Singing Sand (Gaara x Reader) Part 2

You ran as far as you could before your legs gave out. You hid behind some boxes. When you felt a hand on your shoulder. You turn around to see Kankuro.

“Kankuro,” you said, “How did you find me?”

“I try to contact your radio, but you didn’t answer,” Kankuro answered, “So I went looking for you.”

You looked out from behind the boxes to see where that guy was. He was looking around for you. You looked back at Kankuro.

“We need to knock him out somehow,” you said.

Kankuro grinned.

“Leave that to me,” he said.

He pulled out one of the scrolls he had with him. Out cameKuroari. He controlled it and had it go to the rogue ninja. The guy looked behind him with wide eyes. He jumped out of the way before the doors shut on him. Kankuro gritted his teeth. You did a few hand signs. You slammed your hands down onto the ground.

“Molten Earth!” you yelled.

The earth in front of the ninja started to shake and then crack. Fire shootout. The guy halted and stepped back right into the waiting Kuroari. The doors shut, but Kankuro just brought it back over to him.

“Awesome,” he said, “nicely done Gala.”

You smiled.

“Thank you,” you said.

Kankuro contacted the rest of the team. He told them that they have the ninja and to go home. Once home Kankuro turned in the report to Gaara and got paid. Kankuro split up and gave it to all 6 of you. So now you are walking the streets. You stopped when you got to a familiar spot. You smiled.

“This where I met Gaara,” you said.

You remembered it like it was yesterday:

You were only 5 when you heard a few kids scream. You then saw them run away. You blinked.

“What are they running from?” you wondered.

Then you heard someone crying. You looked around the corner. You saw a 5-year-old Gaara. He hugged his teddy bear close as tears streamed down his face. You frowned. You ran up to him. He looked up to you. You gave him a smile. He blinked.

“Aren’t you going to run away too?” he asked.

“Should I?’ you asked backed, “there’s nothing wrong with you is there?”

Gaara whipped his tears away.

“I’m not too sure,” he said.

You giggled. He looked at with a puzzled expression.

“Silly,” you said, “there always something wrong with everyone. Because no one is perfect.”

Gaara then smiled.

“Hey do you want to play with me?” he asked.

“Sure!” you beamed.

You two left hand in hand.

You then frown at the memory of your parents punishing you for something you didn’t understand back then. You do now though. Gaara had a demon sealed within him. Of course you were known as a rebel so that didn’t change your opinion about him. You reach into one of your packs and you felt a soft fuzzy thing. You smiled and pulled the raccoon dog doll out.

“You look like Gaara…” you commented.

You hugged the doll close to your chest. You then heard a flapping sound. You looked up to the sky to see a large bird made of clay. You squinted. You could have sworn that there was a guy on it’s back as well.

“What in the world is that thing?” you wondered, “and what’s it doing here?”

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