Many Years of Pain Chapter 2

For three weeks Link has been going around Hyrule, doing what was order of him by Zelda and now he just got a free week off. So he thought he could go to The Kokiri Forest and see how they were doing. He hasn’t been there since Saria awaken as the forest sage. When he passed the bridge and throw the hollow log like entrance he gasped. There was no one out. The forest was quiet. Link pulled out his sword and shield. He slowly walks farther in. Link looked around for monsters or anything out of place.

Pst,” he heard someone from the right.

Link looked up the hill. He saw one of the know it all brothers barely out of the house motion to him to go over there. He ran over.

Come on,” brother #1 whispered, “Hurry.”

Link got there and went inside.

Thank goodness you’re here,” Brother #2 said.

Why is every body hiding again?” Link asked, “I didn’t see any monsters.”

The only monster here is Mido,” answered Brother #3, “Some strange looking men came and turned him into one.”

Yah and they called him the “Forest Prince” too,” added Brother #1, “What ever that means.”

Maybe the Deku Tree knows,” suggested Brother #2.

Would he know where Mido is?” Link asked.

Probably,” answered Brother #3, “But if you go out there be careful of Mido. He doesn’t know what he’s doing any more.”

I’ll keep that in mind,” said Link.

Link left the house and head straight to the Deku Tree. He stopped before he got to the exit of the pathway when he heard a bloodthirsty screech from afar.

‘What in goddess’ name is that?!’ He thought.

Link looked around widely, but saw nothing. So he continues to walk. He got to the Deku Tree.

Link,” he said, “I thought you would come. I’m sure you seen it. All of the Kokiri in their houses fearing for their live.”

Yes, I have,” said Link, “Do you know where Mido is?”

Yes,” answered the Deku Tree, “But your strength alone will not bring him back to his senses.”

Then how?” Link asked.

You must draw him here,” answered the Deku Tree, “I have the power to turn him back, but with a cost.”

I’ll do it,” said Link, “I promise.”

I’ll do anything to bring Mido back, Link thought.

Very well then,” said the Deku Tree.

The Deku Tree pulled up one of his roots and pointed to the left of him.

Mido is deep in the forest that way,” he said, “Do be careful. He doesn’t remember anything, not even his own name.”

I will,” said Link.

Link ran into the forest. Once he thought he was deep enough, he started to shout Mido’s name. But no reply was ever made. Link continued in deeper, but stopped when he hear the scream again. It scared him half to death by how close it was. Suddenly he heard branches snapping. Link slowly turned around to the snaps. His whole body was shaking. His bereaving was heaved. The scream came again, but closer. This time Link laid down on the ground and there he saw was a creature with dragon like legs and tail, hair like fire, and eyes that glow with thirst of blood. The creature didn’t notice him.

‘That’s Mido? What in Hyrule happen to him? Oh yah the strange men that the know all brothers mention earlier’, Link thought, ‘If I stay here then he won’t notice me and I’m safe. Wait I promised the Deku Tree I would bring him there. I have to show my self. I hope Mido recognizes me.’

Link stood up, but Mido didn’t notice him.

Mido!” Link yelled.

Mido turned his head and looked at Link. Mido started to growl.

‘Oh that’s not good’, Link thought.

Mido then roared. Link started to run. Mido chased after him. Link ran ‘till he noticed a tree limb fly over his head.

‘What the?!’ He thought.

Another fall 2 inches away from his feet. Link looked up and saw Mido tear off another and through it at him. Link quickly ran, tree limb nearly missing him. Mido chased after him again. They ran ‘till they got to the Deku Tree. There the rest of the Kokiri were watching them. They all nearly ran for their lives when they saw Mido. Mido ran over to Link and started slashing at him. Link held his shield up, blocking every single one.

‘Thank goodnessI had my shield up or those slashes might have killed me’, Link thought.

Link keep him distracted,” said the Deku Tree.

I think I’m all ready doing that!” yelled Link.

Mido kept attacking him, not noticing one the Deku Tree’s roots wrapping around him. By the time he did it was all ready too late. Mido struggled to get out, but to no vale. The Deku Tree’s root glowed a green glow and Mido started to change back to his self. Once changed back the Deku Tree gentle put him into Link’s arms.

Not far from here is the ruins of the wind temple,” said the Deku Tree, “Take him there. There should be a stone table, lay him there. I shall put a spell on him that will make him slumber ‘till the next hero named Link comes and awaken him. Put this stone in his hands. It should help him in the years to come.”

One the Deku Tree’s roots handed Link a green stone that had gold wrapped around it.

‘The Spiritual Stone of The Forest?’ Link thought.

Wait,” Link said, “You said that there would be a cost for changing him back. What is it?”

He will age very slowly and will have the ability to leave the forest,” answered the Deku Tree, “He is no longer in my care, but in the goddess’s.”

Link looked down at Mido one last time before heading out to the ruins of the Wind Temple. There, Link got to the room and laid Mido down on the table. Green lines light up on Mido’s body and dimmed down to nothing. Link stared at his face unaware that he was crying ‘till a single tear fall on Mido’s face. Link wiped his tears away.

Forgive me Mido,” Link said.

He bent down he kissed Mido on the lips.

‘For you will never know have I felt about you’, Link thought.

I’ll see you later then,” Link said.

Link looked back one more time at Mido before he closed the door. For many years ‘till his death Link came and checked up on him. Even brought his daughter once, but that was it. Mido stayed there even 100 years from now. Sleeping, waiting for the next Link to come and open the door.

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