Tree Blossom

This is my new mlp oc named Tree Blossom. I requested her and she was drawn by two different people. I combined the two designs and changed a few things. The males of her kind have larger antlers. Their ears are always pointed (think of them as wood elves)


Age: 23
Type: Dryad Pony
Kingdom: The Forests of The Alamoria Kingdom (made up by peanutcat12)
Profession: Guardian of Nature
Background: She and her kin keep, maintain, and guard the very forests of the Alamoria Kingdom. They have no alliance to Prince Dusk (owned by peanutcat12) but they do not mind him enter their woods for he shows respect to nature. Tree Blossom and her kin can speak, hear, and command the very forces of nature.
Personality: Always seem to be distance, sometimes talk in rhymes, only gets angry if you insult her, her kin, and nature itself, very quiet.
Quote: “Welcome to our forests. Please do mind your step. The trees here are still children.”
Special Somepony: No one

Tree Blossom.png

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