My Dear Valentine (Vincent Valentine x Reader) Part 1

It was a beautiful day today and you were out in the meadow walking around.

“Huh,” you said as you spotted black among the green.

You walked to it. It was your best friend, Vincent Valentine. The both of you were 8 years old. You look closely at his face and noticed that his eyes were closed. You grinned evilly. You started to reach for him to tickle his sides. Vincent’s eyes snapped open and he smiled at you.

“Oh no,” you said knowing full well what was next.

Vincent grabbed your arms and pulled you to the ground. he turned to be on his side looking at you then you both laughed.

“So how have you been, Lucy?” he asked you.

“Just bored out of my mind,” you answered, “and you?”

“Just the same,” he answered with a little laugh.

You two stared at the clouds for a moment.

“Daddy is going to give me math lessons,” you said.

“You mean you can learn something other than drawing?” Vincent acted surprised.

“Vinny!” you started to playfully hit him.

“I was kidding,” he said blocking your hits.

The two of you laughed and went back to watching the clouds.

“My father is supposed to be back tomorrow,” said Vincent.

“Make sure to give him a big hug from me,” you said.

“I well,” Vincent said, “oh look!”

Vincent pointed up at two clouds. one look like a male human with bat-like wings holding the hand of a female human with angel-like wings. you all of sudden put your self and Vincent in their places.

“Reminds you of us, doesn’t it?” Vincent asked.

“Yeah,” you answered.

“It’s getting late,” Vincent said, “we should start heading back.”

With good-bye hugs, the two of you went your separate ways.


You were done with your math lessons early and had decided to go and see Vincent and his father. After al, Mr. Valentine was suppose to be home by now. you knocked on the door of their house. No answer.

“Odd,” you said to your self.

You knocked again. Still nothing.

“Vinny it’s me, Lucy,” you said while knocking a third time.

The door open to show a puffy eyed frowning Vincent Valentine. You gasped.

“Vin what’s wrong?” you asked with concern.

“Father’s been killed,” he managed to say before he started to cry.

“On Vincent,” you said while pulling him to you, “I’m so sorry.”

While he was crying on your shoulder, you manage to get into the house and shut the door. You two sat on the couch.

“Shh,” you said while rubbing his back,”I’m here now, shh.”

Vincent had stopped crying after a while. For a few moments you both were silent.

“If you need anything just let me know, alright?” you asked.

You felt Vincent nod. You frowned a little.

I don’t trust him on his own right now, you thought to your self, he might be tempted to do something to him self.

“Would it be alright with you to come over and have dinner with us?” you asked him.

Again you felt Vincent nod.

“Vincent please say something,” you begged, “you’re worrying me.”

“You would look pretty with long hair,” he said.

“W-what?” the comment caught you off guard.

“You would look pretty with long hair,” he repeated.

You blushed.

“Th-thank you,” you stuttered.

He laughed a little at you. You smiled. The two of you stayed there for a few hours before heading back to your house. You told your parents about the fate of Vincent’s father. All three of you agreed that Vincent should be watched ’till you all were sure he wouldn’t try anything.

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