Death Coil Chapter 2

All in this fic belongs to Blizzard! Forgive the lack of the Dwarfs and the Draenei
accents in this. I will change it if someone could give a list of words the
say differently πŸ™‚

Warning: Ideologically Sensitive and self made classes ahead. If you don't
like any of these then please stop reading this fic. Others enjoy!

This Chapter has been redone!


“Are you saying that the Litch King brought back most of the villains and criminals?” asked Varian Wrynn, king of Stormwind.

“Yes,” answered Jaina, β€œtheir mission is to wipe out the living.”

“This could be bad,” commented Gelbin Mekkatorque, King of the Gnomes.

Jaina was with all the other alliance leaders at Stormwind. They were here to discuss the current events that have been happening. She thought now would be a good time to tell them about Arthas’ secret army. She had already told Thrall about it. He, in return, was going to tell the rest of the Horde leaders.

β€œThat’s not even the half of it,” Jaina continued, β€œsome how Arthas had made them immune to any and all of a Paladin’s attacks.”

“Oh that’s just great,” commented Varian under his breath.

β€œHere are their names,” started Jaina, β€œDeathrin of the Blood Elves. He was well known for killing off nobles in Silvermoon. Raknaal from Gilneas. He’s a Worgen that, by some unknown person, who would kill others when he was ordered too.”

There was a moment of silence.

β€œYou didn’t name the third one lass,” said Magni Bronzebeard, The King of the Dwarfs.

Jaina swallowed and looked from Tyrande Whisperwind to Arthas’ journal.

β€œTh-the general’s name is Illidan Stormrage,” she said.

Tyrande gasped.

What have we done? She thought.


Kamagua was a peaceful Tuskarr village. Everyone was enjoying this peace for the day. The elder smiled when he saw the little ones play around. A growl from the cliff side took his attention. He looked up to see skeletal sabers and bears. Some of them had tusks, some had the horns of a cow, and the rest looked normal.

There was a strange tree like sound from the cliff side. The elder looked. There was withered tree of life’s and decayed boomkins. There was shadows circling over head. The elder looked up at the sky. A lot of skeletal scarecrows were circling. They were all looking down at the village. The elder turned to his people.

β€œPrepare for an attack!” he ordered.

They started to arm them selves a bit too late. The undead had charged in. One Tuskarr warrior hit a saber, causing it to fall a part. He smiled ’till the saber started to put it self together. It pounced on to the warrior and tore at his throat. The stormcrows swoop down and would peck at the Taskarrs eyes. The tree of life’s and boomkins stayed on their cliff, healing and rang attacking.

Then, without a reason, they all retreated. The elder looked about in confusion.

β€œBad omen,” he stated.

A hallow dragon roar sounded. Terrifying looks from the Tuskarrs shown as they watched two skeletal dragons come into view. One had a green glow to it while the other had a black glow. The elder swallowed and turned to his people to tell them to run. It was too late. The dragons released a fiery breath on them, burning everyone a live.

Illidan watched this with an emotionless expression. He walked down to inspect everything. The Tuskarr elder coughed as Illidan passed him.

β€œWhy?” the elder asked.

β€œIt is out king’s last wish,” Illidan answered with an emotionless tune.

β€œHe’s hold,” said the elder, β€œI will brake it.”

He started to mumble something in a different tongue. Illidan took one of his warglaives and killed the elder, but not before he was done chanting. Illidan went to his knees and held his head. The voice slowly disappeared. Illidan blinked and looked around.

β€œWhere are we?” came the voice of Deathrin.

Illidan looked up at the cliffs. Deathrin and Raknaal had the same confused look as he did.

β€œLast thing I remember was falling asleep,” Raknaal answered.

β€œYeah,” said Deathrin, β€œI remember that too.”

Illidan looked around again. The ground started to shake.

β€œEarthquake?” Illidan asked.

Then a huge boom sounded. The ground stopped shaking. Illidan looked out at the ocean. There was a huge red glow like fire that was far away.

β€œWhat is that?” asked Raknaal.

β€œI don’t know,” answered Illidan, β€œmaybe there’s a town or a fort with people in it so we can ask around.”

Deathrin and Raknaal nodded in agreement.


It was just a few days ago that Malfurion Stormrage’s love, Tyrande, came back when the world breaker decided to show up. To make matters worse, Tyrande came back with news that his own brother could be a Death Knight general of an army bent on killing every living thing on Azeroth. He sighed. Tyrande looked at him with concern.

“You okay?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Malfurion answered, “It’s the stress of everything that’s going on.”

Tyrande gave him a hug.

“Everything will be okay,” she conferred, “You’ll see.”

Malfurion tighten his hold on her.

“I hope so,” he said.

He looked out at the sky through the glass roof of the temple.

I truly do, He thought.


It took the general and commanders days to find a place with people in it. Illidan told Raknaal and Deathrin to stay behind as he put up his hood. He headed into Valiance Keep and spotted an inn.

He remembered that inns usually was the best place to get info. He walked in. Illidan looked around he took note of a few humans, one Draenei, and one dwarf. Both looked familiar to him.

β€œHave you herd of what happen in Kalimdor, Gimbin?” asked the female Draenei.

β€œNo I haven’t Tilra,” answered the dwarf Gimbin, β€œwhat happen?”

β€œWell,” answered Tilra, β€œthey said that Deathwing did a number to them. Half of the Night Elves’ lands are on fire.”

β€œGees,” said Gimbin, β€œthough the Eastern Kingdoms is just as bad. From what I’ve herd is that Deathwing came up out of the ocean with a huge explosion of flames.”

β€œOh wow,” exclaimed Tilra.

So that’s what happen, Illidan thought before he left the inn.

He made it back to Raknaal and Deathrin. Both commanders looked at him.

β€œDid you find out anything?” asked Deathrin.

β€œYes,” answered Illidan, β€œIt seems Deathwing is on the loss. Both Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor have been hit.”

Raknaal sighed.

β€œThat’s just great,” he commented.

β€œI need you two to do a couple of things for me,” Illidan said, β€œRaknaal I need you to tell Vaeelairan that he has a mission. He needs to go to the Night Elf capital and get as much information about everything as he can. His the only one that’s not reported dead yet. I doubt anyone knows about out Death Druids and Death Priests and Priestesses.”

β€œYeah,” said Raknaal, β€œArthas kept that information to himself.”

β€œWhat else needs to be done?” Deathrin asked.

β€œI need you to send a messenger,” answered Illidan, β€œTell them to go to Dalaran. If my information is correct, there should be a Highborn hunter there. He’s name is Varendar Moonblood. Tell him to meet me at Icecrown. It’s time to dust off an old friendship of mine.”


Here is a link to the start of the character sheets I did:

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