Many Years of Pain Chapter 3

One day Link was at his house, helping his grandma feed the cuccos. His grandpa was out tending the cows when a Hyrulean soldier came riding up to him.

“Excuse me, but is Mr. Link in right now?” he asked.

“Yes,” answered grandpa.

“The princess wishes to see him,” said the soldier, “It’s of great important.”

“Okay, I’ll tell him,” said grandpa.

“Thank you sir,” said the soldier before riding off.

“Link!” grandpa yelled.

Link ran to him.

“Yes grandpa?” Link asked.

“A soldier came by saying that the princess wishes to see you,” grandpa answered, “And it was of great important.”

“When can I leave?” Link asked.

“When ever you get done helping grandma,” grandpa answered.

“Right,” said Link before running off.

Link quickly finished helping grandma. He got on Puini and rode to Hyrule Castle. He got off of Puini and went in.

“Mr. Link?” a soldier asked.

Link nodded.

“Please follow me then,” said the soldier.

Link followed him to the throne room. There, were Zelda, Impa, Din, and Nayru sitting at a table. Zelda waved him over. He walked to them and took a set by Impa.

“Link, we need your help,” said Nayru, “It’s seemed that Veran is still alive.”

“Oh great,” said Link, “Let me guess you want me to kill her?”

“Not alone,” said Din, “Farore is waiting for you at the entrance. She will be leading you to the one that is going to be helping you through this journey.”

“Okay then, if that’s all?” Link asked standing up.

“Please be careful Link,” said Zelda.

“Don’t worry I will,” said Link.

With that he went off to the entrance of the castle. Sure enough there was Farore waiting for him.

“Ready to go?” she asked.

“I’m always ready,” answered Link.

Link and Farore got on Puini and rode off. Link followed Farore’s directions. Half way through the field he began to wonder who this person that was supposed to help him was.

It never hurts to ask, he thought.

“Hey Farore,” Link said.

“Yes?” Farore asked.

“This person, do you mind explaining more about them?” Link asked.

“How so?” Farore asked.

“Like what they’re like, how good at fighting are they, etc.,” answered Link.

“Well, first off, it’s a boy. He is over a hundred years old, as for fighting experience I didn’t know,” Farore answered.

There’s got to be more than that, Link thought.

“Is there anything else about him?” Link asked.

“Well is one of the very few Kokoris that is left, and he was put to sleep due to a … well let’s just say he wasn’t him self for a while,” Farore answered.

“Great I’m going to be traveling with a sleeply old man with no fighting experience and of a soon to be extended race,” Link complained, “Oh nice.”

“Hey, you’ll be surprise with how beautiful Mido is,” Farore said, “Your ancestor fall in love with him.”

“That beautiful?” Link asked.

Farore nodded.

“Oh look we’re here,” she said.

They came to a hollow tree trunk like entrance. They went in and walked so much until they got to a clearing.

“Wow,” said Link.

There in the clearing was a village. However, no one was out due to it being nightfall.

Farore got off and walked a little way.

“Follow me,” she said.

Link followed to her to a big tree with a face.

“What the?” Link asked.

“This Link is the Great Deku Tree,” Farore answered, “And over there is the path you need to go.”

“What you’re not coming?” Link asked.

“Nope,” Farore answered, “You alone can awaken him.”

“Okay,” said Link.

Link walked the path for what seem like hours until he got to what looks like ruins of some temple. He went into many rooms looking for Mido, but couldn’t find.

“Damn where is he?” Link asked himself.

He came to the last door on the very top floor.

“Please be the right room,” Link pleaded.

Sure enough when he opens the door, there, on a stone table was Mido still asleep. Link went over to him. He took one good look at him.

“Oh wow,” Link said in aw, “He is beautiful, but how am I supposed to wake him?”

Link continued to look at him. He noticed a shiny green stone surrounded by gold in his hands.

“Hm maybe if I move it, it’ll awaken him,” Link said.

Link tried to move the stone, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Well now what?” Link asked.

Link looked at Mido’s face.

“Maybe I can do what that one fairy tail,” said Link, “perhaps I have to kiss him.”

Links lend down and kissed Mido on the lips. Mido began to move. His eyes open up and he looked at Link.

“Link?” Mido asked.

“Um well, yes and no,” Link answered.

Mido tilted his head to the side and raised an eyebrow.

“My name is Link, but I’m not the Link that you knew,” Link explained.

“Oh,” said Mido, “How long have I been here?”

“For at least a hundred years,” Link answered.

“That long?” Mido asked.

Link turned around.

“We have to go back now,” Link said, “Okay?”

Link didn’t get a reply. Link looked back of him.

“Mido?” Link asked.

“I hardly aged,” Mido said looking at his reflection in Link’s shield, “No one will recognize me.”

Mido looked down. Link looked into Mido’s eyes.

“Don’t worry I’m sure they will,” said Link.

Mido nodded.

“Now let’s go,” said Link.

So they left to go back to the Great Deku Tree.

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