Death Coil Chapter 6


All in this fic belongs to blizzard!



For the underlined words please read below






Deathrin and co were on a zeppelin headed to Orgrimmar. Those that stayed at Warsong Hold were nice enough to give it to them. Though not without proving their loyalty, Durbez was still healing the cuts on Deathrin.



We’re at the gates!” they herd one of the goblin pilots yell.



Moment of truth,” said a male orc named Garonc.



I wonder who Thrall put in charge,” said a female forsaken named Udila.



Garrosh Hellscream,” stated Durbez.



Grom’s boy?” asked Garonc.



Durbez nodded.



Great,” commented a female tauren named Tyega, “who knows what damage he’s done.”



I wonder if any of it made a boom,” said a male goblin named Lueno.



It wouldn’t surprised me,” said Deathrin.



They landed and got off. When they got down from the op of the tower, they were greeted by Kor’krons. Deathrin sighed. The Kor’kron had their axes out and ready.



Those won’ do a’damn thin’ mon,” stated Durbez.



We are to take you to the warchief,” one of them said.



Ah good,” said Deathrin, “We wanted to see him anyways.”



They were, then, lead to Garrosh Hold. On the way there they saw most of the heroes that had marched on the snow of Northren. They gave the Illidari’s surprised and pity looks, especially to Deathrin and Durbez. Most knew their past. When they went into the hold, there stood Garrosh proudly as if he was king of all of Azeroth.



Why do I have a feeling that this horde is doom? Deathrin asked him self, oh yeah! That’s because it is.



What does this filth want with my horde,” Garrosh more commanded then asked.



And there goes any kind words from Deathrin, Durbez thought.



Three things,” started Deathrin, “one, shut the hell up. Two, get of your high horse. Three, they are here to aid. I’m here to make sure you do your job correctly.”



Garrosh growled.



You will not speak to your warchief like that!” he shouted.



Deathrin pulled out one of his blades. Instantly, all the Kor’kron pulled out their axes.



And here comes the painful part,” whispered Undila.



Deathrin,” said Durbez.



Deathrin made the blade glow blue.



Deathrin,” Durbez said louder.



Deathrin touched one of the Kor’kron’s axes.



I hate lairs,” Deathrin said, “especially ones coming from a big dambass such as you.”



Five gold says that the Kor’kron gets turned,” whispered Luceno.



You’re on,” Garonc whispered back.



The ax turned to ice. It was a good thing that the Kor’kron holding it let go in time or he too would have been turned into ice. The ax fall and catered into millions of pieces.



You do not want to cross me,” Deathrin warned, “ever.”



Damn,” Whispered Luceno handing Garonc five gold.



Garrosh, for the first time in his life, was a little scared.



“Very well,” he said, “we need the most help in the barrens and thousand needles.” {I just picked two places at random}



The other Illidari nodded and headed out. Deathrin made his way to one of the sets to the left of Garrosh.



What is your name anyways?” Garrosh asked.



Deathrin Redsun,” Deathrin answered, “commander and teacher to the Redsun spec.”



“Your sister will be happy to see you again,” said the blood elf priest trainer from the other side of the room.



Deathrin smiled a little.



“It would be great to see her,” he said.






When they got to Ashenvale the battle had all ready began. The Illidari had found them self’s separated from each other. Raknaal was with Genn while Illidan stayed close to the night elves. Varendar was with him. He fired an arrow through the eye of an orc. Fearless growled and bit the leg of another.



This brings back memories,” Varendar commented.



Agreed,” said Illidan.



Illidan swung his warglave and disembodied an orc. Another came up beside him and dug his ax into Illidan’s side. Illidan looked at him fir a moment before chopping his head off too. Illidan then felt flash heal cast on him. He looked around and spotted Jilan. The human gave Illidan a thumbs up and went back to healing others.



I wonder where the others are,” said Varendar.



Probably some where there is a lot kill,” said Illidan.






Deathrin watched as Garrosh came back to the hold, all armored.



“And where are you going?” he asked.



Ashenvale,” Garrosh answered, “is the cargo ready?”



“Yes warchief,” answered one of the peons.



Garrosh began to walk out of the hold once more.



Say hi to our general for me then,” said Deathrin.



Garrosh stopped in his tracks. With eyes widen, he looked at Deathrin.



“What?” he asked.



Say hi to our general for me then,” Deathrin repeated.



Garrosh was never given names, but he had herd that the Illidari general was a force worth wrecking if you had a death wish.



He’s in Ashenvale?” he asked.



“Where ever the night elf capital is,” answered Deathrin.



Garrosh sighed in relief.



He’ll be in Darnassus then,” he said.



“Possible,” said Deathrin.



Garrosh looked at him for a moment then went out of the hold.



Doesn’t mean he couldn’t have been sent to Ashenvale,” Deathrin said to him self.






Varian was crouched down in the bushes, waiting for the orcs to come. Raknaal, in worgen form, was on his left while Genn, also in worgen form, was on his right. A huge group of orcs came marching by them. Varian got ready to attack but was pushed back down by Raknaal. Varian gave him a puzzled look.



Watch,” was all Raknaal whispered.



“Excuse me,” said a little voice.



Varian looked closely. He nearly laughed out loud. It was the Illidari gnome representative, Nilasy. She was chopping at the orcs’ ankles as she pass by them.



That’s one gnome they probably don’t want to punt,” commented Raknaal.



Genn nodded in agreement. A dwarf yell alerted them of Pelikana‘s percents. They watched as she jumped on to the back of an orc.



Now’s our chance,” whispered Genn.



They all charged out of the bushes. Raknaal swung his sword at one orc and bit another, chopping a head off and ripping out an arm.



“Garrosh,” snared Varian.



They got into a fighting stance. Pelikana started to run to them.



No,” said Raknaal holding her back, “that isn’t our fight.”



She nodded and put her attention to the lesser orcs. Raknaal gave one last look at Varian before doing the same.






Illidan was mostly covered in blood and was getting a bit tired. Both Jilan and Zenius were sitting on a log talking. Zenius had come to them with another group of night elves that stopped by here to help. Varendar and Fearless was sitting on the ground bereaving heavily.



“They just keep on coming,” he said.



Illidan nodded. He looked to his right to see Tyrande. She looked at him for a sec then started to walk the other way. She halted and looked back at him with widen eyes.



Illidan!?” she exclaimed.



Nice to see you too,” Illidan said sarcastic.



“When did-” Tyrande started to ask.



I sneaked in,” Illidan answered.



An orc horn blew. Varendar and Fearless whined. Illidan go his warglaves ready



This is going to be one long battle, he thought.







For the underline names you can message me if you wish for a character of yours to be that one. Here is the list and what class they use to be.



Garonc – Male – Warrior – Orc


Undila – Female – Hunter – Forsaken


Tyega – Female – Druid – Tauren


Luceno – Male – Rouge – Goblin



The Alliance ones are on the last chapter 🙂 By the way I found an online grammar checker. Let me know if it’s working! Oh yeah the specs of the Illidari:



Snoul (like your blood spec) – use for tanking


Redsun (like your frost spec) – use for dps


Storm – use for healing


Rage (like your unholy spec) – use for dps



The only difference is that they have different spells to use and are more stronger. Nows here is a pop quize for those who read internet comics, who else has a blade that can turn people to ice?

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