Death Coil Chapter 5


All in this fic belongs to Blizzard! OC’s belong to Stephen and Amber!



(quoted from Wolfheart – which belongs to Blizzard and Richard A. Knaak)



Note: names that are underlinedareexplainedattheauthorsnoteattheendofthechapter.






Malfurion had released Vaeerliaran so he could send word to Illidan about the submit. By request of him and Tyrande to send a representative of each race of the alliance, including the Worgen. The aid of the Illidari army would be brought up. Varendar sat in the temple steps. He was watching Malfurion and Tyrande greet the others that was going to be at the summit. A glow averted his attention. He picked up the pendent and saw it was glowing green. He got up and went to the Archdruid and high priestess.

“Varendar?” Tyrande asked.

He showed them the pendent.

“They are in view,” he answered.

They took one step toward the portal when they heard some ruckus from the direction the high tinker and his party went. Tyrande walked a little toward it when Malfurion held up his hand.

“I’ll tend to it,” he said before walking off.

Varendar and Tyrande went through the portal and sure enough there was a ship lined with steel plating and a flag with the black wings and red hand of the Illidari flying in the wind. It was docking on one of the two last docks. The sentinels were at the ready before Tyrande quickly shoo them away. They went to the end of the dock. There a male human, male Draenei, female dwarf, female gnome, and a male Worgen came off the boat. The Worgen bowed to Tyrande.

“My lady I am Commander Raknaal Snoul,” Raknaal introduce himself, “General Illidan thanks you for inviting us to this summit.”

“To be honest it was Malfurion’s idea,” said Tyrande.

“Illidan would be happy to hear that,” said Raknaal.

Varendar looked around.

“Where is the one for the night elves?” he asked.

Raknaal looked at him and smirked.

“Me!?” Varendar exclaimed.

Fearless let out laughing barks. Varendar glared at him, which shut him up immanently.

“But I’m Highborn not a night elf,” he said.

“But you look like one, no?” Raknaal asked.

Varendar sighed. Raknaal looked back at Tyrande. He frowned.

“When is the best time to see you and your husband?” he asked.

“Um right now,” Tyrande answered, “Why?”

“I have some grim news about an old friend the three of you had,” Raknaal answered.

Tyrande gave a sad nod.

“Oh Raknaal,” said Varendar, “you might want to change to your human form. The night elves aren’t use to the Worgen yet.”

Raknaal turn into his human form. As a human he had peach skin, freckles near the eyes, and black hair that was braided and pulled in front of him. They walked through the portal to find Malfurion heading to them. Tyrande motion for him to follow. They were now in the temple.

“What is the grim news?” asked Tyrande.

“The mage known as Krasus, who really is the dragon Korialstrasz, has passed on,” answered Raknaal sadly.

Their mouths fall open and tears were in their eyes.

“How?” Malfurion asked.

“We’re trying to figure out just that our self’s,” answered Raknaal, “but half us think he was in the explosion that we herd and felt. There was bodies of members of the Twilight’s Hammer.”

“I wonder how Alexstrazsa is taking it,” said Tyrande.

“Don’t know,” said Raknaal, “As soon as we herd flapping wings we high tailed it.”

The rest of the night was a sad one. The next day in the late after noon a banquet was held. The Illidari’s were invited, but they kindly declined, saying that they don’t eat. As for Varendar, he was still asleep. Gimbin looked around at the people. He had come with Thargas Anvilmar as an escort, but apparently his reputation of what he done in Northend gave him a spot at the table.

(Seated be Tyrande, Malfurion looked at the empty places to his right. “Genn indicated he would be arriving soon,” the high priestess informed her husband. “Eadrik just came with the message.”

“I thought I saw Eadrik, but I was not certain. There should be-” He hesitated as he caught sight of a shape nearing the banquet.

“Odd. Who is that approaching now? It looks like – a draenei!”

Tyrande squinted – something she was having to do more and more often – in the direction he was staring.

“Not just any draenei! That is Velen.”

Others began to noticed him. The draenei raised the crystalline head of a long, purple staff in Malfurion’s and Tyrande’s direction. Both the large crystal and the smaller one at the bottom of the staff briefly shimmered brighter.

“Hail to you, Archdruid and High Priestess! Forgive this intrusion…”)

As the three started talking, Gimbin glanced behind Velen to see Tilra and Amendaus Lights, his grandchildren. They looked at Gimbin and smiled. They pulled up seats beside him.

“I’m surprised the two of you haven’t gone back to Outland,” said Gimbin.

“I like to stay where Grandfather is,” answered Amendaus.

“I don’t like it there,” answered Tilra.

“So how have you been fairing?” Amendaus asked.

“Pretty well,” answered Gimbin.

“That’s good,” said Tilra, “So have fought anymore great battles?”

as Gimbin answered Tilra’s questions, Amendaus looked up between two buildings. There he saw two male humans with very familiar tabards on. His eyes widen.

“Aren’t those two Illidari?” he asked while pointing.

Tilra and Gimbin followed his finger and saw the two humans. They both looked at their tabard. They nearly gasped.

“They are,” Tilra answered.

“Well I’ll be,” said Gimbin, “The lad is actually trying.”

They watched the two humans. One had braided black hair while the other, brown. They spotted and looked at the banquet. The brunet smiled and pointed down at who, they couldn’t tell. The brunet said something to the black head. He gave the burnett a look and pushed him toward the entrance to the rest of Teldrassil.

“I wonder what that was all about,” said Amendaus.

His sister shrugged. All three looked over the table when they herd two people arguing.

(“We will stand -”

“You needn’t worry yourself, Greymane! Stormwind and I have done without you, without Gilneas…and certainly without the worgen…and we’ll continue to do so! What you truly desire is redemption for your traitorous crimes, which you’ll not get from me!”)

“I will never understand humans,” commented Tilra.

Gimbin and her brother nodded in agreement.





Raknaal continued to push the brunet human, named Jilan, ’till they were out of the gate.

“I guess you agree then,” Jilan said.

“I’m not attracted to night elves,” said Raknaal, “Plus lady Tyrande is a married woman.”

“Still hot though,” said Jilan.

“Tech,” said Raknaal, “How Durbez can stand you, it’s amazing.”

“Oh he tunes me out,” said Jilan, “Where are we going anyway?”

“To have a little fun with Illidan’s killer,” answered Raknaal with a smirk.

“Oh this is going to be exciting,” said Jilan with an evil grin.

Raknaal turn into his worgen form and sniffed the air.

“This way,” he said after he got her scent.

Jilan followed him to her.




Maiev Shadowsong was practicing on a training dummy at the watcher’s practice grounds. Neva was behind her watching her. Maiev looked behind them.

“Maiev?” Neva asked.

“Someone’s coming,” she answered.

Sure enough out of the bushes was two male humans. She didn’t recognize them, but their eyes were the color of death.

Death Knights, she thought, No a Death Knight and Priest, but why is the priest’s eyes the same color as the knight’s?

“Who are you and what do you want?” Maiev asked.

“I’m Jilan and this is Raknaal,” answered the strange priest, “We’re here to have a bit of fun with you.”

“Leave or else,” warned Maiev.

“You know it must have been a great shock to you to learn that he still walks on this world,” Jilan said ignoring the warning.

“I have no idea who you’re talking about,” said Maiev.

Raknaal chuckled evilly.

“You mean no one told you?” Jilan asked acting a bit shocked.

“Told me what?” she asked.

“Illidan Stormrage still lives,” Jilan answered, “You have failed in your hunt!”

Maiev growled as Jilan and Raknaal laughed out loud. She pulled her Umbra Crescent in the air and threw it. Jilan bubbled himself before it could hit him. In a blink of an eye Raknaal turned into a worgen and held Maiev up in the air by her neck. Neva pulled a dagger out and started to charge at him. Jilan life gripped her and held her in place.

“You do that again and I’ll make sure this neck of yours is snapped in half,” Raknaal growled before dropping Maiev.

She coughed and looked over at Neva getting freed and stabbing Jilan in the chest. He laughed. Maiev then noticed that no blood seeped out. Jilan pulled out the dagger and threw it at Neva’s feet.

“What did you think to accomplish with that?” he asked, “Not even a paladin’s attack can harm us.”

Neva looked up at him in shock. Jilan and Raknaal started to leave. Raknaal stopped and turn his head a little to the right.

“If you wish to restart the hunt,” he said, “He’s in Icecrown, in a cave hidden between two mountains. Though you might have to fight your way to him.”

With that he walked off. Maiev glared.

Yes I should finish it, she thought, this time for good.




The next day was the summit. Raknaal, Jilan, Varendar, and the others were standing a little ways from the meeting area for their time to enter. Upon request be Malfurion, Raknaal reverted back to human form and was told to change in front of everyone. Foot steps came up behind them. Raknaal looked and saw the Gilnean banner. The Gilnean’s stopped on the other side of the meeting area’s entrance. A man with gray hair looked over at them. He stared at Raknaal.

“You’re Raknaal Snoul aren’t you?” he asked.

Raknaal nodded.

“You knew my grandfather, Luke Greymane,” the man said, “I’m his grandson, Genn,”

“I thought you were related to him,” said Raknaal, “you have his stern look.”

Genn smiled.

“He told my father that you disappeared,” he said, “what happen?”

Raknaal looked at the ground and let out a worgen growl, claimed down, and looked up at Genn with a sadden look.

“Let’s just say I stole from someone I shouldn’t have,” he answered with.

Genn looked at him with a bit of concern.

That growl was a worgen’s, he thought, is he cursed as well?

Genn then noticed the sentential motioning for them to come up. As the Gilneans walked away Raknaal watched with sadden eyes. If he could cry he would have when the Gilneas anthem played. After a few moments a howl sounded that made others sound off in the forest.

“My golly there’s worgen in that there forest,” Jilan said.

Everyone burst out laughing. Raknaal looked back at the entrance.

So you’re cursed just like me, he thought, but I wonder…

After a few short minuets the king of Stormwind came storming out. Raknaal noticed that the Illidari was blocking the road.

“Clear the way!” he barked, “Clear the way!”

Everyone moved away from the road. Raknaal looked back at Varian. The king had stopped and was staring at him. He snared when he saw the tabard and walked off.

“I know for sure his father didn’t teach him that,” said Jilan.

“This going to be harder than we thought,” said the gnome named Nilasy.

“I thought I herd them say something about needing aid for Ashenvale,” said the Dwarf named Pelikana, “Do you think we can help out? I mean we need to show old grumpy pants of a king what we can do.”

“I’ll have to ask,” answered Raknaal, “just wait here.”

Raknaal started to run to the portal.




He had his feet probed up on the table while he was reading a book. The sound of foot steps made him look up at the door way. Raknaal saluted.

“Forgive me for disturbing General Illidan,” he said, “But Tyrande and Malfurion are requesting aid for Ashenvale. May we join?”

“Of coarse,” answered Illidan, “just remember the rules.”

“We will,” said Raknaal with a bow and grin.

He then quickly ran back to the portal. Illidan shook his head and went back to his book. He wasn’t suppose to be in Kalimdor, but, by technicality, he wasn’t. He was on a boat on the sea, not on land.




Tyrande and Malfurion was discussing about how to change Varian’s mind when the Illidari walked in. The couple looked at them. They bowed.

“Forgive us for eavesdropping,” said Raknaal, “but we wish to aid you in Ashenvale.”

“Is it all right with Illidan?” Tyrande asked.

“Yes,” answered Raknaal, “as long as we don’t break any of the rules.”

“Rules?” asked Malfurion.

“No killing innocents and no attacking other Illidari,” answered Raknaal.

“With all of you there, there should be no worrying about my safety Mal,” said Tyrande.

“I would feel better if I could come with you,” said Malfurion, “or at least Illidan being there.”

“He would need to be unabashed for that,” pipped in the Draenei named Zenius.

Malfurion looked at them.

“And I deem it so,” he said, “from this night and so on, Illidan can walk these lands again.”

Raknaal smiled and glanced back at Varendar. Varendar sneaked out to the portal without detection.




Raknaal was in the forest searching for someone. In his worgen form he could find that someone in a matter of minuets. His ears popped up when he got the scent.

He’s close, he thought.

He hid in the bushes as a buck came running by with a silver worgen behind it. Raknaal jumped and sank his teeth into the buck’s neck. He tossed it to the stun silver worgen.

“Raknaal!?” he exclaimed.

“I seek you out with a question Genn,” said Raknaal, “Your curse, were you in control from the beginning?”

“No,” answered Genn, “I had to lean how.”

“So he fixed that,” Raknaal mumbled to himself.

“I’m sorry,” said Genn, “What did you say?”

Raknaal shook his head.

“Don’t mind it,” he said starting to walk off, “enjoy your hunt and meal.”

with that he disappeared into the trees.

“You truly are a mystery,” Genn said to himself, “Just like grandpa said.”




All the boats were off to Ashenvale. Illidan stood out on the deck, staring out on the horizon with a smile. When he comes back he’ll be marching with his men on the lands he once called home. He didn’t believe Varendar at first, but with a lot of questions he did now. He smiled bigger.

At least I get to talk and see you again, my brother, he thought.






For the underline names you can message me if you wish for a character of yours to be that one. Here is the list and what class they use to be.



Jilan – male – priest – human



Pelikana – female – hunter – dwarf



Zenius – male – shaman – draenei



Nilasy – female – warrior – gnome



There will be one for horde next time 😀

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