Death Coil Chapter 1

Everything in this fic belongs to Blizzard!

I'm trying something new here. I don't play World of Warcraft but my friend
Amber does. She is also a big lore nut on the game so I'll trust her word in
this. Anyways this probably would never happen but let's image it did. Oh yes,
this is after the fall of the Litch King and will go into the Cataclysm.

This Chapter has been redone!


Death is the sweet escape from life. A paradise from the war and suffering. But when you're brought back by the Litch King, death is the hell you just left. 

One thing so unexpected about the Litch King is that he had planned for the future. He had some of his thousands of chosen champions put to sleep and locked away from the world 'till three years after his death.

That is where they lay in a hallow out mountain, away from view. The place had hall ways and training rooms. In the middles, that connects the south hall ways to the north ones, was a tower. The top had huge open windows for something big to fly through them. In the middle of said tower was a statue of a weeping angle.

The most notable this is all of the dead bodies that line the floors. From humans to orcs, both Alliance and Horde members rest side by side, ever waiting to be awaken. In the tower laid dead dragons in humanoid form from all the flights, waiting for the same thing.

A faint voice whispered in their minds, urging them to awaken.

My death has come and gone, whispered the voice, a raise my army! A raise and kill the living!

A little movement was shown in the many bodies.

A raise! Whispered the voice.

Eery blue eyes snapped open to show how lifeless they all were. They started to raise.

Yes, said the voice, that's it, my champions. Raise and kill!

They started to get up on their feet. The doors to the outside world open. They look toward it and stood at the ready. The dragons transformed. Some were on the windows' seals, some were hovering in the air inside the tower, and others remain on the ground. Each glowed the color of their flight.

At the very end of the last room sat three people, who still were asleep. They were a Blood Elf, a Night Elf, and a Worgen.

A raise my commanders, whispered the voice, A raise and aid in commanding my army!

The Blood Elf, on the Night Elf's left, eyes open. A few strands of his long red hair fall in front of his face as he rose up. The ends of the sheaves of his two different swords scraped the chair. The black furred Worgen, who was on the Night Elf's right, a woke next. His red bladed claymore, strapped to his back, also scraped his chair. Both made their way down the steps in front of their chair.

A raise my prize Death Knight, my general, whispered the voice, A raise and take command of my army!

The Night Elf stirred. His lids looked like they had been sowed on. They lifted to show the glowing blue eyes that weren't his. He stood and took the two green warglaives that laid at the sides of his chair. He, then, made his way down to lead his undead army.


The Gnome Mage, Fizwig, tapped his foot impatiently on the ship's floor as it sailed to Theramore. 

How could I have forgotten to give this to Lady Jaina? He asked himself.

He looked down at the book in his hands. It was Arthas' journal. Fizwig was on his way to give it to Jaina before she headed to Stormwind.

I pray I'm in time to catch her, he thought.

He wanted her to read it. Especially the last entry. There was three well known names in that part that would send shivers down anyone's spin.


The other knights made a path to the door for the general and commanders. The general looked around outside.

Kill the living! Commanded the voice.

The general nodded to the Worgen commander. The Worgen howled. Everyone started marching out of the mountain base. The dragons took to the air and followed.


The journal slammed shut on a table.This is terrible!” shouted Jaina.

Fizwig nodded. He had just gotten there minuets ago.That's what I thought too when I read it,” he said, “sorry I didn't bring it to you sooner.”

Jaina shook her head.It's okay,” she said, “but we need to warn the leaders about this and fast.”


I tried to keep them in character, but again I never played WoW. Would Illidan Stormrage be more of a lead to the three?

Oh and Raknaal belongs to Amber's brother while Deathrin and the Death Knight version of Illidan belong to Amber.

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