Many Years of Pain Chapter 4

Mido and Link were almost to The Great Deku Tree, when they heard some type of deep voice speaking.

“Are you sure you need him?” the voice asked.

“Who was that?” Link asked.

“I think that is The Great Deku Tree,” answered Mido, “But I’ve been asleep for so long that I don’t remember.”

Link frowned.

“Can you remember anything from a hundred years ago?” he asked.

“Plenty,” answered Mido.

This made Link smile.

“But” continued Mido.

Link frowned again.

“I’m not sure about my memories,” said Mido, “Lot of things had changed while I was asleep.”

“That would make sense,” said Link.

They finally arrived at The Great Deku Tree.

“Oh you’re back,” said Farore, “And you brought Mido too.”

“Said I would,” said Link with a smile.

“Mido it’s great to see your face again, my child,” said The Deku Tree.

Link jump and stared at the tree.

“And your’s as well Great Deku Tree,” said Mido bowing to it.

“Link it isn’t palight to stare,” whispered Farore.

“But but talking tree,” said Link.

Farore chuckled.

“Thank you so much for awaking Mido,” said The Great Deku Tree.

“Um you’re welcome…sir,” said Link mimicking Mido.

“Farore you never answered my question,” said The Great Deku Tree.

“Veran is a lot stronger than she was,” answered Farore, “Link needs the aid of the Forest prince.”

“Again with that title,” Link heard Mido whisper.

“If you are sure, then I will allow him to leave this forest,” said The Great Deku Tree.

“I’m very sure,” said Farore.

“Mido,” said The Great Deku Tree.

“Yes,” said Mido.

“You can leave the forest without worry,” said The Great Deku Tree.

“Thank you, Great Deku Tree,” said Mido bowing once more.

“Young Hero Link,” said The Great Deku Tree.

“Yes sir,” said Link.

“Please take good care of Mido,” said The Great Deku Tree.

“Don’t worry sir,” said Link, “I’ll take good care of him, like the Link before me.”

Link winked at Mido. Mido blushed and looked away.

“I have faith in you,” said The Great Deku Tree, “Mido The Spiritual Stone of The Forest is for you to keep. It will aid you in trouble times.”

“Thank you Great Deku Tree,” said Mido.

“Should we leave then?” Farore asked.

Link nodded. They walked back to Puini.

“Well, this seems to be a problem,” said Link.

“What is it?” Mido asked.

“I don’t think Puini is strong enough to carry all three of us,” answered Link.

“I can telaport myself back to the castle,” said Farore, “You and Mido can ride Puini there.”

“all right then,” said Link getting on Puini.

Link offered his hand to Mido and smiled at him. Mido blushed and took it. Once Mido was up Link lead Puini to the hollow log entrance. He looked back at Farore.

“See there Farore!” he shouted before he rode off.

They rode until they got to a small farm. Link look up to see the moon was in the middle of the sky. He turned and look at Mido.

“Yes?” Mido asked.

“It’s really late and I doubt anyone in the castle will be awake,” answered Link, “So we’ll sleep in there to night.”

“Wouldn’t the people living there be mad when the notice that they have to unwanted guess?” Mido asked.

“Nope,” answered Link with a smile, “I’m sure Grandma and Grandpa wouldn’t mind.”

“Oh so you’re related to them?” Mido asked, “That would make some sense.”

“Yep,” said Link keeping the same smile on his face.

He rode into the stable, got off Puini and help Mido off. They went into the house. Grandma and Grandpa were fast asleep. Link and Mido quickly went up stairs. Link let Mido take the bed while he slept on the floor. Morning came and so did a scream from Grandma. Link shoot up and look.

“Grandma, it’s okay!” he shouted, “He’s a friend!”

Grandma claimed down and looked at Link then back at a very awake Mido.

“You are sure?” she asked, “He’s dressed funny.”

Mido looked down at his clothes.

“I’m sure,” answered Link.

“Well then,” she said, “breakfast is ready.”

She walked down stairs.

“Well that was an experienced,” said Link.

He looked at Mido, who looked back at him.

“Hungry?” Link asked.

Mido nodded.

They went down and ate breakfast. Grandpa quickly warmed up to Mido, when he learned that Mido knew how to use a bow and could fire from very far away. After breakfast Link got up and Practice his sword fighting with his grandpa for a little while. When he came in and saw Mido staring at the picture of Raven.

“I saw Raven has caught your attention,” Link commented while walking over to Mido.

“He looks like Link,” Mido said, “Is Raven his real name?”

“No,” Link answered, “He never will tell me his real name. Though he did mention going to a secret forest just to see a friend.”

“Kokori Forest is a secret forest,” said Mido.

“Then maybe, his real name is Link,” said Link.

There was silence between then.

“When did you meet him?” Mido asked breaking the silence.

“It’s a long story,” Link answered.

“Well then,” said Mido turning toward Link, “You have plenty of time to tell me on the way to the castle.”

Damn I forgot that we were supposed to be back there, Link thought.

So they got things ready. With a wave to Grandma and Grandpa, they were off to the castle.

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