Many Years of Pain Chapter 9

All in this fic belongs to Nintendo.


Warning: Fan made stuff (not OC’s) ahead! If you don’t like that then please don’t read any more! Others enjoy!



Link managed to climb to the ledge where he saw the wolf without alerting anyone. He pulled himself up. He huffed and puffed while looking back down. He backed up a little and looked ahead at the trail. He gasped. There sit the gold wolf staring at him. The wolf stood and ran down the trail.

“Wait,” Link said.

He ran after the wolf.


Mido looked at his reflection. He thought about the stories he heard about the stories he heard about a Hero of Man and some man that locked up a dragon’s power in a mask and called it Majora. He had seen the pictures of both which they too look like Link. Which, in Mido’s head, was impossible considering both lived long before his Link was even thought of. Even before his own people took the shape of Hyrulian children. These men were probably the one that was from the sky. This immortal Link. Mido learned about him. He was granted a form by the goddesses to sorrow above the havens and protect the land forever. The very first Link that never was recorded in writing like the others, but in pictures. Most forgot what they even mean. Mido pulled at his bangs.

Why did I give myself this? He asked himself.

He heard a bark. Mido looked up at the trail. Wolf Link was running down it. Wolf Link glanced back. Mido stood and looked over to see the small running form of the new Link. Wolf Link jumped into the bush and disappeared. Link stopped huffing and puffing. He looked up and saw Mido.

“Um, hi,” he said.

“Hello,” Mido said.

“Um I know this may sound crazy,” Link said, “but did a gold wolf run pass here?”

“Maybe, maybe not,” answered Mido.

Link gave him a confused look.

“This forest is known to play tricks on the mind,” clarified Mido, “You may see things that are true and may see things that are not. That’s why Korok never come this far up.”

‘Then why are you here?” Link asked.

Mido stared off in the distance.

“To forget somethings and to remember others,” he answered.

“Um alright,” Link said, “oh my name is Link.”

He held out his hand. Mido smiled.

“Mido,” he said.

He shook his hand.

“No offense Link, but you seem to be a bit young to be a hero,” Mido commented.

Link laughed.

“I know,” he said, “To tell you the truth I didn’t want to be a hero. All I wanted to do is save my little sister.”

“Hm,” said Mido, “That’s what the others said too.”

“Others?” Link asked.

“Oh an old man thinking out loud,” said Mido.

“Old, but you look to be 18,” commented Link.

Mido laughed out loud. He patted Link on the head.

“One thing you have to remember is that Kokiri live for a very long time,” he said.

“Link!” came a shout, “Where are you?”

“Your friends are looking for you,” said Mido.

Link started to head back, but he stopped and look back at Mido.

“Don’t worry,” Mido said, “We’ll see each other again.”

Link smiled at this and ran back. Mido waved. Wolf Link came out of the bushes.

“You lead him here on purpose didn’t you?” Mido asked.

Wolf Link nodded.

“You need someone other then me to talk to,” he stated.

“Teh,” responded Mido.


Link made it back safely. It was Makar that called him. He wanted to show him something that the Korok does as a tradition. Now he was headed to the Deku Tree with a lot of questions in his head like what a Kokiri is and who Mido really is. He walked up to the Deku Tree.

“I can see in your eyes that you have questions,” he said, “Ask away.”

“What is a Kokiri?” Link asked.

“A Kokiri is what these Korok use to be,” answered the Deku Tree.

Wow, thought Link, I wonder if he knows how far back that is. From there I can tell how old Mido is.

“How long ago was that?” Link asked.

“About 200 years ago,” answered the Deku Tree, “I was just a sprout back then.”

Link’s eyes widen.

Mido’s over 200 years old?! Link thought, But he looks so young.

“Then maybe you know of a Mido?” Link asked.

“Yes of course,” answered the Deku Tree, “he and another was specially created by my father before me to lead the Kokiri. They were best known outside the forest as the forest prince and princess for they share the powers of a Deku Tree.”

“Oh wow,” was all Link could say.

“You have met with Mido,” the Deku Tree stated more than asked.

Link’s cheeks want red with embarrassment of being caught.

“You listen well to what he says,” the Deku Tree said, “He’s old and wise as me. He does come down here be it that I summon him or to play with the Korok.”

“Or when I feel something is wrong,” said a voice from behind.

Link turned and saw Mido. He approached him.

“And something is very wrong,” he said.

Just then the ground violently shook. Everyone tumbled over.

“Link!” someone shouted from outside Forest Haven.

Link got up and ran outside. He looked around.

“Link you need to come over here,” It was Tetra.

He ran to her.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

She pointed up ward. Link looked and saw strange vines wrapping around Forbidden Woods.

What is going on around here? Link asked himself.

“Corruption,” someone answered.

Link looked at Mido. He didn’t even notice Mido following him.

“Corruption?” he asked.

“Yes something in there must have done this,” Mido answered.

Or someone, he thought.


one page longer but still longer then the last one 😀

Now I wonder what has happen at the Forbidden Forest.

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