Death Coil Chapter 7


All in this fic belong to Blizzard! Oc’s belong to Amber and Stephen!

Note: There is a bonus chapter after this one!


The fight in Ashenvale had finally ended. Varendar, once again, was laying on the ground tried. Fearless had his head laying on Varendar’s stomach. Illidan smiled at them.

“Illidan!” Tyrande called.

She came over and gave him a hug.

“Thank you so much for helping us,” she said happily.

“It was no problem,” Illidan said.

Raknaal came up.

“General the rest of the Horde are retreating back to Orgrimmar,” he said.

“Good,” Illidan said.

“We should be heading back to Darnassus,” Tyrande suggested.

Illidan nodded in agreement. He looked over at Varendar and Fearless.

“Varendar,” he called.

The only response was a snore. Illidan sighed. He went over and moved Fearless’ head. Illidan grinned evilly and rubbed his hands together.

“What are you doing?” Raknaal asked.

Illidan fall on top of Varendar. The hunter gasped and started to cough. Raknaal and Tyrande laughed. Fearless bolted up.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Varendar asked.

“Just waking you up,” Illidan answered with an innocent smile.

“Could have just shaken me!” Varendar shouted.

“Where would be the fun in that?” Illidan asked.

Varendar sighed and got up.

“Come on,” Illidan said, “we’re heading back to Darnassus.”

They all got on the boat and headed back.


Garoncand Luenohad come back, all ready done with their mission. Deathrin told them to go look around. Garrosh came back angry as hell. He glared at Deathrin.

“I thought you said that your general was at Darnassus,” he said.

“I did,” Deathrin said calmly, “but there was a chance that he could have been sent to help.”

“You could have at least told me it was Illidan Stormrage!” Garrosh shouted.

“I thought you would have figured it out,” said Deathrin, “you must be slower than I thought.”

Garrosh pulled out Gorehowl. Deathrin quickly crossed his blades and had them up to Garrosh’s neck.

“I can and will do it,” Deathrin said, “I can also destroy Orgrimmar.”

Garrosh lowered Gorehowl as Deathrin lowered his swords.

“Deathrin?” a female voice asked.

He looked over at the entrance. There stood a female blood elf with long red hair like his. Her eyes glow green.

“Sister,” Deathrin said happily.


Illidan was looking around. This was the first time being at Darnassus. It was beautiful. There were whispers about him. Illidan snorted. He had expected this. Most of them were surprise, but others were of hate. Illidan spotted a familiar face. A male with long silver hair and eyes that match. The look on this male’s face was of shock.

I seen him around,” said Jilan, “I never caught his name though.”

“It’s Jarod Shadowsong,” Illidan said, “he’s the younger brother to Maiev.”

Should we watch him?” asked Jilannot liking the Maiev part.

“No,” Illidan answered, “he won’t do anything.”

“Illidan!?” shouted a voice that he was hoping wasn’t here when landing.

Illidan looked over to see his twin brother Malfurion. Illidan put a smile on and nodded. He wasn’t happy to see his brother, he was more nervous then anything. Malfurion came over and gave his twin a hug.

There’s a catch to this, Illidan thought, I just know it.

The hug ended. Malfurion put a hand on Illidan’s cheek. He was cold to the touch. It was normal for those who are dead.

“I am must happy to see you again,” Malfurion said.

Illidan remain silent. He had a grim look on his face.

“What?” Malfurion asked.

“I’m waiting for the catch,” Illidan answered.

Malfurion laughed.

“There is no catch Illidan,” he said.

Illidan sighed in relief.

“But there is something I been wanting to ask you,” Malfurion said.

“Yes?” Illidan asked.

“Are you still power hungry?” Malfurion asked with a serious look.

“No,” answered Illidan.

Malfurion smiled.

“Come,” he said, “I’ll show you around.”


Deathrin had talked to his twin sister, Tseng for quiet a while. He had found out that the nobles have been behaving them self’s. He smiled when he saw that Tseng still had and use their grandfather’s other blade. The two blades were magically enchanted. Deathrin’s can release ice based attacks, while Tseng’s releases fire based. Right now Tseng was off to the auction house to find a certain gem of her shoulder plates.

“You seem to have a close relationship with our sister,” commented Eitrigg.

Deathrin nodded.

“We were always together,” he said, “nothing could separate us except…”

Deathrin gave a sad look.

“When you got executed,” finished Eitrigg, “I’m sure lady Tseng doesn’t blame you for leaving her side.”

Deathrin gave him a small smile.

I promise Tseng, he thought, I’ll never leave you alone again.


A few days had passed and another submit was in progress. The Illidari was standing outside like before. This time Illidan was going to be the Night Elf representative. Varendar was sitting on the ground beside them. He was playing with Fearless.

“Hopefully you all can actually get in there this time,” he commented.

“Wait you all didn’t get a chance to talk?” Illidan asked.

“Nope,” answered Raknaal, “The king of Stormwind, Varian, went ape shit when the Gilneans got in there.”

Illidan sighed.

“That’s a very bad omen for me then,” he commented.

The Gilneans came up beside them.

“Best of luck to you,” Genn said to Illidan.

“Same to you, King Graymane,” Illidan said back.

“Gilneans it’s time,” said one of the sentinels.

The Gilneans went in as the Gilneas anthem played. Illidan smiled when he heard Raknaal sing to it. Fearless started to bark when he saw a druid in cat form.

“Fearless stay,” Varendar commanded.

Fearless ran after the druid causing the druid to run away.

“Elune damn it Fearless!” Varendar yelled as he ran after them.

The Illidari laughed.

“Illidari it’s time,” the same sentinel said.

Illidan swallowed.

Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly, Illidan said, because I’ll be needing all the luck and hope I can get.


As a reminder that there is a bonus chapter after this. I will go in more detail with Deathrin and Tseng next chapter.

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