Singing Sand (Gaara x Reader) Part 1

You were with a team of 6 and Kankuro is the leader of it. You all’s mission is to find and bring back a ran away ninja. Kankuro was telling you all that you’ve had a lead that the ninja was in 3 different villages. Once that was made clear you all split up into pairs to go to the 3 villages. You got paired up with Kankuro. You usually don’t go on missions. You usually just stay by Gaara’s side in his office, making sure he didn’t forget any paperwork, but he told you that this mission needed your fighting abilities. So you agreed to go.

You looked up at Kankuro when he motioned for a halt.

“This is one of the villages,” He said, “I lead and you follow.”

You nodded. When at the village entrance, you and Kankuro agreed to split up to find the ninja but to keep radio contact at all times. So you want on your way toward the market end of the village, while Kankuro went toward the home side. You were just looking around when saw the cutest thing. It was a little stuff raccoon dog.

“Aww,” you said.

“I see this doll has caught your eyes,” said the salesman, “Tell you what been you’re the first person today to stop by my stand I’ll give it to you for free.”

“Really!” you said exactly.

“Here you go,” said the salesman handing it to you.

“Oh thank you so much,” you said taking it, putting it in one of your packs, and walking away.

You turn into an alleyway and was headed to the end of it when something hard hit in the back of your head. You passed out. When you woke up you looked around to see you were on the of some type of abandon building.

“Where am I?” you asked confused.

“You are in my hideout,” answered a voice.

Oh great, you thought, I’ve been captured.

You turned around to see that it was none other then the ran away ninja that you all were looking for.

“Please make your self at home,” he said.

You sighed and sat up. He turned around.

“Oh yeah I took your weapons and communicator,” he said, “So there will no contacting your friends anytime soon.”

Damn it! You thought, um, if only there was a way that I could get away from here and find Kankuro.

You looked around once again and this time noticed an open door to your left.

Perfected! Now to get a head start, you thought.

You stood up and went toward the ninja.

“You know you forgot to do something,” you said.

He turned around.

“Oh and what’s that?” he asked.

You kicked him in the goods, causing him fall to the floor holding them in pain.

“You forgot to tie me up,” you said then quickly ran out of there.

You ran as fast as you could out of there. You looked back to see him slowly get up.

I did to find a hiding spot and fast, you thought, Or I’m dead.

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