My Dear Valentine (Vincent Valentine x Reader) Part 2

It has been years since Vincent’s father’s death. The both of you are at the age of 15 now. Your parents offered him a room for him to stay at your house, but he refused. so you brought it upon your self to check on him every morning before lessons. If you didn’t have any that day then you stayed with him ’till dinner time. Today was one of those days. You knocked on the door. you heard something fall before the door opened.

“Morning Lucy,” Vincent said with a smile.

“Morning Ven,” you said, “Are you all right? I heard something fall.”

“Yeah I’m fine,” Vincent answered, “that was a book that fell off of the table.”

“Oh okay,” you said, “I have no lessons today so I can stay over here ’till dinner.”

Vincent’s smile grew bigger. he stepped out of the way for you to enter. You looked around seeing the house in nothing, but a mess. you sighed.

He really let this place go, you thought.

“Have you had breakfast yet?” Vincent asked.

“Yes,” you answered.

“Okay,” said Vincent, “Do you want something to drink then?”

“I’m good for right now,” you answered.

Vincent nodded and made a place for you to sit on the couch. He sat down in the armchair across from you.

“How have you been?” you asked.

“A bit better,” Vincent answered.

You smiled.

“There’s something I wanted to talk to you about,” Vincent said.

You blushed.

“That would be?” you asked.

“Shinra is recruiting people to be a Turk,” Vincent answered, “I plan on joining them.”

You felt your heart sink. you looked down at your hands in your lap.

“Why?” you asked.

“I want to find out why father died,” Vincent answered.

There was silence for a moment.

“Just promise me you’ll live and come visit me when you can,” you said with tears falling down your cheeks.

“Oh Lucy,” said Vincent.

he got onto his knees in front of you. he whipped the tears away and pulled you toward his chest.

“I promise,” he said.

You started to cry again. He rocked you. All you wanted was for him to stay here with you. but you knew that this was important to him and you didn’t want to stop him. After all, you had fallen in love with him. you never told him though because you feared that he’ll reject you. days had past and Vincent was leaving for the Shinra HQ.

“You be safe dear,” your mom said to him.

“Fight hard,” said your dad.

“I will,” said Vincent.

You gave him one last hug.

“Remember your promise,” you whispered in his ear.

“I will always,” he whispered back.

you let go and waved at him. You put your hand on your chest.

Come back to me soon my dear Valentine, you thought as you watched him shrink in the distance.

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