Of Dusk And Twilight Chapter 4

Main characters doesn’t belong to me. Dusk, Sapphire Rush, and Twisted Magic belongs to me. Rose Bud and Amethyst Pearl belongs to Amber. Twin Sparks and ___ belongs to kinslayer02.

Reminder that this fic was started months before equestria girls came out.


Dusk and Sapphire made it back to Canterlot in time. Dusk went to the cafe that Cadance said they’ll meet at as Sapphire went exploring around the city. Cadance was talking to Shining Armor when she spotted Dusk. She smiled as Shining looked.

“I’m not too late am I?” Dusk asked.

“No,” answered Cadance, “you’re just in time.”

Dusk smiled and took his seat. They ordered their food.

“How are you enjoying your stay here?” Cadance asked.

“I like it here,” answered Dusk, “but I do enjoy Alamoria a bit more.”

Cadance nodded.

“I understand,” she said, “I enjoy the crystal kingdom a bit more.”

“I actually would like to learn more about your kingdom, Prince Dusk,” said Shining.

As Dusk and Shining talked, Cadance smiled grew. It started to sound like two good friends were talking to each. Then the subject turned to a possible alliance between two kingdoms.


Sapphire hummed as she looked at the different stores. She didn’t have her armor on this time. She could have fit in if she wasn’t taller then the other ponies. Her ears stood up on alert when she herd someone all her name. She looked. There was an amethyst purple Pegasus with lavender eyes, white puffy mane/tail, and white tipped wings. She was with an Alamorian armored purple unicorn with styled mint green mane/tail and purple eyes. Sapphire’s own eyes widen.

“Twisted Magic?” she wondered, “what is she doing here?”

The Pegasus spotted her and flew over.

“Are you Sapphire Rush?” she asked.

Sapphire nodded.

“Twisted she’s over here,” the Pegasus said.

Twisted Magic ran over.

“Thank you Amethyst Pearl,” she said.

Pearl nodded.

“If you need anymore help in the city just call,” with that Peal flew off.

“What’s going on?” asked Sapphire.

“Alamoria is in danger,” Twisted answered.

Sapphire’s eyes widen again.

“Tell me everything,” she said.


Dusk nodded.

“I’m sure our earth ponies would learn a lot from yours,” he said.

They were listing off benefits that each kingdom would have from each other. Sapphire cleared her throat. Dusk, Cadance, and Shining looked. Dusk blinked when he noticed Twisted Magic.

“Forgive us for interrupting,” Sapphire said, “but there’s a problem back at Alamoria.”

Dusk was now standing.

“What kind of trouble?” he asked.

“A whole lot of changelings are on the move,” answered Twisted, “and they’re headed to Alamoria.”

Dusk frowned.

“I’m sorry,” Cadance apologized, “that might be our fault-”

“No,” said Dusk, “there ones have always been there. We’ll need to leave at once.”

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Shining asked.

Dusk smiled.

“One thing you should remember about Alamoria my friend,” Dusk started, “we tend to solve things on our own first. Don’t worry though. If we need your help I’ll send word to you at once.”

Shining nodded.

“Please be safe,” said Cadance.

Dusk nodded, himself, before he left with the over two.


Days past and the Changelings invaded the kingdom. Everypony was on their hooves. Two Changelings charged at Dusk only to be meet with fire. Dusk panted. He looked to the side as one more tried to come at him. Dusk froze it. Dusk sat down on the ground and panted. He was a bit flushed. He looked up. He started to see double. Dusk shook his head.

“They’re retreating,” yelled one of the unicorns from the mystic guard.

“Won’t last long,” commented Sapphire.

There was a thud. Sapphire looked over. Dusk had passed out. Her, her brother Twin Sparks, and Twisted ran over to him. Sparks’ horn glowed as he checked on Dusk.

“He has a magic induced fever,” Sparks said, “’ ’till that fever is gone, he shouldn’t use magic.”

Sapphire nodded and ordered some of the guard to carry Dusk back to his chambers.

“With Prince Dusk out how are we going to get a barrier up?” asked Twisted.

“We need to get a powerful unicorn to learn the spell from the prince,” answered Sparks.

Twisted and Sapphire looked at him.

“Oh no,” he said, “I can’t learn it because I’m not strong enough. Maybe that white one…um…Shining Shield?”

“Shining Armor,” corrected his sister.

“Yeah him,” Sparks said glaring at Sapphire, “he might be strong enough to learn it.”

Sapphire nodded. She stretched her wings out.

“I’ll go get him,” she said before flying off.


Sapphire made it to the Crystal Kingdom in a few hours. She flew around the city, seeing if Shining Armor was about, before she headed inside. The guards stopped her at the gate.

“Halt,” said one of them, “the castle is closed to visitors.”

“I am a messenger from the Kingdom of Alamoria,” said Sapphire, “I have an important message for Prince Shining Armor.”

The guard repeated what he just said.

“Look ether I see Shining Armor right now,” started Sapphire, “or I’ll make sure your body is never found.”

The guard swallowed and let her through. One thing about Alamorian ponies is that if they want somepony gone then they’ll be gone. Sapphire rushed to the throne room. She slammed the doors open. Cadance jumped with Shining was at the ready. He relaxed once he saw that it was just Sapphire. Cadance and Shining gave concern looks when they noticed that Sapphire was panting.

“Sapphire Rush,” Cadance said, “Are you okay? What happening at Alamoria?”

Sapphire shook her head.

“We’re in trouble,” she said, “we need your help. Especially yours Prince Shining. Prince Dusk had fainted due to a magic induced fever, his barrier spell can keep the Changeling out, but none of our unicorns are strong enough to cast it.”

“So you think I can?” asked Shining.

Sapphire nodded.

“It wouldn’t hurt to try,” encouraged Cadance.

Shining nodded in agreement. Though he hadn’t known Dusk long, Shining saw him as a good friend and if something happens to Dusk, Shining had a feeling that Twilight would greatly sadden.

“Good,” Sapphire said before looking at Cadance, “can you fly fast?”

“Um I think I can,” Cadance answered.

“Can you carry heavy things?” Sapphire asked.

“Um I don’t think I can,” Cadance answered.

“Well then,” said Sapphire, “I’m sorry.”

“Huh?” Shining and Cadance asked.

Sapphire picked Shining up and stretched her wings. As part of training the Alamorian Pegasus had to practice carrying heavy things, like crates and other ponies. Shining’s eyes widen, Sapphire told him to hold on tight. Her and Cadance flew off with a screaming Shining Armor.


They got there in an hour or so. They raced to Dusk’s chambers. Sapphire open the door for them. Dusk was laying on his bed asleep while two unicorns monitor him. They bow their heads to Cadance and Shining.

“Can we wake him?” Sapphire asked.

One unicorn nodded. Sapphire came up to Dusk.

“Prince Dusk,” she said, “we need you to wake up for a little bit.”

Dusk’s eyes slowly open. They looked soulless.

“We need you to give Prince Shining Armor the barrier spell you know,” Sapphire said.

Dusk nodded. His horn grew orange and he touched Shining’s head with the tip. Shining’s eyes turned orange. He gasped and fall backwards. Cadance ran to him to see if he was alright.

“Shining?” Cadance asked.

“So many spells,” said Shining.

Sapphire’s eyes widen and the two unicorns looked at each other worryingly.

“Please tell me he didn’t give you the knowledge for all of his spells…” said Sapphire.

Shining looked up at her.

“He did,” he stated.

The unicorns backed with their heads down low in shame. Sapphire had the same look on her face.

“There’s one spell you should forget immediately,” she said.

“I assume it’s this sun and moon control spell?” Shining asked.

Cadance eyes widen.

“What!?” she exclaimed, “how does he know such a spell?”

Then it dawn on her.

“The sky war,” she said.

“What’s that?” Shining asked.

Cadance shook her head.

“It’s nothing,” she said, “just forget that spell.”

Shining nodded. He got up with a smile.

“One thing is for sure,” he said, “I have some new respect for you prince. He’s very powerful. You should be very proud.”

Sapphire and the unicorns smiled.

“Oh we are,” said one of the unicorns.

They stepped out of the castle. Shining’s horn glowed and the barrier started to show..

“You’re doing it Shining,” encouraged Cadance.

Shining would smile, but he was gritting his teeth,

“The spell…” he started, “it’s too…I can’t…Arg!”

Shining dropped to the ground and panted. Cadance nuzzled him. The barrier faded away.

“I’m sorry,” Shining apologize.

Sapphire shook her head.

“Don’t be,” she said.

“Now what do we do/” asked Sparks, “without that barrier we’re done for.”

Everypony was silent.

“Twili!” shouted Shining.

“Of coarse,” said Cadance, “she would have the power to cast it.”

Sapphire nodded. She stretched out her wings. Then her face got a horrified look on it. The Changelings where coming back. Sapphire looked toward her brother.

“Twilight Sparkles lives in a place known as Ponyville,” she told him, “she lives in a library that is in a big tree. If she’s not there ask around. Wouldn’t hurt to have of the elements of harmony to come too. Go!”

“Oh sure send a unicorn to do a Pegasus’ job,” said Sparks.

“Now Sparks!” shouted Sapphire.

With a sigh Sparks ported himself.

“Wouldn’t hurt to get some help for them too,” suggested Shining.

Cadance nodded and flew up.

“You two!” Sapphire shouted to two of her Pegasus, “go with her and protect her.”

They nodded and flew off with her.


Sparks appeared outside of Ponyville. He walked in and looked around. Some ponies would stop to say hello to him.

“Hello!” shouted Pinkie Pie as she popped up in front of him.

Sparks jumped back.

“Um…hi,” he said.

“I never seen you around here before,” said Pinkie Pie, “I’m Pinkie Pie! Oh oh you’re wearing the same armor as Sapphire! Are you from Alamoria too?”

Sparks truly didn’t know what to make with this pink earth pony. She was bouncing around him as she waited for an answer.

“Um yes,” he said, “I’m looking for Twilight Sparkle.”

“I know where she is,” said Pinkie, “follow me!”

She bounced away. Sparks rolled his eyes.

Note to self, he thought, kill Sapphire.

After a few minuets of walking and the loss of a few brain cells they got to the library. Pinkie open the door. All the rest of the main six was there. They stared at Sparks.

“Twilight,” said Pinkie, “this pony was looking for you. I asked him why, but he didn’t say. I think he’s-”

“Pinkie let the man speak for himself will ya!” shouted Applejack.

Pinkie nodded.

Thank you,” Sparks said before clearing his throat, “I’m Twin Sparks captain of Alamoria’s mystic guard. I was to retrieve you and the elements of harmony. We are in need of your help.”

Twilight nodded and looked worried.

“Alright,” she said, “we’ll try to get there as fast as we can.”

“No need,” said Sparks, “I can port us.”

“Okay,” said Twilight after getting the box with the elements in it, “ready girls?”

The rest nodded and they were ported. They all gasped. There was fighting all around them and it was with Changelings.

“Oh my,” commented Rarity.

“This way,” said Sparks.

They followed him into the palace. Wounded lined the halls as the Alamorian earth ponies tended them. Mares and Foals were down the hall a bit farther. Twisted came up to Sparks and the six.

“There’s more coming,” she told Sparks.

she looked at the six.

“The five of you come with me,” Twisted said, “Twilight follow Rose Bud. She’ll fill you in.”

They nodded as Rose Bud came up. She bowed to Twilight as one would do to a princess. This confused Twilight a little.

“Please follow me Lady Twilight,” Rose said before walking away, “We need you to cast Prince Dusk’s barrier spell. You brother knows it, but he is busy fighting. Therefore you’ll have to get it from Dusk. He is in his chambers resting.”

Twilight looked even more worried.

“Is he okay?” she asked.

Rose smiled.

“Yeah,” she answered, “it’s just a magic induced fever.”

Twilight sighed in relief and then blushed when she realize what she was doing. Rose open the door for Twilight. The two unicorns in there bowed and left her and Dusk alone. Twilight looked over at Dusk. He was asleep. Twilight smiled.

He looks so peaceful, she thought.

She nuzzled his head.

“Dusk,” she said, “Dusk it’s time to wake up.”

Dusk slowly open his eyes. They were a bit more clearer then before, but still looked hollow. He smiled when he saw Twilight. She smiled back.

“If this is a dream please don’t wake me up,” Dusk said.

Twilight blushed and cleared her throat.

“It’s..not..” she said, “I need your knowledge of your barrier spell. Shining Armor tried casting it, but it failed.”

Dusk nodded.

“I’ll try,” he said, “but it’s a bit hard to concentrate with this fever.”

Twilight smiled sweetly.

“Try your best for me,” she said.

Dusk blushed a bit and did the same thing that he did to Shining. Twilight’s eyes glowed orange. She, then, passed out. Dusk gasped. He got up and went over. He nuzzled her head, but she didn’t wake up.” Dusk laid beside her and put his wing over her. That’s how Twin Sparks found them hours later. Dusk looked over at him.

“She passed out,” Dusk said, “I’m afraid I did it again.”

Sparks eyes widen. Dusk just gave Twilight the knowledge of all his spells just like he did to Shining.

“I’m sorry,” Dusk apologized.

“No, my Prince,” Sparks said, “We understand. Regardless if she knows, we still need her to cast that spell.”

Dusk nodded. He bent down and kissed Twilight’s forehead.

“Sweet heart,” he said, “you need to wake up now.”

Twilight slowly woke up. She looked up at Dusk. Dusk started to change from blond and white to silver and black as the sun started to set. She blinked.

“Beautiful…” she commented.

“Lady Twilight,” said Sparks.

She jumped when she herd Sparks’ voice and saw the small smile on his face. She blushed.

“Y-Yes?” Twilight asked.

“We need that spell caste,” Sparks answered, “we can’t hold them off for much longer. Even with the help from the Crystal Kingdom.”

“Uh right,” Twilight said as she headed out of the room with Sparks, “not a word about that to anypony okay?”

“Yes,” answered Sparks before he grinned, “my princess.”

Twilight’s face went even more red. After a bit the main six got into potion. They had on their necklaces and crown. With the other five’s help Twilight cast the spell. The barrier went up and the Changelings were caste out. Everypony cheered as the six panted.

“Well that was hard to do,” commented Rainbow Dash.

“Yeah,” agreed Applejack.

Twilight looked up at the barrier.

“It’s not going to last long,” she started, “it’s a bit too powerful for me too.”

All those spells he gave me were, she thought, including this sun and moon control spell…wait!

Her eyes widen as she looked at the palace doors. In the end of the book, she showed Dusk days a go, was a foal. Half of it was white and blond while the other half was silver and black. The foal was sealing the couple away.

He’s that foal! She yelled in her head.


A huge male Changeling looked at Alamoria from the distance. He had Sephiroth like hire, a crown, armor, and was the same color as Queen Chrysalis. A smaller Changeling bowed.

Prince Necromorph ,” it said, “they managed to put a barrier up.”

So I see,” said Necromorph , “…it won’t last long.”

And when it goes down, that’s when my plan will be set in motion, Necromorph thought with a grin on his face.


It looks like Twilight figured out one of Dusk’s secrets. Oh dear. Also who wants to see a pissed off Dusk next chapter? [raises hand]

A few notes:

Sometimes when a person is really sick they tend to do and/or say things they don’t mean too. XD that’s what happen to Dusk.

Also the magic induce fever is something I made up. It’s when a unicorn (or alicorn) goes far beyond their magic limit.

Twisted Magic: http://peanutcat12.deviantart.com/art/Twisted-Magic-405428313

Necromorph : http://fuzzylittlekitty.deviantart.com/art/Request-Necromorph-with-Chrysalis-353387123?q=gallery%3Afuzzylittlekitty%2F38099770&qo=55

There is no picture of Twin Sparks

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