Many Years of Pain Chapter 10

All in this fic belongs to Nintendo.



Evil laughter could be herd through the entire forest. A man in a black tonic with brown hair and red eyes emerged from the water. He smiled big at his handy work.

“This will surly bring Mido here,” he said to him self, “then I can impress him by healing he forest. Yes that sounds like a good plan.”

he laughed again.


Mido and Link were almost half way through the forest when they herd another laugh. Mido narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t tell me he did all this?” he asked himself.

“Who?” asked Link.

“Dark Link,” answered Mido.

“A Link that is dark?” Link asked a bot confused.

“Here let us take a break and I’ll tell you his story,” answered Mido.

Link nodded in agreement. They both sat on the ground and ate little of the food they packed.

“It started 300 years ago,” started Mido, “back then the Triforce was pieces you could carry. There was a Zelda and a Link as well. This Link was once a hero and had fallen in love with his Zelda. Though his appearance was different.”

“How so?” asked Link.

“Instead of the usual blond hair and blue eyes,” answered Mido, “he had brown hair and eyes. Here let me start when thinks went bad for him.”


it was a beautiful day in the old kingdom of Hyrule. A brunette Link was walking down the hall to the library, humming to himself.

I can’t wait to show Zelda what I’ve done, he thought.

Laughter could be herd at the library. Link gave a confused look.

Who is in there with her? He asked himself.

When he got to the library he open the door. There stood Zelda with a man dressed like a royal. They turned and looked at Link.

“Oh speak of the devil,” said Zelda, “Lanayru this is Link. Link this is my fiance, Lanayru.”

Fiance!? Thought Link.

Lanayru extended his hand.

“It’s a honor to meet you,” he said.

Link put on a fake smile and shook his hand.

“Same here,” Link said.

“Was there something you need, Link?” Zelda asked.

“No,” answered Link, “was just wondering what was so funny, that’s all.”

“Oh I was telling Lanayru about the time you got turn into a frog,” said Zelda.

Link nodded and bowed.

“I’ll take my leave then,” he said.

“Link,” Lanayru called out, “would you mind joining us for dinner tonight?”

“Sure,” answered Link before he left the room.

When the door closed he ran to the tower. There he laid on his bed in thought.

A fiance, he thought, you would think she could have warn me…wait she knows my feelings for her, could she have been toying with me? No, she could have forgotten. She’s forgetful like that. You’ll see. Everything will be the same.


everyone was seated at the table talking and eating with each other. All except Link. He would glance at Lanayru and Zelda in the hopes that one of them would notice him and have him join their conversation. Nothing. He was a little more then half way done with his meal when he got up. Everyone looked at him. Link bowed.

“May I be excused?” Link asked, “I’m not feeling well.”

“Of coarse,” answered the king.

Link left back to the tower. He stood on the open window seal.

How could I think that everything was going to be fine? He asked himself, she didn’t even noticed me.

He looked to the ground below.

Just one jump and it’ll be all over, he thought.

He then looked to the mountains on his right. He’s eyes widen when he thought of something. He looked to the blue Triforce of Wisdom and the green Triforce of Courage.

It might just work, he thought.


when everyone went to sleep, Link wrapped the Triforce piece in a blanket and successfully sneak out of the castle. He then got on a horse and went were he knew the entrance to Ganon’s lair was. The guards, upon seeing him, were at the ready. Link uncover half of the Triforce. When the guards saw it they gave each other a confused look.

“I come seeking to join Ganon,” Link told them, “and to give this Triforce piece to him.”

The guards looked at each other one more time before one of them lead the way, in the main chamber, Ganon stood in front of the red Triforce of Power, talking to it.

“Master Ganon,” said the guard, “You have a visitor.

“What is he doing here?” he angrily asked.

“I seek to join you,” answered Link, “and to prove that I brought you the Triforce of Courage.”

Link unwrapped the Triforce fully. He kneel at Ganon’s feet and reached out to give him the Triforce. Ganon study him.

“How do I know that once I grab the Triforce, a bunch of soldiers and Zelda won’t pop out of no where?” he asked.

“I came alone,” answered Link, “If you don’t believe me I can tell you the whole story.”

Ganon looked at him one more time before taking the Triforce. He summon another pedestal and placed it on top of it, beside the one of Power.

“You know giving me the Triforce deserves a reward,” said Ganon facing Link.

“I don’t need anything in return,” Link said.

“Oh but you do,” said Ganon, “for you see, you’re a bit too much in tune with the good side to my dislike. So I think you need a darker form.”

with a wave of his hands a dark fog surrounded Link. Link screamed out in pain and all to his hands and knees. When the fog lifted Link’s appearance changed (to match what he look like in OoT). He open his slitted, glowing red eyes and looked up at Ganon. Ganon laughed.

“Perfect,” he said, “on top of the look your belong is one with water. This means you can meld into water and are immune to pretty much everything.”

Link smiled evilly.

“Your first mission will be to get me the Triforce of Wisdom,” ordered Ganon.

“Of coarse my master,” said Link with a bow.

Ganon smiled at this.


It has been a year and a half now that Link stay in the waters of the castle studying everyone’s patterns. Ganon kept on asking why he hadn’t gotten the Triforce. Which Link told him being patient is more awarding then rash actions. He had wittiness, to his anger, the wedding of Lanayru and Zelda and the birth of their son. But what did surprise him though was the fact they sent out a search party for him. The feeling of happiness didn’t last long. Today he sent word to Ganon to bring a large army and to announce the attack. Link looked to the gates when a horn sounded. Link watched for a little bit as the army of Ganon came running through.


It was a peaceful morning when the royal couple awoke. Zelda picked up their son and started to feed him. Lanayru kissed her forehead and smiled. All of a sudden a horn blaired. Lanayru looked out the window and sighed.

“What is it?” Zelda asked going to the window.

“It’s Ganon again,” Lanayru answered.

Zelda looked out.

“That army looks a lot bigger then usual,” Zelda said in a concern voice.

“Maybe he finally got serious,” Lanayru said, “Stay here. I’m going to go help the guards down below.”

with a kiss Lanayru went off to put his armor on. Zelda looked back out the window.

I have a bad feeling about this, she thought.


Link made it to the tower in 30 minuets. With the remaining guards distracted by the crying baby, Link open the door ti see no one in there, but the Triforce of Wisdom. Link smiled evilly.

“Perfect,” he said.

He grabbed the Triforce and was headed to the door. He stopped when he herd plated feet coming toward him.

“Damn,” he said.

He looked out the window and saw the mote. With a wave of his hand a cyclone rose. He jumped into it as it gently put him down. He then ran through the forest toward the mountains.


Lanayru decapitated a Moblin that was getting ready to cut one of the soldiers in half. They nodded at each other before returning to battle.

“The Triforce of Wisdom!” someone shouted from the tower, “It’s gone!”

“They’re retreating!” a captain shouted.

Lanayru looked to the retreating backs of Ganon’s army.

“Damn,” said Lanayru angrily, “They were just a simple distraction.”

he then noticed something at the corner of his left eye. He looked and saw a black figure with something blue glowing in their hands. Lanayru gave chase. The figure, feeling like someone was following them, stopped. Lanayru got into a fighting stance. The figure turned around. Lanayru gasped.

“Link?” he named the figure.

He then noticed the dried up blood on Link’s hands. He growled.

“So you betray us,” Lanayru said.

“No,” Link said, “I was the one betrayed.”

Lanayru the stabbed Link where his heart is. Instead of blood flowing out it was water. Lanayru gave a stun look, which made Link laugh. Lanayru pulled out his sword and swing. Link jumped on top of it. Link smirked and lend over to him.

“By the way,” Link said, “how good was Zelda?”

Lanayru roared. Link jumped off.

“I hope you treasured your time with her,” he said.

Lanayru bear his teeth. Link then motion to the river beside them. Little water flew to Link. When he touched the water it took shape. Lanayru gasped. The water had turn into a blacken version of the blade given to the blessed one, the Master Sword. Link pointed it at Lanayru.

“You’ll find that it’s hard to best me,” Link said with a cocky smile.

Lanayru swing again. Link blocked it. Lanayru eyes widen at the chine sound.

So it’s real too, he thought.

They traded blow after blow, each time Link mimicked the same move. Lanayru did a vertical swing Link stepped out of the way. Link then stabbed him in the stomach. Lanayru dropped to his knees and held the wound. Link’s sword turn back into water and fell to the ground.

“Something to remember to your grave Lanayru,” Link said, “I will never. I will always be here watching.”

With that he walked off.


“When Dark Link got to Ganon, he tricked him,” said Mido, “He killed Ganon. When he turn to take the Triforce pieces for himself, they were gone in a flash of light. The goddesses had taken them to place where they would be safe ’till those who are destine to have them…”

Mido grabbed Link’s left hand and lifted it. The Triforce on his hand glowed.

“Will be one with them,” finished Mido putting Link’s hand down.

“Wait,” said Link, “how do you know all this?”

Mido laughed.

“It’s best not know somethings little one,” he said petting Link on the head, “Come we have a shadow to find.”

With that they got up and walked farther into the forest to find the hero that had fallen into darkness.


See I made this longer for you all 😛 anyways Lanayru is named after Lanayru the spirit. Which means the land is not named after the guy, but after the spirit. Something to remember in the future (Dark Link doesn’t know that). Oh yeah Dark Link fan girls there you go for a back story for him.

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