Many Years of Pain Chapter 7

All in this fic belongs to Nintendo!


And like Zelda Wiki says “Theory Warning: Be advised that the following chapters of the rest of this fic contains unconfirmed, fan-made theories or speculation about Hero’s Shade.” If you don’t have an open mind then please stop reading this fic right now.


Every one else please enjoy! 😀



When the pain subsided, Mido’s form was the same as when the Hero of Time was still alive. He growled at the other two.

“I though you said he would look like one of you, Zant?” the 1st voice asked.

“I thought we got it right this time,” answered Zant.

“Well you didn’t,” commented the 1st, “Maybe your little king needs to relearn his spells.”

“Watch it Veran,” warned Zant.


“Well he does,” she said.

Just then Mido lunged at Veran, but she dodged it.

“And will someone please chain this thing up?!” She shouted.


Link has been following the same black beast for days.

“Gees when is this thing going to take me somewhere other then more forest?” Link wondered.

They then came to the abandon temple.

This better be where they took Mido, he thought.

Link entered the temple and started his search.


They had Mido’s neck chained to the wall. The chain was so strong that no matter how hard he pulled it won’t brake. Mido decided to see if he can chew it through. Sounds of foot steps coming toward him cause him to stop. Mido started to growl. The owner of the foot steps rounded the corner. It was Dark Link. He looked behind him.

“See I told you I would find him,” he said.

“And you expected me to believe you after what you put me through 100 years ago?” the other one asked.

“Yes,” answered Dark.

The other scoffed and starting walking around the corner. He was a golden wolf with red eyes; one of them was shut and had a scar on the lid. The gold wolf went to Mido. Mido growled at him. The wolf stared at him. Mido stopped growling and stared back.

“You know I would have won him over if didn’t you show up,” said Dark.

“By what?” The wolf asked with a smirk, “Your so-called charm?”

Dark pouted. The wolf put all of his attention back on Mido. They stared for a bit longer when suddenly Mido started to revert back to his old form. Mido blinked a few times.

“I know those eyes even if they’re a different color,” he said, “You’re the Link I once knew.”

It wasn’t a question, but Wolf Link nodded anyway. Mido hugged his neck.

“I missed you,” Mido said with a tear in his eye.

“Same here,” Wolf Link said.

Dark cleared his throat. They looked at him.

“I hate to break up this touchy reunion,” he said, “but we need to hurry before that shadow brod notices that little princy here is off his chain.

”With that they headed out of the room.


Link was down on one knee and bereaving heavily. Veran laughed.

Damn it, he thought, All I wanted was to get Mido back.

Just then a shadow bolt came at him. Thankfully, he had enough strength to block it. Veran laughed. She held he hands up high.

“Now dear hero!” she shouted, “You will die!”

Just then a green flash pierced through her. She gapped and turned enough for Link to see Mido there behind her with his bow already out.

“How?” Veran asked.

“An old friend of mine,”answered Mido.

Veran screamed and exploded into sparkles of shadows. Mido went over to Link and helped him up.

“How did you escape?” Link asked.

“Like I said an old friend of mine,” Mido answered.

They started walking to the exit.


After a few days of riding they made it back to the castle. There Din, Nayru, Farore, Impa, and Zelda were waiting for them out of the gate. They bowed.

“Thanks to the two of you Hyrule is safe once again,” stated Impa.

“Oh it was nothing we couldn’t handle,”said Link.

Zelda came to him and kissed him on the lips. Mido frowned and looked away. That’s when he saw Wolf Link. He was beckoning him to follow. Mido looked back at the group to make sure they weren’t looking. Once sure he followed Wolf Link. The group laughed and carried on. Link looked over to where Mido was only to find him gone. He gasped and looked around. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked over his shoulder to see it was Zelda.

“What’s wrong?” she asked with concern.

“Where’s Mido?” Link asked.

This cause the others, except for Farore, to look around.

“He’s gone back,” she answered.

“To where?” Zelda asked.

“to the forest to be with his people again,” Farore answered.

Link looked up at the sky with a frown.

“I sure am going to miss him,” he stated.

With that they went into the castle to celebrate and to say their thanks to the great Forest Prince that helped The Hero save Hyrule from the evil of Veran.


Sorry if Veran was out of place. I never played The Oracle of Seasons/Ages before.

So you all know this isn’t the end of the fic. No no no we still have two eras to go through 😛

Looking for a beta reader that is will to read the other chapters, this one, those to come of this fic!

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