My Dear Valentine (Vincent Valentine x Reader) Part 3

More years past and Vincent keep true to his promise ’till one day he stopped visiting altogether. You got worried when this happened. Then news for him being with someone named Lucrecia. That really broke your heart, but he wanted to be with her, then you will back down. After all, Vincent didn’t know about your feelings for him. Today you were cleaning dishes when there was a knock on the door. Your dad got up to get. Someone in a suit was there.

“Are you the ones that took care of Vincent Valentine?” the man asked.

“Yes, we are,” your dad answered.

Your mom got up and stood beside your dad.

“I’m afraid that he has gone missing,” said the man, “He may be dead due to -”

The man looked to the kitchen when there was a crashed. You dropped the plate you were cleaning and it fell to the ground and broke into millions of pieces. Your eyes widened and your mouth was open. You stared unblinkingly out the window. Your mom came to you and hold your arms.

“Lucy?” she asked.

You didn’t answer. Your mom looked back at your dad and the man.

“I’ll take her to her room,” she said, “excuse us.”

The man nodded. Your dad looked back at him.

“Continued,” he said.

“Mr. Valentine may be dead due to the Shinra Mansion being overrun by dangerous creatures. We have yet to see if any survived.”

Your dad nodded.

“Thank you,” he said.

The man bowed and left. Your dad sighed and closed the door.

“He’s not dead!” you shouted from upstairs.

Your dad frowned and looked up.

“Honey…” your mom said, “please calm down. I know he and you were good friends, but he -”

“No!” you shouted, “He’s not dead! He can’t die! He promised me! He promised! He..he…Mommy!”

You cried in her lap. She rubbed your back. Your mom looked up at your father, who was now standing in your bedroom doorway. They both frowned. That day you fell silent. Your paintings told your feelings. You would always paint an angel and a demon. The demon being dead and the angel weeping over it’s corpse, or the angel trying to restrict the demon. But there was this one painting that sent chills down your mom’s and dad’s back. It was an angle with long curly blond hair standing, looking at the person looking at the painting. Her chest was bleeding and on the wall next to her written in her own blood was the word ‘suffering’. Your parents took away your paint and brushes after seeing that. Now you only read the many books you have. One morning your mom was looking through the newspaper when she spotted something.

“Edward,” she called for your dad.

He came over. Your mom pointed out an advertisement from Shinra. They were looking for young women that were willing to join an experiment branch of the Soldier program called the Valkyries.

“This could give her a reason to try living again….” your mother said.

Your dad stared at it and then nodded.

“I’ll go show this to her,” he said.

He took the paper and knocked on the door frame of your room.

“Lucy?” he asked.

You just stared at your book. He sighed and came to sit by you.

“Lucinda I need to look at this,” your dad said holding out the paper.

He pointed out the Shinra advertisement for you to looked at it. You looked back at your dad in confusion.

“You…you could go and look for Vincent while you’re in that….” your dad said.

Your eyes widen.

“Really?” you asked.

This was the first time you spoke in a while. Your dad nodded. You gave him a big hug. The next day you got what you needed to packed was at the train station. Your mom and dad hugged you.

“Please be safe,” your mom said.

“I will try mom,” you told her.

“Knock them all dead,” your dad encourage.

You laughed and nodded. You grabbed your bag and headed to the train.

“And if you find Vincent!” your dad yelled, “Let him know that I’m going to kill him for reals for scaring us like that!”

You laughed again.

“I will!” you shouted.

You headed to your set and waved to your parents as the train started to leave. You sighed.

Vincent…I’m coming to find you! You thought.

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