to her room,” she said, “excuse us.”

The man nodded. Your dad looked back at him.

“Continued,” he said.

“Mr. Valentine may be dead due to the Shinra Mansion being overrun by dangerous creatures. We have yet to see if any survived.”

Your dad nodded.

“Thank you,” he said.

The man bowed and left. Your dad sighed and closed the door.

“He’s not dead!” you shouted from upstairs.

Your dad frowned and looked up.

“Honey…” your mom said, “please calm down. I know he and you were good friends, but he -”

“No!” you shouted, “He’s not dead! He can’t die! He promised me! He promised! He..he…Mommy!”

You cried in her lap. She rubbed your back. Your mom looked up at your father, who was now standing in your bedroom doorway. They both frowned. That day you fell silent. Your paintings told your feelings. You would always paint an angel and a demon. The demon being dead and the angel weeping over it’s corpse, or the angel trying to restrict the demon. But there was this one painting that sent chills down your mom’s and dad’s back. It was an angle with long curly blond hair standing, looking at the person looking at the painting. Her chest was bleeding and on the wall next to her written in her own blood was the word ‘suffering’. Your parents took away your paint and brushes after seeing that. Now you only read the many books you have. One morning your mom was looking through the newspaper when she spotted something.

“Edward,” she called for your dad.

He came over. Your mom pointed out an advertisement from Shinra. They were looking for young women that were willing to join an experiment branch of the Soldier program called the Valkyries.

“This could give her a reason to try living again….” your mother said.

Your dad stared at it and then nodded.

“I’ll go show this to her,” he said.

He took the paper and knocked on the door frame of your room.

“Lucy?” he asked.

You just stared at your book. He sighed and came to sit by you.

“Lucinda I need to look at this,” your dad said holding out the paper.

He pointed out the Shinra advertisement for you to looked at it. You looked back at your dad in confusion.

“You…you could go and look for Vincent while you’re in that….” your dad said.

Your eyes widen.

“Really?” you asked.

This was the first time you spoke in a while. Your dad nodded. You gave him a big hug. The next day you got what you needed to packed was at the train station. Your mom and dad hugged you.

“Please be safe,” your mom said.

“I will try mom,” you told her.

“Knock them all dead,” your dad encourage.

You laughed and nodded. You grabbed your bag and headed to the train.

“And if you find Vincent!” your dad yelled, “Let him know that I’m going to kill him for reals for scaring us like that!”

You laughed again.

“I will!” you shouted.

You headed to your set and waved to your parents as the train started to leave. You sighed.

Vincent…I’m coming to find you! You thought.

My Dear Valentine (Vincent Valentine x Reader) Part 2

It has been years since Vincent’s father’s death. The both of you are at the age of 15 now. Your parents offered him a room for him to stay at your house, but he refused. so you brought it upon your self to check on him every morning before lessons. If you didn’t have any that day then you stayed with him ’till dinner time. Today was one of those days. You knocked on the door. you heard something fall before the door opened.

“Morning Lucy,” Vincent said with a smile.

“Morning Ven,” you said, “Are you all right? I heard something fall.”

“Yeah I’m fine,” Vincent answered, “that was a book that fell off of the table.”

“Oh okay,” you said, “I have no lessons today so I can stay over here ’till dinner.”

Vincent’s smile grew bigger. he stepped out of the way for you to enter. You looked around seeing the house in nothing, but a mess. you sighed.

He really let this place go, you thought.

“Have you had breakfast yet?” Vincent asked.

“Yes,” you answered.

“Okay,” said Vincent, “Do you want something to drink then?”

“I’m good for right now,” you answered.

Vincent nodded and made a place for you to sit on the couch. He sat down in the armchair across from you.

“How have you been?” you asked.

“A bit better,” Vincent answered.

You smiled.

“There’s something I wanted to talk to you about,” Vincent said.

You blushed.

“That would be?” you asked.

“Shinra is recruiting people to be a Turk,” Vincent answered, “I plan on joining them.”

You felt your heart sink. you looked down at your hands in your lap.

“Why?” you asked.

“I want to find out why father died,” Vincent answered.

There was silence for a moment.

“Just promise me you’ll live and come visit me when you can,” you said with tears falling down your cheeks.

“Oh Lucy,” said Vincent.

he got onto his knees in front of you. he whipped the tears away and pulled you toward his chest.

“I promise,” he said.

You started to cry again. He rocked you. All you wanted was for him to stay here with you. but you knew that this was important to him and you didn’t want to stop him. After all, you had fallen in love with him. you never told him though because you feared that he’ll reject you. days had past and Vincent was leaving for the Shinra HQ.

“You be safe dear,” your mom said to him.

“Fight hard,” said your dad.

“I will,” said Vincent.

You gave him one last hug.

“Remember your promise,” you whispered in his ear.

“I will always,” he whispered back.

you let go and waved at him. You put your hand on your chest.

Come back to me soon my dear Valentine, you thought as you watched him shrink in the distance.

My Dear Valentine (Vincent Valentine x Reader) Part 1

It was a beautiful day today and you were out in the meadow walking around.

“Huh,” you said as you spotted black among the green.

You walked to it. It was your best friend, Vincent Valentine. The both of you were 8 years old. You look closely at his face and noticed that his eyes were closed. You grinned evilly. You started to reach for him to tickle his sides. Vincent’s eyes snapped open and he smiled at you.

“Oh no,” you said knowing full well what was next.

Vincent grabbed your arms and pulled you to the ground. he turned to be on his side looking at you then you both laughed.

“So how have you been, Lucy?” he asked you.

“Just bored out of my mind,” you answered, “and you?”

“Just the same,” he answered with a little laugh.

You two stared at the clouds for a moment.

“Daddy is going to give me math lessons,” you said.

“You mean you can learn something other than drawing?” Vincent acted surprised.

“Vinny!” you started to playfully hit him.

“I was kidding,” he said blocking your hits.

The two of you laughed and went back to watching the clouds.

“My father is supposed to be back tomorrow,” said Vincent.

“Make sure to give him a big hug from me,” you said.

“I well,” Vincent said, “oh look!”

Vincent pointed up at two clouds. one look like a male human with bat-like wings holding the hand of a female human with angel-like wings. you all of sudden put your self and Vincent in their places.

“Reminds you of us, doesn’t it?” Vincent asked.

“Yeah,” you answered.

“It’s getting late,” Vincent said, “we should start heading back.”

With good-bye hugs, the two of you went your separate ways.


You were done with your math lessons early and had decided to go and see Vincent and his father. After al, Mr. Valentine was suppose to be home by now. you knocked on the door of their house. No answer.

“Odd,” you said to your self.

You knocked again. Still nothing.

“Vinny it’s me, Lucy,” you said while knocking a third time.

The door open to show a puffy eyed frowning Vincent Valentine. You gasped.

“Vin what’s wrong?” you asked with concern.

“Father’s been killed,” he managed to say before he started to cry.

“On Vincent,” you said while pulling him to you, “I’m so sorry.”

While he was crying on your shoulder, you manage to get into the house and shut the door. You two sat on the couch.

“Shh,” you said while rubbing his back,”I’m here now, shh.”

Vincent had stopped crying after a while. For a few moments you both were silent.

“If you need anything just let me know, alright?” you asked.

You felt Vincent nod. You frowned a little.

I don’t trust him on his own right now, you thought to your self, he might be tempted to do something to him self.

“Would it be alright with you to come over and have dinner with us?” you asked him.

Again you felt Vincent nod.

“Vincent please say something,” you begged, “you’re worrying me.”

“You would look pretty with long hair,” he said.

“W-what?” the comment caught you off guard.

“You would look pretty with long hair,” he repeated.

You blushed.

“Th-thank you,” you stuttered.

He laughed a little at you. You smiled. The two of you stayed there for a few hours before heading back to your house. You told your parents about the fate of Vincent’s father. All three of you agreed that Vincent should be watched ’till you all were sure he wouldn’t try anything.

My Dear Valentine (Vincent Valentine x Reader) Background Info

Name: Lucinda Declove, Lucy for short

Age: 8 – 60

Personality: kind, caring, a bit emotional, smart

About Yourself: You are from a rich family. They have you taking lessons and such. in your free time you paint or spent time with your best friend Vincent Valentine.