Death Coil Chapter 4


All in this fic belongs to Blizzard. OC’s belong to the Amber and Stephen.

Spoileralert! If you haven’t read “Wolf Heart” and “Twilight of The Aspects” Please don’t read any farther.

Note: I have to change a tiny bit of stuff but it won’t change what happens in the books 😀

DeathCoil: Fire a blast of unholy energy, causing X amount of shadow damage to an enemy target or healing X amount of damage on a friendly undead target.


All the spies were back except for two. From what Varendar gathered it was a troll druid and the night elf commander. A loud screech was herd. In flew a skeletal bat that, before landing, turn into a troll. He ran to Illidan and bowed.

“General they captured Vaeerliaran,” he stated.

“Who?” Illidan asked.

“Malfurion and Lady Tyrande,” he answered.

Illidan looked to Varendar.

“There seems to be a bit of a change in the plan,” he said.

“What do you want me to do?” Varendar asked.

“Go to Darnassus and let them know that a representative will arrive in two days,” Illidan answered, “Let them know that the representative will tell them all they need to know.”

“Alright,” said Varendar.

“Vare, you’ll need to stay and meet up with them,” said Illidan, “This pendent will tell you when they are in sight. The gem will turn green.”

Illidan handed him the pendent. Varendar pocket it and headed out to a waiting mount.


Malfurion sighed. He was in the forest communicating with the trees. There hasn’t been any word on weather or not if Stormwind was coming to the summit. On top of that Jarod Shadowsong had come back in the hopes of his dieing wife to be healed which had failed. He headed back to Darnassus. There a sentinel was waiting for him.

“Arcdruid there is a boat heading here,” she said, “It looks like it’s from Northrend.”

Malfurion nodded.

“I’ll meet it,” he said.

The sentinel saluted and walked off. Malfurion sighed again.

No doubt its my brother wanting Vaeerliaran freed, he thought.

Malfurion went to the portal and used it. When he emerged he saw the sentinels at the port at the ready and a metal armored ship pulling in. He waved off the sentinels saying that he’ll yell when he needed them. The ship pulled in. he saw that the crew all had icy blue eyes and their tabards were the same as Vaeerliaran’s. There was a yelp and a ghost wolf running to him. Malfurion bent down and petted him.

“Well hi there,” he said to the wolf, “who do you belong to?”

“Me,” came an answer.

Malfurion looked up. He found a male night elf standing over him. No, not a night elf, a highborn.

By the color of the eyes I say he’s not dead ether, Malfurion thought.

He stood up and looked at him more closely. He noted the bow and ax.

“A highborn hunter?” he stated, “That’s a first.”

The highborn smiled.

“I get that a lot,” he said before ex-standing his hand, “Varendar Moonblood.”

Malfurion shook it.

“I have herd about you from my brother,” he said.

“Brother?” Varendar blinked a couple of times.

Malfurion shook his head.

“Figures he wouldn’t mention me,” he commented, “I’m Illidan Stormrage’s twin brother Malfurion Stormrage.”

Varendar’s eyes widen.

“Yes he had failed to mention that he had a brother,” he said.

Malfurion laughed.

“Come you must be hungry and tired from your long journey,” he said.

Varendar gave him a puzzled look and looked around. Malfurion laughed again. He pointed up ward and to the portal.

“The city is on top,” he explain, “we can take the portal, over there, to it.”

Varendar nodded and followed Malfurion through it. From there, Malfurion started to lead him to the inn when sentinel came up to them.

“The High Priestess wishes to see you,” she said.

Malfurion sighed for the third time that day and nodded.

“The night is never boring to you is it?” Varendar asked.

“No, it isn’t,” answered Malfurion, “Sorry about this. Do you mind if we stop by the temple real quick?”

“Not at all,” Varendar answered.

They went to the temple. Varendar’s eyes narrowed.

“You,” he said with anger.

Maiev Shadowsong turned her head and looked at Varendar. She gave a smug look.

“Why we meet again,” she said.

“I thought for sure that arrow would have killed you,” he said.

“The heart is on the right side,” she stated.

“Oh sorry I thought your blacken one would be on the left,” commented Varendar, “Now I know where not to miss. Thanks.”

“Teh,” she said before turning to Tyrande, “I’ll be going to start then.”

Tyrande nodded. Maiev walked off glaring at Varendar, who, in return, did the same.

“What was all that about?” Malfurion asked.

“I’ll tell you later,” was all Varendar answered with.

“Mal the reason I called you here is because someone found the body of the missing highborn,” said Tyrande.

Malfurion sighed yet again.

“There is a bit of good news though,” she said, “Stormwind sent word that they’ll be attending the summit.”

“That’s good,” said Malfurion, “oh Tyrande this is -”

“Varendar Moonblood,” she finished, “we meet when I went to get Illidan for your mother. Though I have to say you look a bit more like a hunter.”

Varendar took her hand and kissed it.

“And you, my lady, have gotten more beautiful,” he said with a bow and a smile.

Tyrande pulled her hand away.

“And still a charmer,” she stated, “Though it would brake your heart to know that I’m married to Malfurion.”

“Not at all,” said Varendar, “Your a bit too calm for my taste. I like the wild ones a bit better.”

“Like your daughter,” Vaeerliaran yelled from his tied up spot.

Varendar gave him a look.

“I could very easily convince Illidan that you’re not worth freeing,” he stated.

“I’ll keep such comments to my self,” Vaeerliaran said, “by the way you might want to ask when this summit is.”

Varendar looked at Malfurion and Tyrande.

“It’s in two days,” Tyrande answered.

“Oh that’s not good,” said Varendar.

“What do you mean?” asked Malfurion.

“I was to tell the two of you that a representative of the Illidari army was going to be here in two days,” answered Varendar, “I’m to stay here and meet them.”

“I thought you were it,” said Malfurion.

“Not dead so I can’t join,” he said, “Though I don’t think your brother likes leading it.”

“He doesn’t,” answered Vaeerliaran, “Because he was forced into it by the Litch King.”

“He could just appoint a new general and go -” started Tyrande.

“Go where!?” asked Vaeerliaran, “The Blood Elves of the Eastern Kingdoms hate him, he’s banished from Kalimdor, and the broken in Outland will find any way possible to kill him again.”

Tyrande shut up immediately. Vaeerliaran made a great point. Illidan had no where else to go, but stay in Northend. When everything calmed down enough Malfurion lead Varendar to the inn. Malfurion looked up at the sky and prayed to Elune that in two days everything will go by easily without anything going wrong.


So you know I didn’t hate Maiev in the previous chapter. I only had Varendar kill her because at the time she was still missing. Then “Wolf Heart” came out. I read it and needless to say she has a new hater. But don’t worry I wouldn’t kill her off because of that. I’m better then that.

Oh I did read “Twilight of The Aspects” too so that will be in there.

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