Many Years of Pain Chapter 8

All in this fic belongs to Nintendo!



Link was on Tetra’s ship. They were headed to Outset Island, his home, at last. Link smiled at the thought of seeing his grandma and sister again. How he couldn’t wait to taste his grandma’s cooking again. Just then the ship rocked hard to one side. Link’s head shot up to the sky. It was a very angry looking gray.

When did that come up? He thought.

Just then a streak of lightning went across the sky. Thunder soon followed. It was so loud that it made Link jump. Tetra came running up from her quarters. She looked at the sky and gave a concerned look. She then went to work on giving orders to everyone. Moments later they had to emergency land on Forest Haven. Link sighed. Tetra looked at him.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “It’ll be a bit longer to get you to your island.”

“It’s alright,” Link re-ensured.

He looked up at the falls. He smiled a little. He turned to Tetra.

“Is it okay if I go and visit my friends?” he asked.

Tetra looked up to the falls and smiled.

“of course,” coarse,” she answered, “I’ll go get you when we are ready to sail.”

“Alright!” shouted Link before he ran off.

Tetra shook her head.

“Kids these days,” she commented.

She began to walk back to the ship. She suddenly stopped with the uncomfortable feeling that she was being watched. She quickly looked behind her to see a retreating form of a glowing wolf.

“A gold wolf?” she asked herself, “Now you don’t see that everyday.”


Link went through the falls only to be tackled down by the bodies of the tiny Korok. Link smiled and laughed. When he managed to get back up he went to the Deku Tree and bowed.

“Link, child, it’s great to see you again,” his voice boomed.

“The same to you,” said Link.

“Link Link!” jumped Makar, “Do you want to hear a new song I came up with?”

“Sure,” answered Link with a smile.

“Yay!” shouted Makar, “ come come!”

Makar pulled on Link’s arm. Link smiled. Then something shining at the corner of his eye cought his attention. He looked over and saw a golden wolf. His mouth dropped open. The golden wolf then turned and walked into the forest area.

“What exactly did I just see?” he asked himself.

“A spirit,” answered the Deku Tree.

“A spirit?” asked a very confused Link.

“Yes,” answered the Deku Tree, “of a hero who had fallen in battle 200 years ago. He stays on this plane because he is needed by another.”

“Who is this another?” Link asked.

The Deku Tree laughed.

“If he chooses to let you see him,” answered the Deku Tree, “then you’ll meet him. For now go have fun with Makar.”

Link sighed and went on his way.


Besided a tree, eyes as blue as the ocean and hair as orange as fire, watched Link. The golden wolf came beside the eye’s owner.

“It’s another Link isn’t it?” asked the eye’s owner.

The wolf nodded.

“Though he seems to be a bit childish,” the wolf commented.

“You were too once, Link,” commented the eye’s owner.

Wolf Link snorted.

“I’m guessing he has a Zelda as well?” asked the eye’s owner.

“Of coarse,” answered wolf Link, “in an alternate form too. Why you ask? Do you have an eye on this one as well, Mido?”

Mido laughed.

“No no,” he answered, “He’s far too young.”

Mido and wolf Link watched Link a bit longer before they retreated more into the forest.


I know this is a bit short, but I promise it’ll be long next time.

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