Death Coil Chapter 11

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Illidan was in the center or the Illidari headquarters. The center was where the undead dragons stayed. Illidan had his arms crossed while watching Korialstrasz testing out something he learned from Helino. Helino was a black dragon who was killed by Deathwing when he needed someone to use for an experiment. Vaeelairan came up to Illidan.

“General I have a bit of an update,” he said.

Illidan glanced at him.

“Go ahead,” he ordered.

“The druids and the heroes of the Alliance and Horde have taken the Firelands,” said Vaeelairan, “the fire lord Ragnaros, has fallen. There’s talk that the aspects plus Thrall are attempting to take a version of the demon soul. They plan on using it against Deathwing.”

Illidan nodded before giving him a look.

“May I ask how you got this information?” he asked.

“I still have a few living friends,” Vaeelairan answered, “besides not all druids like that twin of yours.”

Illidan smiled a bit.

“If you hear anymore,” he started, “please let me know.”

Vaeelairan nodded and left. Korialstrasz, at this point, had stopped what he was doing and was looking at one of the openings near the top of the center. An undead blue dragon flew through it and landed on a landing platform. Korialstrasz sighed as his thoughts went to his memories of Dalaran, of Rhonin and Vereesa, and, most of all, his beloved queen.

“What’s on your mind?” Illidan asked.

Korialstrasz jumped. Illidan had come and stood right beside him. Korialstrasz looked at the ground.

“Just thinking about the past,” he finally answered.

“Ah,” said Illidan.

They stood there in silence for a bit.

“You know,” started Illidan braking the silence, “you can go and see Master Rhonin and Lady Vereesa. You are not bound here.”

Korialstrasz looked at him in disbelief for a moment before he smiled.

“Thank you,” he said before changing into his skeletal dragon form.

“I wish you could go see that beloved of yours as well, but I think she’s a bit busy at the moment,” said Illidan.

Korialstrasz nodded and flew up.

“I’ll be back before long,” he said, “I may not be bound to here, but it is my home now.”

Illidan smiled.

“It’s a home for all of us,” he said, “stay clear of Wyrmrest Temple. It’s crawling with Twilight Drakes still.”

Korialstrasz nodded again before he left. Illidan sighed and headed to his throne.


To say Malfurion was a little annoyed would be an understatement. All through the fight for the Firelands, he kept getting glares from Varendar. He knew why too. He cast Illidan out just like he did when his twin absorbed the Skull of Gul’dan and turned into a half demon. Malfurion took another gulp of wine from his cup as he watched the people of Darnassus go about their night on the balcony of his home.

“Maybe I was wrong to cast him out again,” he wondered out loud.

“Doubting yourself again, my love?” came a sweet and yet beautiful voice.

Malfurion looked over his shoulder to see his beloved wife, Tyrande. She sat down on the chair on the other side of the small table. Tyrande glanced over at Malfurion with a concerned look. There was silence between the two for a bit.

“Am I an idiot?” Malfurion asked.

Tyrande was a bit taken back by the question.

“I don’t think you are,” she answered, you may do rash things sometimes, but you’re not an idiot.”

“Sometimes I wonder about that,” said Malfurion before taking another gulp of his wine, “and sometimes I wonder, if the roles were reverse, would Illidan have acted the same?”

Tyrande watched Malfurion take another big gulp of his wine. Her eyes narrowed.

He was like this when I told him of Illidan’s death, she thought, He may act like Illidan is some sort of curse, but deep down in his heart he still loves his twin.

“Mal,” Tyrande started, “how much wine have you had?”

Malfurion looked at her. That’s when Tyrande saw how unfocused his eyes were. Malfurion, then, looked down at the ground. Tyrande saw the two empty wine bottles on the ground. She sighed and got up. She took the cup out of her husband’s hand, put it on the table, and pulled him up out of his set.

“That’s enough alcohol for you,” she ordered, “time for bed.”

“Yes mother,” Malfurion said sarcastically.

Tyrande gave him a look causing him to flinch.

“Sorry,” he said.

“It’s okay,” said Tyrande, “jerk.”

Both were smiling a little as they made their way to the bedroom. Malfurion instantly fell asleep when he laid down on the bed. Tyrande smiled as she closed the door.

One day those two will get together and laugh at these events, she thought, that’ll be the day when all will be at peace.


Korialstrasz landed a bit ways from the teleporting crystal before changing to his humanoid form. He thought it best to take the crystal instead of landing at, well, Krasus’ Landing. He didn’t wish to scare anyone. He put his hood up before touching the crystal. With a flash, he ported to the inside of one of the buildings in Runweaver Square. He staggered a bit as he went over to hold on to the wall. Two more people ported in and, like Korialstrasz, staggered a bit.

“Apologizes,” said a Kirin’Tor mage, “we’re having issues with the teleporting crystals. The dizziness should go away in a bit. If not, please go to the infirmary.”

Korialstrasz managed to go down the stairs to the outside world. He heard someone trip. He managed to catch them. It was a female Forsaken Rogue.

“I should have flown here instead,” she stated before looking up at Korialstrasz, “thanks.”

Korialstrasz nodded. Someone scoffed. A male Worgen Druid slowly walked down the stairs.

“For a Rogue, Urscha,” he started, “you are quite clumsy.”

“Oh, hush Kyeersh,” Urscha said, “thanks again. Come on you dog or all of the leather scraped are going to be sold out at the Auction House.”

“I’m coming,” said Kyeersh, “I’m coming.”

Korialstrasz smiled. It was good to see those of the opposite faction treat each other like friends. The undead dragon made his way to The Violet Citadel. He looked around. He spotted Vereesa giving orders to one of her rangers. The ranger nodded and walked away. Vereesa, feeling eyes on her, looked at Korialstrasz. She tilted her head. She couldn’t see his face due to the hood. Korialstrasz wine to her.

“You are looking well Vereesa,” he said, “how are the twins?”

Vereesa’s eyes widen upon recognizing the voice.

“Karsus?” she asked.

Korialstrasz put a finger to his lips and nodded. It took all of Vereesa’s willpower to not scream out in joy. She hugged him instead. Korialstrasz chuckled. Rhonin was at the top of the staircase. He just ported down from the top of the tower. He raised an eyebrow upon seeing Vereesa hugging someone. She noticed him and waved him over. Rhonin went to them.

“Rhonin this is Karsus,” Vereesa said in excitement, “he’s back with us.”

Rhonin stared wide-eyed at Korialstrasz. The undead dragon just smiled at him nervously.

“Wha-” Rhonin started, “we were told that you died.”

“I did,” said Korialstrasz, “and I still am.”

Both, Rhonin and Vereesa, looked at him in confusion. Korialstrasz sighed.

“You two might want to sit down,” he started, “because it’s a long story.”


Illidan was on his throne reading a message from Deathrin. It mostly concerns about the path Garrosh was on. Deathrin was very worried about how it would affect the fate of the Blood Elves. Mostly impotently how it would change the future of his twin sister.

Might have to reassign my Horde soldiers, he thought, maybe convince some of them to come here…

Someone clearing their throat cause Illidan to look up. It was Raknaal and behind him was none other then Thrall.

“He wishes to have a word with you, general,” said the Worgen.

Illidan nodded. Raknaal turned to wait at the doorway.

“No funny business Orc or else,” he warned.

Thrall just looked at the Worgen in a bit or alarmed. Illidan shook his head.

“Ignore him,” he said, “he has been like that since we were cast out of Mt. Hyjal. Now, what did you wish to speak to me about?”

Thrall looked up at Illidan.

“I was wondering if you and your Illidari will aid us in bring down Deathwing,” he answered, “with your numbers, we might stand a chance.

Illidan raised his eyebrow.

“I was told that you and the aspects were going to try and get a version of the Demon Soul,” he said causing Thrall to give him a bit of a shocked look, “did that not happen?”

“No,” answered Thrall getting over his shock, “we have the Demon Soul.”

“Then why do you need us?” Illidan asked, “you have the aspects, an item Deathwing, himself, crafted, and you, a most powerful Shaman that probably will never die. Even by old age. It seems like to me that we are not needed.”

Thrall was getting a little bit frustrated.

“With those, alone, we can not defeat Deathwing,” he said, “he and those that follow his ruling-”

“Oh so you want us to help keep the minions away so you can blast him,” interrupted Illidan, “why didn’t you say that from the beginning?”

“So you will help?” asked Thrall.

“I’ll have to speak with my commanders,” answered Illidan, “then we’ll see.”

Thrall bowed.

“Thank you,” he said.

Illidan nodded and watched Raknaal escort the Shaman out.

This is going to be interesting, he thought before going to wright Deathrin back.


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